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Hayden chuckles when he saw Lawless and others. Then he said after. "I didn't believe it at first and thought that announcement is just a prank. But who would have expected that it is a real deal."

He swept his gaze at the group before knitting his brows and asked. "The notorious evil couple is not here?"

"They are on a date." answered by Lawless almost instantly.

Hayden nodded his head before pointing at Shin. "What about him?"

"Our new mem–...." Lawless wants to introduce Shin as a member but before he managed to complete the last word, Shin immediately interrupted him. "I am your friend, not a member of your team."

Lawless clicked his tongue before saying. "Tsk! Still coldhearted as usual. Anyway, how about you Hayden? Anything new?"

Hayden laughs at the sight before replying. "Same old, same old. So~♪ Are we still waiting for someone?"

Lawless nodded his head before pointing at Shin and said. "We are waiting for our Magical DPS that had been recruited but this guy."

Then Lawless crosses his arms in front of him before sneering at Shin. "Just make sure that you don't waste our time in whoever this Elementalist."

Shin shrugged his shoulders before saying. "Well, that person is a Level-110 player. So I assume that he/she is quite strong."

After saying that, Shin felt that his surroundings suddenly turned silent. He raised his head and looks at the others, and saw that they are looking at him weirdly.

Shin knitted his brows before asking carefully. "What? Is there something wrong?"

Lawless shook his head before saying to Shin. "Let's forget the fact that you are not even sure about who did you just recruit. But saying that a Level-110 player is quite strong? Tsk! I admire your ignorance, brother."

Shin tilted his head to the side, indicating that he can't understand cleary what he is implying. 'Of coarse! That was a given and a basic logic.'

And when Hayden saw that, he can't help himself but ask. "Sorry, brother. But do you know have an idea what kind of hell is leveling up after you reach the Level-100 mark?"

Shin shrugged his shoulders once again while saying. "How would I know? I'm just an ignorant player."

Hayden wants to say something but Lawless waves his right hand and interrupted him. "Don't bother explaining to this guy, Hayden. This is the first VR game of this guy so there are a lot of things that he doesn't know."

Then Lawless look at Shin before saying. But he didn't forget to address the latter on his current alias since there is an outsider. "Let's make it simple, Brother Swordsman. Each level after Level-100 is a huge milestone. And the higher the gap you have on others, the more advantage you can get."

"And at this stage of the game, a player with Level-101 and above are most likely a Titled Ranker or even a Godlike Player."

"And I'm sure you know it since you already looked at their basic status windows, right?" added by Lawless while pointing at the others.

Shin raised one of his brows after hearing that. 'Eh!? He still able to notice it despite only looking at the Guardian earlier? Brother Lawless sure is not simple.'

Then Lawless continues. "I don't know how you manage to convince this player. But whoever this person is, he/she is more than enough to take the spot."

And while they talking, Lawless and Faker suddenly felt something. They simultaneously look at the distance and saw someone walking towards them.

When the others saw the actions of the two, they also turned their heads in the direction where the two are looking.What they saw is a hooded player that is wearing a pure-white mantle that is covering that person's entire figure, making it hard for others to know whether the player is a man or a woman.

At the same time, there are some specks of lights with different colors and characters circling around this player.

Lawless turned his head at Faker as if he is asking for the latter's opinion. The Master Twilight nodded his head before saying with a soft voice. "Without a doubt. This person is on the same generation as us in «True Era» online."

Lawless slowly nodded his head before muttering. "That's right. Only players like us have that kind of unique presence."

Shin, on the other hand, felt something strange and muttered himself. "Hmm... Why does this person feel so familiar? I felt like I already met him/her before."

Then Hanzo's voice suddenly chimed in and said with a mystifying tone. "Because you really do."

And before Shin managed to ask Hanzo, the hooded figure finally reach them and said with a cold tone. "Who is my contractor?"

Base on the voice, the others can finally guess that the hooded person is a woman. And as if responding at her question, they simultaneously turned their heads at Shin.

At the same time, Shin's body suddenly trembled after hearing the voice. Now he finally remembers who is she. 'It's her!'

After that, Shin did his best to calm himself down while thinking to himself. 'If Hanzo can recognize her, then there is a chance that the other side's Elemental Spirit can also do.'

Due to Shin's silence, the Mysterious Elementalist/ Unreasonable Elf opens her mouth. "You are Merchant One?"

Shin nodded his head as acknowledgment. The Elementalist tilted her to the side while asking curiously. "Have we met somewhere before? I felt that you are quite familiar."

Shin was suddenly caught in a dilemma. He doesn't know if the other side can recognize his voice or not. But if he didn't reply, then he is going to become more even more suspicious.

And while Shin is in an internal struggle, the Elementalist suddenly spoke with a cold tone. "So it's you."

Then Shin suddenly felt an intense danger. He immediately use a 'Moonlight Steps' backward, trying to dodge the incoming attack.

