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Child of Destiny 117 Shin shows his Initial Might!

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Yo! Guys!

I'll be using the prefix 'Master' before the name of the Class, indicating that they are in 'Tier 2 Class'.


Master Berserker TigerKin, Master Twilight Dark Elf, Master Aquamancer Naga and etc..

And that is only for players that don't have special class. And it is only applicable on the Classes of the other races aside from Human Race.

As you can remember 'Tier 2 Classes' of Human Race have 2 paths. And if want to remember how they are called then just go to 'Chapter 44' and re-read it.


Shin is still able to perceive the presence of the other experts that are trailing behind him as he walk along the City Streets. Same goes for the players that are hiding in the crowd just to observe him.

\"Tsk, an quite annoying group of flies.\" Muttered Shin as he mark the guys that he need to look out for.

Moments later, the crowd on the street started to thin down. And that is the time for those guys to make their move.

A group of 7 hooded players appeared few meters away from Shin's front as they block his path, and preventing him from moving forward.

These players are quite strong base on the aura that they were releasing. And from Shin's estimate, these guys are at least a group of Official Rankers at the very least. But Shin doesn't give a d*mn on whatever or whoever they are! He continue walking forward with the same pace and manner.

Shin is currently Level-82 even if he just finished his Class Promotion Quest.

Normally, players that just promoted to Tier 2 Class are Elite players that are around Level-76 to Level 80.

But Shin is different from them. Because when he tackle his Tier 2 Promotion Quest he is already Level-76, while the quest itself is a special one with a double difficulty, so he was teleported into a special dungeon compared to the normal ones.

And inside that special dungeon, Shin managed to grind 3 level in 7-days(In game Time) because of the 'x2 EXP Boost'. And when he was done with his quest, he was immediately rewarded with 5 extra levels as a basic reward of that quest.

So with his current level together with his 5-pieces of Platinum Rank equipments and 3-pieces of Black Mithril Rank equipments, his basic attributes doesn't lose much on these Official Rankers. In fact, he might even have a higher attributes than them.

And If he use the gamer's dictionary, then he can already consider himself as an Unofficial Ranker. So he is not afraid of them at all.

The Ranker's group was caught in a dilemma when they saw that Shin have no intention of stopping.

\"Hey! Are you looking to die?\" Said by the player who is in the middle of the group and from the looks of it, he is their leader.

But when he said those words, his voice is becoming softer and softer until no one can hear him anymore when said the last word.

It is because as he watch Shin walking closer to them, he felt that there is a powerful monster walking towards them. And for every step that Shin have take, he felt like there is a heavy hammer being pounded on his heart.

The more he look at Shin the more scared he got. He can also see an image of a majestic tiger standing at Shin's back, and it is looking down at him.

'WTF!? What am I feeling?' Thought the leader as swallow a mouthful of saliva before taking a look at his teammates.

And that is when he discovered that he is not the only one experiencing it. The other three on his teammates are even worse.

Even if they are wearing cloaks to hide their figures, the leader can still see that they are trembling because of fear.

'Who the hell is this guy?' Asked the the leader to himself as he turn his attention back to Shin.

Their Captain ordered them to block this guy's path and test the waters. But from the looks of things, this guy is no ordinary player.

Shin is only walking yet they are already scared to the point that they are either trembling with fear or sweating bullets.

And Shin is only walking few meters away from them, and a person usually only needs to take a few second to travel that distance. But to them, they felt they are already standing in their places for ages.

And when Shin is about to walk through them, they subconsciously move out of his away as they make path for him.

And when Shin is finally few meters away from them, the group of seven finally managed to breath normally as they release a sigh of relief.

'What was that!?'That was the thought lingering in their minds as they try to recall what have just happened.

They might be confused on what have happened, but not the experts that are mixed on the crowd or hiding in the dark to observe. Especially the players that are also Martial-Art Practioners in Real World.

'Aura Manifestation', as special technique used by Martial-Artist to suppress their opponents in battle. And the stronger the Martial-Artist, the more powerful his/her 'Aura Manifestation'.

And if the target have a weaker mind or if they don't have a strong willpower, then it is impossible for them to fight the user of the 'Aura Manifestation', which is what exactly happened on the previous group.

