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Child of Destiny 133 Battle with the Abomination Elemental Spirit Part 3

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Seven minutes before the duration of the 'Ruler's Authority' and 'Monochrome Field' come to an end.

Grimrace just finished his 'Yasha Transformation' and looked at the three hideously.

And a moment later, Grimrace's body suddenly flickers and forces the other three to make their moves.

Vladimir spread his wings before flapping it downwards, making him fly upwards. Hanzo, on the other hand, jumped backward to enter the void gate that appeared behind him.

At the same time, Shin also spread the black wings on his back before flipping it forward as he jumps backward. And with that, he shot backward with a great speed as Grimrace suddenly appears on their previous location.



Then the Shadow Spirit immediately gives chase after Shin. He bends his knees before kicking the ground and shot towards Shin who is currently moving backward. Grimrace's speed is a lot faster than the latter as he is already in front of the young swordsman in just blink of an eye.

But Shin already anticipated that, so he quickly pulled the [Yamato] out from its sheath before swinging it rightwards.


After that, a crescent sword Qi that is made of black flame suddenly comes out of that sword and greeting the incoming Shadow Spirit.

'Class Fighting Style: Solar Flare'


Shin didn't wait for the sword Qi to land and quickly put his sword back to its sheath while channeling the power of the Moon towards it.


And after sheathing it, he swiftly pulled it once again and swing it to the right, sending another crescent sword Qi. But this time, it has a silver color with a chilling aura on it.


'Class Fighting Style: Lunar Flash'


Grimrace ignores the incoming sword Qi and charges through it as he creates a shadow full-body armor on his body.


-500 827

-13 471(Burning Damage)


-500 902(Slowed)

-6 625(Chilling Damage)

A lot of damages appeared on top of Grimrace's head but those damages are not ideal to what Shin had expecting because the Shadow Spirit had lessened the damage to the minimum with his shadow armor. Grimrace also negate the freezing special bonus effect of the swift change of the temperature.

And since Grimrace just jumped through those sword waves, he is now in a position where he can attack Shin freely. So he immediately swings both of his arms at the latter together with the shadow daggers on each of his hands.

Shin immediately flaps his wing when he senses the immense threat coming from Grimrace's daggers. And with that, he immediately flies backward trying to distance himself from the Shadow Spirit.

But when he is moving towards his back, some unexpected happened. A dual crescent Energy Wave came chasing after Shin with a speed that is way faster than him.

'Spirit Skill (Shadow): Shadow Cutter'

'Talk about having a taste of your own medicine.' Thought Shin as he saw the incoming Energy Waves. Then he immediately formed a barrier around him that is releasing a brilliant white light.

'Equipment Skill: Life Forcefield'



(-425 648)

"What the!?" Shin was taken aback at what has happened.The barrier created by the 'Life Forcefield' can take a total of 500,00 physical/magical damage. Yet, that barrier was immediately destroyed by Grimrace's attack.

What's more, he also took damage that ripped off more than half of his current HP, so that means that Energy Wave is more than enough to take Shin down if he was directly hit by it.

Good thing that he is fast enough to react to that attack saving his life in time. "Tsk! That was close!"

Immediately after that, Shin flaps his wings downward to send himself towards the sky.

Grimrace is about to chase after Shin when he felt the Energy Wave sent by Hanzo. So he immediately throws the idea of chasing after the young swordsman and dodge the incoming attack.

After that, Hanzo immediately teleported himself if front of Grimrace while swinging his weapon.


Then they were immediately engaged in a melee battle. Hanzo might be able to keep up at Grimrace's speed with his teleporting ability, but his stats are still on the weaker side since the Shadow Spirit currently had a higher level than him.

So to lessen the burden that Hanzo is bearing, Vladimir suddenly joined the melee battle to support the Old Spirit. And even if he is not as fast as them, his senses are still quite sharper than them since he is sensitive at sensing life forces. So he relies on that abiliy to keep up on them while predicting where are they going to appear next.

Above the plaza, Shin is able to clearly watch the battle while drinking an Advance Health Potion to restore his HP.

And Shin suddenly realized something when watching the fight. He realized that he is still too weak compared to Special Beings and Humanoid Creatures of this game.

He might be strong against some Monsters that are moving base on their instincts. But compared to these three, his battle prowess is still a little too lacking.

He heard that Real Titled Rankers and Godlike Players are very strong to the point that their strengths can rival a Special Being or a Humanoid Creature that had 20-Levels more than them. Some of those players are even stronger than that.

Those might be some extravagated rumors. But from Shin's perspective when he saw the battle standards of some Godlike Players on the videos that he has watched, those players might really have that kind of strength.

"There's always been a man beyond every man and a sky beyond the sky." Muttered Shin to himself when he thinks about that. But he immediately added with a determined tone. "But the path to greatness is always been long, so don't get discouraged yet, Shin. You will also stand at the peak alongside them."

After that, Shin flaps his wings a little before sending himself to the ground and diving towards the ongoing battle.

When Grimrace senses Shin's arrival, he immediately sends a bunch of flying daggers towards the latter while trying to shake off the two Elemental Spirits in front of him.

Shin quickly does some aerial maneuvers to avoid the incoming flying daggers before combining the 'Mondi's Jump' with his flighting speed to accelerate his descend.