But when he materialized few distance away, no attack came. That is when Shin realized that he have been tricked. 'F*ck!'

Then the Elementalist look at Shin and said. "Me and my Elementals have some doubts earlier when we arrived. But since you just dodge, that means you are really is that guy. This time, I'm not going to let you escape."

Then she blinked few meters away to get on a safe distance from Shin and Lawless' group.Lawless and the others suddenly got confused at the sudden shift of development.

"Didn't he is the one that recruited her? Then why are they suddenly started fighting?" – is what running on their minds.

Hayden looked at Lawless and asked. "A Lover's Quarrel?"

Lawless nodded his head before saying with a serious face. "Highly likely."

Then the Elementalist girl suddenly summoned her Elemental Guardians."Raijin! Fūjin!"

Then two of the specks of light around her rushed at Shin's direction before transforming into two different Elementals.

One transformed into a humanoid figure with a bunch of lighting dancing around his body. His skin is crimson red while his short hair have a golden-brown color, and it is waving in the air like some sort of dancing flames. He had a pair of long horns on each side of his forehead that are curving upwards, and another pair horns at the back of each of his long ears.

At the same time, his mouth revealing two pair of long fangs. The upper fangs are thin, straight and a little shorter than the lower ones. The lower ones on the other hand are long and curving outwards.

He didn't wear anthing on his upper body, revealing his strong muscles and the coiling dragon tattoo on the right side of his chest and extending all the way from his entire right arm. He is wearing a ruined Hakama of the Japanese traditional clothes, on his lower body. This Spirit is the Thunderbolt Elemental Spirit, Raijin.

The other Spirit, on the other hand, is also a humanlike creature. It had a body similar to human but had a green-colored skin. He have a long white hair that is tied in a horsetail manner. He also have a long horn on his center-forehead that is curving upwards, and another small horns on each of its side that were curving outwards. His ears are quite long while his white short beard is extending all the way until his sideburns.

His upper body is bare, showcasing his muscles with some clouds and lotuses tatoos on each of his shoulders that are exteding down on each of his arms. His is wearing a fitted pants with red cape-like cloth tied around his waits covering his upper and lower back. This Spirit is the Windstorm Elemental Sprit, Fūjin.

The two of them come rushing at Shin with great speed. The Thunderbolt Elemental Spirit transformed into a bolt of raging lightning while the Windstorm Elemental Spirit became a gusting wind.

'What!? She got another pair of Lightning and Wind Spirits after losing the other two! What's more, these guys are more powerful than the previous ones.' thought Shin before clicking his tongue at the sudden change of development. "Tsk! Why are you blaming me with your own fault?"

Then he suddenly heard Hanzo's voice. "Kid, summon me! Those guys are some old comrade-in-arms of mine!"

"Tsk! So what? Don't tell me, that you are going to say hi to them? Can't you see they are attacking us?" complained Shin after hearing that, but he still comply with the request.


Then the blinking purple speck of light move away from Shin's body before moving towards the incoming storm-like Elementals. Then Hanzo immediately transformed into his humanoid form before forming a hand blade with his right hand.

And without further ado, Hanzo swings his right arm horizontally on the air in front of him, ripping the space on his front and creating a horizontal spacial crack between him and the incoming Elementals.

And with that, the two opposing Elemental Spirits were forced to stopped their tracks and materialized back on their humanoid form few meters away in front of Hanzo.

"It has been a while, 'Storm Brothers'. I hope that you have been well." greeted Hanzo almost instantly after the two materialized.

"Tsk! Who would have thought that you are still alive, Old Hanzo." said by the Thunderbolt Elemental named 'Raijin'.

'Fūjin', the Windstorm Elemental, on the other hand, just nodded his head while crossing his arms in front of him.

The Elementalist girl frown her brows when she saw that her Elemental Spirits stopped their tracks. Then she said. "Is there a problem, Sir Raijin?"

Raijin shook his head before replying. "We might be a pair of legendary spirits, but this old spirit here is a someone that leaved for a long time already so his battle prowess is not a laughing matter, Elven Sage."

"But you guys have a higher level than him." said the Elementalist girl with some confusion.

This time Fūjin is the one who replied at her. "Yes, that is true, but this old spirit here still had some reputation under his belt. During the Repelling Era, he defeated 5 Demon Kings altogether all by himself. And that is despite him, being a lot weaker than them."

Raijin nodded his head and added. "So we can't be sure about the outcome when this old spirit become so serious."

Hanzo chuckles when he heard the exchange before saying. "Thanks for the compliment, so how about we forget about this fight right now and let bygones be bygones."

Raijin chuckles at Hanzo before saying. "Don't get too carried away, Old Spirit. We are not afraid of you, it's just we want to save more of our strengths because our host has some pursuers that we need to fend off."


On the sidelines, Lawless and the others have taken some seats on some rock boulders while enjoying the show.

"What do you think had happened?" said Lawless.

