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Child of Destiny 122 Battle for Top 1 Part 3 : A Name Worth To Remember

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Few moments before Shin's clones killed Exheart and Bryan.

HellBan didn't dare to stop moving or even pause on a single place. Because if he do that, Shin might jump at him out of nowhere.He also didn't stop summoning his skeleton warriors even if it consumes a lot of Mana for him.

For now, HellBan can summon twelve skeleton warriors at most. And even if he can't control them manually due their numbers, their battle standards are still the same as a High-Level Elite Monster.

But since their weapons are only a pair of shield and sword, their attack patterns are pretty much predictable in Shin's eyes, so they didn't give much trouble for him.

But the one that gave him much headache is HellBan himself.

This guy is quite cunning. He keeps changing his position to prevent Shin from getting near at him. And every time Shin managed to broke through the blockade of skeleton warriors, HellBan is always there to lock him up in place, and preventing him from moving forward.

The only good thing on Shin's current situation is that HellBan can't use any kind of powerful skill since he don't have a leisure time to cast any. Especially since Shin is always keeping an eye at him to make a mistake.

"Tsk! This can't continue."

Shin and HellBan have the same thought in mind when they come at this point.

HellBan do some consecutive blinks backwards to put some distance away from Shin and his skeleton warriors.

After that, he immediately raise his bony-staff in the air as he extract some Darkness Mana from his surroundings. Then he absorb those Mana on his body, making his stats to become doubled.

'Necromancer Skill: Dark Extraction'

After upgrading his powers, HellBan cast another buff to himself. He chants some necromantic words before gaining some blessing from the God of Undead.

Immediately after that, his casting speed suddenly become more faster while making the cooldown reduction of his skills to shot up with a great margin.

'Equipment Skill: Blessings of Undead'

On this state, HellBan doesn't need the help of his skeletons warriors so immediately cut his connections with them and let them swarm at Shin blindly.

After that, HellBan take advantage of the chaotic battlefield to start chanting out some necromantic words while borrowing some Darkness Energy from his surroundings, he is trying to summon something.


At the same time, Shin hop backwards while dodging the attacks from the skeleton warriors. After that, he jump in the air before doing some consecutive flips backwards to distance himself away from the swarming skeleton warriors.

And when he gain enough distance, Shin immediately activate the 'berserk skill' attached on his headgear.

Then a bunch of Dawn Energy started pouring down from the sky to strengthens Shin's body. After that, all of his stats suddenly become doubled while his legs gain some additional strength to increase his movement speed.

'Equipment Skill: Dawnbreaker'

But Shin is not done yet, his trousers suddenly release a brilliant white light before being absorb by his legs. And that Dawn Energy gives him an additional 500% of movement speed.

'Equipment Skill: Speed of Light'

And after all of those buffs, Shin immediately made his move. He slightly squatted his legs before staying on that position for few seconds.

Then suddenly another Shin appeared right in front of HellBan while swinging the [Dusk Blade] on his right hand downwards.


And that is when a sonic boom exploded and follows the path that Shin have taken while sending some air shockwaves on its way.

Such speed already surpassed HellBan's dynamic vision, but before Shin's sword reach its target, a dark void suddenly appeared beside HellBan. Then a pitch-black broadsword suddenly thrust from that dark void, blocking Shin's sword strike.


After that, a knight with full-body black armor walked out the void while radiating with a very dangerous aura.

'Master Necromancer Skill (Tier 2): Summon Death Knight'

Then the eyes in the gap of the Death Knight's helm suddenly release a crimson glow while looking at Shin. After that, the Death Knight swing its broadsword powerfully, pushing Shin backwards.


Shin absorb the force from that attack while doing a back-flip in the air. And when his feet touches the ground, Shin immediately charges forward, leaving another afterimage at his previous location.

The Death Knight move at Shin's path protecting it master behind it.

But Shin suddenly change his direction and circle around the the Knight once again. Unfortunately, the Death Knight is not to be trifle either. It is able to responded at Shin's movements and blocked his path for one more time.

Shin's body suddenly turned into a blur as he accelerated once again a circle around HellBan while swinging both of his swords in the process.

At the same time, the Death Knight chase after Shin's figure while also swing its broadsword to block each of Shin's sword strikes. Then a bunch of sparks and metallic sounds are created because of the collision the swords.

Tshing! Ding!

Cling! Cling!


In the eyes of the spectators that are watching the fight, Shin and the Death Knight's figures are impossible to be caught by their naked eyes. They need to relay on the slow motion feature of the spectator mode to be able to watch the battle more clearly.

Sometimes, Shin is leaving a bunch of afterimages behind as he circle around HellBan but the Death Knight is always at his neck to prevent him from interrupting the spell that HellBan is casting.

Moments later, HellBan is finally done chanting his spell. He raise staff in the air as it emits a dark aura. Then he immediately smash the bottom of his bony-staff on the ground, sending a powerful ripple on the air.

After that, a bunch of black smokes was released from the bony-staff before swarming towards Shin with a great speed.

