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Child of Destiny 132 Battle with the Abomination Elemental Spirit Part 2

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The moment Shin rejoined the battle, he immediately swings the [Snowstorm Edge] on his left hand and sends an ice-cold silver crescent sword Qi at Grimrace.

'Slayer Skill: Half-Moon Slash'


Grimrace takes a few steps backward to dodge the incoming sword Qi. At the same time, he crosses his daggers in front of his chest to block Hanzo's attack.


Grimrace uses the force from the impact to leap backward while doing a back-flip in the air. Then he waves his right arm to send a bunch of throwing daggers at Shin's direction.

When Shin saw the incoming throwing daggers that are raining down at him, he immediately covers his body with a black flame before accelerating forward.

'Slayer Skill: Sunlight Movement'

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Cling! Cling! Cling!

Then shadow daggers only bounce off on Shin's body when they come in contact with him. They didn't even deal with any kind of damage.

Shin just get through the barrage of raining daggers when saw Grimrace is about to land on the ground, so he immediately accelerated once again and thrust the [Snowstorm Edge] forward while switching the black flame covering his body into a Sword Qi.

'Basic Combat Technique: Second Drive'

'Extra Skill: Sword Rush: Thrusting Dash'


When Grimrace feet touched the ground, he was immediately greeted by a thrusting longsword. Fortunately, he is fast enough to react at the sudden attack as he leans backward like he is going to lie on the bed.

The sword thrust forward and travel above Grimrace. And immediately after that, the Shadow Spirit uses the momentum of his action to do a back-flip while throwing a flash kick at Shin's chin.

Shin tilted his head to the left barely dodging the kick. After that, he pulled the [Snowstorm Edge] as he retracts his left-arm back backward. Then he swings his other arm together with the [Yamato] as he dashes forward while chasing after Grimrace.

'Extra Skill: Sword Rush: Slicing Dash'


The follow-up attack is perfectly timed so it successfully hit Grimrace who is about to do a counter.

-161 004

-13 417(Burning Damage)

Shin brushed past Grimrace after that slicing dash. And because the Shadow Spirit has multiple overlapping burning effects from his previous attacks, Shin immediately detonated them before their duration come to an end.

Nephilim's Racial Trait!

'Mark of Eclipse: Power of the Black Sun: Ignition and Detonate'


-268 340

Grimrace was devoured by the raging black flame when Shin detonated the overlapping burning effects.

And that is also the time when Hanzo throws a powerful crescent energy wave at Grimrace's direction. And that energy wave is not an ordinary one because it is tearing the space that it is passing through.


'Spirit Skill (Void): Spacial Rend'

-7 826 782

At the same time, the swords on each of Shin's hands suddenly release a crimson glow as Shin channels a Blood Elemental Mana towards them. Then he swiftly throws multiple slashes in the air and sends a seven consecutive crimson crescent sword waves at Grimrace's direction.

'Elemental Skill (Blood): Blood Rampage'

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

-277 340

-252 512

-257 629


-300 253(Critical)

-266 772

-252 628


-300 889(Critical)

That string of damages from Shin looks a lot but it only ripped another 1% of Grimrace's HP.

After that, a silhouette suddenly dashes out of the smoke-dust created by Shin's barrage of attacks and rush towards the young swordsman.

That silhouette is super fast and Shin felt an immense threat coming from that, so he immediately created an alternating black and white barrier around him since it is too late to dodge.

'Slayer Skill: Eclipse Pulse'



"What!?" Shin was startled by the power behind the silhouette as it was immediately destroyed a barrier that can withstand a powerful attack from a Tier 2 Rare Skill at the very most.

That means the attack earlier has an attack power of a Tier 2 Epic Skill at the very least. Shin can already imagine his outcome if he is not fast enough to summon his barrier.

And while Shin is in the state of shock, a bunch of intervening blade silhouettes enfold his sight and planning to cut him into pieces.

Good thing, Shin is able to regain himself in time and swing both of his swords at the incoming blade strikes.

'Epic Combat Technique: Infinity Edge'

Clang! Clang! Clang!

(-25 782)

(-30 772)

Cling! Cling! Cling!

(-25 990)

(-20 724)

Cling! Clang!



Shin is able to block most of the attacks but he is still being overwhelmed by Grimrace barrage of attacks, especially when the latter is throwing some flying daggers in the mix of his attack.

Shin's HP bar is falling at a frightening rate, so he immediately uses his healing skills to lessen the burden.

