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Child of Destiny 16 Don't Underestimate a Mask-Man

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Gray Fangs got enraged because of Shin's right hand gesture. He gritted his teeth and used 'Stealth' to disappear in thin air.

Shin narrows his eyes when he see Gray Fangs disappear in his view, then he hold the sheath of [Yamato] with his left hand while putting his right hand on it's hilt. After that he shift his right foot forward and bend his knees.

Shin is scanning his surroundings like an eagle searching for his prey.

Meanwhile S.Tigris and his comrades are watching and chatting on the sidelines.

"Captain, I think that guy is the same guy that we see before." said 'Raven' while pointing at Shin.

'Ara' nodded her head and said. "That's also what I think, even though he change a lot of his equipments, that 'Sword Drawing Skill' puts a deep impression in me."

"That's right , and I guess that Skill is a 'Personalized Self-Created Skill'." said 'S.Tigris' while nodding his head.

"Captain, who do you think will win? Gray Fangs or That New guy?" asked the Human Priest on S.Tigris group.

"I'm not sure, but I think Gray Fangs have the advantage because he is a Veteran Player with at least 4 - 5 Silver equipments on him while that new guy is only wearing a 'Dark Swamp Equipment Set'." reply by S.Tigris.

'Raven' disagree while playing with his daggers. "I don't think so Cap't~, that equipment set is the best set for Swordsman below Level 50 what's more it is very hard to collect its complete set."

'Ara' look at 'Raven' like she is staring at an idiot before saying. "That's what Captain is talking about. He is only wearing a Level 30 equipment set which means his Level is below 50. Do you still believe a Newbie Player like him can defeat a Level 60 Veteran Player like Gray Fangs?"

'Raven' smirks and counter with his words. "Heh, a Newbie Player avoiding a combined attack of The Famous Rising Duo of 'HeadHunter' Guild while killing a Level 52 Human Priest and a Level 55 Human Magician in the process and what's more is, it is done in front of a Veteran Hunter WolfKin."

Raven pauses for a few seconds and turn his head on the ongoing battle before adding. "I still believe that the New guy will make a miracle, and I like betting on the underdogs."


Shin is still scanning his surroundings together with his 'Special Stat Awareness'. Then suddenly he feel a slight movement of air behind him. He turn his body facing it and wait for what's going to happen.

When Gray Fangs saw Shin's action, he got startled and said to himself. "This guy unlocked the 'Awareness Stat'? And he is quite cautious too, so I can't fool him by using that kind of feint."

Then Gray Fangs waits for a few more seconds to see if Shin is going to give an unexpected opening, but too bad for him Shin is a Martial-Art Practioner in Real World and what's more is his discipline focuses on counterattacking so he have a lot of patience.

After more than 20 minutes of waiting, Gray Fangs runs out of patience and take the first attack. He circle around Shin and jump high in the air while slashing his daggers.

'Hunter Skill: Sudden Ambush'

Though 'Immediate Response', Shin turn his body around a face the incoming attacks with his favorite skill.

'Self-Created Skill: Quick Draw'

Shin attack is a little faster because it is an AGI base attack, but Gray Fangs' Level is higher than Shin, that's why their attacks speed is almost equal.

The [Yamato] and Gray Fangs' daggers collides on each other briefly before parting again. Shin smirks because Gray Fangs is still in midair, so he follows up with a most simple approach, he swing the [Yamato] downwards with a powerful strike.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'

Gray Fangs is taken off guard by the sudden follow up, so he directly use a life saving skill.

'Hunter Skill: Retreat'

Gray Fang disappear again causing for the 'Destructive Slash' to miss. Shin frown his brows and use an AOE skill. The [Yamato] glows with a blue light, then Shin throw a horizontal cut in the air releasing a beautiful blue colored 'Sword Qi', 5 meters in front of him.

'Slayer Skill: Half-Moon Slash'

- 4380(Slowed)

Gray Fangs is reveal when he is hit by the 'Half-Moon Slash', and his movement speed is slowed down by 20%. He is about to use a debuff removing skill when he see Shin's Katana is burning with red light.

Shin swing the [Yamato] diagonally in an upper right to lower left motion, then it release another 'Sword Wave' but this time it is violent fiery red color.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'

- 6800

(Burning Damage -340)

Gray Fangs have no time to dodge because of Shin flawless combo, so he is hit once again and together with 20% slow effect another burning status is added.

Gray Fangs can't go to stealth because of the burning effect, so he just try to jump backwards to increase the distance between him and Shin.

