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Wong! Wong!

A small spacial crack appeared few distance away from the resting group. Then in the next instant, the crack turned in to a circular void that expands until it reached a three-meter radius circular gate.

A moment later, Shin and Hanzo walked out from that void gate. Then Hanzo immediately transformed into a purple blinking speck of light before joining the other three specks of lights that are circling around Shin.

And when Lawless saw Shin, he immediately greeted the latter. "Tsk! You sure knows how to spend you leisure time. Didn't you already finished the map half and hour ago? What took you so long to come back?"

"Sorry about that, I just need to take care of some personal matters." said Shin. Then immediately added after that. "Eh! Now that we are taking about that–... Can I ask you some more favor?"

"Oh~. Another chore? Anyway, shoot! I'll take care of that as long as you don't ask me to go out with you." said Lawless nonchalantly.

The corner of Shin's mouth twitch after hearing that, but he still continue. "Here is my concern–....."

The Shin started to narrate his circumstances with a whispering voice. Then he asked Lawless to keep his dual identity a secret from, especially from his Big Sis.

Of course, he also in form him who is his Big Sis, the mysterious guild leader of the Hand of Midas lifestyle guild. But he didn't tell him her IGN.

"Tsk! Is that all? Piece of cake! I thought it is another troublesome matter. Don't worry about that. And aren't we already doing it?" said Lawless while patting Shin's should.

"Just make sure you also warn the others. If my Big Sis found out about it, then I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be a dead meat. Whether it is in Real World, or here in Virtual World." said Shin sighing helplessly.

Lawless clicked his tongue before patting Shin's shoulder more heavily. "Tsk! What's with that face? At man up a little! You are going to become a p*ssy in the eyes of the others if you continue acting that way. Tsk! You are ruthless at killing your enemies, yet you are afraid on a single woman?"

Shin rolled his eyes at Lawless before saying. "You are only saying that because you don't know how scary she is."

Lawless sneered at Shin before asking. "Heh! Really? Then tell me how strong she is."

Shin thought for a moment before replying. "I'm not clear about her real talent since no one at home is replying at me every time I asked them about it."

"But here is what it know. She entered the 'Body Strengthening Stage' of 'Foundation Building Realm' when she was still five-years-old."

"Then she manage to awaken her mutated bloodline alone when she was nine-years-old. After that, she successfully formed her 'Golden Core' and become a 'Core Formation Stage' expert of the 'Foundation Building Realm' when she was thirteen."

"When she reached fifteenth year of her age, she succeed at breaking through from 'Foundation Building Realm' and entered the 'Ascension Realm', becoming one of the youngest 'Ethereal Opening Stage' experts known at that time."

"Then she managed to create her 'Natural Force' at the age of sixteen and giving her the qualification to become one of the three Junior Monsters of our Continent."

"Now, tell me brother Lawless, is she strong or not? What do you think?"

Lawless' face suddenly become hard to describe after hearing all of that. That kind of progress can already be considered as a monstrous talent so what else can he say.

Shin seems to become please at what he saw. And when he is about to give a finishing blow, he suddenly heard someone else voice that is saying. "Oh~♪ The Junior Monsters of the Soaring Continent? Those guys are as strong as the Young Ghosts of the Lost Soul Continent and Supernovas of the Sun-Moon Continent."

Shin almost jumped in fright when he saw Faker mysteriously appeared beside him and Lawless. 'For how long he have been standing here?'

Faker ignored his reaction and said. "Now that I thinks about it, you are from the Military Family so your Big Sis should be the Young Miss of the Springfield Famliy and the Heiress of the Flying Dragon Corporation, the 'Junior Dragoness', Shiella Springfield."

Shin knitted his brows before saying. "Looks like brother Faker is quite informed, Huh."

Faker chuckles softly before saying. "Well, that is a given, especially with my family background. What's more, there are only three Junior Monsters of your Continent."

"Aside from your Big Sis, there is also the 'Junior Phoenix' of the Potter Clan and the 'Junior Lion King' of the Leon Clan. Given those three, only the Springfield Family is the only Military Family so it is quite obvious."

Shin became curious and asked. "Can I ask what is you family background, brother Faker?"

Faker is taken a little off-guard at the question but he still answered. "Well, since we can already be considered as friends and you already gave us you family background, then why not."

"What more, it is not that a big deal either. I'm from an Assassin Family of the Lost Soul Continent, the Valentine Family."

Then Faker paused a little to look at Lawless, before continuing while patting the latter's shoulder. "It is the same for this guy. We came from the same family, though, his circumstances is a little complicated."

This time, Lawless clicked his tounge before saying to Faker. "Tsk! Why are you a little different today? You usually as quiet as rock, yet you now talked a lot for some unkown reason."

And before Faker managed to reply, Lawless immediately change the topic and looked at Shin. "You already finished the map, right?"

"Of coarse!" Shin nodded his head while opening his virtual map and show it at the two, making them to look at Shin with eyes that is full of amazement.

Lawless clicked his tongue and said. "What map are you taking about? This is not a map. This is practically a miniature of this whole place."

"Heh! What can I do? The tools available in creating a map in this game is quite advance so I tried it a little." said Shin sheepishly. Then he shared the map to Lawless and Faker, so that they can have a copy of their own.

After that, Shin shared it to the others while Morgan give his copy to him. Now, all of them have a copy of the whole map.

And while Shin is checking out the map and thinking about plans that they can use, Lawless approached him once again and said. "Hey, brother Swordsman. I have some news for you. A good one and a bad one. What do you want to hear first?"

