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Child of Destiny 121 Battle for Top 1 Part 2 : A Great Set Up.

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The audience stand of the 'Battle Royale Arena no.423' is starting to get packed. More and more scouts from different Guilds are starting to enter the stand when they heard the news that there are 3 Potential Titled Rankers in this Arena.

But that was not the only real reason why they came here, it is also to have a look at the player that have the same battle standards as some Titled Rankers.

This player have created a couple of sensations in the game already. And just recently, he beat a High Ranker before coming on this place, which is also another reason why these scouts from the powerful guilds are here to keep an eye at him.

And now, he is currently dealing with a group of three Potential Titled Rankers together with his clones. And what's more amazing on this battle is this certain player is manually controlling his clone while simultaneously controlling his own body in the battle.


At the same time, some curious players are also joining the stand to see why is this certain room gain a lot of viewers. Moment later, these players become shocked at what they saw.

There are a lot of famous guild scouts watching the battle happening on this Battle Royale Arena. And when they saw the names on the leaderboard, these players started contacting their friends to come and watch the battle.

And it didn't take long for the entire audience stand to become full because of the sudden burst of the spectators. Some of the players that didn't make the cut but want to watch the match choose the special spectator mode, so that they can watch the battle even if it is just in a virtual screen.


'Wandering Nomad' Exheart.

'Saber Demon' Bryan.

And 'Hand of the Dead' HellBan.

These three Titled Names are pretty much famous at the game called «Sword and Magic» online. They are even able the contend at the Titled Rankers that are as strong as some Godlike Players of that game.

And now, these three famous players are currently being dealt by a single player that is pretty much unknown before the launch of this game called «Destiny's Fate» online.

Bryan and Exheart are teaming up with each other to go against the clones of their opponent, while HellBan is busy dealing with the real body.

"Tsk! What a persistent b*st*rd! We are fighting him for quite some time already, yet he still hasn't get slipped on his concentration? Is this guy really a player? How can he have that kind of willpower to hold this long." Bryan's mouth is as busy as his right arm, as he swing his saber left and right.

"Maybe the developers are just messing with us and created this kind of player-like NPC with high AI?" joked by Exheart as he thrust his spear forward to cover Bryan's mistake.


Then he added in a joking tone after throwing that spear thrust. "But he must be some kind of humanoid monster in the Real World, if he really is a player."

Then the Eclipse Clone and Phantom Clone suddenly change the tempo of the battle. The former suddenly move backwards while the later move forward to contend with Bryan.

Bryan want to chase after the Eclipse Clone but the Phantom Clone is already in front of him and throwing a three consecutive slashes with both of its sword.

'Self-Created Skill: Triple Slash'

"Tsk!" Bryan clicked his tongue when he saw that, he immediately stop himself from moving forward before throwing a two consecutive chop followed by a horizontal cut in the end.

'Extra Skill: Double Chop'

Cling! Cling!

'Extra Skill: Cutter Slash'


After throwing that skill combo, Bryan immediately lean his body to the left as he let the thrusting spear of Exheart to brushed pass him.

'Extra Skill: Thrusting Talon'

The Phantom Clone's body suddenly flickers as it let the spear to pierce through its chest.


Then that body suddenly explode with a bunch of smoke, while the Phantom Clone itself is nowhere to be found.

'Phantom Swordsman Skill: Phantom Assassination'

And the moment the the Phantom Clone disappeared from their sights, both Bryan and Exheart simultaneously look at the figure in front of them as human instincts.


Then the two of them curse in they hearts when they saw what the Eclipse Clone is doing.

The Eclipse Clone cross both of its arms on its front while showing the bracers attached on those arms to the two who are looking at it.

Then the eye-like symbol engraved on the bracers suddenly release a brilliant light, and try to turn both Bryan and Exheart into stone sculptures.

'Equipment Skill: Medusa's Gaze'

Then the two immediately use their anti-CC skills.

Bryan's head gear suddenly release a berserk energy and counter the opposing energy that is trying to turn him into a stone statue.

'Equipment Skill: Beast King Protection'


Exheart on the other hand hold the spear in front of him with both of his hands while releasing a berserk bloody aura from his body.

'Blood Spearman Skill: Blood Immunity'

Both Bryan and Exheart survive that predicament and avoid being a pair of stone statues, but they didn't get relax yet. Because the Phantom Clone just finished accumulating a bunch of Dusk Energy on its right hand sword.

Then it immediately swing that sword rightwards and send a crescent sword wave toward the back of the two players on its front.

'Weapon Skill: Dusk Cutter'

Exheart ignored that sword wave and charge at the Eclipse Clone while thrusting it spear forward.

'Blood Spearman Skill: Soul Charge'

At the same time Bryan channels a berserk aura on his saber, before turning his body around as he powerfully swing his blazing saber upwards.

'Berserker Skill: Rising Flame Slash'


-20 782

Bryan slice the sword wave sent by the Phantom Clone, but he still receive some damage. But it is still manageable compared to the damage that he will get if he was directly hit by that sword wave.