Shin dashes and go after Gray Fangs while stabbing his sword at him, it is his another basic skill 'Charge'.

Gray Fangs shift his direction and jump sideways to avoid the 'Charge'. When Shin is passing upon Gray Fangs, he cancel his skill and use another. The [Yamato] is enfold by a fiery flame, then Shin swing it to the right throwing a horizontal cut at Gray Fangs.

'Slayer Skill: Solar Cut'

This time Gray Fangs didn't underestimate Shin and counters with his own Skill. He swing his right hand dagger in an upward motion together with a great force.

'Self-Created Skill: Counter Slice'


Their weapons collides with a loud metallic sound and sending sparks in the air. Then they exchange a lot of basic attacks swiftly resulting a series clanging sounds.

Gray Fangs is beginning to show his slight advantage because of his superior stats. Shin is force into a passive state, but he still manage to keep up because of his Personal Trait(in game term for 'Talent') 'Immediate Response'.

At the same time Lawless just finish his battle. Even though his health is almost at the critical level, he still manage to defeat the 'Rising Duo'.

He return his Battle Axe behind his back and pick up the loots that drop by the duo, then he look at Shin's ongoing battle. He is surprise at Shin battle skill and mutter to himself. "That guy really have some skill. He manage to hold himself against a Veteran Player with superior equipments and stats."

Meanwhile Raven cross his arms in front of his chest and proudly looking at his teammates with a 'See? My eyes is never been wrong' face.

When Ara saw that look she rolled her eyes and said. "What are you so proud about? That guy is still in the disadvantage, so stop looking at me like that or else I'll take those eyes of yours."

S.Tigris ignore the two and ask the Human Priest beside him. "Black Hand, what do you think about that Berserker TigerKin?"

'Black Hand' touch his chin and reply. "His Fighting Style is a lot similar to yours Captain, but there are also some similarly with Boss. Is he from the same Clan as yours?"

S.Tigris shake his head and say. " Actually I'm not sure either. My Clan Martial-Arts are straightforward and direct, while Boss style is ambiguous and complicated, so it is very hard for it to combine. Even though there are some imperfections, he still manage to do it."

Shin and Gray Fangs is still exchanging their attacks. Gray Fangs is getting irritated because he still can't overwhelmed Shin after a few minutes. No, to be exact he is the one that being overwhelmed as the battle progresses, it is as if Shin is becoming stronger as the time passes.

Then Gray Fangs retreated a little to have some moving space for him to use a skill.

He stretch his arms outward and swing it inwards in a quick motion.

'Hunter Skill: Pincer Slash'

When Shin see that, he also take two steps back while sheathing the [Yamato]. Then he unsheathe it again in a swift movement and horizontal motion.

'Self-Created Skill: Quick Draw'


Both of them is thrown backwards because of the collision. The moment Shin's foot touches the ground, he hurriedly use 'Moonlight Steps' to shortens the distance between him and Gray Fangs, then he try to slash his sword at Gray Fangs.

But this time Gray Fangs already use his 'Stealth' and disappeared in thin air, so Shin pass though his previous position and hit nothing but air.

Shin frown his brows but he didn't become agitated. He calmly turn around and hold his Katana vertically with two hands, then the [Yamato] shines with blue light.

Gray Fangs is about to pounce at Shin, but when he see the light being release by the [Yamato], he stops he steps and jump backwards.

"Do you think I will be hit by the same Skill?" is what Gray Fangs want to say, but this time Shin swing the [Yamato] 5 times in the air, releasing 5 large vertical ' Blue Sword Waves' together with its extreme speed.

'Slayer Skill: Crescent Cleave'

"What the..." Gray Fangs is gotten off guard by the speed of the Sword Waves, what's more is his left and right escape path have been covered. He have no choice but to retreat backwards. But too bad for him, the range of the 'Crescent Cleave' Skill is 7 meters.

- 9820 (Slowed)

Gray Fangs is hit and reavealed once again, together with a large chunk of health taken off from his 'HP Bar'. His movement speed is also slowed down again. So this time Gray Fangs immediately use a Hunter's CC removing skill 'Killer Instincts'.

But after Gray Fangs use his 'Killer Instincts' Skill, he is greeted by a thrusting Katana hidden behind the curtain of light of the Sword Wave, Shin immediately use a follow up Skill after using the 'Crescent Cleave'.

'Extra Skill: Charge'

- 1900 (Burned Damage - 32)

The [Yamato] pierce through Gray Fangs chest stunning him, then Shin quickly pull the Katana and use another skill. He swings his sword diagonally from upper right to lower left, next he swiftly throw a horizontal cut from left to right and after that is another speedy slash going back.

