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Shin directly went to the 'Hand of Midas' Trading Firm after escaping from the guild scouts that are looking for him.And when he arrived at the counter, he directly asked if Black Hand is done with his equipment. Then he was directly escorted to a VIP room.

And while he walking towards the room, Shin bumped into the Chief Tailor of the Firm. "Miss Harmony?" asked Shin carefully just make sure that he is not mistaken. Harmony and Adept Hands are twins after all.

And even if they have a different profession, the clothes that they are wearing are quite similar to each other. That is what Shin noticed on his last encounter with them.

"Yes, Young Master Shin? Did you need my service once again?" said Harmony smilingly, indicating that Shin didn't make a mistake.

Shin immediately nodded his head and said. "Yes. Well, actually it is not me, but a friend of mine. He asked me to look for someone that can upgrade his mantle into Black Mithril Rank. He also asked to do some modifications to its appearance if possible."

"Oh~♪ Another business? But is that mantle is as interesting as your cloak, Young Master? Because if not, I'm not going to take the job." said Harmony.

Shin nodded his head and reassure her. "Don't worry, I'm not going to waste your time. This mantle is even much better than my cloak in some aspects."

"Really? Then sure! Let's see what kind of interesting item did you have for me this time." said Harmony with an interesting expression on her face.

"But I need to take some pieces of equipment from Black Hammer first. Ah! And I also need to consult him about something." said Shin while pointing at the VIP room.

"Oh~♪ Then I'll come with you. That stup*d guy keeps boasting on us that he become promoted to Advance Master Blacksmith." said Harmony.

Shin shook his head before saying. "Sorry, I'm afraid that you can't. Because we signed a nondisclosure agreement for these equipments, so it is strictly confidential."

Harmony knitted her brows before saying with a disappointed tone. "Then I'll wait for you on the second floor's counter if that was the case. Just look for later."

"Yeah, see you later." said Shin before entering the VIP room.


Inside the VIP room, Black Hammer is already expecting Shin, so the moment the latter entered the room, he immediately greeted him. "Haha... How are you, Young Master?"

"Still fine, I guess. But it looks like you are in a good mood, Huh? How did it end up?" said Shin as take a seat across Black Hammer.

"It is perfect, Young Master. I managed to create an Equipments Set with Black Mithril Rank! Tsk! Too bad I lacked some materials or else I might even create more pieces for this set." said Black Hammer with full of energy.

Then he suddenly notices the equipment that Shin is currently wearing. And since he is a renowned blacksmith, he immediately notices that is a high-quality equipment which is forming a set. "Oh~♪ Is that an equipment set, Young Master? If you want, I can..."

But before Black Hammer managed to finish what he wants to say, Shin immediately interrupted him. "Hey! Stop getting some ideas with my equips. You can't use them for your experiments or something."

"But we can use that set to create more pieces for this Black Mithril equipment set." said Black Hammer as he doesn't have a plan to give up.

Shin becomes tempted at first, unfortunately, he already made some arrangements for both of his 'Identities'. He shook his head and said with a slightly dejected tone. "That would be nice if my current set is not a Class-Specific Set. Unfortunately, it is, so I can't give up on this set for the time being."

After that, Shin takes the 4-piece equipment set on the table before asking Black Hammer. "Anyway, I also need to consult you about this equipment set of mine."

Black Hammer looked at the details of the set before replying to Shin chucklingly. "What you just said is the exact answers to your questions, Young Master."

"You said that this equipment set is a Class-Specific, right? Then that means this is a unique set and you got it from a special dungeon."

"And as you can remember, you can't found any equipment in Black Mithril Rank on Monster's item drops. since Black Mithril Rank Equipments and above are can only be crafted."

"These swords, on the other hand, are in a special case. They are in Black Mithril Rank because they should be the special rewards that you got after acing that specific dungeon. Or you might meet some specific conditions when you are clearing it."

"And they are only four equipment skills attached to them because they are limited by the entire equipment set. It should be a Platinum Rank Equipment Set after all."

"And if you want to unlock their fifth skills, then you need to upgrade the entire set to Black Mithril Rank first. And you might even unlock some hidden attributes if you do."

"But! If you lend this set to me, I can assure you that I'm going to create a Black Mithril Rank Equipment Set that perfectly suits you and your Class. I'm already an Advance Master Blacksmith after all."

At this point, Shin shook his head while smiling helplessly. Then he looks at Black Hammer and said with a half-joking tone. "Alright, Alright. I get it, but as I told you, I can't give up on this set yet. But if you manage to become a 'Master Craftsman' (Next Rank of Advance Master Blacksmith) before I reach level-100 then I might reconsider it."

Then Shin suddenly remembered something. "Ahm... Brother Black Hammer, what do you think about my Katana being upgraded to Black Mithril Rank?"

