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Child of Destiny 115 A Great Harves

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The first thing that Shin have check are the details of the black and white pair of curve swords.


Item Name: [Dusk Blade]

Item Type: Weapon (One-handed sword)

Item Rank: Black Mithril

Stats: (Adjust According to Level)

Current Level: 75

Physical Attack: 5 500 - 5 500

Magical Attack: 4 500 - 4 500

+50% AGI and STR

+30% INT

+1 Attack Speed

20% Change to Deal 200% Physical Damage on each Basic Attack.

10% Change to Deal 300% Physical Damage on each Basic Attack.

Additional Skills:

1. Blade of the Dusk(Passive): Each of your basic attack will increase your attack damage by 2% if you successfully hit your enemy. And 1% if you hit their weapon.

Maximum Stacks: 30%

2. Darkness(Active): Raise the [Dusk Blade] in the air while focusing all the Dusk Energy on it.

Then the [Dusk Blade] will create a Dark World around you. And all the enemies inside the Dark World will receive a 10% decrease in all of their stats, and 30% on their movement speeds.

Duration: 5 Minutes

Range: 20 meters

Cooldown: 30 minutes

3. Dusk Cutter(Active): Channels the power of Dusk on this sword before slashing it forward, sending a crescent sword Qi that deal some damage base on their distance away from you.

1-2 Meter 500% Physical Damage

3-4 Meters 400% Physical Damage

5-6 Meters 300% Physical Damage

And so on.

Cooldown: 30 minutes

4. The Dusk and Dawn(Active/Passive): Combine the [Dusk Blade] and [Dawn Blade] into one, transforming it into a 'Scythe of Death'. While you, yourself will enter a Reaper's State.

•Reaper's State: All your stats will become tripled in this state while your movement speed will receive a +200% boost.

Duration: 15 Minutes

Cooldown: 3 Hours

Set Effects: 7/7

•2: +30% Physical Defense, +40% Magic Resistance.

•3: +3000 Physical Attack and Magical Attack

•4: All Attributes +50%

•5: +5% to all Skill Completion Rates.

•6: Warden's Authority(Passive): +50% More damage against any kind of dark creatures(Undead, Asmodian, Devils, Corrupted Beings, etc.).

And +50% more defense against any light related attacks.

•7: Death Sentence(Active): When you are in Reaper's State, you have the right to take someone else life.

Range: 100 meters away from you.

Kill Order: 2 times(Sure Kill Single Target Skill)

Cooldown to recharge: 1 week

Note 1: Can only use on a player.Note 2: The enemies that become victim of this skill will enter a weakened state for one Natural Week when they respawned.


Item Name: [Dawn Blade]

Item Type: Weapon (One-handed Sword)

Item Rank: Black Mithril

Stats: (Adjust According to Level)

Current Level: 75

Physical Attack: 4 500 - 4 500

Magical Attack: 5 500 - 5 500

+50% AGI and INT

+30% STR

+1 Attack Speed

+5% to all Skill Completion Rates

+1 Rank to all of your Magical Skills.

Additional Skills:

1. Blade of the Dawn(Passive): Every Basic Attack will accumulate 1 point of Dawn Energy.

And when the Dawn Energy reaches 20 points, all of it will automatically release and will give you a +30% Attack Speed and +50% Movement Speed for 10 seconds.

Note: You can't stack any Dawn Energy when they are just released.

2. Radiance (Active): Raise the [Dawn Blade] in the air while focusing the power of Dawn on it.

Then the [Dawn Blade] will release a powerful light in all direction while all the enemies inside the 20-meter range will receive 300% Magical Damage.

Cooldown: 10 Minutes

3. Radiant Withdraw(Active): Forcefully take the Mana in the environment to recover 1% of the user's Total MP for 15 seconds.

Cooldown: 30 minutes

4. The Dusk and Dawn(Active/Passive): Combine the [Dawn Blade] and [Dusk Blade] into one, transforming it into a 'Scythe of Death'. While you, yourself will enter a Reaper's State.

•Reaper's State: All your stats will become tripled in this state while your movement speed will receive a +200% boost.

Duration: 15 Minutes

Cooldown: 3 Hours


\"Now, it is clear that this set is a specialized one for my Class. But these swords' ranks are a level higher than the other parts? Well that is even better, so I shouldn't complain much.\" Muttered Shin as he saw the details of these swords.

Then a sudden thought enters his mind.  \"Wait! If I use this set, then it should be in my real identity. My battle style will become different too if I'm using these two swords.\"

Then Shin started forming a plan for his equipments. \"Hmm.. The [Nightwalker's Cloak] skills are perfect for the 'Lycanthropy' skill since they are Shadow related. Then I should be using this cloak when I'm using this set.\"

\"As for the [Dawn's Mantle], I'll use it when I'm in 'Nameless Swordsman' persona and partner it with my other set. It is also to prevent other people to become suspicious of me.\"

\"But its color doesn't suit my taste. Hmm... Maybe I should asked Miss Harmony to change it for me.\"

Next, he check out the skills that he get from his other Class.


Skill Name: Phantom Steps

Skill Rank: Rare

Skill Details: Teleport above the shadow of any single target inside the ten-meter radius away from you.

Cooldown: 10 seconds


Skill Name: Phantom Assassination

Skill Rank: Rare(Quasi Epic)

Skill Details: Transform yourself into a Shadow and enter a stealth mode that will last for 5 minutes.

Every time you leave the stealth mode, you will gain 200% Additional Damage and 50% Movement Speed.Note: Every minute in stealth mode, the bonus damage and movement speed will decrease by 40% and 10% respectively.

