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Child of Destiny 131 Battle with the Abomination Elemental Spirit Part 1

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An explosion was created when the invisible Energy Wave landed on Shin and the other's previous location.

At the same time, Hanzo suddenly walked out of the void and appeared right in front of Grimrace while swinging his double-bladed weapon at the latter.


Grimrace calmly waves his right hand and creates an invisible barrier around him when he saw the Old Spirit's actions.

The barrier looks sturdy enough to block any kind of Physical and Magical attacks. Unfortunately, Hanzo's attack is not an ordinary weapon swing. He can use some Void Elemental Mana to make a cut on space. He is a Void Spirit after all.

And with that, his weapon is able to cut through the invisible barrier without any kind of resistance, it is like a hot knife that is cutting through butter.

When Grimrace saw that, he just calmly enfold his right hand with Shadow Elemental Mana before slowly raising it and planning to catch the blade of Hanzo's weapon.

But when he is about to close his hand to clamp it to the blade, Hanzo suddenly disappeared from his front and reappeared behind him.

'Spirit Skill (Void): Void Steps'

And because of that, Grimrace immediately turns his body around while swinging his right hand to do a backhand slap.


Grimrace successfully slapped the surface of Hanzo's weapon and redirect its course to the side.

But immediately after failing to hit his slash, Hanzo suddenly disappeared once again and revealed Shin who is behind him and is about unsheathe his sword.

Grimrace's face suddenly contracted after seeing that!

He is about to wave his arms to create another barrier and throw an Energy Wave at Shin when he suddenly discovered that his body is being restricted by a bunch of crimson red threads that are made of blood.

'Spirit Skill (Blood): Bloody Threads'

And with that, he becomes unprotected when Shin unsheathed his sword at swing it at him.


'Class Fighting Style: Quick Draw'

But when the blade of Shin's Katana is about to land at Gramrace's body, the latter suddenly transformed into a blackened figure as he escapes from the blood threads and enters his own shadow.

'Spirit Skill (Shadow): Shadow Escape'


After dodging the attack, Grimrace who enters his shadow suddenly move with great speed and travel towards the bottom of the fountain.

And when Shin saw that, he immediately kicks his right foot on the air as he dives downwards and chases after the shadow.


'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Jump'


If Shin is right, then this Psychic Shadow Spirit is a range type magical spirit that needs to create some distance from its enemies to attack, so melee battles are its weakness.

And when Grimrace materialized at the pool of water on the fountain, Shin immediately does another kick on the air to accelerate his descend while swinging his sword downwards.


'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Jump'Swoosh!

'Basic Combat Technique: Second Drive'

'Extra Skill: Falling Lightblade'


Shin is like a shooting star that is falling from the sky as he leaves a trail of blue light behind while descending to the ground and swinging his sword downwards.



Shin's sword slice through Grimrace body but he didn't deal with any kind of damage.

He knitted his brows while looking at 'Grimrace' as his feet slide on the fountain's floor to stop the momentum of his descend.

Then he saw the 'Grimrace' that he cut was suddenly sliced into two and turned into a bunch shadow spears before flying towards him.

'Spirit Skill (Shadow): Shadow Decoy'

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Shin do some dodging maneuvers to avoid the incoming shadow spears while scanning his surroundings to look for the real Grimrace.

Then he notices that Hanzo and Vladimir are both floating on the air while also looking for some traces of Grimrace.

After that, Shin realized that getting near this Psychic Shadow Spirit is not that easy.

This guy is a Shadow Spirit so it is quite obvious that this guy can hide on the shadows of anything while attacking from there.

He might even be hiding on Shin's shadow so he immediately jumps upwards before transforming the [Dawn's Mantle] into a pair of black wings and flies on the air.

'Equipment Skill: Wings of Freedom'

After that, Shin gathers a bunch of Mana on his eyes as it shines with a brilliant white glow.

'Extra Skill: True Sight'

Then Shin immediately scans the ground to look for Grimrace. And after a few moments of looking, he saw some slight movements below the statue of Goddess of Nature.

"There! Hey, Old Man. Blast that statue off, that guy is hiding below it shadow." Said Shin at Hanzo.

Hanzo's suddenly turned weird and said. "You want me to blast a statue of the Goddess of Nature? Do you have any idea what kind of offense is that? It had no difference in making a crime."

Then a bunch of Energy Waves flew on their direction, forcing the three to do some aerial maneuvers to dodge those waves.

"F*ck! You are still thinking about that in our current situation?" Cursed Shin while dodging the Energy Waves. Then he turns his head at Vladimir and said. "Hey! Awesome Spirit. You do it instead!"

