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Shin stayed in his room for half a day to read all of the records regarding the three systems of combining Martial-Arts and Mentalism.

And when he is done reading them, he started organizing what he had learned so far. "Combining Internal Qi and Mental Energy is not that hard but not so easy either."

"First, the Dual-Practioner needs to meet the three major requirements before achieving the combination of the two Forces. And those are the compatibility, quality, and equality."

"Comparability means the Internal Qi and Mental Energy needs to complement each other. Both of them need to have similar natures, or at least, they can't be in conflict with each other."

"Quality stands for the Rank of the two Forces. Higher Martial-Arts produce and nurture a high-quality Internal Qi compared to ordinary Martial-Arts. Same goes for common and Profound Mentalism."

"Equality, on the other hand, is quite simple. All it says is the stage of the Martial-Arts and Mentalism are need to be on the same level of strength.""If any of these were not met, then the balance of the two forces will be broken and it will result in a failure to form a 'Worldly Origin'."

"And when the Dual-Practioner met all of these, all he/she needs now is a suitable vessel, which means the Practioner needs to have a powerful body to house this new type of Force. If he doesn't have a powerful body, then passing the previous step is pretty much useless."

After that, Shin started assessing his situation if it is possible to combine his Internal Qi and Mental Energy.

"Base one what the Old Geezer had said, the nature of my current Internal Qi falls on 'Yang' Energy, which also has some purifying nature."

"On the other hand, from what I read on the 'Four Symbol Scripture' inside my mind, my Mental Energy is pretty much had a neutral nature, as it can either be an element-less Energy or in four-elemental Energy."

"And if ever I got lucky and able to control the Demonic Qi inside my body, that Qi might fall in 'Yin' Energy as it has some dark nature. But that might also fall to entropy as it can also ruin any balance to destroy everything."

"On the other hand, my Golden Core and Niwan Palace are in an equal state so my Martial-Arts and Mentalism are on equal strength. So with all of that, I already pass the first two requirements. Which also leaves me with a single problem."

"I don't have some problem if it is just one of the Sacred Qi and Demonic Qi since my Mental Energy is a neutral one and can side with either of the two. And if that was the case, then I can have my own 'Worldly Origin' with the combination of either of these two Internal Qis."

"But the problem is, these two Qis are always in conflict and passively rejecting each other so I don't know if I can combine them and turn them into my version of 'Natural Force'."

"Wait! Why am I thinking about 'Natural Force'? That Old Geezer said, a 'Worldly Energy' is pretty much stronger than ordinary 'Natural Force' and 'Enhance Mental Energy'!"

"With that, I can just keep my Sacred Qi and Demonic Qi separated before fusing them separately with my Mental Energy. Then I can have two types of 'Worldly Origin'–!"

At this point, Shin suddenly became excited and said with full of enthusiasm. "That would be cool if I have that kind of powers! Haha... I'm such an amazing thinker!"

But immediately after that, he suddenly became dejected once again. "But that still leads me to another problem. I can't use any kind of Martial-Art Skill or Mentalism Technique if I use a 'Worldly Energy'."

"I also can't use 'Secret Arts' because it can only be used with either Internal Qi and Mental Energy, but not with 'Worldly Origin'."


"Maybe it is possible if I knew how that couple, 'Adam' and 'Evangeline', managed to achieve such feat."

Then Shin suddenly pauses when he said this. He stays still for a moment before a sudden idea entered his mind. "That is right! Those two are the key!"

After that, he stood up from his seat before dashing out of his room and going back to the library. And when he saw General Springfield sitting behind his desk, he immediately asked the latter in an excited manner. "Grandpa! Grandpa! I need your help with something!"

The general look at Shin brightly before asking smilingly. "Quite excited, Huh? Alright, what is it?"

"I need some records regarding 'Adam' and 'Evangeline'. The military has it, right? Especially that those two are quite famous and remarkable." said Shin without second thoughts.

On the other hand, the smile on the general's lips suddenly turned stiff while the expression on his face suddenly turned serious. "And what did you need those records for?"

"Eh!?" Shin was gotten off-guard at the sudden shift of the atmosphere and replied carefully. "I'm studying how to combine Martial-Arts and Mentalism, and those two are the only ones that managed to perfectly do it."

"So-... I'm just thinking to look at their records if I can get something useful that I can learn from their experiences."

General Springfield stared at Shin with a serious look for few seconds before releasing a helpless sigh and said. "I'm sorry, Kid. But those records are too confidential so I can't let you look at it."

"Huh?" Shin suddenly got confused and asked. "Those two should be major contributors of the history since they managed to achieve such an amazing feat, so why are their backgrounds confidential?"

"Shouldn't the government announce what they have done so that the younger generation can see them as an example?"

General Springfield smiled bitterly while shaking his head. Then he said to Shin. "There are always been a reason for everything. So if it is confidential, then you can't looked at it no matter what you do."

Shin is still confused and asked. "But why everything about them became confidential?"

General Springfield releases another helpless sigh before replying. "That is something you shouldn't be knowing for now so leave it just like that."

"What you need to do for now is to forget about them and the idea of fusing the Martial-Art and Mentalism completely. Do it step by step, and start with the things in front of you."

"Don't immediately jump on the other side of the valley if you don't have the ability to cross it, because that might lead to some unexpected accidents that you can't handle."

Shin just nodded his head reluctantly since he can't do anything about it. But he became even more confused at the latter part of the general's words.

He knows that General Springfield wants him to do things slowly, and he knew that. He just got carried away earlier by his excited emotions. But from the tone of the general's voice, he can feel that there is another meaning behind those words.