And the most worth mentioning here is if Shin manage to use this technique inside the game, then he is no ordinary Martial-Artist in Real World, which also makes him a remarkable player inside this game.

\"Interesting! Looks like we are going to catch a big fish this time.\"

\"Tsk! Showoff! Did he honestly believe that he is the only one can do that?\"

\"Hmm... Looks like the Boss will like this guy.\"

\"I guess my trip on here is not going to be a waste.\"

\"Another target that is worthy of some bounty.\"


After that, Shin continue walking towards the Divine Colosseum. But another group of players block his path. And this time, they are no ordinary Rankers. The one in the middle is a High Ranker, while the other two players behind him should be a pair veteran Official Rankers. That was Shin's blind guess.

\"That was a nice display of strength, but that kind of trick doesn't work on us, so just behave yourself and come with us quietly.\" said a person in the middle of the three.

Shin raise on of his brows and asked. \"And who the hell are you?\"

\"Who are we is not important, what you need to concern about is to whether you come with us or not.\" replied by the leader.

\"And what if I don't want come with you.\" said Shin with provoking tone.

\"Then you are going to pay for the humiliation that you give to my subordinates.\" said the other guy solemnly.

Shin's mouth suddenly curve upwards as he sneered at the guy. \"So you are with those weaklings.\"

The captain guy's face suddenly turned solemn after hearing those words, but he didn't let his anger cloud his judgment. He took a deep breath as he try to calm himself down, but Shin's next words hit his limit.

\"If you want to fight, then let's fight. But if you don't want to, then stop blocking my way and don't bother me. I still have a lot of things to do, so I don't have a time to waste with you, cowards.\" said Shin as he resume walking forward.

\"Cowards? Did you just call us cowards? I'm going to teach you a lesson that you shouldn't mess with us.\" said the captain guy solemnly. \"Now!\"


A sound of a sniper rifle resonated in the crowd of players watching few distance away from Shin and the other group. The magic bullet from the rifle leaves a trail of bluish-white light as it travel towards Shin with a great speed.

Shin smirks at his opponents and said. \"What a cowardly move.

\"Then a system notifications sounded on his ears as it appeared on his Notification Window.


System: Player 'HanVan' attacked you! He and his team are branded with Red Tags. You have 15 minutes to retaliate.


Shin release a helpless sigh before muttering to himself. \"What an idi*t! If you want to assassinate someone, then make sure that you are not in a team so that they will not be implicated when you fail.\"

Then the bullet pierced through Shin's head. Eh!? No. It passed through Shin's head as his body turned illusionary and began to fade away.


Then the other group suddenly become on high alert when the see that. They immediately pulled their weapons out as they careful scan their surroundings.

The captain guy is holding a two-handed Battle Axe indicating that he is a 'Master Berserker'. While one of the two have a pair longswords and other one have a long magical staff, and that indicates that they are a 'Dual Blader' and a magic related class respectively.

The Human Sniper on the other is busy mixing himself on the crowd while also trying to locate Shin. A moment later, he bump into a player.

The Human Sniper is about to curse the player that he bumped into when he was suddenly frozen in place as he realized the identity of the guy.

Shin raise his head a little so that the Human Sniper can see the lower half of his face. Then he smile at the later before saying with a playful tone. \"Are you looking for me?\"

The Human Sniper is about to raise his rifle when he suddenly saw a multiple flash of light with his eyes. Then he suddenly felt that his body is falling on the ground as his sight is starting to turned dark.

The entire process is to fast for the Human Sniper to understand everything. A moment earlier he is standing in front Shin, and the next moment he already died.


The players on the crowd suddenly heard a soft sound in their backs. They turn their heads and saw a player laying of the ground and that guy is already starting to turn into a particles of light.

Meanwhile, Shin is already out on the scene the moment he looted the sniper rifle that the Human Sniper had dropped after being killed.


System: Your party member 'HanVan' is dead.

\"What!? How and when did it happened? That guy just fired a single magic bullet.\" said the captain guy startlingly when he saw the system notification.

