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Shin stared at the name of the sender of the message as he can't help but suspect if this sender had an item just like his [Nephilim's Gemini Mask].

Mysterious Elementalist: Hey, how do you want to trade? Through barter, or are you going to buy it with coins?

A player can use a pseudonym when they are registering an account on an Auction House. And with that, he/she can hide their real IGN from others, especially to those unreasonable guys that always blackmailing the player on the other end of the trade.

But a player can only use their IGN if he/she is the inquirer of the trade, so Shin doesn't know if this sender named himself/herself this way, or if he/she had an item to hide his/her identity.

And the funny part here is the current identity that he is using is the 'Nameless Swordsman' which is slightly similar to the sender's name.And after some thought, Shin finally replied at the Mysterious Elementalist.

Merchant One: Anything will do. But it is better if I buy it with coins.Mysterious Elementalist: Then let's meet in the Heavenly Resto-Bar.Shin knitted his brows before replying at it suspiciously.

Merchant One: There is no need for that. We can use the trading system of the Auction House instead.Mysterious Elementalist: But there is a 2% transaction fee and a 3% commission fee, with that. It is better if we trade personally.

Merchant One: I don't mind. I can give you an extra to cover those fees. Anyway, what are the materials that you have?

Mysterious Elementalist: I have 'Tin', 'Amytist', 'Cobalt', 'Onyx', and 'Mythril'.'Oh~! He/She has five out of ten? That was a good one.' thought Shin before replying.

Merchant One: Then we can proceed to the transaction.

Mysterious Elementalist: But I can only sell the Platinum Rank materials. And I will only exchange the Black Mithril ones with something with the same value.

Merchant One: It is fine with me. So how much are the Platinum ones, and what do you want to trade with the other two.

Mysterious Elementalist: I can sell the 'Tin', 'Amytist', and 'Cobalt' at the market value. As for the 'Onyx' and 'Mythril', you can send what are the materials that you can offer.

Merchant One: I have an Inferior Fenrir's Heart, some Queen Harpy's Feathers, a pair of Gorgon's Eyes, two Minotaur Leader's Horns, a bottle of Troll King's Blood, and Yetti's furs.

And after some hesitation, Shin added.

Merchant One: I also have some Blood Stones.

Mysterious Elementalist: ...

The other side becomes silent for quite some time when Shin sends a list of materials. And after some time of waiting, Shin sends some question marks to see if the other side is still there.

Merchant One: ???

Mysterious Elementalist: Sorry about it. But are sure you want to trade any of those with some Inferior Black Mithril Rank materials?

Mysterious Elementalist: Each of those are in Superior Black Mithril Rank which is more than enough to exceed the combined value of the materials that you need, except for the 'Meteorite', 'Fire-Ice Stone', and 'Frost-Flame Origin'.

Mysterious Elementalist: As for the Blood Stone, it is something that you can just trade easily. It is something that can't be brought by money.

Merchant One: It is fine. I don't mind really. I don't have any use for them now after all, so it is better to trade some of them off with materials that I need. Of course, it should be in the same value.

Mysterious Elementalist: Alright, I'll trade these materials of mine with the Queen Harpy's Feathers, and I'll pay some gold coins to fill in the rest of its value.

Merchant One: Fine by me.After that, Shin and this Mysterious Elementalist initiate the trade through the trading system of the Auction House.

Shin nodded his head when he saw the item materials on his inventory. And he is about to log out at his account at the Auction House when he receives another message from Mysterious Elementalist.

Mysterious Elementalist: Do you have some information where you can find the remaining materials that you need?Shin knitted his brows before replying.

Merchant One: Yeah. Why?

Mysterious Elementalist: Actually, you can hire me as a mercenary to help you collect the other materials.

Mysterious Elementalist: Taking down a pair of Magma Golem and Frost Golem is not an easy task if you are alone.

Mysterious Elementalist: And You don't have to worry about my Skills. I'm one of the best Elementalist you can find in the game.

Shin raises one of his brows as he looks at the series of the messages.

Merchant One: If that was true, then you don't need to do some mercenary jobs. Because you can move independently with that kind of skill.

Mysterious Elementalist: You are right about that. But Blood Stones are items that can only found by chance and can't be sought after.

'Oh~ So that is what you want, Huh?' thought Shin before replying.

Merchant One: But I can just barter it if you have something that has a similar value.

Mysterious Elementalist: That would be nice if I have one. Unfortunately, I don't have any. Unless you are willing to sell it with gold coins.

Merchant One: Nah! I'm not going to sell it. Anyway, how much your mercenary fee?

Mysterious Elementalist: Do the offer and I'll decide if it is at a reasonable price.

Shin thinks for a moment to some mental calculation.

From what he has read on the game's official website, and according to the rumors on the online forums, Blood Stones are special items that can be used to unlock the Awakening Skills when a player reaches the Level-100 mark. It can also use to improve a player's Battle Physique after reaching Level-125.

