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Child of Destiny 126 'Dissonant Wish'

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After two hours of waiting, the newly upgraded [Dawn's Mantle] was delivered to Shin. And he immediately checks its features. The mantle's color is similar to the one that a crow has, the same goes for the feathers that it have.

Shin nodded his head since the new appearance of the mantle suits his taste. Then he opens its information window to see its details.


Item Name: [Dawn's Mantle]

Item Type: Cape (Leather Mantle)

Item Rank: Black Mithril


Physical Defense: 1000 - 1000

Magic Resist: 1000 - 1000

+50% to All Major

+30% to All Minor Stats

+10% to All Special Stats

+50% Movement Speed

+30% Elemental Resistance

+20% Flighting Speed

Additional Skill:

1. Weightless Body (Active): When activated, your body is going to become as light as feathers and fall gently on the ground.

Cooldown: 5 Minutes

2. Flight (Active): Use this skill to float on the air for a short period of time.

Duration: 1 Minute

Cooldown: 10 Minutes

3. Feather Assault (Active): When in the air, you can cast a feather rain at all the enemies inside a 10-meter radius below you, dealing 300% P.Damage.

Cooldown: 5 Minutes

4. Wings of Freedom (Active): Transform the Mantle into a pair of wings that you can use to fly.

Duration: 15 Minutes

Cooldown: 3 Hours

5. Blessings of the Wind (Passive): When the 'Wing of Freedom' is active, gain an additional 100% Flighting Speed.


"As expected, Miss Harmony didn't change any of the Skills attached on it. As for the bonus stats it gives, it didn't differ much at the stats gave by the [Nightwalker's Cloak]." muttered Shin as he read the details of the mantle.

The same goes for the [Nightwalker's Cloak] as it was automatically swapped with [Dawn's Mantle]. Meanwhile, the pair of black and white swords were switched with the sheathed [Yamato] as he also put the [Nephilim's Gemini Mask] at the same time.

And the moment he walked of that alley, his entire being completely changed. The same goes for the atmosphere that he was emitting. If he was like a silent but a furious tiger before, then he is a stealthy black panther this time.

He completely contains his strength this time, but there is still some dangerous vibe seeping out from his body. He is like a sheathed sword that can be unsheathed at any given moment.

And the guys that are trailing behind Shin failed to find him. They didn't even notice that he is the one that brush pass them because of his quick equipment change.

After shaking off the guys that are following him, he makes a quick trip to the Town's Auction House to post a notice that he is looking for some rare materials, and together with that he also posts the list that Black Hammer had given to him.

There are a total of ten rare materials on the list given to by Black Hammer, and six of them are at Platinum Rank while the other four are on Black Mithril Rank.

After that, he takes all the golds from his Auction House account before registering another batch of equipments and some common materials from his inventory bag.

Then he browses at the Auction House's item list to look for some items that may become useful to him. And after a few moments of browsing, he finally found an item that suits his taste.


Item Name: [Vengeful Mercy]

Item Type: Necklace (Accessory)

Item Rank: Gold (Special)

Details: A necklace left by a deceased king of an old Era. It contains the desire of vengeance of a betrayed King and the mercy of a Great Ruler.


+350 STR and AGI

+400 INT

+100 VIT

+10% Life Steal

+20% Spell Vampirism

Additional Skills:

1. The act of Vengeance (Passive): After taking damage from an enemy, you have 2 seconds return that damage that you had taken to that enemy.

Cooldown after the counter: 30 seconds

2. The King's Mercy (Active): Heal yourself or an ally that is ten meters away from you.

Heal: 1000 HP/ second

Heal Duration: 1 minute

Cooldown: 3 minutes

3. Cacophonous (Active): For 5 seconds all of your damage will become Chaos Damage.

•Chaos Damage: All of your attacks will become mixed damage.


The cost of the necklace is 25,000 gold coins which pretty much exceeds the original market price of a gold rank item. But given that the necklace is quite special, Shin thinks that it is still acceptable. What's more; he didn't lack any money anymore.