He just can't get a hold of what was it. So he just throws it at the back of his mind since he can't understand it fully. He also didn't ask either because the general seem not willing to tell it to him since the latter didn't say it to him directly.

After that, Shin walked out of the library with a dejected mood and heavy steps.

General Springfield stared at Shin's figure while muttering to himself. "Time is not ripe yet, Kid. Wait a little more until you are finally ready to carry the burden of the truth."


Real World.

At the borderlands of the Northern Blue Region of the Soaring Continent, there is a mountain range that extends for a thousand miles away.

You can find a huge valley at the heart of this mountain range, and it has the shape of a winged-dragon when you look at it from the sky.

There is a legend that a majestic Solar Dragon lived in this place and treated it as its nest. But the dragon didn't chase out the natives and original residents mountain range.

And since the dragon didn't attack them, the residents rescinding on the mountain range treat the dragon as their guardian while giving it some offerings from time to time.

But one day, a powerful monster invaded this place. This monster has a head of a man, a body of a lion, a tail of a scorpion, and a pair of giant bat wings. The people called this monster a Manticore.

The battle of the Solar Dragon and the Manticore lasted for seven straight days. And the dragon managed to emerge victoriously, but it also suffered some grave wounds. The dragon tried to recover itself, but it discovered that it can't survive anymore.

Knowing that it is going to die, the Solar Dragon bestowed its powers on the native residents of the mountain range so that they can serve as its descendants and successors that will continue its bloodline.

After that, the Solar Dragon dive deeper on the ground and create a huge and very deep valley to serve as its final resting place.

After that, the native residents of the mountain range become powerful cultivators that are able to survive for a long period of time.

They named the mountain range as the 'Sunset Mountain Range', as that is the place where a Solar Dragon fell. While they called the huge valley where the Solar Dragon hid its colossal body, as the 'Dragon Valley'.

The native residents of the 'Sunset Mountain Range' continue to improve while passing down the knowledge regarding their history from generation to generation.

Later on, they become more powerful and show their might on the Continent, all the way until they became successful and turned into the current 'Springfield Family'.

The 'Springfield Family' treats the 'Sunset Mountain Range' as their Ancestral Land so they used all of their powers to claim it entirely until no one dared to contend it with them and became one of their lands and areas of jurisdiction.

And some of the most powerful Practioners of the 'Springfield Family' are staying on this mountain range for their close door training. Meanwhile, the family leading figures who are at the peak of the Martial-Art Realm are doing their close door training below the 'Dragon Valley' where the purest 'Force of Nature' are being accumulated.

And currently, a 15-year-old youth is in the middle of the altar below the 'Dragon Valley' while sitting on a lotus position with his eyes closed.

This youth is not wearing his upper clothes, leaving himself topless and showcasing his slightly muscular body. And even if he is still young, there are a lot of battle scars on his body indicating that he already experienced a lot of life-threatening battles.

The youth is emitting some golden-colored Internal Qi while absorbing the gusting 'Force of Nature' that are coming towards his body. And obviously, this kid is 'Arthur Springfield' who is currently undergoing a Bloodline Ceremony.

Few meters away from the altar stood a pair of old men with different kinds of builts. Both of them have blonde color hair, but one of them had a very muscular built with a height of two meters while the other had a slightly slim body with some properly toned muscles.

The slim old man crosses his arms in front of his chest while watching Arthur with calm eyes. A moment later, he said to the muscular old man. "Tsk! I'm starting to get jealous of you 'Mondragon'. Having two sons and two great-grandchildren that have pure bloodlines in a row? That is beyond being lucky."

The muscular old man named 'Mondragon' give the slim old man and said. "That is why I always said to you to take a wife when we are still young, but you didn't listen to me at all, leaving you with no successor to inherit your skills."

"Heh! No successor? Didn't I passed down all of my skills and knowledge to your other grandchild, Nathan?" sneered by the slim old man.

Then he immediately added after. "Didn't he became one of the most powerful 'Domain Stage Ascension Realm' experts all around the world? What's more, he is pretty close at reaching our current Realm with a very young age."

Half of the face of Mondragon suddenly turned stiff after hearing that. Then he releases a helpless sigh before saying. "You know, 'Shenyoung'. That is one of my greatest regrets in this life. Letting Nathan become your disciple."

"That kid's talent surpassed his brother Bernard, he is even on top compared to his peers. So if he had a child, then that kid might have a 'True Dagon's Blood', which is comparable to the 'Genuine blood of the Phoenix' of the current little princess of the 'Potter Clan'."

"But because you influence him too much, that kid had nothing in mind but to train, train and train, all the way until he lost interest in having his own family!"

The slim old man named 'Shenyoung' clicked his tongue before defending himself. "What are you talking about? I didn't say to Nathan to not make his own family. It is that kid's choice to not have one."

"And why are you complaining too much? That little girl Shiella had a mutated bloodline formed by the combination of our Springfield Family's bloodline and the Jane Clan's bloodline, which is no weaker than the bloodline of the Potter Clan's princess."

"What's more, isn't she also a Mighty Chosen One just like that little boy Arthur? So don't be too greedy and be contented on what you have since your family is already been blessed by heavens."

Mondragon suddenly turned silent after hearing that, because he knew that it is true so he didn't know how to rebut.


Then a sudden explosion on the altar disturbs their discussion. They immediately turned their head at the source to see what it was.

But their eyes suddenly turned wide when they saw what is happening on the altar. They look at each other and saw the shock on each other eyes. Then they simultaneously blurted out.



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