Black Hammer thought for a moment before replying. "That sword of yours is quite special too. It is also a Class-Specific weapon and an inherited item at that. So upgrading it to Black Mithril Rank is quite challenging, but you can unlock some of its hidden attributes when successful."

"I can try upgrading it for you, but the materials needed to it are difficult to come by. The basic materials are can found on the Firm's Treasury, but the special ones are not."

"If you want, I can send you the list of special materials and where they can possibly found. And it is up to you how to collect them. As for the price, we can discuss it when you collected all the required materials."

Shin nodded his head and wait for Black Hammer to complete the list. After that, Shin stood up and bid his farewell before he walks out of the VIP room. Then he immediately went to the second floor's counter to discuss the upgrade of his [Dawn's Mantle] to Harmony.

And when Harmony saw the details of the mantle, she immediately becomes interested and said. "I like this mantle pretty much. Can you tell your friend that I'm willing to tailor any tailored item that he wants, as long as he agreed to lend this mantle to me for a month."

"I'm afraid I can't," said Shin while smiling bitterly and having some thoughts on his mind. 'Sorry, but I need to use this mantle later since I'm going to change my identity to hide from those annoying guys trailing behind me.'

Harmony suddenly becomes disappointed and pouted her lips before asking. "So what's the deal with this mantle? What are the modifications that he wants?"

"Ahm... Nothing much actually. You just need to upgrade it to Black Mithril rank. And you don't have to change much on it, except for the color and design. He wants to change it into a black one if possible, and can you also take off the feathers attached to it?" said Shin after a quick thought.

Harmony thinks for a moment before replying. "I can upgrade its rank and change its color since it is not going to be a problem, but taking off the feathers is going to affect the mantle itself. Its flying abilities are going to be ruined."

Shin's face turned stiff after hearing that. Then he releases a helpless sigh before saying to Harmony. "Alright then. So how much is it? And when can I get it?"

And before Harmony manage to reply, Shin suddenly remembered something and immediately added. "And if you are going to steal some position from your sister, please make sure that she will not discover you so that she will not charge it at me. Is that clear?"

Harmony stared blankly at Shin for a moment before giggling softly and said. "Don't worry, Young Master Shin. I'll make sure that she will not notice it. As for the mantle, two hours should be enough for it. While the price should be the same as your cloak."

After that, Shin immediately summons a contract before signing it with Harmony. Then he immediately gives the payment before going back to the VIP room to wait for the mantle to be ready.

And now, he finally has the time to look at the details of his new equipment set. It is a 4-piece equipment set that is composed of headgear, a chest armor, a lower armor, and a pair of boots.

The headgear looks like a tiger's head that has a dark gray color with pitch-black stripes. The other three parts, on the other hand, are light armors that have pitch-black colors with white color skeleton-like design on their surfaces.


Item Name: Ruler's Dignity

Item Type: Headgear (Leather Armor)

Item Rank: Black Mithril

Stats: (Adjust according to Level)

Current Level: 75

Physical Defense: 2 500 - 2 500

Magic Resistance: 2 500 - 2 500

+40 000 HP

+30% VIT

+20% STR and AGI

+10% INT

+30% Reaction Speed

+5% Mana and Magic Affinity

Additional Skills:

1. Lord's Courage (Passive): 'Suppression Aura' of any superior Monster will be lessened by 20% when you are fighting against them.

2. Monarch's Sovereignty (Passive): When fighting against superior monsters all of your damages will receive a 10% increase.

3. King's Resolve(Passive): When your HP falls below 20%, all of your Major attributes will increase by 100% and defensive skills will improve by 100%.

Duration: 5 Minutes

Cooldown: 1 hour

4. Savage and Majestic (Active): Sacrifice 50% of your current HP to summon a Tiger's Spirit.

The Tiger Spirit will attack a single target inside the 20-meter range and deals damage equivalent to 10% of the target's total HP.

After that, the Tiger Spirit will come back to your body and recovering your HP with an amount equivalent to:

50% of its total damage when used against a player.

10% of its total damage when used against a monster.

Cooldown: 1 Hour

Note: Can only be used when your current HP is not below 20% of your total HP.

5. Ruler's Authority (Active): Create a domain that will extend up to a 20-meter radius away from you.

All of your enemies inside the domain will receive a -40% Debuffs on all of their stats.

Duration: 15 Minutes

Cooldown: 3 Hours

Set Effects (4/4) (Can be upgraded):

2 = +5000 Attack Damage, +30% Magic Resistance, +40% Physical Defense.

3 = +10% Physique Improvement, +30% to all Stats

4 = Life-and-Death Descent (Active): After activation, all of your Stats will become Tripled while also granting you an additional 500% Movement Speed and 100% Attack Speed.