And the moment Bryan slice the sword wave, the Eclipse Clone suddenly appeared on his left side while swinging its sword powerfully in a downward motion.

'Phantom Swordsman Skill: Phantom Steps'

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'

The place where the Eclipse Clone teleported into is a tricky spot, since it is quite hard for Bryan to counter in his current awkward position.

But he didn't panic. Because as if expecting that move, Exheart immediately cancel his 'Soul Charge' skill and quickly turn his body around before throwing his spear at the Eclipse Clone.

'Blood Spearman Skill: Javelin Throw'

But before that flying spear reached its target, the Phantom Clone suddenly appeared at the path of the spear while powerfully swinging its sword at it.

'Phantom Swordsman Skill: Phantom Steps'

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'




-65 973(Stunned)

The spear thrust on the ground on the same time when the sword of the Eclipse Clone landed on Bryan's body.

And to prevent being targeted by a continuous CC-skill, Bryan is force to use a 'Berserk' skill. Then a berserk aura suddenly exploded from his body as he become immune in all kind of CC-skill while all of his stats suddenly become doubled.

'Master Berseker Skill (Tier 2): Battle Trance'

At the same time, both the Eclipse Clone and Phantom Clone teleported away from Bryan and appeared few meters away from the Master Berserker, but they are standing on opposite sides of their opponent.

'Elemental Skill (Void): Void Steps'

'Elemental Skill (Void): Void Steps'

And during that time, Exheart immediately move forward to take his spear back. But the moment he stand beside Bryan, a very dangerous feeling swept through his body as his instincts are telling him to get away from that place as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it is already too late for that. Both of the swords of the Eclipse and Phantom Clones are already glowing with a bloody crimson aura as they simultaneously swing their swords on their front, sending a bunch of crescent sword waves towards the two who are standing in the middle.

'Elemental Skill (Blood): Blood Rampage'

'Elemental Skill (Blood): Blood Rampage'

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

"F*ck Sh*t!" cursed by Exheart before activating his own 'berserk skill'. A bunch of black tattoo appeared on the surface of his body. Those tattoos are similar to the symbols tattooed at the bodies of some ethnic group people.

When those tattoos appeared on the body of Exheart, his stats suddenly become doubled while his movement speed and attack speed also received some boost.

'War Elf Skill (Tier 2): Blood Seal: Enchant'

After that, both Exheart and Bryan take each side to cover as the crimson sword wave are coming towards them. Then they simultaneously throw some attacks with their weapons to block the incoming waves.

Exheart enfold his body and spear with a bloody aura before throwing a barrage of stabs on his front as he hit each of the incoming sword waves.

'Blood Spearman Skill: Spearman's Assault'

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Explosion of powers are being created every time Exheart hit a crimson sword wave with his spear. And those sword waves failed to deal any kind of damage to him.

At the same time, on the other side of this battlefield, Bryan's body is emitting a berserk aura. And every time a sword wave is about to reach him, his right arm is swinging the saber as it emits a blazing glow.

'Berserker Skill: Berserker Barrage'

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The clash of that blazing saber and crimson sword wave also creates a mini-explosion in front of Bryan. But the same as Exheart those explosions failed to deal any kind of damage to him.

And after the duration of the 'Blood Rampage' ends, both Exheart and Bryan immediately dash towards the respective Clones that are standing few meters away from them.

And since both of them activated their respective berserk skills, it is natural for their movement speeds to become fast. And in just blink of an eye, both of them are already halfway of the distance towards their respective opponents.

When the Eclipse Clone and Phantom Clone saw their opponents charging at them with a great momentum, both of them activated the 'berserk skills' attached on their equipments.

'Equipment Skill: Dawnbreaker'

'Equipment Skill: Dawnbreaker'

The stats of the clones suddenly become doubled as their movement speed received a 150% boost. After that, both of the clones sprinted towards their respective opponents.

When Exheart reach his ideal range to attack, he immediately throw a barrage of stabs towards the Eclipse Clone. The speed of his stabs are too fast to catch by the naked-eye.

In the Eclipse Clone's point of view, the tip of Exheart's spear suddenly split into two, and two become four, then four become eight, all the way until the Eclipse Clone failed to count the number of spear tips that are directed at it.

'Epic Combat Technique: Endless Spear'

Good thing that Shin is not an average John Doe either. Even if his 'Ultra Instincts Mythical Personal Trait' can't see through any kind of illusionary trick of these kind of attacks, his body can still automatically respond at any kinds of threat that are directed at him.

So when the Eclipse Clone saw the barrage of spear stabs, its body instinctively move on its own. The clone swing both of its swords at the incoming stabs as a bunch of grid-like lines appeared around the clone's body as those lines intervene with each other.

'Epic Combat Technique: Infinity Edge'

Then the spearhead and sword-blades starting to clash with each other, which creates a bunch of ear-piecing metallic sounds.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Cling! Cling! Cling!