"Tsk! Why it has to be me?" Complained Vladimir but he still waves his claws of each of his hands and sends some claw-like crimson Energy Waves at the statue before blasting it off.

'Spirit Skill (Blood): Claws of Blood'


Stone fragments of different sizes were thrown everywhere because of that explosion. At the same time, the shadow below that statue shrunk because of the destruction of the statue, and that revealed Grimrace who is hiding on it.

Grimrace smirks at the three before waving his right hand. Then the flying stone fragments stop moving and float in the air.

'Spirit Skill (Shadow/Psychic): Telekinesis'

Then Grimrace waves his right arm once again to send those floating stone fragments to fly towards the three.


The three simultaneously clicked their tongues when they saw that. Then they immediately make their moves.

Hanzo uses another 'Void Steps' to appear beside Grimrace while swinging his weapon. The latter, on the other hand, immediately use another 'Shadow Escape' to get away from the former. Then the two were immediately engaged in a chasing game.

Shin and Vladimir, on the other hand, immediately flap their wings. But it is not to move away from the incoming stone fragments, they dive down to face those incoming fragments so that they can join the two who are chasing each other on the ground.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The two of them are like some fighter jets that are doing some amazing aerial maneuvers as they dodge the incoming stone fragments during their descend.

And when they get to pass through those flying stone fragments, the two of them immediately rejoined the battle.

Vladimir creates a bunch of blood spears and throws it to Grimrace's direction.

Shin, on the other hand, flaps his wings once again to accelerated his dive while putting his sword back to its sheath.

When Grimrace saw that the three is about to join forces once again, he quickly throws a powerful palm strike at Hanzo's chest.

The attack was a little too sudden so Hanzo immediately holds his weapon in front of him before using the surface of his weapon to block the incoming palm strike.


Hanzo successfully blocked the strike but he was still sent flying backward because that palm strike contains some Energy Wave that pushes him away from Grimrace.

Immediately after that, Grimrace waves his right arm downwards. And almost instantly, the stone fragments that were sent flying earlier suddenly come back and rain down from the sky.

"Tsk! Annoying!" Cursed Vladimir before forcefully stopping his descend and turned his body around. Then a sword made of blood was suddenly formed on his right hand as he gathers more Blood Elemental Mana on it.

A moment later, he swings his sword in the air and sends a bunch of crimson crescent sword waves at the falling stone fragments.

'Spirit Skill (Blood): Blood Rampage'

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At the same time, Shin didn't cancel his descend. In fact, he even accelerated downwards.And when Grimrace saw that, he immediately uses another 'Shadow Escape' to put some distance.

Unfortunately for him, the moment he uses that skill, Shin also uses his 'Void Steps' skill to directly appeared in front of the Shadow Spirit while having a sword-drawing stance. And immediately after that, Shin quickly pulled the [Yamato] out from its sheath before swinging it rightwards.


Grimrace hops towards his back while leaning his body backward to dodge the unsheathed sword. But something unexpected happened when an ice-cold silver crescent sword Qi was release from Shin's sword.

'Class Fighting Style: Lunar Flash'


It is too late for Grimrace to create a barrier or an armor to protect him from the incoming sword Qi, so he just summons a small round-shield that is made of shadow on the path of the sword Qi to lessen the damage that he will take from it.


-1 277 560(Slowed)

-3 636(Chilling Damage)

The damage looks massive but it is just a scratch for Grimrace's HP as it only fell with 1% of its total. And because of that, Shin immediately starts doing his so-called 'Frost-Flame Combo Barrage'.

Then the [Yamato] suddenly set ablaze as he swings it downwards and sending a blazing black sword Qi towards Grimrace.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'

-250 171

-7 151(Burning Damage)

-3 576(Bonus Blazing Damage)


-500 000(Opposing Elemental Explosion)

Shin is about to follow it up with another attack when a hand enfolds with black armor reach out to from behind the smoke that was created by the explosion.

That move was too fast for Shin to react so he can't do anything when that hand suddenly grab his neck and try to squeeze it as Grimrace plans to break his neck.

Fortunately, Hanzo suddenly appeared beside Shin while swinging his weapon at Grimrace's extended arm with the hand that is holding Shin's neck.

Grimrace was forced to immediately retract his hand and move backward when he felt the immense threat coming from Hanzo's weapon.

After that, he immediately raises both of his arms over his head to create an umbrella-like barrier above him to protect himself from the incoming rain of blood spears.

-7 151(Burning Damage)

Shin and Hanzo seize that opportunity to attack Grimrace who is now open on any kind of attack from them because of his current situation.