Note: This skill can't be activated if you have another 'Berserk Skill' or active 'Movement Boost Skill' cast on your body.


Item Name: [Maximilian]

Item Type: Upper Armor(Light Armor)

Item Rank: Black Mithril

Stats: (Adjust according to Level)

Current Level: 75

Physical Defense: 4 700 - 5 000

Magic Resistance: 4 500 - 4 800

+150 000 HP

+30% VIT

+50% STR

+100 Divine Defense

+40% Magic Resistance

+10% Mana Affinity

+10% Physique Improvement

Additional Skills:

1. Heart of Tarasque (Passive): Your regeneration speed will increase by 200% when you are out of combat.

2. Life Forcefield (Active): Create a Powerful Barrier around you that will absorb a total of 500,000 Magic/Physical Damage.

Cooldown: 1 Hour

3. Death Recall (Active): Disappeared at your current location and reappeared at the spot where you were standing 10-seconds ago.

At the same time, your HP will be restored to its state during that time.

Cooldown: 1 Hour

4. Death Exception (Passive): You can defy death after receiving a fatal hit that might kill you.And you are going to become invulnerable for 5 seconds.

And during the 2-second time frame after the 5-second duration, you can convert some of your MP to HP.

MP to HP conversion: 1% MP = 2% HP

Maximum Conversion: 25% MPCooldown: 4 Hours

5. Life Revenge (Passive): After the activation of the 'Death Exemption', you can send a powerful attack at the enemy that dealt the fatal strike onto you, and dealing damage equivalent to:

10% of the total damage received + (50% of the total HP healed)


Item Name: [Megumi's Shadow]

Item Type: Lower Armor (Light Armor)

Item Rank: Black Mithril

Stats: (Adjust according to Level)

Current Level: 75

Physical Defense: 3 500 - 3 500

Magic Resistance: 3 500 - 3 500

+100 000 HP

+30% VIT

+50% AGI

+50 Divine Defense

+20% Magic Resistance

+50% Movement Speed

+5% Reaction Speed

Additional Skills:

1. Taste of the Blood (Passive): +20% Life Steal.

2. Soul Cutter (Passive): Every time you successfully dodge an enemy's attack, your next attack will deal an additional 100% Magical/Physical damage.

And that attack has a 10% chance to break the enemy's defense by 50% for 5 seconds.

3. Spirit Immunity (Active): After activation, all kinds of CC-Skills will become ineffective against you for 10 seconds.

It can also remove an existing debuff and CC-Skill cast on you.

Cooldown: 3 Minutes

4. Death Travel (Active): Death is everywhere. You can teleport at any location that you want inside the 30-meter radius around you.

Cooldown: 5 Minutes

5. Life Recall (Passive): Every time you receive any kind of damage from any source, your body will accumulate a single point of Life Energy.

And when accumulation reaches 100 points of charges, it will automatically explode and healing your HP by 50% of your total HP.

Cooldown after activation: 2 Hours

Note: The accumulated Life Energy will automatically remove if you didn't receive any kind of damage within the 5-minute duration after getting an accumulation.


Item Name: [Death Boots]

Item Type: Foot Armor (Light Armor)

Item Rank: Black Mithril

Stats: (Adjust according to Level)

Current Level: 75

Physical Defense: 2 000 - 2 0000

Magic Resistance: 2 000 - 2 000

+20 000 HP

+10% VIT and STR

+50% AGI

+20 Jumping Power

+100% Movement Speed

Additional Skills:

1. Death Movement (Passive): Every time you kill an enemy, their Death Energy will transfer onto you, and granting you a 3% bonus movement speed and 2% attack speed.

Maximum Stacks: 30

2. Death Dance (Passive): Each time you successfully dodge an attack, you will gain a 100% movement boost for 2 seconds.

3. Death Approach (Passive): Each time your HP falls by 10%, your Attack Damage, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed will increase by 25%, 15%, and10% respectively.

Note: The effect will disappear/decrease when you recovered your HP back to that 10% threshold.

4. Death Assassination (Active): After activation, you are going release 5 identical copies of yourself while teleporting and surrounding the enemy you have targeted.

Then copies of yourself will deal damage equivalent to the damage that you are going to deal with that target, before disappearing once again.

Cast Range: 10 Meters

Cooldown: 15 Minutes

5. Death Bite(Active): Control your shadow and connect it with a single target's shadow to immobilize him/her for 5-seconds.

During those 5 seconds, the immobilized target will receive damage that is equivalent to 2% of their total HP each second as long as you don't move during that duration.

Cast Range: 10 Meters

Cooldown: 30 minutes

Note: If this skill is used against a monster, the immobilizing effect will become ineffective.


And since he is waiting for the [Dawn's Mantle] to be finished, Shin decided to open the game's official website to look for some useful information that he can learn while burning off some idle time.


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