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Child of Destiny 153 Venting Out!: Let Him see the Reality

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Shin and the others are currently resting while waiting for their opponents to strike. Surprisingly, they managed to spend two entire hours peacefully. Everything seems to be too calm and quiet. Not even some trivial Rankers were sent to harass them.

Lawless knitted his brows and said. "Aren't those guys are too quiet? Not even bothering to annoy us a little? Don't they know that this more advantageous to us than them?"

"That should be reasonable since all of them are keeping an eye for each other. Whoever made the first move will be taken advantage of by the others." said Faker.

"Anyway, why are you here, Faker? Shouldn't you be scouting in our vicinity instead? And checking our for the incoming enemies?" asked Hayden.

Faker smirked at him and said. "Don't worry I have my ways to know if they are coming. And–...."


Someone seems to step on a wire set somewhere in the vicinity. And the tension of the string-wire seems to be transmitted to Faker who is about to say something more.

Faker looked at the direction where the tension of the wire is coming from before standing up while saying to the others. "Looks like some guys entered the net."

After saying that, he immediately entered a stealth mode and disappear to who knows where.

At the same time, the others started taking their positions. Morgan climbs up on a tree while Charlotte stood beside Stephanie. Shin, Lawless, and Hayden, on the other hand, position theirselves in front of the two.

Then they saw Faker's message at the party chat channel.

Faker: Seventy-five identified enemies in total. They are divided into three groups with 25 members per group

Faker: They are coming from three different locations. From east, southwest, and northwest. I will take care of the guys on the east side. Just send some cover.

Lawless take a quick look at the message and said. "Then I'll face the guys that are coming from the southwest direction. Morgan, you will be covering me."

Hayden is about to say something when Shin puts his right hand at the former's left shoulder. "Can you give the northwest side to me, brother? I want to fight for as much as I can actually."

Hayden raises one of his brows and turned his head at Shin. And even if the latter is wearing a mask, covering his face, Hayden can still feel the overflowing confidence and determination coming from the swordsman.

He swallowed the words that he wants to say before turning his head at Lawless. And when he saw the latter nodded his head, Hayden agreed at Shin's request. "Then I'll leave them to you. Just be careful not to get killed."

Shin nodded his head and walked forward while saying. "Then I'll entrust the ladies in your care."

Lawless and Hayden chuckle at his words while Stephanie releases some soft giggles as she tries to hold back her laughter.

Only Charlotte is the only one that is frowning her brows while having some thoughts. 'Do you think that I am someone that needs some protection from the others?'

After that, Shin calmly walked towards the direction of where his opponents are coming. Then Lawless gave out some orders. "Then change of plans. Morgan go give some cover on Faker's side. Stephanie will be supporting me while being protected by Hayden."

Then he pauses for a moment and look at Charlotte before saying. "It's fine for you if you will help the northwest side, right?"

Charlotte rolled her eyes at Lawless and said. "I can take care of that side by myself."

Lawless chuckles at her words and said. "You don't have to do that. Just help him when it is needed. Let him fight to his heart content. That guy is going to vent some of his frustration after all."

Charlotte frowned her brows before asking. "Is it fine? I guess he is not suited to fight if he is just going to vent his anger."

Lawless smirks and said. "Heh, you don't have to worry. Can't you see how he acts? As calm as still water on the outside, but just like a raging flame inside. Trust me, that is the kind of guy that you don't want to encounter on the battlefield."

Charlotte raises her brows before saying. "We will see."


The group chose this spot to rest because their enemies can't come in horde at them due to the terrain. The trees and vegetation in the vicinity can hinder the movements of the opposing melee players and can also block the view of the range players.

What's more, since it is in the slope of the mountain, and the group is in an upland position, their enemies need to climb up before reaching them.

When the opposing side saw a figure walking towards them, they immediately took their battle positions and ready themselves to battle. They already got some instructions from their Higher-Ups earlier, and they knew that their opponents will be Titled Rankers and Godlike Players.

But when they got a clear look on who is the man walking towards them, they unconsciously loosen their guards a little. Why? Because based on the battle videos that were sent to them, they knew that this guy is the so-called Nameless Swordsman.

–"He is the weakest among the group, right?"– That is the first thing that entered mind after seeing Shin.

And while they are having those thoughts, Shin suddenly sprinted towards them with great speed.

–"Coming at us alone? You are overeating yourself-!"– Thought by everyone before getting ready to battle once again.

And the first ones to strike are the long-range players. Bullets and arrows are started to rain down at Shin's direction. Some of them are even reinforced by skills.