Shin only needs two pieces of Blood Stone to do that, so he still has three Blood Stones to spare.And now, it is true that he can't take down the Monsters Bosses that exceed the Level-100 mark alone, especially with his current level.

Even if he possesses a Powerful Battle Physique and have some Black Mithril Rank items to lessen the gap, those are still not enough. So he really needs some assistance to get the materials that he needs.

And even if he have Hanzo and Vladimir's help, that was still not enough since their levels and strength are going to become restricted if he summons them this time.

So hiring this so-called Mysterious Elementalist might be a good idea, but they still can't deal with those Monster Bosses with just the two of them. And it is better if he asks some help with Lawless and others. It is better to rely on someone you can trust after all.

And with that, Shin contacts Lawless first before giving his reply at this Mysterious Elementalist.

Sickarius: Hey! I need some help on taking down some Level-110+ Monster Bosses. Are you and the others available?

Lawless: Hunting some High-Level Monsters, Huh? That was a good idea. Unfortunately, the others currently occupied with their quest.

Lawless: Me and Faker, on the other hand, have something else that we need to do, so sorry we can't help you this time.

Sickarius: Got it. Maybe next time then.

Shin sighs helplessly before refusing at Mysterious Elementalist's offer.

Merchant One: Sorry, but I think I need to refuse for now. I don't have a team to help us out on hunting those monsters.

Then Shin becomes shocked at the Mysterious Elementalist reply.

Mysterious Elementalist: That doesn't matter. We can take those monsters down with just the two of us. I can handle the firepower while my pet and other summons can handle the rest.

Mysterious Elementalist: All you have to do is to bring us to the place where we can find the materials and stand at the sidelines while watching us. You can also help us as long as you will not hinder us.

'Whoever this Mysterious Elementalist is, he/she is quite confident about his/her strength. The same goes for his/her team.' thought Shin while raising one of his brows.

And Shin finally agreed with the offer. The earlier he collects all of the materials needed to upgrade the [Yamato] to Black Mithril Rank, the earlier he can start searching for the materials to upgrade the [Yamato] to Obsidian Rank. That was one of his quests after all.

Merchant One: Alright then. I can give you two pieces of Blood Stones for taking down those Monsters Bosses.

Mysterious Elementalist: That is not enough. Make it three then it is a deal.

Merchant One: Nah! That is going to exceed the price of work. I can just give you some gold coins to cover the remaining balance.

Mysterious Elementalist: I didn't lack any money.

Merchant One: Then I can give you two Blood Stones and one of my Black Mithril Rank materials.

The other side took some time to reply at Shin as he/she tried to consider the latter's offer.

Mysterious Elementalist: Alright, give me two Blood Stones and the pair of Gorgon's Eyes.

Merchant One: It is a deal then.

Mysterious Elementalist: And when are we setting off?

Merchant One: Let's form a contract first. And I'll contact you later after I'm done with all the things on my side.

After that, Shin signed a contract with the Mysterious Elementalist before adding each other on their friend lists. Then Shin logout his Auction House account.

Afterward, Shin opens his friend list and message the old man on the 'Secret Recipe' Restaurant.

Namless Swordsman: I'm looking for another NPC.

Dark Mystery: Oh~♪ Our dear costumer! Just say who is it and we will find whoever is it for you. But, that is as long as you pay with the right price.

Namless Swordsman: Money is not a problem. Anyway, the NPC was last seen at the Sunset Valley near the Forgotten City. He is calling himself Wind Blade, and that was pretty much an alias.

Dark Mystery: Same transaction price as always. But it might take us some time to find this NPC since Forgotten City is not our territory.

Namless Swordsman: It is fine. I'm not in a hurry to find that guy after all.

Dark Mystery: Then let's form a contract.

After that, both Shin and Dark Mystery signed the contract before the former give the latter the 5,000 gold coins deposit.

And when Shin is about to close the message log, he receives another message from the old man.

Dark Mystery: I suddenly remember. You are also looking for any information regarding the whereabouts of an Elemental Spirit, right?

Namless Swordsman: So you have gotten some?

Dark Mystery: We happen to have any information about an untamed Elemental Spirit now. Do you want to buy the information? But this information is quite costly.

Namless Swordsman: I told you money is not an issue. So I'll buy it.

Dark Mystery: The price is 200,000 gold coins.

Namless Swordsman: Isn't that a daylight robbery? (Frowning Emoji)

Dark Mystery: Not really. What I'm offering to you is a buy out price of this information. It is where I'm going to sell this information to you and only you, as I'm not going it to others.

Dark Mystery: And this Elemental Spirit is not an ordinary one. It possesses two kinds of elements. What do you think?

Shin thought for a moment before agreeing with the offer. It is quite reasonable after all. And this is one of the perks of being rich, money is just a number.

Then he signed another contract with the old man, and give the full payment. The old man, on the other hand, gives him the information and promises that he is not going to sell it to others with the contract as a witness. Then he sends the coordinates at Shin while giving out some more additional information.