'Self-Created Skill: Triple Slash'

- 3820 (Burned Damage -76)

- 5000 (Burned Damage -100)

- 6210 (Burned Damage - 122)

Gray Fangs panic because of the series of damages Shin dealt in one second stun duration. He hurriedly use an escape skill when the stun is taken off. His figure suddenly disappeared, as if he is a bubble popped in the air.

'Hunter Skill: Vanish'

When Shin see Gray Fangs disappear, he regulate his breathing and focus his senses on his surroundings. Then suddenly his eyes is attracted to the ground, which is drench with cold aura form by his magic attacks.

After that an idea enters his mind. He scans the ground around him while observing his surroundings. And when his is inspecting, a footprint suddenly form on the ground.

Shin immediately sprint in that direction. The [Yamato] is enfold by a fiery red light while he is running towards it. Then he swings it in the air releasing a Fiery Fire Sword Wave.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'

- 6100

(Burning Damage - 340)

Gray Fangs is engulf by a Burning Sword Wave, he is about to use another escape skill when he see Shin is already upon him, sending a powerful downward sword strike.

'Slayer Skill: Hell Execution'

- 8600 (Killed)

"You!...." Gray Fangs opens his mouth to say something, but he didn't manage to finish it because his vision already turn dark and his his body become light particles.


A metallic sound ring when Gray Fangs died. Then a silver color ring roll on the ground. Shin sheath the [Yamato] and said on Gray Fangs previous spot while picking the ring on the ground. "Don't ever underestimate a Mask-man or else you will pay for it."

The crowd's jaws are almost dropping on the ground when they see what have happen. They are only staring blankly at the scene especially the moment Gray Fangs dies and turn into a particles of light.

The sudden turn of events is happened very fast, so fast to the point the crowd don't have a time to digest what have happen.

Even the 'Wing's Alliance' people shut their mouths, same goes for Raven who have a blind confidence on Shin. He only manage to open and close his mouth but no words come out.

Then after a few moments, the crowd burst into an uproar.

"What the hell? That was an awesome fight."

"Who is that guy? He manage to defeat a Veteran Player even though he is only using a Broze equipment set."

"Did you see that Sword Waves? That was so COOL!"

"Yeah, Sometimes it is Cold Blue while sometimes it is Fiery Red. Is that guy have a Special Class?"

"That Berserker TigerKin is also not bad. He manage to defeat the 'Rising Duo' of the 'HeadHunter' Guild."

"Hey, did you record it? Let's post it online."

Shin ignore the crowd and inspect the ring that Gray Fangs drop.


Item name: Shadow King's Regret

Item Type: Ring (Accessory)

Item Rank: Silver


+100 STR

+150 AGI

Additional Skills:

1. Shadow Ambush: Every time you leave your invisibility state gains a bonus 50% Physical Attack Damage, and bonus 70% movement speed for 3 seconds.

2. Dark Enchantment: The longer you stay on the Dark Places (or even in Stealth mode) the more powerful you become.

•Gain 1 Dark Power every 5 minutes in invisibility state (Maximum: 50 charges)

• 1 DP(Dark Power) = 1 STR and 1 AGI

Details: The Shadow King 'Reviuos' lost his battle against his Archrival 'Devis' and suffered a grievous wounds, so he cast his soul on his promise ring to wait for a suitable candidate to have his revenge for him.


Level 50

Need an Invisibility Skill


"Tsk. Sure enough Silver items are a lot stronger than Bronze items. Too bad this skill is perfect for Thief related Class. I hope I still have an invisibility Skill once I reach Level 50." Shin click his tounge when he see the the item details.

Then Lawless interrupt Shins thoughts. "Yo, Bro, that was awesome. You have defeated a Veteran Player with that level and equips. You are going to be famous now." unlike the others, Lawless can see Shin's Level because he is already friends with him.

Shin look at him and said. "Is that guy that strong? But I guess he is not."

"Haha, even though he is not an 'Elite' like that group he still have some reputation in the circle." laugh Lawless while pointing at 'Wing's Alliance' people.

Shin take a look at S.Tigris group before scanning their surroundings, and after a few moment he said "Bro, let's go and talk to other place. The one that's more quiet."

Lawless look skeptically at him while saying. "Don't you know that you are the reason why those guys are so loud like that?"

Then Lawless put his right arm around Shin's neck and said while dragged him out the crowd. "Let's go! I have good place in mind, I can also recommend you to a brother of mine."
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