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Shin and the others arrived at the top of the Black Rock Mountain and found a ruined city.

And after some time of walking, Shin and his gang arrived at the plaza of the city and saw a fountain that is pretty much devastated. But the nosing around that fountain is still intact, so it is still able to hold the accumulated waters that came from the rain.

And at the center of that moss-green colored pool of water stoods a statue of the Goddess of Nature that had a lot of cracks on it surface.

And while observing that fountain, Shin finally caught sight of a human figure sitting on top of the head of the Goddess' statue.

And when Shin and the others walk a little more towards that fountain, that figure started to stood up. Then it did something that made Shin and the other two Elemental Spirits to look at it with full of disbelief.

"So you guys really come." The figure suddenly talk with a human tounge!

'What!? This guy can talk!? I thought an Abomination Spirit lost its reason? Then why is this guy looks normal and able to think rationally?' Thought Shin doubtfully before taking a look at the Elemental Spirits beside him.

Then he discovered that Vladimir had startled look at his face while Hanzo is looking at the 'human' standing at the head of the statue solemnly. Now, Shin finally realized the severity of the situation.

He turn his head back to the Spirit standing above the statue's head before activating his ocular skill to observe the Spirit more clearly.

'Extra Skill: True Sight'

This Abomination Elemental Spirit is pretty much like to a human. He have a body structure that have no difference on a human with a slightly pale face. And there is a black inverted triangle tattoo below each of his eyes.

He has a black hair and is wearing a dark-green butler's coat that had a split on its lower back that looks like an insect wings. He partnered his coat with a black slacks and a pair of black leather shoes. There is also a ruffle collar around his neck that makes him to looks like a clown.


Name: Grimrace

Race: Shadow Spirit (Psychic)

Life Rating: Abomination Elemental Spirit (Evolved)

Level: 275

Stats: ???

Details: ???


Shin raises one of his brows as he look at the information details shown in front of him. "At least there are some improvement as I can see his level now. But still, can I beat that guy with that kind of level gap?"

"And isn't that old man said that it is an Elemental Spirit with dual elements like metal-wind or something, but isn't this guy just had a single element with extra ability."

While Shin is muttering to himself, Grimrace the Psychic Shadow Spirit spoke. "I didn't expect that I'll come across some remarkable figures while coming on this place. I hope you don't mind my visit."

"And don't worry, I will leave quickly once I'm done with my business here. But if you also want to offer yourselves, then why not? After all, I am someone that will not refuse some free meals ."

Hanzo is still looking at Grimrace solemnly while saying. "I already live for a very long time but this is my first time seeing an Abomination that still had some rationality."

"So I wonder how many of our kind have lost their lives and life cores to you, for you to attain that kind of evolution."

Grimrace look at the Old Spirit straight to his eyes before replying. "Heh! Of course their are a lot. Do you want me to tell their names one by one?"

Then he pause for a moment to tap his right-temple with his right-hand index finger and added. "All of their names are inside my head. No.... In fact, a part of their consciousness were left behind. And they are still running inside my mind."

Hanzo gritted his teeth before saying to the Shadow Spirit with a hoarse voice. "Since you are still on the right mind then you should be aware of the sin that you have committed, right? And that crime is more than enough to give you a death sentence."

Grimrace look at Hanzo with an amuse expression on his face and said. "Heh! And who will be the judge? You? An Old remnant of the past? And that vampire guy?"

"If at least one of you have even a forth of your strengths, then I might be scared and run away from here as soon as possible. Unfortunately, your strengths are being contain because of your weak host. So don't expect me to respect you 'The Great Hanzo' and 'Blood Price Vladimir'."

"Eh!? That guy know the two of you? Then he should be a remarkable guy like you, right?" Said Shin instinctively after hearing that.

"Don't get fooled young man. That Spirit's age shouldn't exceed a hundred year, which means he is just a youngling. He might got the idea on who we are from memories of the other Elemental Spirits that he killed." Said Hanzo without removing his eyes from Grimrace.

Then Shin finally asked the main point. "Given all of what you have said, can I still turn this guy as my third Reaper's Retainer?"

This time Hanzo can't help but look at Shin and ask. "You still want to take this sinful Spirit as your Elemental Companion?"

Shin laugh at what Hanzo have said and replied. "There is no such thing such as absolutely good or absolutely bad on this world where might is right and strength rules everything. Here, the stong eats the weak as we are following the laws of the jungle. "

"He might kill a bunch of your kin, but he is only doing it to survive. If he didn't do that, then he is going to die. He is only fighting for his survival."

"And if you really want to punish him for his crimes, then killing him is too light of a punishment. You should capture and torture him instead, and let him suffer for the rest of his life."

"And can you even guarantee that you haven't committed even a single sin since you were born?"

Hanzo look at Shin with a new light before saying. "You know, sometimes I think that there two 'you' residing in that body. Most of the times, you are acting like you you don't care about everything and are only going with the flow."

"But sometimes, you looks like an enlightened youth that already experienced a lot of things."