'Equipment Skill: The King's Mercy'

+500 HP

+500 HP

'Weapon Skill: Nephilim's Clarity'

+500 HP

+500 HP

A bunch of green 500s appears above Shin's head but it is still not enough to slow the rate of his falling HP.

Even if Shin's attack speed is increasing because of the 'Nephilim's Blade' passive effect of the [Yamato] and Grimrace's attack rate is slowing down due to the 'Frostbite' passive effect of the [Snowstorm Edge], the rate of Shin's HP is still falling considerably.

Good thing, that Shin's current equipments are not simple. Every time that his HP falls at the 10% mark, his attack power, attack speed, and movement speed are gaining a significant boost. It is one of the passive skills attached to his [Death Boost], the 'Death Approach'.

And with that, Shin is able to hold himself when dealing with Grimrace. But he can hold that long, so he takes a sneak peek to his surroundings to see what the hell is his supporter doing.

Then he saw that there is another clone of Grimrace dealing with Hanzo. "What!? Another Clone?"

Then Shin turns his attention at Grimrace's HP bar and saw that it is currently in a 56% mark. After that, he mutters to himself. "Don't tell me that this guy can summon a clone every time its HP falls to 20% mark."

Then another blade strike landed on Shin's body.


(-40 783)

And since he already gotten hit many times, his body already accumulated enough Life Energy to cast the 'Life Recall' equipment skill attached to his [Megumi's Shadow]. Then a brilliant white light enfolds Shin's body and heals his HP bar with 50% of his total HP.

And with that, Shin's HP returns to 90% of its total. But he also loses some of the bonus effects from 'Death Approach' because of that heal, so he immediately teleported away from Grimrace using his 'Void Steps' skills to get some breathing time.

Grimrace didn't immediately chase after Shin and just look at him provokingly.

"Tsk! What a troublesome guy. But I guess it is still fine since he is just an agility type Elemental Spirit which is still manageable for the current me. If he is a strength type one, then I can already imagine myself respawning on a cemetery." muttered Shin as he looks at Grimrace.

And since Grimrace didn't chase after him, he is now in an out-of-combat state so the 'Heart of Tarrasque' passive skill attached on the [Maximilian] come into effect, and with that, his HP regenerates at a very visible rate.

But Shin didn't wait for his HP to become full since he is currently in the race with time. If he didn't kill this Shadow Spirit before the duration of his dual-domains come to an end, then they are doom to die since Grimrace will recover his original stats.

He sprinted forward with a determined face as if he is inviting Grimrace to have another melee battle.

Grimrace smirks at Shin's actions before disappearing from the spot where he is currently standing. Then he appeared right in front of Shin while stabbing the dagger on his right hand and targeting Shin's face.

Shin leans his body to the left to dodge the stab before swinging the [Yamato] powerfully at the Shadow Spirit.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'

Grimrace forcefully stops his attack and turn his body in the air before using his left-foot to throw a back kick at Shin's face.

Shin immediately cancels the 'Destructive Slash' skill before ducking to further left to dodge the sudden kick.

After that, Shin suddenly disappeared from where he was standing and reappeared behind Grimrace.

'Phantom Swordsman Skill: Phantom Steps'

But before Shin managed to do anything, Grimrace suddenly spins his body around while swinging both of his daggers around.

And 'Shin' was cut in half because of that sudden attack before transforming into a bunch of black smoke.


Phantom Swordsman Skill: Phantom Assassination'

Shin entered stealth when he uses that skill, but he didn't stay in that state for too long. Because after entering it, he immediately attacks Grimrace with two consecutive slashes with both of his swords.

'Slayer Skill: Solar Cut'

-390 659

-13 471(Burning Damage)

-471 485

-13 471(Burning Damage)

Grimrace immediately retaliates after taking those damage. He swings both of his daggers at Shin as he enfolds them with Shadow Elemental Mana.

'Spirit Skill (Shadow): Shadow Counter'

Shin brace himself as he enfolds himself with a bunch of Sword Qi to protect his body and mind. His mind becomes immune to any kind of CC-Skills for ten seconds while his body suddenly becomes invulnerable on any kind of damage for five seconds.

'Extra Skill: Swordsman Resolve'

Grimrace's attacks landed on Shin's body but they didn't deal with any kind of damage.

At the same time, Shin enfolds his swords with a gray-colored Mana before swinging them at Grimrace with a total of five slashes.

'Grim Reaper Skills (Tier 2): Purgatory Slash: Penta Slash'

-134 710

-269 420

-404 130

-538 840

-673 550

-80 050(Total Burning Damage)

A lot of red damages appeared on top of Grimrace's head and that made the Shadow Spirit become enraged. Unfortunately for him, he still can't deal with any kind of damage to Shin due to the effects of 'Swordsman Resolve' skill.