Shin quickly sheathed his sword before dashing forward while transforming himself into a stick silver light that charges towards Grimrace. And when he's about to brush past the latter, he swiftly pulled the [Yamato] from its sheath before slashing it to the Shadow Spirit's body.


'Class Fighting Style: Moonlight Splitter'


-3 296 283

-7 151(Burning Damage)

-7 151(Burning Damage)

But that didn't end there, because another 'Shin' suddenly appeared at his previous location before dashing forward and trailing the path that Shin had took while also mimicking his previous actions.


'Phantom Swordsman Skill: Phantom Strike'


-3 300 189

-7 151(Burning Damage)

At the same time, Hanzo makes a tear on the space as he charges forward while swinging his weapon in the process and leaving a trail of a purple stick of light along the way.

'Spirit Skill (Void): Astral Step'

Swoosh! Shing!

-7 782 672

This time, Grimrace can't just ignore that kind of damage. He immediately transforms himself into a black figure once again before entering his shadow for the second time.

Then he appeared at the shadow of a collapsed wall a few meters away from his previous location. But the moment his body materialized once again, a doubled-edge longsword that is made blood suddenly greeted him and pierced through his chest.

-100 262

After that, Vladimir formed a claw with his left hand together with his sharp steel-like fingernails. Then he immediately pulled the sword out of Grimrace's chest before swinging his left arm powerfully at the Shadow Spirit and sending claw-like Energy Wave that looks like it came from hell.

'Spirit Skill (Blood): Claws of Asura'


-7 782 266


Grimrace suddenly becomes enraged and releases a shout that sounds like a devil's roar together with a powerful shockwave that sends Vladimir flying backward.

With all of the damage that he had taken earlier, Grimrace's HP suddenly fell at 75% of its total so he immediately entered the second phase.

A bunch of Shadow Elemental Mana suddenly gathers at each of Grimrace's hands and transformed into a pair of black daggers. At the same time, a bunch of throwing daggers were also formed and float around Grimrace body.

Then he looks at the three hideously while saying solemnly. "Looks like you are going to treat me as prey in a melee fight if I didn't bear my fangs, Huh?"

Then the floating throwing daggers around him suddenly flew towards Vladimir who just stabilized himself form the previous shockwave.

At the same time, Grimrace suddenly disappeared from the sight of the three before unknowingly appeared behind Shin while swinging the dagger on his right hand.

Shin didn't saw Grimrace's actions, but he still felt the sudden fluctuations of Mana around him through his 'Sensing Circle' when Grimrace appeared behind him. And with that, he immediately transformed himself into an illusionary figure and dash backward.

'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'


Grimrace uses the momentum of his swing to turn around and continue swinging his dagger at Shin.

But Shin immediately uses another 'Moonlight Steps' to dash forward and repositioning himself at his enemy's back.

And as if expecting that, Grimrace does another turn as he continues swinging his dagger. But this time, he uses the momentum of his two consecutive turns to spin his around like a twisting wind.

And with that, Shin was forced to use his third 'Moonlight Steps' backward to move away and dodge that spinning attack before letting Hanzo to takeover.

But when he stopped a few meters away from Grimrace, a bunch of throwing daggers rain down at his location.

"What!?" Shin was gotten off-guard with the sudden attack and failed to respond at it immediately because the set-up was too perfectly timed.

But his body still moves as he quickly transformed the sheath of his sword into a semitransparent longsword before swiftly swinging both of his swords at the falling throwing daggers.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Style: Meteor Form'

Clang! Clang! Clang!

(-20 782)

Cling! Cling!

(-20 671)(-26 672)




Because Shin's defensive maneuver is a little step too late, some of those throwing daggers get pass his defense and stab his body. And with those damages, Shin's health suddenly falls on a 60% mark of his total HP so he immediately drinks an Intermediate Health Potion to recover his HP back to full.After that, he turns his head at the battle and saw Hanzo keep blinking while fighting Grimrace who keeps transforming into a shadow and appearing at different shadows on the plaza. And from the looks it, Hanzo is being toyed by the latter.

At the same time, he saw Vladimir dealing with a shadowy figure that looks similar to Grimrace.

"Eh!? A clone? Since when did this guy summon one? At first, I thought that he is a magical class Spirit, but he suddenly becomes an assassin a moment later. What's more, he only summons his weapons and still not using his strengthening skill like Hanzo's Wheel and Vladimir's Wings. Tsk! This guy is really hard to deal with." Muttered Shin before checking how much duration is left on his two domain skills.

"Ten minutes left? Tsk! We are not even close at cutting this guy's HP to half."

After that, he immediately starts sprinting towards the direction where Hanzo and Grimrace are fighting to rejoin the battle.


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