Shin shrugged his shrugged his shoulders before denying it. "I'm always been like this. You are just too biased at your judgment of me."

After that, Shin look at Grimrace and said. "You heard what we are talking about right?"

Grimrace grinned at Shin and said. "You want to challenge me to become your Reaper's Retainer? Heh! You are only asking for your own death. But it is not my style to reject such an easy offer."

"You should know the requirements on challenging an Elemental Spirit, right? You should bet something first before I accept your challenge. And I'm sure you should know what I want from you, right?"

Shin turn his head at Hanzo and asked. "You trust me and you strength, right? And didn't you want to beat that guy into a pulp? This is the only way for now."

But before Hanzo manage to reply, Vladimir immediately complained at Shin. "Hey! Hey! Hey! Who said you can bet with my life?"

Shin turn his head at the Blood Spirit and sneered. "Heh! Aren't you always boasting that you are awesome and amazing? Then this is you chance to show your awesomeness to us. Unless you are telling me that you are scared of that guy?"

Vladimir's face suddenly turned stiff and said. "F*ck! Who said that I'm scared? How can I be scared of that guy? I'm the most awesome Elemental Spirit alive! You'll see how powerful I am."

Hanzo sighed helplessly before agreeing. "Then you should unsummon your clones. They might become our burden during the battle."

"And another thing, I know that you want to have two kinds of identity to hide from others. And even if I don't know why, I guess it is better if you don't hold back this time."

"There are no other people on this place after all. And you can just let those two tigers to roam around and scout the vicinity to be our lookout."

Shin nodded his head before looking at Grimrace. "You hear that? Then I guess you can accept my challenge now."

Grimrace smirks at Shin before summoning a contract together with Shin.

"Heaven's Oath!"

Then Grimrace bet that if he lose the match then he is going to become Shin's third Reaper's Retainer. But if Shin and the others lost the battle, then the life cores of the two will be taken by the Shadow Spirit.

When the contract came to effect, the whole mountain was enfold by an invisible barrier, and anyone that leave the place will indicate that he is forfeiting the match.

Afterwards, Shin took a deep breath before using the 'Spirit Fusion' and 'Spirit Possession' consecutively. Then Shin's stats suddenly become doubled while his movement speed receive a hundred and fifty boost.

But Shin is not done yet. Because the moment the Eclipse Clone fuse with his body, the sheathed [Yamato] suddenly release a bunch of golden runes and enfold Shin's body. Immediately after that, all of his stats suddenly received another 100% increase while his movement speed had gotten an additional 200% boost.

'Weapon Skill (Berserk Skill): Nephilim's Ascent'

At the same time, two circles that are made of purple runes appeared behind Hanzo. One of the circles is inside the other while those two circles are moving in opposite direction. Vladimir, on the other hand, summons a pair of crimson bat wings behind him.

"Oh~♪ going all-out from the get go?" Said Grimrace while looking at the three with amused expression on his face. Then he focus his gaze at Shin who made a lot of change on his being and added. "Unfortunately that is still not enough."

And the response immediately came after he spat out those words.

"Of course it is not enough!" Said Shin as a powerful suppressive aura was release from his body and swept his surroundings. At the same time, the whole world around fifty meters away from Shin suddenly turn black and white while suppressing all the hostile beings to Shin.

'Equipment Skill (Domain): Ruler's Authority'

'Grim Reaper Skill (Tier 2): Monochrome Field'

Grimrace lessen the the effects of the two domain skills because he is a superior being and much stronger than Shin. But even if that was the case, his stats and strength still fell down to half which makes him to glared at the latter.

What's more, the effects of these domain skills are more noticeable if use against superior beings. So even if Grimrace have a level that is more than twice the levels of Shin and the other two Elemental Spirits, his current stats now are only similar to a monster that only has a dozen levels more than the other three.

Then Shin raise his head to look at the Shadow Spirit and said provokingly. "That should be enough now, right?"

After the brief moment of getting off-guard, Grimrace regain his composure and sneer at Shin. "Heh! You might weaken me by a lot, but even if that was the case, I'm still a lot stronger than you. So the result of this battle is still the same."

Well, this Shadow Spirit still had a point. Even if Shin cut Grimrace level into half, he will still be in Level-134 which is still not a laughing matter. His stats is still a lot superior than the other three.

Good thing, that Hanzo and Vladimir have a life rating that is no weaker than Grimrace so the Suppression Aura is ineffective against them. Shin, on the other hand, had a powerful Battle Physique to negate that aura. And together with the effect of the 'Lord's Courage' passive skill attached to [Ruler's Dignity], the 'Suppression Aura' is almost ineffective against him.

"So, shall we start?" asked Shin.And immediately after that, Grimrace throw a palm strike on his front and sends an invisible Energy Wave at the direction of the three.

Shin and Hanzo simultaneously enter a void that appeared on each of their backs and disappeared at their previous spots. Vladimir, on the other hand, transformed into a blood mist that was scattered by that incoming Energy wave.


Then the battle against the 'Evolved Abomination Psychic Shadow Spirit' finally began!


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