The standoff between the 'Spearbearer' and the 'Dual-Blader' remain in the deadlock for few more moments, before Exheart felt some pressure from the Eclipse Clones attacks.

At first, he thought that there are some problem with his concentration because he is continuously using an 'Epic Combat Technique', but after few more exchange of blows, he realized that it was not the case.

Each of the sword strikes of the Eclipse Clone are really getting stronger and stronger as he continue exchanging blows with the clone.

'What kind of Sword Combat Technique is this? It is quite similar to that guy's Spear Combat Technique! The one that I'm trying to learn.' thought by Exheart as he continue to persevere on exchanging blows.


-40 783

Then suddenly, he was sent flying backwards by a powerful sword strike that he failed to defend.


At the same time of few moments before Exheart was sent flying, Bryan just arrived in front of his opponent.

Then he immediately swing his saber at the Phantom Clone. But during the swing, Bryan's right arm suddenly turned into a blur, making the saber to multiply. After that, those sabers suddenly and simultaneously accelerated forward as it plans to chop its target into pieces.

'Epic Combat Technique: Demon's Blade'

The Phantom Clone don't know which one of the sabers are real, but it didn't give a d*mn! If it don't know which one is real, then just smash all of them at once to see it.

The Phantom Clone's arms suddenly turned into a blur while swinging its swords at the incoming saber.

'Epic Combat Technique: Infinity Edge'


A metallic sound was created when the Phantom Clone managed to hit the real saber. But Bryan expected that much, so he immediately retract his saber before throwing a diagonal slash at his opponent.

'Extra Skill: Saber Chop'

The sword on the right hand of the Phantom Clone suddenly become ablaze as it swing the sword on its front horizontally.

'Slayer Skill: Solar Cut'


Then Bryan immediately throw a horizontal slash at the Phantom Clone after the collision of their weapons.

'Extra Skill: Horizontal Slash'

The timing and trajectory of this horizontal slash is quite tricky, so the Phantom Clone can't counter it properly. But that doesn't mean it can't dodge.

The Phantom Clone suddenly disappeared at Bryan's sight and reappeared behind the Master Berserker while swinging its sword downwards.

'Phantom Swordsman Skill: Phantom Steps'

"Got You!" said Bryan smirkingly as he use the momentum of the horizontal slash to take a hundred and eighty degree turn while swinging his saber towards the clone behind his back.

At the same time, that saber is emitting a berserk aura that is currently forming a wolf's head.

'Master Berserker Skill (WolfKin–Tier 2): Predator's Hunt'


Unfortunately, Bryan hit nothing but air, and the wolf-like Energy flew straight to the sky.

"What the f*ck!?" curse Bryan as he wants to turn his body around. But it is already too late, since the Phantom Clone is already teleported behind him once again while swinging both of its swords at Bryan's back.

'Elemental Skill (Void): Void Steps'

'Grim Reaper Skill (Tier 2): Purgatory Slash: Penta Slash'

-16 544

-33 088

-49 632

-66 117

-82 720

Bryan continue taking some steps away from the Phantom Clone while trying block sword slashes, but obviously he failed to do so.

And after the fifth slash, the Phantom Clone pause for a moment, giving Bryan a small window to move backwards to distance himself from the former.

But when he take a couple of more steps backwards, a figure was sent flying towards his direction. And that almost make him to stumble forward when he collided on the figure.

"F*ck! What the hell are you doing, Exheart!? Can't you see..." Bryan didn't managed to finish what he wants to say, because he saw the Phantom Clone swinging its sword forward to send a crescent sword wave towards their way. "That was also part of the set up?"

'Grim Reaper Skill (Tier 2): Purgatory Slash: Energy Wave'


-178 892

-178 999

At the same time when the Phantom Clone sent the Energy Wave, the Eclipse Clone leaped in the air before swinging its right hand sword downwards in a powerful manner. Then a powerful energy wave falls from the sky, and threatens to annihilate everything.

'Grim Reaper Skill (Tier 2): Ragna Blade'


Exheart is about to use a powerful protective skill to block the falling Energy Wave, but the activation failed because his concentration was immediately disrupted by a sudden explosion on his waist.

'Elemental Skill (Void): Mark of the Void'


-55 778

And that sealed off their fates! Bryan don't even have the time use a 'Berserker Heal' to restore his health because he was too shocked at the sudden flow of events.

Each of Shin's moves are meticulously prepared just for this one and final strike.

Just how did he do that? Just how much concentration did he need? Just how accurate is his judgment and calculation to predict the 'what's next'? And how flexible is he to be able to respond on each turn of events to lead everything to his desired outcome, and make all of his plans to happen?

Those are the questions that are keep running on the heads of Exheart and Bryan as they wholeheartedly accept their defeat.


-489 266(Critical)

If Arthur was here, then he will respond on their questions like this.

"He don't like making plans because of his 'Battle Genius' nature, but this is what happens when he does."


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