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Child of Destiny 142 So they were Peak Experts

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Shin login on his Auction House account before sending a message to Mysterious Elementalist.

Merchant One: Are you there?

The reply came almost immediately.

Mysterious Elementalist: Are you done with the things on your side? Where are we going to set off?

Merchant One: Sorry, but I still have a lot of things that I need to do. So I think, I need to delay hunting the monsters on the list.

Mysterious Elementalist: So why did you contact me then?

Shin can feel that the other side is already knitted his/her brows.

Merchant One: I'm going to suggest to change the contract a little bit.

Mysterious Elementalist: And what did you want to change?This time, Shin knows the other side is frowning.

Merchant One: Didn't you say that you are one of the best Mage that I can look for? How confident are you?

Mysterious Elementalist: If you don't trust me just say so.

Merchant One: Then, can you reveal your level.

Mysterious Elementalist: Sure.

Then a screenshot of his/her level was sent to Shin.

"Level-110? Then this person should be a Titled Ranker at the very least. And a very strong one at that, given this person's tone." muttered Shin to himself after seeing the photo.

Mysterious Elementalist: What now?

Shin took a deep breath before replying.

Merchant One: Alright, here is the deal. Me and my friends are going to do a High-Ranking Quest and we are lacking in the Magical DPS department a little bit. I'm just going to ask you if you are interested in taking the spot?

Mysterious Elementalist: What were the quest difficulty and the team class composition?

Shin thought for a moment before replying.

Merchant One: Master-grade Quest. While the team have a Berserker, Twilight, Swordsman, Gunslinger, and Bishop. The first three are also on Tier 2 Class.

Mysterious Elementalist: You don't have a main tank?

Merchant One: One of my teammates is currently looking for one.

Mysterious Elementalist: So do you want to change the contract? And remember, I don't take gold coins as payment, only bloodstones.

Merchant One: You are also going to benefit from the Quest so your price is still too high.

Merchant One: If you are insisting to have the bloodstones, then we can't share the Quest and the loots with you. Is that fine?

Mysterious Elementalist: My skills prove its worth.

Merchant One: You are just taking advantage of us if you want to have both. How about this, I'll pay you one piece of bloodstone for your service while sharing the Quest with you.

Mysterious Elementalist: How about the loots?

Merchant One: Of course, you are excluded from that. You are a hired mercenary after all.

Mysterious Elementalist: Not worth it. Let's just go with the previous contract.

Merchant One: But it is not just a single Quest, but a series of them. And the Master-grade is just the lowest difficulty.

This time, the other side suddenly turned silent. Shin wait patiently for the reply. He knows that a High-Ranking Quest is quite tempting even for a Titled Ranker, what's more, having a bunch of them.

After few minutes of waiting, Shin finally received the reply.

Mysterious Elementalist: Forget changing the contract let's just make a new one.

Merchant One: But I might not need your service after clearing all of these quests.

Mysterious Elementalist: That is not necessarily true. Especially when you see how good I am.

Shin was taken aback at that reply. 'This person is really confident about his/her strength. Maybe I should let brother Lawless evaluate this person. He is more experienced than me in games after all.'

Merchant One: Is that so? Then how about this, you talk to the team captain first. I'm just the Quest initiator after all, while he is still the one that is responsible for the distribution of the loot. Then I let him decide whether to hire you or not.

Mysterious Elementalist: Fine by me. So where and when is the meetup?

Merchant One: I'll just send you the time and the meeting place later.

After that, Shin immediately contacted Lawless. And the call immediately connected.

"What's it this time?" Lawless with some slight annoyance on his face.

"What's with that look? Having some problems finding a main tank? Anyway, I managed to find an Elementalist and I'll leave the evaluation for you later." said Shin.

Lawless raises one of his brows before saying. "That fast? Let me tell you, if that Elementalist is just a crap player that you randomly picked somewhere, then I'm going to beat the crap out of you."

"What's with that tone? Did you just got your period?" said Shin laughingly when he saw the troubled face of Lawless.

"F*ck You! Do you know what had happened? Alright, I'll tell you! The Master-grade quest on the church's bulletin board is almost snatched away from us! Good thing that Faker is fast enough to take it before they do!" said Lawless with full of frustration.

Shin knitted his brows before asking. "If you managed to take the quest, then what's the problem?"

The veins on Lawless's forehead suddenly pop up a little as he replied at Shin. "Problem? You are asking what is the problem? OK, here it is. Because of what had happened, four powerhouse guilds are eyeing us outside the church."

"If it is just one of them, then I don't give a sh*t! But four is too much for us to handle. Now, we are in a bind on how are we going sneak out of the church."

Shin smirks after hearing that. Then he said after. "Heh, Is that even a problem? Are you guys in the lobby? Just come inside the church, I'll let the priests and paladins let you in."

After that, Shin immediately hanged up the call before walking out of the room. And outside, a priest and a pair of paladins are already waiting for Shin outside while bowing their heads.

Shin nodded at them before giving out some instructions. Then the priest nodded his head before doing what Shin had instructed.

After that, Shin walked towards Archbishop Ronald's office. And when the Archbishop saw the former, he immediately asked what Shin needed.

"I'm going to borrow the suspected paladin and take him to the place of the ambush to investigate." said Shin after getting in the room.

The Archbishop knitted his brows before asking. "Are you going alone?"

Shin shook his head before saying. "Of course not, I going with my friends, and they are coming anytime now."Archbishop nodded his head and said. "That's good then."

They didn't wait long as Lawless and the others entered the room. And when the Master Berserker saw Shin leisurely sitting on the sofa, he can't help himself but curse out loud. "Tsk! You lucky b*st*rd!"

But immediately after that, Lawless regretted his action. Because the paladins that escorted them suddenly pulled their swords out and pointed it at him.

