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There are some public battles that can be spectate by other players. And the 'Battle Royale Arena' is one of them.

The powerful guilds even assigned some of their people to spectate these battles to recruit some talented players that have just promoted to Tier 2.

And currently, these guild scouts notice some remarkable players on different Battle Royale Arenas. And one of them is a swordsman that acts like an assassin.

Since the start of the Battle Royale, this swordsman managed to kill two hundred of players already. And what's more; there are also another pair of swordsmen that act like the one working solo.In the observers' stand, a group of players are currently watching these three swordsmen.

"Hey Cap't! These guys looks like in the same group. And their movements also have a lot of similarities. Perhaps they already belong to an organization. So let's stop wasting our time on them." Said by a Master Twilight Dark Elf impatiently.

A Master Berserker TigerKin is sitting beside the Dark Elf, and from the looks of it, he is the Captain the the later is referring to. The TigerKin turn his head to the side as he give the Human Bishop on his back a sidelong glace and ask. "What do you think, Black Hand?"

It turns out that these guys are S.Tigris and his group.

The Human Bishop thought for a moment before replying at his Captain. "Strange. These guys are too strange in my eyes. Same skills, same movements, and same techniques."

"If they are really from the same organization, then having the same movements and techniques shouldn't be an issue. But having a batch of exactly same skills? That was too odd, no matter how I look at it."

"And there are only two explanation with that. First, if they are from the same organization, then that organization managed to find a swordsman special class that they can monopolize."

"The other explanation is these three swordsmen are the same entity. Which means that the two of these three are just clones, and it is quite obvious who is real one, isn't it?"

The Master Twilight Dark Elf which is 'Raven' looked at 'Black Hand' with wide eyes and said. "Hey Old Black! What kind of brain do you have inside that head of yours? How can you deduct that much information by just observing?"

Ara rolled her eyes at Raven before saying. "You are just an idi*t!"

Raven glared at Ara and said. "What? Did you also came up with the same conclusion as Old Black?"

And while the two are bickering with each other, S.Tigris suddenly received a message from their Higher-Ups.

After reading the contents of the message, S.Tigris suddenly formed a mysterious smile before telling the two stop. "OK, you guys can stop bickering now. I've gotten some idea on who is that guy."

"Is he related to the message that you got Captain?" Said by the Human Guardian that stayed silent since they came here.

S.Tigris nodded his head and said to the Human Guardian. "As expected of you, Ringgo. You are always paying attention at everything."

Then S.Tigris turn his attention back to the Battle Royale Arena before continuing. "Some of the Elders said that the guy named 'Sickarius' finally showed himself up. What's more; he do some amazing feat to introduce himself in the circle."

Ara suddenly become interested and asked. "Really? What he did? Tell me! Tell me!"

"Here, Take a look at it yourselves." S.Tigris send a video to the four of them before resuming to observe the assassin-like swordsman.

"Whoa! Using 'Aura Manifestation' inside the game? Then this guy is really not simple!" Said by Raven with astounded gaze.

"That was not all. Did you see at the start of his battle with the other guys, a Human Sniper is hiding in the crowd and ambush him from the start?" Said Ara while pointing at the source of the stick of bluish-white light that pierced through the head of Shin's afterimage.

Then 'Ringgo' take over and continue what Ara wants to say. "But that Human Sniper didn't fired any more shots for the rest of battle after this guy dodge the first shot, which is pretty much odd."

Then Black Hand answered that mystery for them. "It only means that the swordsman managed to kill that Sniper after dodging the first shot."

"What!? He managed to pinpoint the location of the Human Sniper from that first gunfire? Then he manage went through the crowd, find the Sniper, kill him and get back to the battle in span of seconds? That was... That was... Strong!" Said Raven dumbfoundingly when he realize how amazing was that.

"And the Elders said that that guy went to Divine Colosseum after killing of those guys." Said by S.Tigris without removing his eyes at the Battle Royale Arena.

And that is when the other four realized what their Captain is implying. They simultaneously look at S.Tigris while saying with a tone that is full of disbelief.

"It can't be!"

"No way!"

"For real!?"

"What the?"

And the bigger shock for them is that this guy named 'Sickarius' is just a newly promoted player! And he managed to beat a High Ranker in a one-on-one battle without having a Battle Physique! 