"Maybe that friend of yours took her chastity before dumping her after." said Hayden.

"They are still minors!" said Stephanie.

"How did you know? Brother swordsman is obvious since we know him, but how can you be sure about the girl? She is wearing a high-class concealment cloak." asked by Lawless while looking at her weirdly.

"I can tell from her voice, and she might be someone that I know in real life." said Stephanie.

"You will never know, youngsters these days are quite curious to do everything." said Hayden.

"Tsk! You guys are talking as if you are old men. We are all just 19-years-old here, so we are still minors in some sense." Morgan suddenly chimed in.

"Are we not going to stop them? We still have a lot of this to do." asked Faker while pointing at the two.

Lawless shook his head before saying. "Let's wait for a little more. We will step in when things escalate at a higher level. And I'm quite curious about the history of those Elemental Spirits, it is quite interesting."

Faker shrugged his shoulders before continuing to watch, so do the others.


Then the Elementalist girl asked while still frowning her brows. "So, are you asking me to summon the others? Then who do you want to be summoned?"

"Let's be safe, summon them all. We need to avoid accidents to happen." said Raijin.

The Elementalist girl is still doubtful but she still complies. "Suijin! Kaolin! Xin!"

Then the remaining specks of light get away from her. The blue, yellow, and red specks of lights. And they immediately transformed into their humanoid forms.

The blue color speck of light transformed into a beautiful woman that has an aqua-blue colored hair that is tied on top of her head like the one that the ancient empress have while the clothes that she was wearing is a long dress that similar to the imperial dress worn by some noble figures of ancient times.

At the same time, the red color speck of light transformed into a warrior that looks like an elite soldier that fought during the ancient period. The color of his skin is yellow-orange while having a Samurai's hairstyle.

He is wearing black full-body armor with some red and orange lines on the side of it while each of his hands are holding a pair of flaming shortswords.

The yellow speck of light, on the other hand, transformed into a 2-meter tall Stoneman with a bald head. He has a naked upper body, showcasing his stone muscles while wearing a black martial-art pants on his lower body.

He has some prayer beads hang around his neck while his right hand is holding a gray staff that is made of stone.Then the three new Elementals stand alongside Raijin and Fūjin.

Hanzo clicked his tongue after seeing that. "Tsk! You guys are overestimating me too much. The 'Sea Empress', the 'Wall of Diligence', and the 'Sword of Courage'. Together with the 'Storm Brothers', your lineup is sure a scary one."

Then Shin suddenly called fort his other Reaper's Retainers. "Vladimir! Grimrace!"

Then the Mutated Blood Spirit and Abomination Shadow Spirit stood at the left and right side of Hanzo respectively.This time it is the other side's turn to be surprised. "'Blood Prince' Vladimir? I heard that you and others on your territory were exiled from this world?" said by Raijin.

"Heh! I'm an awesome and amazing Elemental Spirit so no one can stop me if I want to come back to his world." said Vladimir.

Grimrace, on the other hand, look at the Elementals in front of him with eyes that are full of greed. "Can I take their life cores once I defeat them?"

"You wish! An Abomination Spirit like shouldn't be living on this world!" said by Suijin, the Ocean Elemental Spirit, with dignified tone.

"An Abomination that have a conscience? You are as dangerous as the demons that are roaming in this world. I need to purify you as soon as possible." said Kaolin, the Stone Elemental Spirit, while vertically positioning his free hand in front of his chest and like some enlightened monk.

"We are stronger and have the numbers so you guys better surrender." said Xin, the Hellfire Elemental Spirit, with a commanding voice.

'Well, the other side is right about that. There is a 26 level gap between me and that girl, after all, so her Elementals' levels are without a doubt have more powerful than mine.' thought Shin in mind.

But suddenly, something that he didn't expect happened next. The dormant Elemental Spirit that is circling around him released a brilliant light that is enough to blind everyone on the scene.

And when everything is back to normal, Shin saw that there are some Elemental Mana with an alternating metallic-gray and earthen-yellow color enfolding the bodies of his three Elementals. At the same time, their levels suddenly rose at the same level as the Elementals on the other group.

Hanzo opens and closes both of his hands before saying with a smiling face. "Ho ho~♪, looks like our sleeping buddy also wants to help. If that was the case, then I'll take on the 'Storm Brothers'."

"Then the water girl and the monk guy are mine." said Grimrace before licking his tips and forming a huge grin with his mouth.

"Tsk! I'm the most awesome and most amazing Spirit here, so why am I left with a single opponent? Especially with this boring flame guy with mean eyes." complained by Vladimir while pointing at the glaring 'Xin'.

The faces of the other side's Elemental Spirits suddenly turned solemn after hearing those. It is as they are saying. –"You dared to underestimate us? You will regret it."–

But the aura of Shin's crew is rebutting with. –"Heh! That should be our line."–

Then the atmosphere at the scene suddenly turned heavy, indicating that there is an chaotic storm that is about to came.


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