Shin started swaying left and right as he avoids some of the basic bullets and arrows. Then he suddenly accelerated forward while doing some zigzag movements, dodging all of the incoming skills.

When he reached the 20-meter mark away from the enemies, some spells are suddenly mixed on the attacks as the magical-related classes on the opposing side joined the prey.

But Shin just do another acceleration to boosts his speed, leaving a bunch of afterimages behind while dodging all of the incoming skills and spells without even getting some scratch on his body.

"What the–!?..." The opposing side doesn't know what to say at Shin's maneuvers.

All of them are Official Rankers with some High Rankers in the mix so they are pretty clear about the strength of everyone. They are not some bad shooters, this guy in front of them is just too skilled at dodging!

The leader of the group is the fastest to recover from the shock so he immediately give out some orders. "Knights and Berserkers, pin that guy down. Swordsmen, be ready in case he broke through on our frontline."

"Range players, cease you fire once the melee players came in contact with him and wait until the frontline players hold him in place!"

And that is when Shin reached the 10-meter mark away from the enemies' frontline players. And when the opposing side saw that, the melee players immediately use their 'charge skills' at him.

Shin slowed down a little after seeing that. Then he put his right hand at the hilt of the [Yamato] before leaning his body a little forward. And when there is only three-meter distance between him and his opponents, his body suddenly turned illusionary while glowing with some silver lights.

On the next instant, he suddenly charges forward while transforming into a stick of silver light. At the same time, he pulled his sword out from its sheath before slashing it rightwards.


'Class Fighting Style: Moonlight Splitter'


All of the Knights and Berserkers that Shin had passed through were either killed in one shot or left with critical healths.

Shin ignored all his enemies behind him as he is now facing some Swordsmen on his front. But since his movements are a little too fast, those Swordsmen were frozen in place when his sword suddenly glows with a purple light before he swings it forward and sends a purple sword wave on a straight line.

'Slayer Skill: Eclipse Slash'


Those guys that managed to regain theirselves used their lifesaving skills in time and blocked or dodged the incoming sword wave. But those guys that failed to do so were immediately killed by that sword wave when it completely devoured them.

Now, they know that they can't underestimate this guy in front of them. They already aware of some of Shin's skills and battle prowess since they have watched his battle videos for quite a few times. But only seeing it is completely different from experiencing it by yourself. This guy's speed is too insane for his current level!

What's more, those battle videos are a little inaccurate now that Shin had already improved himself by much. And together with his current state of mind, he become even more dangerous now.

After throwing that sword wave, Shin immediately hopped to the right, dodging a 'charge skill' of a Master Berserker coming from behind.

And while it the air, Shin gathers a bunch of water/ice elemental Mana towards his body. Then, using his breathing technique, he guided the accumulated Mana towards his right hand before transferring it to his sword.

Then the [Yamato] suddenly glows with a silver light as Shin turns his body around before swinging the sword five times in the air. And immediately after that, five vertical sword waves in silver color were sent forward in a cone shape direction.

'Slayer Skill: Crescent Cleave'

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Shin didn't use the modified version of this skill since using the original version is much better for the current situation. What's more, he can hit more enemies this way than the other version.

When the players that were left behind with critical healths saw the incoming sword waves, they immediately use their lifesaving skills. The slower ones that can't react in time died on the spot when the sword waves passed through them.The ones that managed to survived are about to release a sigh of relief when they saw Shin's figure dashing towards them while thrusting his sword forward.

'Extra Skill: Sword Rush: Thrusting Dash'


All of the enemies in front of Shin tried to get away from the path of his 'Sword Rush' to avoid getting hit by that attack. Unfortunately, Shin did something unbelievable.

He controlled the trajectory of the 'Sword Rush', making the supposedly straight line turned into a curving line as he arched his direction from right to left direction and killing all his opponents that dodged that way.

This is one of the effects that he can achieve when he is combining his breathing technique with the execution of his skills.

And that attack didn't just end there, because the moment the dash ended, Shin immediately turned his body around and dashed towards the enemies that dodged to the left earlier. And this time, instead of thrusting his sword towards his front, he is swinging it forward.

'Extra Skill: Sword Rush: Slicing Dash'


The whistling sound of the wind being cut by the sword caught the attention of the players that dodge to the left. And when they turned their heads to their backs, they saw Shin doing another dashing attack with the same curving line manner. And before they managed to process what's happening, the [Yamato] is already cutting through their bodies.

This time, all of the surviving Master Berserkers, Human Guardians, and Shield Warriors really died just like that.

The leader of the group which is a Human Magician was frozen in his place after seeing the flow of events.