And that also means that his character have a very high foundation, since he can contend with a player that should have a superior basic attributes than him. How amazing was that? Well that was not needed to be explained.


Meanwhile, the man that they are talking about is acting like a real 'Grim Reaper' in the battlefield.

Shin stop on a secluded place to take a look at his 'Kill Count/ Divine Energy Window' for a moment.

Kill count: 238

Collected Divine Energies: 2 673

After that, he look at the leaderboard to see his ranking.


Leaderboard - Players Remaining: 295

1. HellBan - 545 Kills/ 6 272 Divine Energies

2. Exheart - 429 Kills/ 4 289 Divine Energies

3. Bryan - 367 Kills/ 3 578 Divine Energies

4. Sickarius - 238 Kills/ 2 673 Divine Energies

5. Classy - 144 Kills/ 1 987 Divine Energies





"Hmm... These should be enough. I guess it is time to regroup with my Clones." muttered Shin to himself before closing the window.

Then he tried locate his clones. But a moment later, his face suddenly turned serious as he suddenly entered a stealth mode before rushing towards a certain direction.


On the other side, the Sun and Moon clones are being cornered by a group of 30 players. And all of them are quite skilled.

And in the middle of the group in the back lines, A Human Sniper is busy giving out some orders. "Don't let them escape! Those two have killed a lot of players already, so they should have a lot Divine Energies. Bishops, use your 'Illuminating Light' alternately so that they can't escape using their stealth skills. Master Archers should be ready to use your 'Scouting Skills' in case they manage to escape the encirclement."

Each of the Sun and Moon clones are busy dealing with 5 melee players in front of them. And at the same time, they need to be wary of the skills of the range players in the distance.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Bang! Bang!

The Sun Clone is push into a corner with no way out. The Moon Clone wants to rescue its partner, but it is immediately intercepted by the players in front of it.

The Human Sniper's lips suddenly curve upwards when he saw that. "Alright! It is time to finish this. And remember! Let me get the last hit."

While they are getting ready to finish off the Sun Clone, a White Elf Master Archer suddenly noticed someone rushing towards them. He look at their leader and said. "Young Master, there is another player. And he is currently rushing towards us."

The Human Sniper give the new arrival a sidelong glace before ordering the other players around him. "Tsk, it is just a single player you can deal with him. Just use your skils to prevent him from getting near at us. We'll deal at him when we are done with the other two."

After receiving the order, the Human Snipers and Master Archers in the group suddenly use their skills to rain down at the new guy. But something unexpected happened when those skill arrived a meter from that guy.

It turns out the this new guy is a swordsman. And he swing his swords left and right to deflect the incoming magic bullets and mana arrows.

Moments later, the new guy arrived at the 25-meter mark away from the other group without getting hit by a single skill. And that sight makes the other group to panic a little.


Shin arrived at the scene where his clones are being cornered. And when the other group notice his arrival, they started to pouring skills at his direction.

He immediately pulled his swords out and use them to execute the 'Infinity Edge' combat technique. And when he arrived at the 25-meter mark away from the other group, their Magic related class started using their spells at him.

Shin immediately stopped using the 'Infinity Edge' when he saw that. Then he accelerated forward and left a bunch of afterimages behind as he do some zigzag movements in the process.


Bang! Bang!


When he arrived at the 15-meter mark, Shin tightens his grip at the [Dusk Blade] before swinging it powerfully at his front. Second later, a powerful Energy falls from the sky and it is directed at the opposing group.

'Grim Reaper Skill (Tier 2): Ragna Blade'


Shin's movements are too sudden and too fast to react, so it is already too late to dodge when the other group felt the powerful Energy wave that is falling from the sky. What's more; that powerful Energy have a 10-meter radius range so all of them were devour by it in whole.

And since all of them are either a range class, magical class or support type players that don't have a very high HP or a powerful defense, that sword-like Energy is able to annihilate all of them.


-500 673(Critical)

The powerful explosion caught the attention of the melee players that are dealing with the Sun and Moon Clones. And the moment they turn their heads, they were immediately greeted by a shocking sight.

All of their back line players at already lifelessly lying on the ground as some of the Divine Energy on their bodies are being transfered to a hooded figure that is slowly walking towards them.