What's more, Shin is not done yet as he gathers another gray-colored Mana at the [Yamato] before swinging it at Grimrace and sending a powerful crescent Energy Wave forward.

'Grim Reaper Skill (Tier 2): Purgatory Slash: Energy Wave'

-682 780

-6 828(Chilling Damage)

-13 471(Burning Damage)

Grimrace uses a 'Shadow Escape' to distance himself away from Shin to wait for his invulnerability to come to an end.

But how can Shin let him escape just like that? He gives chase after Grimrace and transforms his body into a stick of silver light as he uses the 'Moonlight Steps'.

And during the dash, Shin releases the 'Meteor Form' and switch the [Snowstorm Edge] with the [Piercing Thorn].

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Style: Conviction Form'

And when Grimrace materialized few meters away from his previous location, he was immediately greeted by a straight sword with a narrow blade and sharp edges. And that sword is thrusting towards his chest.

'Extra Skill: Heart Seeker'

-404 103(Stunned)

-13 471(Burning Damage)

-134 710(Bonus Damage)

Grimrace was stunned for one second, so Shin immediately pulled the [Piercing Thorn] back before throwing a three consecutive slash at the former.

'Self-Created Skill: Triple Slash'

-80 826

-13 471(Burning Damage)

-161 532

-13 471(Burning Damage)

-242 478

-13 471(Burning Damage)

After that, Shin immediately shifts his stance before throwing a six consecutive stab forward with the rapier on his left hand.

'Extra Skill: Multiple Stabs'

Sha! Sha! Sha!

-67 355

-67 355

-67 355




-80 826(Total Burning Damage)

Then Shin immediately releases the 'Conviction Form' of his 'Mondi's Style' and turn the [Piercing Thorn] back to its sheath form before swiftly putting the [Yamato] into it.

After that, Shin quickly raises the sheathed sword in front of him while crossing his right-arm with the other and supporting it as he tries to block the incoming dagger swing cast by Grimrace.

'Dual-Wielding Style: Sheath Wielding: Defend'


(-489 892)

Shin was sent flying backward by that dagger swing as it ripped over a half of his current total HP. And with that, Shin immediately uses an Advance Health Potion to recover his HP back to full when he stabilizes himself and relieve the force from the impact.

Then he raises head and saw Grimrace take a bunch of Shadow Elemental Mana from the surroundings before gathering it towards his body.

At the same time, the clones fighting against Hanzo and Vladimir suddenly broke away from the two before going towards Grimrace. And when the clones reach the Shadow Spirit's side, they suddenly merge with each other before fusing with Grimrace's body.

A moment later, Grimrace suddenly opens his tightly shut eyes and reveals his blood-red eyes, while his body is slowly emitting some black smoke. At the same time, the atmosphere around him suddenly become cold ad heavy as if death is looming everywhere.

Meanwhile, Vladimir and Hanzo return to Shin's left and right side respectively.

Then Hanzo suddenly warned Shin. "Kid, you better brace yourself at what about to happen, especially now that that guy is activating his 'Yaksha Transformation'. He might be even more annoying than me on this 'Dimensional Traveler' state of mine."

"Tsk! If only my level is the same as him, then this guy is no match against the awesome me with this amazing 'Blood Sovereign' state of mine." said Vladimir with full of confidence while folding his wings on his back.

Shin just nodded his head as he takes a look at the time bar of his two domain skills.

"Seven minutes. We only have seven minutes left to take this guy down. If we can't do that, then you can say your goodbye to this world." said Shin to the two.

"Heh! That is more than enough if this Blood Spirit doesn't lose focus on the fight." Said Hanzo while giving Vladimir a sidelong glance.

Vladimir glared at the Old Spirit before saying. "I should be the one saying that old man. Don't complain that your back suddenly hurts when we are in the heat of the battle."

Shin doesn't know whether to laugh or cry when he hears the two bickerings at each other given their current situation, so he can't help but join them. "Hey, Hey. I'm the main character here and you guys are only the supporting characters so you better support me properly."

"Heh! Don't die too early, Kid. Because it is going to become funny if you do." sneered by Hanzo.

"Why do an awesome and amazing Spirit like me needs to babysit a weak Host such as yourself." complained Vladimir.

Then the heavy atmosphere earlier suddenly turned light because of that.

Then Shin ignored the two and look at Grimrace who just finished his 'Yaksha Transformation', before saying with a soft voice. "Now, let's end this."


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