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Child of Destiny 139 Lesson Part 3 : Choosing to walk on a Unique Path

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Old Plum nodded his head while forming a satisfied expression on his face after seeing his disciple's reaction.Then the old man said. "So, what do you plan now?"

Shin thought for a moment before replying. "Who will refuse to take such an amazing path, but walking on it is going to be hard."

Old Plum smirks and said. "Is it being a Practioner is always been like that?"

"Turning into a Unique Cultivator from being a Dual-Practioner?" muttered Shin to himself before looking to the old man and said. "So what will be my training plan now?"

"Wonderful!" exclaimed by Old Plum before saying. "We don't have a training plan for now because I need to discuss it with Old Fatty Benn."

"For now, you should continue your training regime while we are finalizing the details of your new training routine."

"At the same time, you should start creating your 'Unified Strengthening Technique'. And forget about the 'Qi Refinement Skills' that you have, and use these ones instead."

Then three Martial-Art manual suddenly appeared at Old Plum's left-hand before he throws it at Shin.

Shin catches the manuals with his left hand before reading it one by one. "Reinforce Iron Bones, Jade Dragon Scales, Thunder King's Constitution."

Shin knitted his brows before looking at Old Plum doubtfully. "You want me to learn these skills? But they don't seem to compliment the Yin-Yang Martial-Arts."

Old Plum looks at Shin as if he is looking to an idi*t and sneered. "Kid. Do you think that you know my self-created Martial-Arts better than me?"

Of course, Shin knows about that, but he still can't help himself to become doubtful. And Old Plum can't help himself but shake his head after seeing the expression on Shin's face.

Old Plum releases a helpless sigh before saying. "Hay~st. You still never change, Kid. Always been doubting everything that doesn't seem to coincides with your ideals unless it is proven."

"Tsk! Alright, This 'Qi Reinforcement Skills' are originally one. And it is one of my Masterpiece Martial-Art Skills. I divided it into three different parts so that it can be used in the lower realm since it was originally for 'Ascension Realm' experts."

Shin then nodded his head and said. "So you also made this 'Qi Reinforcement Skill' to complement your Yin-Yang Martial-Arts?"

Old Plum nodded his head reassuringly before saying. "Of course!"

Shin nodded his head once again before asking. "Then how do you call this 'Qi Reinforcement Skill'?"

Old Plum suddenly knitted his brows before replying with a little doubtful voice. "Sacred God Physique."

'I knew it!' shouted Shin inwardly and said. "You know, I'm starting to notice something, Old Geezer. Why are you only teaching me the other half of you real Yin-Yang Martial-Arts? I feel that you don't trust my ability at all."

The expression on the old man's face suddenly turned stiff after hearing that. Then he said stuffily. "W-What are you talking about?"

Shin clicked his tongue dissatisfaction and said. "Tsk! I'm not a complete idi*t, Old Geezer. I know that you are concerned about the seed inside my inner heart."

"But if you keep caging me for not letting me use the other style of your Martial-Art, then you are just limiting my growth."

"This Martial-Art is called 'Yin-Yang Arts'. And it is clearly stated in the first Chapter that for every 'Yin' there will always be a corresponding 'Yang', or vice versa as they need to be together to produce all that comes to be."

"Given that, I will never be able to showcase the true greatness of this Martial-Art if you are only going to teach me the half of it and keeping the other half."

'This rascal always has a silver tongue at convincing people.' Old Plum stared at his disciple with profound eyes and sighed helplessly. "Kid. I know that you want to get strong, but you are still not ready to learn the other style of the 'Yin-Yang Martial-Art'."

Shin looks at Old Plum with determined eyes and said. "And how can you be sure that I am still not prepared to learn the 'Black Dragon Style'? Is my progress with the 'White Tiger Style' not enough."

"Because you just undergo a Demonic Possession just recently." answered Old Plum almost instantly, and shutting up Shin's mouth.

Old Plum looks straight to Shin's eyes before continuing. "Do you know why my Martial-Art is quite special compared to the other Martial-Arts?"

"Because of its dual-styles?" said Shin with unsure tone.

Old Plum clicked his tongue before continuing. "Tsk! Some Martial-Arts also have dual-styles. There are even some that have multiple styles."

"What is special with my 'Yin-Yang Martial-Arts' is it can nurture two kinds of Internal Qi. The Sacred and Wicked Internal Qis." And while saying that, Old Plum produces a black and white Internal Qis with each of his hands.

Shin's eyes suddenly turned bright as he became amazed at what he saw.

Old Plum ignored Shin's reaction and continue. He raises his right-hand with white-colored Internal Qi while saying. "This is what I call the Sacred Internal Qi and symbolized Yang Energy. It exhibits light, heat, and dryness. It can also purify some evil energies."

After that, Old Plum lowered his right-hand while raising his left-hand that have black Internal Qi. "This one, on the other hand, is the Wicked Internal Qi and symbolized the Yin Energy. And it exhibits the darkness, cold, and wetness. And I called it wicked as it is a berserk type of energy."

"And as you can see the Sacred Internal Qi is pretty much stronger than the Wicked one. I purposely made it so that I can control the latter's berserk nature."

Then Old Plum pauses for a moment to combine each of his hands, making the two types of Internal Qi to fuse with each other. Then an alternating black and white Internal Qi was created.

After that, Old Plum continued. "Meanwhile, this Internal Qi is my 'Natural Force' and I called it the 'Yin-Yang Force'."