Shin chuckles after seeing the sight. Then he waves his right hand at the paladins and said. "It's fine. That is how he says 'long time no see'."

The paladins put their swords down and sheathed it before Shin send them out. Then Shin introduces them to Archbishop Ronald. "These are my friends that are going to help me on the mission, Senior."

The Archbishop keeps nodding his head as he looks Lawless' group. It is because he can feel their strengths. "Good, Good. With your help, then I can be at ease."

After that slight exchange, the group walks on the guest receiving area of the room. And that is when Lawless finally raise their problem. "So how are we going to get out of here without being noticed? Those guys outside have some experts that have scouting skills that can overlook the concealing cloaks."

"Relax, we can get out of here without being discovered. Those guys can wait outside for the rest of their lives, waiting for nothing." said Shin.

Lawless still has some doubts. But before he managed to open his mouth, the paladin the Shin was waiting finally arrived.

"You called for me, our Envoy?" said the paladin while bowing his head."You are one of the paladins that survived the ambush?" asked Shin.

And when he saw the paladin nodded his head, Shin immediately said. "Alright, you are coming with us, we are going to investigate the site."

And before the paladin raises his objection, Shin immediately added. "You can't complain much. The other two are severely wounded, so you are the only one that can come with us."

After that, Shin turns his head at Lawless and others before sharing the quest with them. And that gave the group a whole picture of the situation.

Then Shin asked. "Are we still waiting for someone? How about the tank?"

"I able to find one, and he is going to meet us at the meeting place." said Lawless.

"Then let's go." said Shin. And before Lawless asked how are they going to get out, Shin immediately summoned his Void Reaper.


Then then the old spirit suddenly materialized beside Shin. And since he already knows what do to, he immediately opens a teleportation gate.

Lawless' jaw almost dropped on the ground after seeing that. "An Elemental Companion? This guy has an Elemental Companion? And a Spirit with spacial elemental attribute?"

Faker shook his head while smiling bitterly when he saw that. Then he patted Lawless' shoulder before entering the teleportation gate. Morgan and Stephanie did the same.

Shin tells the paladin to enter first, before telling Lawless to enter. And when all of them enter the gate, Shin bid his farewell to Archbishop Ronald before entering the gate with Hanzo.


When Shin steps out of the teleportation gate, he immediately unsummoned Hanzo before turning his head at the group and asked. "When will our tank coming?"

But Lawless ignored the question and immediately bombarded Shin with a bunch of questions. "F*ck! You Lucky b*st*rd! How the hell did you manage to find an Elemental Companion? How about sharing me some?....."

Shin at Lawless before saying. "Hahaha.... I just come across them by chance. And you can ask that old man in the 'Secret Recipe' if want to know where you can find one."

"But you are not a Transcendent Being, so you can't have one even if you know where you can find them. Right, brother Faker?" added Shin while looking at the Master Twilight.

Now that he had a closer look, Faker also has some Elemental Companion. Three to be exact. It is just he didn't notice it before because all of their colors are black, which is pretty much unnoticeable given that Faker is wearing a whole black-colored set of equipments.

Faker nodded his head a little before saying. "I should give you some piece of advice, brother Sickarius. I know that having Elemental Spirits with different variety is quite flexible in battle, but you can always summon them."

"There are some monsters that have a domain skill that can prevent or cancel out any kind summoning. Some domain skills of players can also do that. So you shouldn't become dependent on them."

Shin nodded his head and thank him for the advice. After that, he immediately login his Auction House ID before sending a message to Mysterious Elementalist, telling their coordinates.

While waiting, Shin and the others do some idle chats. And few moments later, a Human Guardian arrived at the meeting place before greeting them.

Shin uses his 'True Sight' skill to look at the Guardian's basic details.


Name: Hayden

Race: Blessed Human (Higher Ranking)

Level: 106


 •Main: Guardian–Holy Knight (Tier 2)

 •Sub: Blacksmith (Intermediate)


 •Guild: None

 •Adventurer Team: None

Player Recognition: Ranker (Titled)

Ranker's Title: Immovable Mountain


'Another Level-100+ guy? Tsk! I'm still the weakest guy in the group. All of them are over a hundred in level. What's more, this guy also has a hidden class. Brother Lawless' connections sure are not simple.' Thought Shin in his mind after seeing that.

Then Shin suddenly saw the title. 'Eh!? Wait! Player Recognition? This guy is a Ranker!? And a titled one at that!?'Then, unconsciously, he started looking at the details of the others on the team.


Name: Morgan

Race: Blessed Human (Higher Ranking)

Level: 105


 •Main: Gunslinger (Tier 2)

 •Sub: Engineer (Intermediate)


 • Guild: None

 • Adventurer Team: None

Player Recognition: Ranker (Titled)

Ranker's Title: Golden Bullet


Name: StephanieRace: Blessed Human (Higher Ranking)

Level: 104


 •Main: Bishop (Tier 2)

 •Sub: Alchemist (Intermediate)


 • Guild: None

 • Adventurer Team: None

Player Recognition: Ranker (Titled)

Ranker's Title: Healing Priestess


Shin can't see the details of Faker and Lawless aside from their IGN and level, maybe because they have an item like his [Nephilim's Gemini Mask] to hide their identities.

But even if that was the case, he can still guess that they are a Titled Ranker at the very least. Lawless is the captain of the team so it is very likely for him to be a Titled Ranker since even Stephanie, their priest, is a titled one.

As for Faker, well it is without a doubt. Because from his estimate, Lawless and Faker are on an equal battle standard.

Given all of that, Shin suddenly felt that he is being surrounded by a bunch of monsters as he stared blankly at them. 'So you are telling me that they are all Titled Rankers, all this time?'


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