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Child of Destiny 13 Class Promotion and Race Conversion

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In some part of Atlas World a Mansion is standing on a the top of the mountain. It is very elegant and luxurious.

A handsome middle-age man is sitting on a chair on the balcony of the Mansion. He is drinking a tea and enjoying the view when a crack on space suddenly appear on his side, then a strange Statue walk out from it.

If Shin is here he will recognize the Statue because it is the same Statue that he battle for entire two days.

The man didn't get startle because of the sudden appearance of the Statue it is as if he is already use to these kind of things. He continue to drink his tea while the Statue sit on the other chair beside the tea table. Then a chessboard suddenly appeared on the top of it

The man put down his tea and said without looking at the Statue. "You still like 'Cosplaying'? I don't understand you, you keep mimicking those 'Transendant Beings'. First you transform yourself as 'Dragon', next is an 'Ancient Elf' then a 'True Undead', after that is a 'Primordial Beast' and now a 'Nephilim'? Let me ask you, Have you ever get tired on bullying those young bloods?"

Suddenly a lot of cracks appear on the surface of the Statue then it's pieces started to fall on the ground and after a few minutes a man in his thirties is revealed inside the Statue.

He look at the middle-age man and move a piece on the chessboard while saying. "Don't question my hobby, at least in this way I can see the quality of the young bloods of this generation. And you call that bullying? Let me tell you I'm always been fair on all the Trials that I have given."

The middle-age man smirk and said while responding on the move that his friend make. "Fair? You are always beating those kids black and blue, and you call that fair?"

The other man make a counter move while replying "Beating? Heh. Do you know how those young bloods fight? Some of them are 'Sons of God' while the others have similar talents."

The middle-age man looks at his friend skeptically while saying. "So what if they are. You are also one of them, aren't you? And have you ever get anything from what are you doing?"

The other man frown his brow and said. "If you are jealous of those guys just say so. They manage to find a suitable successor because of my help. While you are still here finding nothing and 'Enjoying' your so called peaceful life."

The middle-age man hand twitch when he heard that before rebutting. "How about you, have you ever find yours? Do you find a suitable candidate to become a 'High Human' like you?"

The other man smirks while proudly saying. "Of course! I already found the one that will inherit my Sword Skill. In fact the one that I choose is the one with the highest potential." He pauses for a few seconds before continuing. "Well together with the last one that I have fought earlier. And so if I were you I should go and find a suitable successor of mine before all the talented individuals become chosen."

The middle-age man stare at the chessboard before saying. "I lose."


Shin walk out the teleportation portal and greeted by loud and busy square. If the plaza of Beginner's Village have a lot of Players then this Square have a massive number of Players.

The are a lot of stalls here and there, while the the Players are too many to count. It is as if Shin is transported on a busy market on the Real World.

"Whoa! That's a lot of Players, The beginner's Village can compare to this. Hmm.. Should I build a stall and sell my things or should I go the Church for my 'Class Change'?" said Shin as he walk on the square while looking here and there.

"Forget about selling my stuffs for now. I should go to the Church now, I'm quite excited to see what is may 'Special Class' and what kind of skills did it have." Said Shin after some consideration.


This World have a lot of religions and each of them have a corresponding 'Gods' that they are serving.

The 'Church of The Sun and The Moon' serves the 'God of Sun', the 'Goddess of Moon' and the 'Atlas God'. And it's believers are varies from Humans, Elves and Half-Elves.

Base on the Legend from the 'Dark Era', hundreds of thousands years ago. The 'God of Sun' is expelled from the 'God's Realm' because he committed a crime of killing a fellow 'Divine Being'.

His Divine Powers is ripped off from his body, and he was thrown on the Atlas World. He got enraged because of what happened and promised himself that he will regain his powers and returned to the 'God's Realm' to have his revenge.

And during his stay on the Atlas World he was fallen in love on a human being and he forgot about his revenge because of it. And so he chose to stay and lived a peaceful life. And after few years, the wife of the Fallen God gave birth to a child.

The child have a body of a Human but wield a power of a God. The child grew up and became a special existence called the 'Child of God'.

