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Child of Destiny 134 An Unexpected Benefit?

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Grimrace is currently kneeling on the ground with both of his knees while staring blankly on the floor.

He is also muttering to himself as he can't believe that he had lost the battle. "I lost? Me? Then most evolved Abomination Spirit lost? I lost to a feeble human and a pair of weakened Elemental Spirits–?"

And Grimrace stayed on that state for quite some time already as the three is too tired to give him some attention.

Shin is laying on the floor tired, beat, and catching up his breath as his chest keeps coming up and down.

His virtual avatar might have inexhaustible stamina, but it doesn't mean that his metal concentration is the same. And even if he has monstrous willpower, it also doesn't mean that his mind can't feel tired.

What's more, his body enters a weakened state as a side effect for using double berserk skills. And he will stay on that state for a whole six hours to recover his attributes back to its original state.

Hanzo, on the other hand, is currently sitting on the ground in a lotus position while interlocking the fingers of each of his hands and having the tip of his thumbs to touch each other.

He positioned his combined hands in front of his dantian while regulating his breathing as he enters a deep meditation to recover his exhaust Elemental Mana.

At the same time, Vladimir landed on the gently ground before retracting his blood wings and recalling it inside his body. After that, he crossed his arms in front of him before bowing his head a little while closing his eyes silently.

The four of them stayed like that for quite some before they regain their theirselves.

Shin lazily pushed his body off the ground as he slowing stood up from his laying position. And when he is finally back on his feet, he taps his clothes/armor a little before turning his attention to the dejected Abomination Spirit.

Shin walks toward the kneeling Grimrace and said. "Hey! How long do you want to stay like that? Time is gold you know? So stand up already and don't waste my money."

Grimrace raises his head and gives Shin a deadly glare before saying. "Don't order me around, Human. You just got lucky earlier and I'm still not convinced with your strength. Let's have another match and I'm going to beat you this time."

"Yeah! Yeah! Lucky or not, you still lost and you can't change that result no matter what you do. So get up on there and comply with the contract already. We still have a lot of things to do." said Shin to Grimrace while signaling the latter to stand up with his right hand.

Grimrace is still unconvinced but he still needs to comply with the 'Heaven's Oath'(System), or else, he is going to die for sure."I Grimrace, the most evolved Abomination Shadow Spirit is willing to take this adventurer from the other world as my host and master."

Then a familiar series of system notifications sounded on Shin's ears and appear on his System Log. And after registering Grimrace as his 'Shadow Reaper', the Shadow Spirit has finally become one of his official Reaper's Retainer.

And with that, a portion of Grimrace's strength was also sealed just like Hanzo and Vladimir so his level suddenly drops at the same level as the two.

And as if waiting for that to happen, a pale hand clenched into a fist suddenly shot from the side and landed on Grimrace face!



Grimrace was sent flying towards his back and collided at the wall of a ruined establishment on that side. Then that establishment started to collapse completely and burying the Shadow Spirit with a pile of rock boulders.


A moment later, that pile of boulders exploded and sent a number of stone fragments in all directions.

"F*ck! What was that for? And what the hell are you doing?" yelled by Grimrace while looking at Vladimir solemnly.

The Blood Spirit just looked at him provokingly before sneering after few seconds. "Heh! That's what you get for mocking this brilliantly awesome and most amazing Elemental Spirit such as me."

The corner of Grimrace's mouth suddenly twitched after hearing that. Then he looks at Vladimir fiercely while saying. "Do you think I can't beat you into pulp just because we are on the same level?"

"Heh! Try me. ♪Clow~n♪." smirked Vladimir as he resummons his crimson blood wings and spread them widely while entering his 'Blood Sovereign' state.

Then he produces a longsword that is made of blood on his right hand while playing with his long steel-like fingernails on his other hand.

"Do you think I'm scared of you? Mosquito!" roared by Grimrace with a hoarse voice while summoning a bunch of shadow flying daggers and let them float around him.

Then another pair of shadow daggers appeared on each of his hands before he enters his 'Yaksha Transformation'.

Swoosh! Whoosh!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Then the two immediately engage in another fight without regarding everything.

