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Child of Destiny 129 A New Elemental Spirit Part 2 : Abomination!

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Black Rock Mountain Range.

There are a lot of monsters in this place since this is not a famous training spot.

The monsters here might be high-level but they didn't drop any kind of high-quality equipments while the materials that be harvest from them are quite common. The experience points that you can get in here are also not ideal either, especially if you compared it to the other training spots.

So, it is not worth it for others to hunt here if they can grind more EXP and items on the other leveling spots.

The only good thing in this place are the high-quality herbs that you can find here. Unfortunately, there are not many players that are fond of collecting herbs, aside from alchemists of course.

But these alchemists are only hunting here occasionally to collect some herbs, and it is with the help of their friends of course! Since the monsters here are still no joke, they are still high-leveled monsters after all.

But even if that was the case, Shin and his gang are still able to wipe the monsters here within three hours.And that grinding speed is beyond insane compared to ordinary high-level teams that have 20 members at most.

But for expert players that have the same circumstances as Shin, that speed was still understandable.Even if Shin and his clones can only take down 4-5 'Hell Gate Hyenas' before he exhausts his MP and used all of the skills that he can use, Hanzo and Vladimir's speed of killing are not a laughing matter.

Those two Elemental Spirits are able to kill more than three times of Shin and his clone's killing rate before they feel like resting for a little.

But the things that surprised Shin the most are Blackie and Whitie. These two tigers are able to kill monsters with a speed that is more twice as Shin and his clones. Just like Hanzo had said, these two are natural hunters. What's more, their life ratings are a lot higher than these ordinary monsters.

And along the way, Shin and his gang came across some Elite Monsters and few Chieftain Rank Monsters that gave a lot of challenges.

If he can kill 4-5 ordinary Level-110 monsters before he exhausts his arsenal, then a single Elite Monster of the same level is more than enough for Shin to use everything he got on his current identity.

And even if Hanzo and Vladimir can beat an Elite Monster of that level, their battle standards and current strengths are only enough to handle a single Chieftain Rank Monster in a one-on-one battle.

Shin and his clones, on the other hand, need to call some help with his pets to take down a single Chieftain Rank Monster.

And with that, Shin finally notices the fatal weakness of his team. Each of them might be strong and have powerful firepower, but they lacked a reliable frontline member that can tank some damage for them and can also pin down the superior monster in place so that they can attack more freely.

"Looks like I need to look for an Elemental Spirit that can be a tank since it is going to become a disaster if we continue going this way, especially if we encounter a High-Level Lord Rank Monster in the future." muttered Shin to himself while resting on a rock boulder.

And since Shin and his group managed to wipe the monsters in the vicinity, he and his group finally reached the foot of the highest mountain on the Black Rock Mountain Range which is also called the 'Black Rock Mountain'.

And he also managed to gather some uncommon and rare herbs along the way.

"Hey, Kid! Are you still not fully recovered? You are resting for quite some time already." said Hanzo as he looks at Shin.

"Tsk, Why are you so weak? You are disgracing the reputations of your Elemental Spirits. Especially me who is the 'Blood Prince' of the Hidden Continent." said Vladimir while floating and laying with both of his hands behind the back of his head.

'Reputation?' Shin ignored Vladimir's words and said to Hanzo while pointing at the Blood Spirit. "Hey Old Man. Are all Elemental Spirits have the titles like yours and this guy?"

"Heh! Isn't the answer to that is too obvious? Of course not. Only remarkable Elemental Spirits with decent achievements are worthy enough to have titles behind their names." sneered Hanzo while looking at Shin like he is some kind of idi*t.

Then Shin immediately asked after. "Then do you know any titled Elemental Spirit that has a very powerful defense?"

Hanzo raises one of his brows before looking at Shi with I interesting expression. "Oh~♪ So you are planning to recruit an Elemental Spirit that can be our meat-shield, Huh?"

The Void Spirit thought for a moment before replying at Shin. "I know some of them. But most of them are from the other Empires and Kingdoms so it is impossible for you to look for them."

"As for the guys that have a rebirthing place on this Kingdom and are inhabiting here, I only know three."

"But the stongest one of them already found a host, while the other one fell during the Repelling Era and entered a deep hibernation to recover his strength. The last one, on the other hand, was missing in action during his fight against a Demon Lord on the same Era. And there are some rumors that he already had perished during that time."

"Given all of these, I suggest you not to be so greedy. You should be contented on what you can get, and let fate decide if you are really destined to have a powerful comrade like those guys."

"If you are destined to have an ordinary defensive Elemental Spirit, then accept it fully. At least you have powerful firepower with us being here."

Shin ignored the last part and knitted his brows before asking. "How did you know that one of the already had a host?"

"Because I felt his presence when I'm imprisoned in that place. It is the same time when you found me there." said Hanzo nonchalantly.

Shin is about to nod his head when he suddenly realized something. "You mean to say that!!!...."

Hanzo smiled mysteriously and said to Shin. "Yeah, what you are thinking is right. That elven girl is hosting an Elemental Spirit that has a powerful defense. And not only that, but I also felt two more presences of remarkable Elemental Spirits with similar strength."

"So if any of those three Elemental Spirits appeared instead of those two younglings, then you were dead for sure. And you will not be able to enter that place and find me there."

'So her other Elemental Spirits are also that strong? And if my guess is right, then she went to that place for Hanzo.' Thought Shin after hearing that.