When the other Gods on the 'God's Realm' discovered about that, they became enraged and refused to accept an existence that is not created by them, so they send their 'Envoys' and ordered them to kill the Fallen God and his family.

The Fallen God and his wife sacrificed their life in exchange for their son's escape. The Son escaped on a forest and hidden himself there for a long time.

When he reveal himself again, his appearance changed. His body remain the same as Human but his arms transformed into a demon's arm, his back have a bat wings with eagle feathers. He became a 'Transcendent Being' and he called himself a 'Nephilim' a 'Fallen Child of God'.

He traveled around the world and assassinated all the 'God's Envoys'. The Gods was enraged once again and want to send their armies down to the Atlas World to hunt down the 'Nephilim', but the 'Goddess of Moon'(the Goddess of Elves) was against about it. For her, they are the real reason why their Envoys have died because if they didn't refused to accept the existence of the kid then all of this will not happen, and the 'Atlas God' (God of Humans and a friend of God of Sun) agreed to it.

Then it resulted a rift between the Gods, and because of it, the races that served under them waged war to each other and it became the start of the new Era the 'Warring Era'.

The Elves and Humans were suppressed because they become the focused of attacks of the other races. When the 'Nephilim' saw this, he directly help them because Humans were his roots since his mother is also a Human, and while he was in hiding a group of Elves took care of him.

And because of his assistance the Elves and Humans formed an Alliance and builded a new Religion that worshipped The God of Sun, Goddess of Moon and The Atlas God, and they called it's Church as the 'Church of The Sun and The Moon' while the 'Nephilim' became their first Envoy.


Shin is reading the history of the Church in the forums while he is waiting for the approval of his 'Request of Audience' to be approve. Even he is not positive about it because he didn't have enough 'Fame' to see an important person like 'Archbishop Ronald' he still give it a try since it is a part of his quest.

"Hmm.. The history of this Church is quite interesting. I wonder what kind of Special Class will I get here." said Shin while sitting on a bench on the waiting area.

Then suddenly a person with red robe enters the Church. He is being escort by a bunch of NPC Paladins and some Priests in tow.

When Shin see the Name above the person's head, his eyes glow and his lips form an exited smile while shouting. "Archbishop Ronald! can I have an audience with you!? I have....." But before he manage to finish what he want to say he is surrounded by the group of the Paladins that escorting the Archbishop.

"Imprudent Commoner! How can you shout at the Archbishop like that? That is considered as a crime. Men arrest this guy and put him in the jail and imprison him for two weeks." said the Captain of the Paladins.

"Wait.... I... I ..." Shin become speechless when see the Paladins apprehending him.

He is being drag by the Paladins when suddenly the Archbishop get a glimpse on Shin's right hand then he shouted. "Wait! bring that young man here."

The Archbishop wait for the Paladins bring Shin in front of him before saying. "Young man, show me the back of your right hand."

When Shin hear that he hurriedly raise his right hand show the mark at the back of it to the Archbishop. Then the eyes of Archbishop Ronald shine with a bright light while taking a careful look at it, after few moments he said to his guards. "Bring that young man in praying hall and wait for me."

Shin wait for entire two hours before Archbishop Ronald arrive at the praying hall, and the moment he enter the hall he walk straight to Shin and directly said. "Young man, how and where did you get that mark on your hands?"

"Eh? I get this mark on a strange cave on...." Shin got speechless at first because of Archbishop's straight forwardness, then after few seconds he explain what he have experienced.

"You have a quite interesting story there young man. But I can't believe you just yet, so if you don't present me a strong evidence then you will regret coming here now." said Archbishop Ronald before his eyes turn fierce while releasing a terrifying aura.

Shin is frozen in place the moment he feel the aura that Archbishop releases while his ears are being spam by a series of fear statuses.

Shin don't know what to do until he suddenly remember the items that he got in that cave, so hurriedly took out the Mask and Katana then show it to the Archbishop while saying. "Your Highness these are the items that I've get after that strange Statue leave."

The Katana and the Mask fly on Archbishop's hands and inspect it. After few minutes, the Archbishop remove his aura and look on eyes become gentle. He look at Shin and said. "Young man do you know the significance of the mark on your hand?"