When Shin saw that, he can't help but shakes his head helplessly and smile bitterly while muttering to himself. "D*mn! I don't know what kind of team I'm building with these strange teammates."

Shin turned his head at Hanzo and asked. "Can you stop those two? We still need to get back to the City as I need to restock my supplies. Especially my HP potions."

Hanzo raises one of his brows and replies. "Can't you just unsummon them?"

"Then isn't that going to make me a KJ(Killjoy)?" said Shin while knitting his brows.

"And I am not?" asked Hanzo skeptically.

"Of course not! It is just going to look like an Elder stopping a children's skirmish." said Shin with a serious face.

"F*ck! Why are the two of you keeps attacking my age." said Hanzo helplessly.

"We are just stating the truth as we are honest children." said Shin.

Hanzo releases a helpless sigh before sending a powerful spacial rend at the direction where Vladimir and Grimrace are fighting, and that forced the two to be separated from each other.

The two turn their heads at Hanzo at the same time before saying simultaneously–.

"Have you gone senile, Old Man? Picking a fight with an awesome Spirit like me?"

"Heh! You can team up with him again, Antique Spirit. I'll take you down together."

Hanzo suddenly got agitated with their words and suddenly got the feeling to join the fight to teach these younglings a lesson to never provoke a Senior Spirit.

But before he manages to make his move, Shin immediately opens his mouth. "Alright, that is enough for now, your playtime is over. I still have a lot of things to do."

"Tsk!" Vladimir clicked his tongue as a complaint but he still gets back on the ground before releasing his 'Blood Sovereign' state.

Grimrace did the same and walked towards Shin before asking. "Are you sure that we are going now? Then how about the Elemental Spirit on the ground?"

Vladimir suddenly looks at him skeptically and said. "You are already protected by the Heaven's Oath so you don't need to eat your Kin's life cores to survive. So why did you still want to eat this dying guy's life core? I guess you really are possessed by evil."

Hanzo nodded his head and added. "And even if this guy is already dying, you should show some respect for him at the very least."

Grimrace rolled his eyes at the two before defending himself. "Of course, I know that. What I'm saying is, are we really going to leave him just like that? Even if he is dying, this guy can still be saved, I guess."

The three look at him suspiciously before Hanzo raising his doubt. "Do you know what you are saying? Elemental Spirits are dependent on their life cores and rebirthing places."

"If either one of them were removed, then there are only two outcomes for them. It is either they become an Abomination Spirit as you or they die slowly just like this guy below us."

Grimrace looks at him and rebutted. "Do you think I don't know that? That is why I'm saying that this guy can still be saved."

"How? By turning him into an Abomination Spirit just like you?" said Vladimir skeptically.

Grimrace release a helpless sigh before saying. "I didn't say anything about that. And can't you just let me finish first?"

He pauses for a moment to make sure that the two are not going to say anything before continuing what he wants to say. "Do you think that I going to waste my time waiting for this dying guy to weaken himself further while I can just budge in his resting place and take his life core?"

The other three just nodded their heads and let Grimrace continue.

"I'm waiting for that guy to weaken himself further because his state is quite special. This Elemental Spirit below us is originally not a single Spirit."

Then the other three suddenly become interested but they restrain theirselves and shut their mouths while letting Grimrace fill them more details."Base on the traces left on the resting place, I can confirm that there are originally two Elemental Spirits in that place and they broke into a fight."

"Of course! There can only be one Elemental Spirit on a single rebirthing place so one of those Spirits is the original owner while the other is an invader."

"But I can sense that the invader is not an Abomination Spirit like me, base of the nature of the Mana left behind on their battle place."

"And after some time of the investigation, I came up with a conclusion. The original owner is in a hibernating state to recover his/her strength when the invader suddenly came in. And because he/she was disturbed by the intruder, the owner became enraged and the two of them suddenly broke into a fight."

At this point, Shin can't help himself but ask. "But why did the invader Elemental Spirit intrudes to other's rebirthing place if he/she had his/her own? Especially if he/she is not an Abomination. What's more, didn't an Elemental Spirit had unique elements on themselves."

"Good question!" said Grimrace before Hanzo opens his mouth and answer that for the former. "There is an unwritten rule for Elemental Spirits that they can't intrude other's rebirthing place. Unless–.... They have no other choice."