And this guy is radiating with a very dangerous aura. He is looking down at them like a God of Death of the battlefield.

And before those guys manage to do anything, the Sun and Moon Clones immediately executed them and take their Divine Energies.

After that, the clones arrived at Shin's side before transferring their collected Divine Energies to him. And because of that, Shin's ranking on the leaderboard suddenly shot up from 4 to 2.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Then Shin suddenly heard someone's clapping. He turn his head at the source of the sound and saw a hooded figure walking towards them.

The hooded figure stops 30-meters away from Shin and said. "Exheart and Bryan are old acquaintance of mine, So~♪ You must be the 'Sickarius' guy since there are only four remaining people in this battle arena."

Shin knitted his brows before looking at the newly updated leaderboard.


Leaderboard - Remaining Players: 4

1. HellBan - 550 Kills/ 7 972 Divine Energies

2. Sickarius - 542 Kills/ 7 677 Divine Energies

3. Exheart - 510 Kills/ 6 989 Divine Energies

4. Bryan - 490 Kills/ 6 378 Divine Energies


"I thought that those two will be my greatest opponent in this Battle Royale. But I didn't expect that a dark horse will came out of nowhere." said by HellBan while observing Shin.

And before Shin managed to say anything, a WolfKin with a saber appeared at roof of a ruined store and interrupted them. "Looks like there is something happening here. Can I join the fun?"

And immediately after WolfKin show himself, another player arrived at the scene. This guy is a Blood Elf, and he is currently holding a three meter long spear. He take a quick glance at the three before saying to them. "I am not late, right?"

"You two are right on time. I'm about to finish this guy off, and since you already come then it saves me a lot of time to find you." said HellBan.

The WolfKin clicked his tongue before saying to HellBan. "Tsk, you are always been arrogant HellBan. Why don't you learn with this new friend. He don't want to say anything since it is going to become useless if I killed all of you."

The Blood Elf guy shook his head and said to the other two. "You two are always been like this. You should be careful at what you are saying, you might bite your tongue accidentally."

Shin didn't say anything and let them bicker with each other.

After some time, HellBan run out of patience and said. "Alright! Just come at me together. We can save our times that way. And I'm going to win this Battle Royale after all."

"Heh, do you think you are the strongest here? You better be careful, HellBan. You might bite off more than you can chew." said by the WolfKin before turning his head at the Blood Elf. "What do you think Exheart?"

The Blood Elf with a spear turn his head at Shin before saying. "If you are talking about on who should I be wary, then it should be that guy."

"Him? Tsk! He should be a lucky guy that managed to stand with us." said by the WolfKin.

Shin release a helpless sigh before saying to the three. "So what's plan now? Are you just going to chat with each other or are we going to fight?"

The WolfKin look at the Blood Elf named Exheart and said. "You take on this guy while I'll take HellBan. After that, we settle our scores."

Exheart is about to nod his head when Shin interrupted them. "You guys got me all wrong. What am I saying is that I'm going to take the three of you myself."

Then the other three simultaneously look at Shin before looking at him mockingly."Do you think that those Clones of yours are enough to handle us?" said by the WolfKin.

Shin smirk at that guy and said. "Heh! If I were you, then I will not underestimate my Clones. Oh~♪ And I'm not talking about these guys."

Shin pause for a moment to summon another clone which is more powerful than the other two.

'Phantom Swordsman Skill: Phantom Apparition'

At the same time, he wave his left arm to disguise that he unsummon the Sun and Moon Clones. But the truth is he let the two to enter stealth modes to hide themselves from the sight of others before secretly fusing together. Then a brand-new clone that is no weaker than the Phantom Clone was created.

'Equipment Skill: Spirit Fusion'

And then, Phantom Clone appeared at the right side of Shin while radiating with a dangerous aura. The Eclipse Clone on the other hand didn't show itself and hide few distance away from Shin's back while waiting for the right time come out.

And that is when Shin open his mouth to complete what he were saying. "I'm talking about this guy."

And when the other three see the Phantom Clone, the looks on their faces suddenly turned serious. Then they look at each, before having a mutual agreement. 'We need to take down this new guy first. And teach him a little lesson.'


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