When the Archbishop see Shin shakes his head he patiently said. "That mark is called the 'Mark of Eclipse'. It is wield by the previous Envoys of the 'Church of The Sun and The Moon', and that being on your hand means that you are the Chosen successor of them."

"It have different kinds of abilities that can assist the Envoys, I don't know what are those, because I'm not an Envoy myself but I can assure you that those abilities are powerful."

"But the question is are you willing to become our Envoy? Let me remind you that becoming our Envoy means Living and Dying for the sake of the Church, so do you want to become our Envoy?" asked the Archbishop after he explained the significance of the mark at the back of Shin's right hand.

Without further ado Shin nods his head, he forget about everything all that in his mind is to get a Special Class. And what is a Special Class? It is a Class that have OP skills and powerful abilities.

When Archbishop Ronald see Shin nods his head he instruct Shin to go the Altar at the center of the praying hall. And when Shin is in the center of the Altar the Archbishop starts the ceremony.

The Altar shines with a blinding light and enfold Shin then he floats in the air, but before he enjoy the feeling he hears the Archbishop's good news together with a bad news. "Ah! I forgot to tell you this. All our Envoys are 'Transcendent Beings', so you are going to be convert into one, and it is going to become a little painful."

Shin don't have a time to react on what the Archbishop said when all the lights that are being release by the Altar enter Shin's body. Shin cry in agony because the pain that he is enduring can't be compared to the word 'Little'.

Shin feels that his body is being change forcefully. And after few minutes of suffering the long awaited sound ring on Shin's ears and what's more a series of it.


System: Congratulations you have successfully converted to a 'Transcendent Race' 'Nephilim'. Please look at the information panel to see the details about your Race.


System: You become a 'Transcendent Race'. The list of the unlocked 'Transcendent Race' is now available on your Information Panel.


System: Congratulations you have successfully Promoted in to a 'Special Class'. Please look at your Information Panel to know more about your Class.


System: You become a 'Transcendent Race' with a 'Special Class'. You can now see the current Class of the other 'Transcendent Race'


Shin is smiling ear to ear when he walk out the Church. He take a look again at the details of his Race at the Information Panel.


Race: Nephilim

- They are the offspring of a Fallen God and a Human being. They have the Body of Evil but have a Sacred Heart.

Racial Trait:

- Body of Evil: A body of Nephilim is Evil because it is from the Forbidden love of A Fallen God and a Human.

•It gives you a powerful defense and supply you an unlimited Stamina.

- Sacred Heart: The Heart of Nephilim is Sacred because it is bless by The 'Goddess of Moon' and Atlas God'.

•Your Magic Attack now is doubled.

- Mark of Eclipse:

1. Power of the Sun and the Moon:

•Your Physical Attacks now deals burning damage.

=Burning Damage: 2% of your Total Physical Damage.

•Your Magical Attacks now deals Freezing

=Freezing: The moment speed of enemies is slowed by 20% every time you hit them by your magical attacks.

2. Descent of the Fallen God: (Locked)

3. ???? : (Locked)


"Transcendent Race sure are OP, they are a cut above compared to other Races. I wonder how strong the others." said Shin while taking a look at 'Transcendent Beings' Panel.


'Transcendent Beings'

1. High Human:

- Sword Saint (Tier 2)

- Weapon Grandmaster (Tier 2)

2. DragonKin:

- Dragon Knight (Tier 2)

3. Ancient Elf:

- Elven Sage (Tier 2)

- Shadow Dancer (Tier 2)

4. True Undead:

- Occultist (Tier 2)

- Night Stalker (Tier 2)

5. Primodal Beast:

- Barbarian King (Tier 2)

- Destroyer (Tier 2)

6. Ninetails:

- Shakti (Tier 2)

7. Asmodian:

- Diabolic Esper (Tier 2)

- Arch Heretic (Tier 2)

8. Deva:

- Immortal Deviant (Tier 2)

9. Asura:

- Ruin Blader (Tier 2)

10. Nephilim:

- Slayer (Tier 1)


"Well looks like I'm the weakest in the group. Base on my Class description, I'll be promoted to 'Grim Reaper' once I pass the Trail at Level 50, OK that will be my first target for now." said Shin when saw the list. Then he look at his skill list with glowing eyes.


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