Ten seconds!

Shin only spend a total of ten seconds to kill more than half of their 25-man group!

The leader is currently having a chaotic mind after seeing that scene. 'What kind of monster is this? If he is a player that is already been playing since the first launch of the game, then I will not be surprised at his battle prowess.'

'But from the data that we got, this guy is only playing the game for only less than a month! Yet, he is already able to slaughter some Rankers' groups all by himself! D*mn! The data is so inaccurate! We overlooked this guy because the other guys are overshadowing him too much.'

'This guy's strength might be inferior compared to Titled Rankers, but he is more than enough to handle some High Rankers all by himself. I need to report this Higher-Ups immediately for them to revise the original plan as soon as possible.'

And naturally, Shin is not going to be idle while the leader of the group is having some inner thoughts. He immediately transformed the sheath of his sword into a semitransparent longsword as he hold it into a forehand grip manner.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Style: Meteor Form'

And since Shin doesn't know how to properly combine the power of the Sun and Moon properly yet, he just executes his next attack with his usual execution.

He enfolds both of his swords with a purple glow before slashing them on the air on his front, sending an X-shaped purple sword wave towards the range players that are chanting their skills to throw them at him.

'Self-Created Skill (Combined): Eclipse Cross'

The magical-related classes stopped their chants and blinked away to avoid getting hit by the incoming sword wave. The Master Archers and Human Snipers and Gunslingers also used their escaping skills to get out of the path of the purple sword wave.

The remaining melee players which are the Human Swordsmen simultaneously charged at Shin on the other hand.

Shin tightened his grip on each of his swords before swinging them at the incoming sword strikes of the opposing group while swaying his body left and right or moving his feet with unfathomable footwork.

'Epic Combat Technique: Mystic Movements'

He is also redirecting the attacks of his enemies to collide with each other or guide them to land on their comrades before Shin giving them a finishing blow. This is another application of his combat technique.

'Epic Combat Technique: Infinity Edge'

And with all of those, the opposing group become helpless at what's happening. They are unable to land even a single hit on Shin's body with the impenetrable defense of his swordsmanship.

And together with his mysterious footwork, it is impossible to land a spell or ranged attacks on his body as well, and it landed on the bodies of their comrades that are trying to hold Shin in place instead.

And just like that, Shin is able to wipe the entire group of Rankers just by himself. Well, there are some 'witty' ones that tried to run away when they saw that the situation is not on their favor, but they were immediately taken down by Charlotte before they managed to escape fully.

Shin scans his surroundings to look if there are still some enemies hiding in the vicinity. And when he saw that everything is clear, he sheathed his sword before planning to pick up the loots.

But when he is about to pick up an item, he suddenly felt that someone entered the perception range of his 'Sensing Circle' and rushing towards him with a great speed!

Shin immediately forget the idea of looting up the item on the ground before executing his 'Moonlight Steps' skill to get away from his current position.


And when he turned his body around at the end of the dash, he is immediately greeted by a thrusting dagger in front of his face. And so, without further ado, he swiftly use another 'Moonlight Steps' backward.

When he materializes few distance away, Shin finally saw who is his assailant. It is a Dark Elf Master Twilight that is emitting a very dangerous aura.

The Master Twilight is currently looking at Shin with a smirking smile while saying. "Not bad, you have some fast reaction speed. I wonder how high is it."

Charlotte is about to help Shin when Lawless suddenly prevented her. "Let him experience the difference between a Titled Ranker and himself so that his eyes will be opened by reality in front of him."

Charlotte is about to say something when Lawless immediately continued. "Don't worry, Faker is already there, ready to jump in at any given time. What we need to concern ourselves is to take the guys accompanying that guy."

After that, Lawless dashes towards the direction where there are some people rushing towards Shin's direction. Hayden and Stephanie are following closely behind him. Morgan is nowhere to be found, maybe finding a good spot for sniping.

Then Charlotte gave another look at Shin's direction before following behind the three.


Meanwhile, Shin is currently looking at the Master Twilight in front of him cautiously while getting his guards up.

He managed to see Lawless message saying that they encountered a group of Titled Rankers on their side so he needs to hold for as long as he can until they are done.

Shin become worried at this time, especially that he can't expect some reinforcement for the time being. Well, he can't see Faker's position on the map because the latter left the party temporarily to observe Shin a little.

Shin knitted his brows while muttering to himself. "Going against a Titled Ranker? Can I hold myself against this guy?"

'I guess this is the time to see how big is the gap between me and the current Peak Class Experts.' thought Shin while taking his sword-drawing battle stance.


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