'Master Necromancer Skill (Tier 2): Darkness Corrosion'

Shin quickly move backwards as he distance himself away from the incoming black smokes. With his current speed, it is impossible for the swarming smoke catch up at him.

But the Death Knight is a different story, it immediately block Shin's retreating path, and forcing the swordsman to pause his steps a little.

And that slight pause is more enough for the black smoke to catch up at Shin. And immediately after that, he is completely devoured by the swarming smoke together with the Death Knight.

HellBan's mouth suddenly curve upwards when he saw that. "Heh! I finally got you!"

He is about to cast a large destruction spell when he suddenly felt something. He squinted his eyes and look more carefully at the black mass of smoke. Then he suddenly noticed a brilliant light coming from inside the smoke.

Moment later, the black mass of smoke was suddenly cast aside before dispersing completely as it was replaced by blinding white light.

HellBan immediately raise his bony-staff to blink away from the spreading light as he saw Shin in the middle of that blinding light while raising the [Dawn Blade] in the air.

'Weapon Skill: Radiance'

At the same time, the Death Knight who was standing on Shin's side when he was devoured by the black smoke received a massive damage because the brilliant white light is directly shining at it.

What's more; the Death Knight is an undead creature so it received more damage because the 'Radiance' equipment skill is a light based skill which is coincidentally its fatal weakness.

-246 772

Then Shin immediately take advantage of that time to finish off the Death Knight. He tightens his grip on both of his swords before swinging them at the Death Knight. And each of the sword slash is stronger than the other.

The first batch of the sword strikes is a three consecutive sword slash followed by a more powerful five slashes.

'Self-Created Skill: Triple Slash'

'Grim Reaper Skill (Tier 2): Purgatory Slash: Penta Slash'

The Death Knight swing its broadsword to protect itself but it only managed to block the first, third and fourth slashes.


-47 682



-45 782

-69 790

-98 672

-129 267

After the fifth slash, Shin pause for a moment as he gathers a bunch of Dawn Energy at the [Dawn Blade]. Then he immediately swing his sword diagonally in an upper-left to lower-right motion. After that, a crescent Energy Wave was sent flying towards the Death Knight.

'Grim Reaper Skill (Tier 2): Purgatory Slash: Energy Wave'


-259 282

Then the body of the Death Knight was cut in two when the crescent Energy Wave slice through it. After that, that sliced body was suddenly exploded into a bunch of smoke before dispersing in the air.

And that is when Shin's foot landed on the ground. Immediately after that, his figure suddenly flickers, indicating that he left an afterimage behind.

And HellBan also felt that. He already unsummoned his skeleton warriors earlier to save more Mana, so no one will hinder Shin on coming at him. And now that his Death Knight died, he also needs to face Shin himself.

Since HellBan's casting speed become doubled, he wave his bony-staff and left arm together as he cast a basic spell after basic spell like there is no tomorrow.

His cooldown reduction also quite high because of his buff so he don't need to concern himself about running of skill since the cooldown duration of basic spells are quite low.

A lot of bone spine are keep shooting up from the ground and appearing few meters away in front of HellBan. At the same time, a bone spear after bone spear are consecutively flying towards a certain target.

If someone compare HellBan on something, then he is like a machine gun that keeps firing nonstop.

'Advance Combat Technique: Magic Gatling'

'Necromancer Skill: Bone Spikes'

'Necromancer Skill: Bone Spears'

'Necromancer Skill: Shadow Arrow'

Shin immediately stop his forward dash when a lot of bone spikes appeared on his path, but he didn't stop moving. He do some crisscrossing movements as he avoid the bone spikes coming from the ground while also maintaining his high speed movements.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Shin left a bunch of afterimages behind as he continue rushing towards HellBan. And when the bone spears and shadow arrows mixed in the barrage of the bone spikes, Shin do some dashing maneuvers.

Leap, hop, roll, flips, zigzag steps and different kinds of variety of these movements were mix in Shin's maneuvers while maintaining his high speed acceleration.

In the eyes of others, there seems to be a lot of Shin doing different kind of things while dodging the bone spikes, bone spears, and shadow arrows. But in fact, those 'Shins' are only afterimages left behind by Shin every time he change his maneuver.

And with all of that, Shin is able to avoid getting hit by any of those attacks.

The pupils of HellBan's eyes and all of the audience watching the fight suddenly contracted when he saw all of that!

HellBan's breathing gradually hasten as sweats began to seep out from his palms. "F*ck! How can he move that way while maintaining that speed!?"

Then he started blinking away while throwing some more basic skills in the process.

What HellBan didn't know; Shin is currently pushing himself to the limit while doing those movements.

Even if the majority of his maneuvers are due to the automatic respond of his body through the 'Ultra Instincts' personal trait, he still needs to concentrate himself while doing all of those movements. He is also controlling his clones after all.

If not for his monstrous willpower to firmly hold on his concentration, then he might did a lot of mistakes already.

Even if HellBan is continuously blinking away and using his insta-cast skill nonstop to ward off Shin, the distance between the two of them is still gradually shortening.