After buying the necklace, Shin continues to browse a little more and another accessory caught his attention, and it is a ring with a silver rank this time.

Shin doesn't put all the silver Rank items on his eyes anymore since he already experiences having a Platinum and Black Mithril Rank items. But this ring caught his eyes because of its details.


Item Name: [Sword King's Repent]

Item Type: Ring (Accessory)

Item Rank: Silver


+100 AGI

+150 STR

Additional Skills:

1. Sword Mastery (Passive): All of your sword related skills will receive a 50% boost on the damage that they can deal with.

2. Sword Reinforcement (Passive): Every time you deal critical damage with your (Basic/Skill) attacks, you are going to accumulate a Sword Aura.

• 1 SA (Sword Aura) = 1 STR and 1 AGI

Maximum Charges: 50

Details: After his battle against the King of Shadows 'Revious', the 'Sword King Davis' suffered grievous wounds despite winning the fight, and those wounds turned him into a cripple.

Then he began doubting himself if he really won against his arch-rival. So he cast his soul on this ring to prove that his victory against 'Reavious' is not just a fluke.


"Interesting!" said Shin as he buys the silver ring too. After that, he compares it to the other ring that he currently had.


Item name: [Shadow King's Regret]

Item Type: Ring (Accessory)

Item Rank: Silver


+100 STR

+150 AGI

Additional Skills:

1. Shadow Ambush (Passive): Every time you leave your invisibility state, you are going to gain a bonus of 50% on Physical Attack Damage, and 70% on movement speed for 3 seconds.

2. Dark Enchantment (Passive): The longer you stay on the Dark Places (or even in Stealth mode) the more powerful you become.

•Gain 1 Dark Power every 5 minutes in invisibility state.

Maximum: 50 charges

• 1 DP(Dark Power) = 1 STR and 1 AGI

Details: The Shadow King 'Reviuos' lost his battle against his Arch-rival 'Devis' and suffered a grievous wound, so he cast his soul on his promise ring to wait for a suitable candidate to have his revenge for him.


"Haha... These rings' previous owners are arch-rivals, and both of them happen to fall on my hands. What will these guys think if they happen to know about this?" Shin doesn't know whether to laugh or cry as he looked the rings on his palm.

After that, he tries to equip both of them. And when he does, an unexpected system notification sounded on his ears and appear at his system log.


System: You've discovered two opposing wishes of ancient souls. Do you want to combine them to become your 'Dissonant Wish'? YES or NO?

System: Warning! You can't change your 'Dissonant Wish' once you've created one.


"Dissonant Wish? What was that?" Shin becomes confused at the system notification and immediately opens the game's official website to see if he can find some information about 'Dissonant Wish'.

And when he can't find any information regarding it, he tried looking at the online forums. Unfortunately, he also didn't get any kind of useful information.

After some thought, he decided to contact Lawless.

Sickarius: Hey, Brother Lawless. Did you know anything about 'Dissonant Wish'?And the reply came almost instantly.

Lawless: Tsk! You are always asking directly when you need something. Can you at least say Hi to lighten up the mood?

Sickarius: Nah! I don't want to waste time to idle chats when I'm already doing something. So, did you know it or not?

Lawless: Tsk! Tsk! What a boring person. I bet you never had a girlfriend since birth.

Lawless: I don't know what a 'Dissonant Wish' is, but let me ask some friends of my mine first.

After that, Shin waits for few more minutes before Lawless messages him again.

Lawless: D*mn! What kind of dogsh*t luck did you step upon this time? Dissonant Wish is a specialized player bound item that can grow by absorbing another Dissonant Wish or something similar to it. And it is an Accessory most of the time.

Lawless: Its ability is mostly to improve your Skills and Class Specific Abilities. Where did you find such an item? I also want to find one.

Sickarius: Oh~♪ So it is an item that can improve my class abilities and skills.