Shin clicked his tongue and said. "Tsk! Here we go again. Let me guess. The good news is everything is going according the plan. The bad one is we have some troublesome opponents to deal with, later."

Lawless looked at Shin with startled face and asked unconsciously. "How did you know?"

Shin release a helpless sigh before saying. "Well, isn't that obvious? What's more, I feel that the atmosphere on the whole map became heavy."

He pause for a moment before asking. "How about you tell me how strong are our enemies this time?"

Lawless suddenly laugh out loud after hearing what Shin had said. Then he replied after. "Hahaha.... As expected of you. Well, our opponents this time are some strong players from Powerhouse Guilds."

Shin knitted his brows and asked. "Which Guilds?"

"All of the Powerhouse Guilds that are planning to have a base in Holy City." replied Lawless almost instantly. Then he trail for a moment before continuing. "But they are not our main concern for now. But the real guys that are coming after you and us from my team."

"The HeadHunter Guild!?" said Shin.

Lawless nodded his head with a solemn face before saying. "Yeah. And those guys sent some very troublesome figures that we need to be careful of."

"Some Godlike Players I presume." said Shin solemnly.

Then Lawless looked at him with a surprise expression on his face after hearing that. Shin laugh at Lawless reaction and said. "Haha... Don't tell me you honestly believe that I don't know about your virtual gaming background?"

"Well, honestly, I don't know about that at first and I don't care much. But after your greetings with that unreasonable elven girl, I suddenly become curious. So, I tried checking it out on the All-Gamers official website–...."

Shin trailed his word as he clicked his tongue before continuing. "Tsk! I didn't expect that I'll encounter some legendary figures of the gaming world. 'Godslayer'-Tora and 'Death God'-Yami of the legendary Adventurer Team 'Dark Hero'."

Then Shin pause for a moment to take look at the unreasonable elven girl before continuing. "What's more, I even headbutted with the 'Elemental Goddess'-Charlotte and invited her to do some mercenary job."

Lawless chuckles after heating Shin's words and said. "Don't worry. I can see that you will be standing alongside us in the near future."

Shin raises one for his brows and turned his head at Lawless with confused expression. The latter ignored the former's confusion and change the topic. "Now, let's get down with the real good and bad news."

"The bad news is that those guy in the HeadHunter Guild sent four Godlike Players, and of we add their right-hand men then we will be put in a difficult spot."

Then Faker and Charlotte approach the two. Then the former added on what Lawless was saying. "And I'm pretty sure that those guys will ask some help from one or two other Powerhouse Guilds to ward off the other Powerhouses that are eyeing the rewards of the current special event."

Lawless nodded his head and added once more. "So, in the upcoming battles. We are going against six Godlike Players at the very least, and together with their right-hand men which are all strong Titled Rankers. So we need to be on guard all the time."

Then Charlotte chimed in. "I doubt that. I'm sure that those guys will be bidding their time until they are sure that we have no way out. In fact, they might even wait all the way until the final minutes of the clock before making their moves. To avoid being taken advantage off by the other Powerhouse Guilds."

"And that is our good news, actually." said Lawless. Then he added after. "But we still can't let our guards down just we are sure about that. It is to avoid accidents from happening."

Shin knitted his brows as he listen on the three. Then he asked. "So, what are you guys want to say?"

Lawless looked at Shin seriously before saying with a solemn tone. "We want to say that you can't take part on this upcoming battle. I know that you are strong, but unfortunately not strong enough to be a part of this."

The expression behind Shin's mask suddenly become solemn as he asked with a displeased tone. "So, are you telling me to run and hide on a place that they can't find?"

Lawless clicked his tongue and explained a little more. "Hear me out, brother. I know you can handle yourself against most of the High Rankers. But we are talking about Godlike Players here... No.... Forget about them, we are going against some group of Titled Rankers who are much stronger that you."

Then Charlotte chimed in with a displeased tone. "And we can't focus on fighting against them if we need to concern ourselves with you."

"You are the initiator of the quest and the reason why we are in this kind of situation so at least take off some of your stubbornness and take some responsibility. We are going to fail if you are the one that died."

Shin suddenly fell on a deep thought while looking on the ground. He can't help but recall a distant memory buried in the back of his mind. 'Tsk! Weak! Being weak once again! Why is it always been like this?'

The other three turned silent when they saw Shin. And after some time of silence, Lawless finally open his mouth. "You don't have to feel guilty or be worried about us. Even if we die, we are just going to lose one level. What's more, we can recover it back with some bonuses if cleared the quest."

"As for our items, they will not going to get drop since we have some binding cards attached to them. And that effect will last for as long as we didn't logout of the game–..."

Shin rain his head and interrupted him. "At least, let me accompany you until those guys appeared."

Lawless stared at Shin straight at the latter's eyes. Then He can saw some raging flames burning inside it. His mouth suddenly curved upwards after seeing it and said. "Of coarse, you can!"

Shin nodded his head before walking towards Morgan. The other two stared at Shin's back before Faker opens his mouth. "Don't you think this is a huge blow on his confidence?"

Lawless shook his head and said without removing the smile on his mouth. "Should I say it is the opposite instead? Once a raging flame started burning, it is not going to get extinguish easily."

Faker knitted his brows and asked. "You mean say that he–?..."

Before Faker managed to complete his sentence, Lawless said to him. "I know that you are always have an eye for some talent, but this guy that we found might bring something new in the gaming world. I can even see him going toe to toe against those three already."

When Charlotte heard that, she feels complicated and look at Lawless with astounded gaze.


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