Then they immediately get into formation. The captain guy and the Human Dual Blader move to each side of their other comrade while alertly looking at their surroundings.

Then the player with magical class suddenly felt a dangerous feeling. He immediately raise his staff and cast a ball of light above head, lighting up everything and revealing all invisible units.

'Priest Skill: Illuminating Light'

Then Shin was reveal at everyone's sight. Unfortunately it is already too late, he is already standing three meters away from the Human Bishop.

\"Let me try some of my Tier 2 Skills then.\" muttered Shin to himself as he hop forward before swing the [Dusk Blade] and [Dawn Blade] at the body of the Human Bishop five times. What's more; the damage dealt by each of Shin's successive strikes is stronger than the other.

'Grim Reaper Skill (Tier 2): Purgatory Slash: Penta Slash'

-35 782

-71 564

-107 346

-143 128

-178 910(Killed)

The Human Bishop just raise his staff to blink away when Shin's slashes landed at him. So when his body was teleported into a distance, it is already his cold corpse. And that is only the time when the other two manage to react.

\"F*ck You!\" said by the Human Dual Blader when he saw what have happened. He immediately pounce at Shin while swinging his swords downwards.

\"Idi*t! Don't!\" shouted by the captain guy when he saw his teammates actions.

But it is already too late, because the [Dawn Blade] on Shin's left hand had already accumulated enough Life Energy. He immediately swing it rightwards, sending a crescent sword wave at the pouncing Dual Blader.

'Grim Reaper Skill (Tier 2): Purgatory Slash: Energy Wave'


The Human Dual Blader immediately stopped his downward slash and swiftly cross his swords in front of him. Unfortunately, it is too late for him to cast a defensive skill so all he can do is to lessen the damage that he will take from this incoming sword wave.


-167 626

The Human Dual Blader was sent flying backwards after taking the powerful Energy Wave.At the same time, the captain guy immediately block Shin's path to prevent him from chasing after the Dual Blader. But Shin just give him a smirking smile before disappearing from the captain guy's sight.

'Basic Combat Technique: Vanishing Step'

\"Not on my watch!\" said the the captain guy as he stomp his right foot on the ground, sending a powerful shockwave on all direction and having a range of 10-meter radius away from him.

'Master Berserker Skill (Tier 2): Destruction Stomp'


This skill might stop some other swordsman that are using similar foot technique, since this shockwave is a perfect counter for the users of special footwork combat techniques.

Unfortunately, Shin is not an ordinary swordsman. Because before the shockwave reach his body, he is already sucked by a void and teleported into the back of flying swordsman.

'Elemental Skill (Void): Void Steps'

Then Shin immediately swing the his swords on his hands three times, once for the [Dawn Blade] and twice for the [Dusk Blade].

'Self-Created Skill: Triple Slash'

-32 889

-49 334

-65 778

Immediately after that, a humanlike shadow manifested at Shin's back before mimicking the 'Triple Slash' that he have just executed.

'Phantom Swordsman Skills: Phantom Strike'

-32 889

-49 334

-65 778

Then Shin throw a powerful downward slash with the [Dawn Blade], smashing the Human Dual Blader on the ground.

'Extra Skill: Falling Lightblade'

-95 673


And when the Dual Blader bounce upwards, he is immediately greeted by another downward slash. But this time, it is with greater force.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'

-125 556(Killed)

And the Human Dual Blader died just like that. At the same time, he drop a necklace that have a golden glow.

Shin immediately sheath his swords on each side of his waist before bending his knees, picking up the necklace and putting it in his inventory space. Accessories are quite rare in this game after all, and he is currently lacking a necklace too, so it is quite perfect for him.

The captain guy become even more enrage when he saw Shin's actions. First, Shin made his subordinates to trembled in fear and forced them not to fight him with his aura alone.

Next, is Shin not putting them into his eyes. And that was followed by the repeated deaths of his teammates with his presence. And now, Shin just ignored him and take the item that his teammates had dropped right in front of his eyes.

The captain guy gritted his teeth and said to Shin hoarsely. \"You will regret doing that!\"

\"Oh! Really! Then how about you come at me now so that we don't waste each of our time?\" said Shin lazily as he stretch his waist left and right.


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