Sickarius: Anyway, I found an item on the Auction House, and it is somehow related to the one that I currently had. When I brought it, the system suddenly asked me if I want to combine the items and transform them into a 'Dissonant Wish'.

Lawless: F*ck! What a lucky b*st*rd! You are always getting all the good stuff yourself. Share it with me the next time you find one.

Lawless: Anyway, I heard that you created another sensation that made the Big Guilds come after you. You should be careful about choosing sides. Make sure that they will not dump you when they lost interest in your potential.

Sickarius: I don't care about them anyway. And I'm forced to switch with my other identity because of them. At least, there are only 2 powers looking for me with this identity.

Lawless: But one of them is quite desperate at finding you. They sent a bunch of Official Rankers and some High Rankers to hunt you. There might be even some Titled Rankers in the dark so you better be more careful this time.

Shin can feel the severity of the situation with Lawless message so he decided to act a little low-profile this time before replying at the latter with a joke.

Sickarius: Got it, Dad! I'm off to go! 😂

After that, he closes the message box before looking at the system notification at his system log before hitting the yes button.


System: Creating a 'Dissonant Wish' according to item properties and your Class.


System: Congratulations! Your 'Dissonant Wish' was created! Do you want it to appear visible on the 'Dissonant Wish' equipment list?

When Shin saw the question in the end, he decided to hide its information. He is not like Arthur that loves to boast everything that he has.

Then he looks at his newly formed ring before checking its information details.

Then the ring's appearance is pretty much common, except for its colors. The ring is divided into two segments with its black and white color. And on one of the intersections of the two colors implanted a gemstone that has an alternating black and white color. Shin doesn't know if it is a diamond or an onyx gem.


Item Name: [Sword and Shadow]

Item Type: Ring (Accessory)

Item Rank: Special (Dissonant Wish)


+10% to All Stats

+4 Attack Speed

+20% Concealment Enchantment

+30% Sword Mastery

Basic Attacks Deals:

+10% Light Damage

+10% Shadow Damage

Additional Skills:

1. Shadow Dance (Passive): Every time you entered sheath, you will gain a boost of +50% Movement Speed for 5 seconds.

And when successfully ambushing an enemy, your next four basic attacks will be sure critical strikes.

2. Sword Dance (Passive): After using a sword related skill, you will gain a +2 bonus attack speed for 5 seconds.

And if that sword skill successfully hit the enemy, your next four basic attacks are going to become sure critical strikes.

3. Grievous Wounds (Passive): After executing a successful ambush, the enemy will receive bleeding damage for 5 seconds.

•Bleeding Damage: 5% of your Total Physical Damage.

Note: Bleeding Damage can't be overlap with each other.

4. Laceration (Passive): After successfully hitting an enemy with a sword skill, that enemy will receive a -20% Armor Reduction for five seconds.

Note: This skill can't be stacked.

5. Sword Path and Assassin's Creed (Passive): All sword related skills are going to receive a 50% increase in power while all assassin related skills will have a 20% enchantment.

This item is bound to player 'Sickarius'.

It can't be dropped, sold, or destroyed.


Shin can't help but keep nodding his head as he looks at the details of the ring. He doesn't know what to say, except for 'it is too perfect for him'.

And immediately after that, he put the ring on his left-hand index finger.Then Shin tried to look for more items but he failed to find any accessory that suites his taste.

And after some careful thought, he decided to buy a pair of arm guards and shoulder guards, and a combat belt that is suitable for swordsmen. With those, he manages to fill in the missing parts of his equipment set.

And after that, Shin waits for a little more if there are some people that are going to respond at the notification that had posted.

And after 20 minutes of waiting, there is still no response for the notice that he had posted, so he decided to leave and planned to try looking at the Holy City's Auction House.

But when he is about to give up, someone message on his Auction House account and trying to inquire about his post. The sender is asking if he wants to trade through barter or if he is going to buy the materials with gold coins.

Shin is about to give a reply when he notices who is the sender of the message. He stared blankly that name for quite some time as he doesn't know whether to laugh or cry at the current situation.


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