"Even if this Force is not as strong as the 'Emperor Yan Force', 'Ice Queen Force', and any other supreme Natural Forces, it can still contend on those Forces on an equal footing."

"And the element that is affiliated to my 'Yin-Yang Force' is can either be a fiery-hot flame or an ice-cold frost. It can also be both."

After the demonstration, Old Plum retrieve the Internal Qi and return it in his body before looking at Shin seriously and saying with a solemn tone. "But your case is pretty much different."

"You have a Seed of Hatred inside your inner heart, and what's worse, you already experience a Demonic Possession. So the moment you started practicing the 'Black Dragon Style' your body will produce a Demonic Qi instead of the Wicked Internal Qi."

"And since the Sacred Internal Qi and Demonic Qi are on equal ground, controlling them are going to become a troublesome matter. Especially that they are passively rejecting each other."

"So given those, it is too dangerous for you to practice the other style of the 'Yin-Yang Martial-Arts'. Or else, you might transform into a 'True Demon' if some accident happens. And at that time, no one can save you anymore."

Shin turned quiet after hearing that. And after a few minutes of silence, he releases a helpless sigh before saying. "Then it can't be helped."

Then Shin is about to stand up and plans to leave when Old Plum opens his mouth. "Two conditions."

Shin pauses his movements before looking at the old man. Then Old Plum continues. "I'm going to give two types of conditions. And if you manage to achieve either one of those two, then I'm going to teach you the other style."

Shin sits on the ground once again before waiting for Old Plum to continue.

Old Plum releases a helpless sigh before adding. "If you are able to hold yourself in 'White Dawn Boundary' state for an entire hour, then I'm going to teach you the 'Black Dragon Style."

"The other one is if you are able to show me that you are capable of wielding both Sacred Internal Qi and Demonic Qi simultaneously, and it has to be without any kind of problem."

Then Shin suddenly asks instinctively. "Then how about if I managed to achieve both?"

Old Plum was gotten off-guard by that sudden question. Then he smirks at Shin before saying with a sneering tone. "Then I'm also going to teach you the whole set of the 'Absolute Yin' and 'Extreme Yang' skills."

Shin clench his hand as he simultaneously got excited and motivated. After that, Old Plum gives a few more instructions for Shin on how he is going to change his usual training regime.

And there are other things that have been added on the list of what he is going to do. Now, he needs to read some records regarding the 'Worldly Origin' and 'Secret Arts'.

He doesn't need to combine his Internal Qi and Mental Energy immediately, or learn any kind of 'Secret Arts'. For now, the only he needs is to get some idea of how those two systems work.

Before Shin leaves, he suddenly remembered the original reason why he came here. Then he tells Old Plum what he has experienced earlier.

After that, Old Plum suddenly get quiet and think for a moment. Then he looks at Shin with profound eyes before flicking his right wrist, sending three falling leaves in the latter's direction.

Shin suddenly raise his right-hand before catching the incoming leaves with it, instinctively.

"Oh~♪" Old Plum's eyes suddenly turned bright after seeing that. Then he flicked his right wrist once again. And this time, he sends five falling leaves.

Shin did the same thing and caught the five of them. After that, Old Plum continues while Shin keeps catching all of the leaves that ware sent towards him.

They continue to do that until Shin failed to catch all of the incoming leaves. And with that, Old Plum finally confirmed something. He looked at Shin and smilingly said. "You don't have to worry, Kid. What you have experienced is quite normal."

Shin knitted his brows before asking. "So what really happened?"

Old Plum smiled mysteriously while stroking his beard with his right hand. "It is an indication that your 'Immediate Response' talent is in the process of evolving."

At first, what he heard didn't immediately sink in on his head as he suddenly got off-guard. Then he suddenly became shocked, before being excited. "What!? Really!?"

Old Plum laughs at Shin's reaction before instructing his excited disciple. "And remember, immediately do your usual training regime if you experience something similar. It is to rip off the most benefits that you can get from it."

"But don't get your hope rises that high. It is just in the process of evloving, transfoming it into Ultra Instincts is still too far off."

After that, Shin stood up and thank the old man before walking back towards the Mansion.

Shin didn't immediately go back to the game when arrived at the Mansion. Instead, he walked straight to the study room, or to be more precise, it is the Springfield Family's library.

Even if the technology at this time is quite advanced, there are still some things that are better be written on a book and papers than being in the storage of personal Advance Watches or computers. And one of those are Secret Manuals that are containing some important information.

Shin walked around the library while looking for some books regarding 'Worldly Origin', 'Secret Arts', and 'Unified Strengthening'. And when he got all the manuals that he needs, he immediately walked out of the library with a pile of books.

And when he is about to walk out of the study room, Shin suddenly bumped into 'General Samuel Springfield'.

Shin pause his steps and nodded his head at General Springfield while greeting the later. "Hi, Grandpa! Let me borrow these books for quite some time. I need to study them."

After that, Shin walked past the old general and immediately walked towards his room.

General Springfield knitted his brows while looking at Shin's back. Then he tried to recall the names of the books and manuals that Shin was carrying. Then his eyes suddenly turned wide when he recalled it and realized what Shin is planning to do.

After that slight surprise, the general suddenly formed a satisfied smile with his lips before muttering to himself. "Heh! This kid really doesn't want to be left behind and always loves to be ahead of others. I wonder what height will these two rascals reached in the future."

Then he entered the study room before dialing a number in his Advance Watch. When the call connected, General Springfield immediately said. "Arrange some slots for me on the upcoming event. I have some candidates in mind."


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