"This is bad." muttered HellBan solemnly to himself as he watch Shin shortens the distance between them slowly but surely.

After some hesitation, HellBan calm himself a little before pushing himself to the limit as he chant out some necromantic words while continuously throwing all of his insta-cast and basic skills at Shin.

'Advance Combat Technique: Magic Gatling'

'Advance Combat Technique: Double Casting'

The moment Shin saw HellBan's actions, he already knows that this exchange will be the one that is going to decided the outcome of this match.

So this time, he gone all out! He immediately accelerated forward while skillfully dodging all of the incoming boney attacks.

And when he arrived at his ideal range, he quickly use all of the movement skills that he can use at his 'current' identity consecutively.

First, a fiery aura enfold his body as he rush forward with a great momentum without regarding about anything.

'Slayer Skill: Sun-Ray Dash'

After that, the fiery aura was suddenly replaced by a sharp and piercing aura. Then he continue rushing forward while thrusting his sword towards his front.

'Basic Combat Technique: Second Drive'

'Extra Skill: Sword Rush'

At the end of the rush, Shin immediately leap forward and enters the void gate that suddenly appeared in front of him.

'Elemental Skill (Void): Void Steps'

Shin was teleported few meters away from HellBan, but the later immediately blink away to put more distance in between of them.

However, the 'Shin' that HellBan saw at that time is already an afterimage. Because Shin immediately teleported himself once again at HellBan's back the moment he walked out of the void.

'Phantom Swordsman Skill: Phantom Steps'

And when HellBan teleported himself, Shin also transformed himself into a shadow and teleported above the shadow beneath HellBan's feet, and materialized at his the later's back.

'Equipment Skill: Shadow Travel'

And now, Shin finally caught up with his opponent. But HellBan is already prepared for that.

He didn't stop chanting his current spell, but he immediately pound the bottom of his bony-staff on the ground and cast another skill. And from the looks of it, this skill is a high-level insta-cast skill.

Then a bunch of long overlapping bone spikes shot up from the ground while rotating around HellBan's body.

'Master Necromancer Skill (Tier 2): Blooming Lotus of Death'

It is impossible for Shin to dodge that skill in that pointblank range, especially since he already exhaust all of the movement skills that he can use.

But during at that time, Shin's senses suddenly worked on its maximum, making him to feel like time seems to slow down.

The incoming bone spikes are clearly reflected on his eyes while his body seems to start moving on its owns. This time, Shin's movements already surpass his consciousness.

His arms crossed themselves for a moment. In the next instant, his arms seems to become countless arms as they started swinging both of his swords.

An uncountable number of black and white lines suddenly appeared around Shin, as those lines suddenly intervene with each other leaving no gaps behind.

The incoming bone spikes were immediately destroyed when they come in contact with those black and white lines.

This is a combination of his 'Infinity Edge' combat technique and 'Ultra Instincts' personal trait.

Shin is only doing this unconsciously as he felt that he to enter a profound state that he can't explain. It seems like he started reaching out at something unreachable.

But that state didn't take long as he was immediately pulled back to reality in the next instant.

A lot of bone fragments are flying everywhere as Shin amazingly survived that attack at that pointblank range.

HellBan can't believe at what have happened, even if he have expected that skill will not be able to kill Shin, he still didn't expect that he will take it head-on and survived it while being unscathed!

Even the audience watching the fight can't believe at what they saw. Some of the spectators watching at their virtual screens are even replaying that scene repeatedly to see if what they saw was real.

HellBan smiled bitterly while accepting his defeat. He still need a little bit of time to complete the syllables needed to cast his spell, but obviously Shin is not going to give it to him.

He also can't blink away since he already exhaust all of his escaping skill earlier, and they still need few seconds of cooldown for them to become available.


Then he heard a sudden explosion at the other end of the battlefield. He turn his head a little and saw that both Bryan and Exheart were devoured by a powerful falling Energy Wave.

HellBan chuckles softly before muttering to himself. "Hehe, so those two are also been defeated. Maybe it is not that bad to be defeated by such amazing player."

And that is when Shin started swinging the [Dusk Blade] downwards and stunning HellBan in the process.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'

-123 677(Stunned)

Then Shin immediately swing the [Dawn Blade] diagonally before following it with another diagonal slash with his other sword, and ending it with a horizontal slash with the previous sword.

'Self-Created Skill: Triple Slash'

-47 923

-71 885

-95 846

After that, a phantom shadow suddenly appeared behind Shin before mimicking Shin's earlier movements.

'Phantom Swordsman Skill: Phantom Strike'

-47 893

-72 985

-98 889

Then Shin gathers a bunch of Dusk Energy on the [Dusk Blade], before swinging it forward and sending a powerful crescent sword wave.

'Weapon Skill: Dusk Cutter'

And since it is in a pointblank range, HellBan received the maximum damage of that Skill.

-234 672(Killed)

"Sickarius, I'll remember that name and I'm going to beat you the next time we met on the battlefield." Muttered HellBan to himself before his vision turn completely dark.


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