After getting past the flying daggers, Shin uses another 'Mondi's Jump' to do another acceleration while swinging his so downwards.

'Extra Skill: Falling Lightblade'


Vladimir and Hanzo tried to pin Grimrace in place while waiting for Shin to rejoin the battle.

Grimrace uses a 'Shadow Escape' to get away from his current to predicament and dodging Shin's attack. Unfortunately, Shin and Hanzo immediately use their respective 'Void Steps' to chase after him.

And this time, Vladimir disengage on the melee battle and let Shin takes his place as the supporting attacker while Hanzo being the main attacker.

Shin utilize his Ultra Instincts to the limit to keep up at the rhythm of the battle while also using it to make his attacks to compliment Hanzo's attacks.

He is also shuffling all of his movement skills properly to keep up with Grimrace escaping skill.At the same time, Vladimir switch to being a ranged attacker. He is throwing some blood spears and other types of attacks to hinders Grimrace's movements.

Five minutes before the dual-domain skills of Shin come to an end.

Shin and the other two managed to cut Grimrace's HP to 40%. And just like what Shin had expecting, the Shadow Spirit release a Shadow Clone.

And naturally, Vladimir takes the role of taking that Shadow Clone on. And after losing Vladimir's range support, the pressure that Shin and Hanzo are getting suddenly shot up.

And to not get left behind, Shin uses his another movement speed boost.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Movements'

And since this movement speed boost is proportional to Shin's original AGI, his Movement Speed suddenly gets another 370% boost. And together with the bonus movement speeds that he got from his equipments and dual-berserk skills, his current movement speed is a lot faster when he is fighting against HellBan.

In fact, his current movement speed doesn't lose much at Grimrace's current maximum speed. He doesn't even need to use his movement skills to chase after the later.

And when the battle reaches the 3-minute mark before the dual-domain skills come to an end, Shin and Hanzo are able to cut Grimrace's HP down to 20%. And because of that, the Shadow Spirit release another Shadow Clone which forced Hanzo to leave Shin alone at dealing with Grimrace.

Shin wants to activate his 'Phantom Apparition' skill to summon his Phantom Clone and help him in the battle. But he disregards that idea almost immediately since he needs to put all of his focus on battling Grimrace. And if he let the Clone in Automatic Mode, that Clone might become his burden instead since its AI can't keep up with this kind of battle situation.

And with that, Shin was left alone dealing with Grimrace. And every twenty seconds, Shin is using the 'Illusion Steps' attached to 'Mondi's Movements' to summon a bunch of overlapping afterimages behind him as he tries to confuse Grimrace even for a little.

And even if those afterimages don't confuse Grimrace much, the slight pause on the Shadow Spirit's movements is more than enough for Shin to have some breathing time.

And even if Shin's HP is continuously dropping down, his attack power, attack speed, and movement speed are also getting some boost due to the 'Death Approach' passive skill. And with those boosts and the 30% life steal effect of Shin's equipments, he is able to hold himself against Grimrace with an equal footing.

And after two full minutes of harsh struggle, Shin is only able to cut Grimrace's HP down to 17%. And that is also the time when the dual-domain skills of Shin finally reached its last one minute mark.

Fortunately, that is also what Shin is waiting for!

The 'Monochrome Field' cast by Shin suddenly put more pressure on Grimrace, making the latter to lose its ability to use any kind of skills.

Grimrace was gotten off-guard of what has happened. Then he raises his head and saw that Shin is emitting a black and white aura. And immediately after that, he felt an immense threat coming from the latter's body.

"You might rob my ability to use any kind skills but my speed is still with me." shout Grimrace before sprinting towards Shin with unimaginable speed.

Grimrace knew that this is going to end the battle, so gone all-out running towards the young swordsman. Shin only had 25% of his total HP after all.

But it also more enough for Shin to have the confidence to end this battle. He looks at Grimrace's enlarging figure before muttering softly. "You are right about that..... But I don't need to chase after you or run anymore."

Then a huge white tiger suddenly jumped out form Shin's body before pouncing towards Grimrace while releasing deafening roar.


The pupils on Grimrace's eyes suddenly contracted when he saw the incoming tiger spirit. And he can't stop his charge to dodge anymore as tiger spirit is already upon him.

-10 200 000

Ten percent of Grimrace's HP suddenly disappeared just like that. Then the white tiger spirit immediately comes back to Shin, healing his HP back to full.

And that is when Grimrace suddenly saw five more 'Shins' surround him together with the original one.

'Equipment Skill: Death Assassination'

And without further ado, the Shin in front of him immediately followed the previous attack with a powerful downward swing of the [Yamato] in the air in front of him.

Then a powerful Energy Wave falls from the sky and descends at Grimrace.

'Grim Reaper Skill (Tier 2): Ragna Blade'


-1 892 499

Grimrace is about to have a sigh of relief because he is able to survive the attack, but that is also when he discovered that the other five 'Shins' surroundings him are only starting to make their moves. What's more, each of them is mimicking Shin's last and final move.

"F*ck You!!!"

That is Grimrace last words when five more Energy Waves fall from the sky, descend at him, and defeating him in the process.



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