"And an Elemental Spirit can barrow some Elemental Mana on other's rebirthing place to recover their exhaust strengths if the other party has similar elements with them."

Then Shin suddenly comes into a realization and said. "Then that means the invader comes to this place to borrow its powers in recovering his/her strength because of its severely injured state. And then it broke into a fight with the owner who is currently hibernating which is also recovering its strength."

Then Hanzo added. "And both of them perished on the battle because of the intense fighting in their current wounded states."

"But their life cores were left behind during that time. And before they enter their rebirths, those life cores suddenly reacted at their hostile natures against each other. But instead of fighting with each other, those life cores accidentally merge together."

"Is that what you want to say, right? Clown?" asked Hanzo.

Grimrace glared at Hanzo before nodding his head and confirming what the later had said. "That's right, Antique Spirit. They entered a rare case of Fusion Spirit."

Then Vladimir added. "And this place became an exhaust rebirthing place because it failed to nurture the Fusion Spirit. And it could either be because of this place had a thin Elemental Mana density to support the fused life cores, or that very life cores is too strong to support its growth by this previously rebirthing place."

Shin nodded his head and asked the critical question. "So how are we going to save this guy, now?"

The other three look at each other before Hanzo opens his mouth. "If our guesses are right, then there is really a way for this guy to be saved. We just need to find the rebirthing place of the other Elemental Spirit and let him/her be nurtured there."

"But the question is, How are we going to know its rebirthing place? Forget about the possibility that we are not even sure if they didn't lose their previous memories after the fusion. We don't even know who is this other Elemental Spirit. What's more, I'm pretty sure that they are not in a conscious state." said Vladimir.

"Then we can just invade another rebirthing place that has a reach Earth Elemental Mana." said by Grimrace.

Hanzo frowned his brows before saying to Grimrace. "Are attacking your own Kin is all inside your mind?"

Vladimir clicked his tongue and said. "Tsk! Why would an awesome and amazing Spirit like me needs to trouble himself on this kind of trivial matter?"

After that, he puts his hands on the back of his head before lying and floating on the air.

Shin facepalmed and released a helpless sigh before shaking his head and smiling bitterly. "What a troublesome group of Spirits. They are too fast at changing moods."

Then Shin looks at Hanzo and asked. "Can we take a look at that resting place to see this dying Spirit?"

But Grimrace is the one that answered. "Of course! We can! But let me warn you. This guy is still in a semi-conscious state. He/She is going to attack any foreign being that comes near him/her."

"And he still has some strength to fight because this Spirit is in its resting place, its territory. If not, why do you think I'm still waiting for it to weaken itself?"

Shin nodded his head and said. "Then show us the entrance."

Grimrace looks at Shin weirdly and said. "Why would we need to find the entrance if we can just teleport directly to that place? We have this Antique Spirit with us after all."

The corner of Hanzo's mouth suddenly twitches after hearing that. "Call me on that name again and I'm going to sever that head of yours from your body."

At the same time, Shin turns his head at Hanzo and asked. "So you can help us teleport at any place that we want?"

Hanzo shook his head and said. "Of course not. At least with my current strength. I can teleport you on any coordinates inside the 1000-mile radius from us. And also on any place that I already have visited, but this one will take most of my strength depending on how far is the place. And it will exhaust me if it is too far away."

"So you are saying that we can teleport on any 1000-mile radius away from us. Then that means we can just teleport here directly when we are still in the City. Why you didn't tell us earlier? We waste a lot of time just to travel here." said Shin with a questioning gaze.

Hanzo shrugged his shoulders and said. "But you didn't ask me before. What's more, I can't use this skill continuously. I still need to rest for some time before I can cast another teleportation gate."

Shin suddenly turned silent after hearing that. Then he said helplessly. "Alright, just teleport us to that resting place."

Then Hanzo draws a circle in the air in front of him with his right-hand index finger. After that, a purple circular teleportation gate appeared in front of the Void Spirit.

Then they enter the teleportation gate one by one. And when the walked out that gate they were immediately greeted by an astonishing sight.

Shin's eyes are even shining with brilliant light when he saw the things that are embedded on the wall.


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