Hanzo sneered at Shin when he saw the expression on the face of the latter. "Heh! Feeling the pressure from that Elven girl? Don't worry, you are still my master regardless of anything else. So me and this narcissistic Elemental Spirit will protect you no matter what. Our strength doesn't lose to those guys after all."

This time, Vladimir joined in and said. "Hah! To make it clear, I still not acknowledging you as my master 'cause you are still too weak. And I only take you as my host because I don't have many other choices during that time."

"And if we do the traditional way of making a contract. Then you will never be able to take me as your Reaper's Retainer since it is impossible for a weakling like you to beat an amazing Elemental Spirit like me."

Shin rolled his eyes at Vladimir before jumping down from the rock boulder. Then he looks at Hanzo before asking. "Do you feel any other presence other than us?"

Hanzo strokes his mustache and said. "Well, I don't feel any monsters in the vicinity. But there is really an Elemental Spirit residing on top of this mountain."

The Old Spirit pauses for a moment to look at Vladimir before saying. "Actually, if you want to know the exact answer to that, then you should ask that guy. He is a Blood Spirit so he is more sensitive to blood elemental Mana and any life force in the area around him."

Shin turns his head at Vladimir before shaking head and starting to walk up the mountain. "Never mind, that guy is too full of himself to do some trivial things like that."

But contrary to what Shin had said Vladimir opens his mouth when he is about to climb up of the mountain. "It true that there are no other monsters on this mountain. And it is also true that there is an Elemental Spirit residing on top of it. But there is another one present inside the mountain itself."

Shin halt his steps and look at Vladimir with full of disbelief and ask. "So are you saying that there are two Elemental Spirits living here?"

Vladimir shook his head and said. "No, that is not what I'm saying. There can only be one Elemental Spirit residing in a single place. Especially if they have different kinds of Mana.""While it is true that there is an Elemental Spirit residing on the top of the mountain, it is still not the original owner of this place, and this place shouldn't be his rebirthing place. In short, he is just a foreign Spirit that came to this place."

Hanzo squinted his eyes and said. "Now that you mentioned it. That Spirit should have an unusual element that I can't put my fingers on. But still, that element shouldn't have any relation on the Earth Element of this place. And the density of the Elemental Mana on this place is not that high, so it is impossible for this place to become a rebirthing place."

"But this place can still be an exhaust rebirthing place. And the original owner should be the one inside the mountain, and he/she is about to die, so that is why the Elemental Mana density of this place is quite thin." said Vladimir in a nonchalant manner.

Shin look at his Elemental Spirits and asked confusedly. "If that was the case, then what is the other Spirit doing here? And why a foreign Spirit needs to go on an exhaust rebirthing place?"

When Shin raises that question, both Hanzo and Vladimir turn their head at him. Immediately after that, a realization comes to their heads of the two Elemental Spirits. Then they simultaneously spat out a word.


"Huh?" Shin knitted his brows while staring at the two with a confused look at his face.

"An Abomination Spirit is a type of Spirit that is full of hatred and want nothing but destruction. And they become like that because those Spirits lost their life cores together with their original rebirthing place." said by Hanzo.

"And they lost their minds because they failed to control the berserk Mana running on their bodies. But that is also the reason why they are a lot stronger than the other Elemental Spirits." said Vladimir. Then he added after a brief moment of silence. "And they need to devour the life cores of other Spirits to survive in this world."

Then Shin finally understands the situation. "So you mean to say...."

And Hanzo completed that sentence for him. "That Abomination Spirit is here to consume the life core of the dying Spirit in this place."

"And it is only waiting for the most optimum time to make its move." added by Vladimir.

Shin thought for a moment before asking the two. "Is there a way for an Abomination Spirit to return back to normal?"

"An Abomination will always be an Abomination no matter what you do." answered Vladimir without the slightest bit of doubt.

"But it is still possible for them to regain back their rationality and come back to their senses." said Hanzo. Then he added after a brief thought. "During the Repelling Era, there is a powerful Abomination Spirit that slaughtered both Demons and the Residents of this world."

"Then one day, a powerful individual heard about the incident and pay that Abomination a visit. And after defeating that Abomination, that powerful individual use the power bestowed by Heaven's Oath to turn that Spirit into his servant."

"After that, that Abomination regains its rationality and able to act with reason. Then that Abomination Spirit followed that powerful individual and become one of the most remarkable Spirits of that Era."

After hearing all of that, Shin suddenly fell into deep thought. 'So if I put it on a player's perspective, then I can still challenge that so-called Abomination Spirit through the system and stating that I want to take it as one of my Reaper's Retainer. And that was the traditional way of taking an Elemental Companion right?'

Then Hanzo suddenly sneered at Shin when he saw the latter's reaction. "Are you planning to take that guy as your third Reaper's Retainer? Heh! Let me warn you, fighting an Abomination is not as simple as it seems. It is a lot harder compared to challenging an ordinary Elemental Spirit."

Shin looked at the Old Spirit before replying. "You will never get anything that you desire if you are always backing out from the challenges."

After that, he started climbing the mountain once again. Then his clones and pets walked after him."Heh! what a hot-blooded young man." smirks Hanzo before following the youth.

"At least he has some determination for someone so weak, but he is still too far for getting my acknowledgment. I'm an awesome and amazing Elemental Spirit after all." muttered Vladimir as he chases after the two.


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