Dark Mystery: On the peak of the 'Black Mountain Mountain' at the southwest of the Holy City, you can find a ruined City. There are no monsters inhabited in the vicinity of the city as you can find the Elemental Spirit rescinding on that place.

Dark Mystery: We are not sure about the elements it possesses. It might be a metal, wind or something related to those two, but we can assure you that it has a dual element base on the traces it left during its battles.

Dark Mystery: If you don't find any, then you can find me and have a refund.

Dark Mystery: But before that, It is better if you visit that place as soon as possible since I can't assure that we are the only one that discovered this guy. We are not the only Information Seller on this game after all.

The corner of Shin's mouth suddenly twitches after reading the last message and curse quietly. "F*ck! So much for the buy out information!"

After that, Shin decided to immediately go to the 'Black Rock Mountain Peak' to check out the Elemental Spirit.

And before going, he sends a message to Mysterious Elementalist that he needs to do something first. So he asks the latter to do his/her things for the time being, and he will contact him/her when he is done.

And before setting off, Shin does a final check on his equipments, before looking at his updated Status Window.

"Status Window!"


Name: Sickarius

Level: 84

EXP: (45.78%)

Race: Nephilim

HP: 743,500

MP: 270,400

Stamina: ∞

Regeneration during out of combat:

HP: +1,266.67 HP/sec

MP: +633.33 MP/sec


•Physical Attack:

=(20,514–20,514) + (10,816–10,816) + [8,850–8,870]


•Magic Attack:

=(21,632–21,632) + (10,257–10,257) + [8,950–8,970]



•Physical Defense:

=(2,958–2,958) + (2,662–2,662) + [16,400–17,000]


•Magic Resist:

=(3,654–3,654) + (5,481–5,481) + [16,200–16,900]


•Elemental Resistance:

- All Elements: 30%

•Skill Reduction Defense: 70%


Major Stats :





Minor Stats:

•DEXTERITY: 550 + (450) + [900] =1900

•WISDOM: 550 + (450) + [900] =1900

•ENDURANCE: 550 + (450) + [900] =1900

Special Stats:

•Awareness: 300 + (225) + [338] = 863

•Spirit: 175 + (225) + [338] = 738


Other Stats:

•Attack Speed:

=21.02 = 7 Basic Attacks/second

•Bonus Movement Speed: 270%

•Flighting Speed: 20%

•Reaction Speed: 70%

-Super Fast(Enhanced by Ultra Instincts)

•Mana Affinity: 45%

•Magic Affinity: 35%



•All-rounder (can evolve)

•Pursuer of Corruption

•Envoy of the Church

Fame: 7 535

Reputation Points: 58 600

Personal Trait:

Ultra Instincts (???)



[Special Skills]

- Equalizer(Passive)

- Conversion(Active)


[Class Specific Skill] -

1- Moonlight Steps(Epic), Half-Moon Slash(Rare/Epic), Crescent Cleave(Rare/Epic)

- Sunlight Movement(Epic), Solar Cut(Epic), Hell Execution(Epic)

- Eclipse Pulse(Epic), Eclipse Counter(Special), Eclipse Slash(Quasi Epic)

Tier 2:

- Purgatory Slash(Basic), Ragna Blade(Basic)

- Apocalypse Edge(Basic)

- Monochrome Field(Rare)


[Class Specific Skill] - 2

- Phantom Assassination(Quasi Epic)

- Phantom Strike(Quasi Epic)

- Phantom Steps(Rare), Phantom Dance(Epic)


[Self-Created]: Personalized

- Triple Slash(Epic)

[Self-Created]: Combined

- Eclipse Cross(Quasi Epic)


[Class Fighting Style]

- Quick Draw

- Moonlight Splitter

- Lunar Flash

- Solar Flare

- Tier 2: Purgatory Stance


[Legacy Skills]

- Mondi's Jump(I)

- Mondi's Style(II)

- Mondi's Movement(I)


[Elemental Skills]

- Void: Void Steps(Special), Mark of the Void(Special)

- Blood: Blood Rampage(Special), Blood Enchantment(Special)


[Other Learned Skill]

- Destructive Slash(Rare), Flame Burst(Epic)

- Sword Rush(Epic)

- Heart Seeker(Rare), Multiple Stab(Rare), Flash of Life(Epic)

- Falling Lightblade(Rare)

- Swordsman Resolve(Rare)


- True Sight [Active/Passive] (Epic)

- Sensing Circle [Active/Passive] (Rare)

- Leader's Insight [Active] (Special)


Undistributed Stats : 0

Available Skill point : 47 + 20(Bonus from achievements) = 67

Legacy Points: 13


Whistle ~♪

"A lot has changed, Huh? And there are other Stats that have been added on the list. Tsk! I feel that I'm a lot stronger now after looking that these." said Shin as he looks at the long string of information.


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