Cooldown: 3 Minutes


Skill Name: Phantom Apparition

Skill Rank: Rare(Quasi Epic)

Skill Details: Release a Phantom Clone that can fight with you. The clone's stats is equivalent to 150% of the summoner's stats, and have all of its master's skills including equipment skills.

Duration: 30 Minutes or until it depleted its HP

Cooldown: 3 Hours


Skill Name: Phantom Strike

Skill Rank: Rare(Quasi Epic)

Skill Details: Every time you use this skill, it will copy the last offensive skill that you had executed and re-cast it after one second of delay.

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Note: This skill can't copy a skill that is higher than its rank.


Skill Name: Phantom Dance

Skill Rank: Epic

Skill Details: Release 9 identical copies of yourself that will confuse your enemies. Each copy are indestructible and can be controlled just like a clone, but they can't deal any kind of damage to enemies.

At the same time, you can also swap the position of your original body with any copy on any time you want.

Duration: 15 minutes

Cooldown: 3 Hours


\"What? This Skills are also perfect for the Lycanthropy. Am I that lucky? Why is the whole world helping me? Am I a Child of Destiny?\" Shin can't take his eyes at the details of the skills that he received.It is because these skills are perfectly fit for the other persona that he want to build.

The 'Nameless Swordsman' is a 'Magic Swordsman' with a powerful sword drawing skills. That is what the other players thinking after watching his battles.

If he want to build another persona, then he needs to make it a swordsman that is completely different to a 'Magic Swordsman'.

And with these Phantom series skills together with the skills attached on [Nightwalker's Cloak], he can create an 'Assassin Swordsman' Class. And this style doesn't need a magic skills in it. All he need is high basic attributes for basic attacks and melee skills.

He also don't need the sword drawing skills in this battle style, since the dual-wielding style he need for this 'Assassin Swordsman' is the dual-sword wielding.

\"Hmm... I wonder if I can create another type of Class Fighting Style suitable for my real identity.\" Said Shin to himself while falling into a deep thought.

If the game developers heard what Shin have said, then they might strangle him to death.

A player with a single series of Class Fighting Style Skills is already a huge headache for them, yet he want to create another series for himself?

After that random thought, Shin proceed to check the last batch of skills that he received, the Elemental Skills from his Repear's Retainers.


Skill Name: Void Steps

Skill Rank: Special

Details: Control the void and teleport yourself on any location that you desired inside the 15-meter radius range away from you.

MP Cost: 500

Cooldown: 5 seconds


Skill Name: Mark of the Void

Skill Rank: Special

Details: Every time you successfully land a hit on your enemy with your basic attack, they are going to have the 'Mark of the Void'.

And whoever have this mark will receive a 100% movement slow for one second.

And after the one second duration, the mark will explode, dealing 200% of your Magic Attack.

Note: This skill can't be stack. And once the mark was detonated, the affected target will become immune from getting another mark for ten seconds.


Skill Name: Blood Enchantment

Skill Rank: Special

Details: Through this skill, your bloodline have become stronger.

+10% Physique Improvement

+20% Reaction Speed


Skill Name: Blood Rampage

Skill Rank: Special

Details: Channels some Blood Elemental Mana towards your weapon/s, before swinging them on your front and sending a bunch of crescent sword waves forward.

Each sword wave deals 200% of your Physical Attack.

Duration: 5 seconds

Note: The number of sword waves are proportional to your attacks speed.

1 Attack Speed = 1 Sword Wave


\"Hmm... Another batch of useful Skills. But it is better if at least one of them is an Ultimate Skill. Those skills are powerful and awesome.\" Muttered Shin after seeing that.

Then he started formulating a plan for his skill. And after some careful thinking, he finally come up with the final decision.

The 'Moon Slayer Skills', 'Eclipse Cross', 'Flash of Life' and 'Class Fighting Style' series is for the 'Nameless Swordsman' and that is final. Same goes for the 'Mondi's Style', since it is one of the signature skill of the 'Nameless Swordsman'.

On the other hand, the 'Phantom Skills', 'Elemental Skills', 'Mondi's Movement' and the Tier 2 Grim Reaper Skills that he will get in the Church is for his 'Sickarius' real identity.

As for the 'Sun Slayer Skills', 'Mondi's Jump', 'Triple Slash' and other 'Extra Skills', both of his persona can use them since these skills are pretty much common or similar to the skills of other Swordsman Related Class.

After that, he look for the title that he received.


Title: Envoy of the Church

Rank: Epic

Details: You become a respected individual all over the world, for you are representing the Church of the Sun and the Moon.


+500 to All Major Stats

+250 to All Minor Stats

+125 to All Special Stats

You gain a Worship Status on all Minor Cities. (Limited to Righteous Cities)

You will be treated as a Noble in any Major and Capital City that you visit. (Limited to Righteous Cities)

Extra Skill:

Aura of the Sun and the Moon: All the Dark Creatures 20 meters around you will receive a -30% debuff on all of their stats.


\"Hmm... Not bad. Alright! I'm done with everything here. It is time to get my Tier 2 Skills at the Church.\" Said Shin to himself before crashing a teleportation scroll of the Holy City.


And Shin was teleported to the Teleportation Hall of the Holy City. And when he arrived in there, he immediately felt that there is something amiss.

He suddenly felt that there are a lot of players locked their sights at him the moment he arrived at the hall.

Shin squinted his eyes as he slighty turn his head left and right. \"Quite many, Huh? But they doesn't seem to be on the same group, so I guess it is still fine.\"

After that, Shin ignored them and started walking out of the Hall in a simple and a slow paced manner.

The eyes of the experts mixed in the crowd suddenly turned serious when they saw Shin's actions.

An Expert! And a very strong one at that!

Those was the thought that enters their mind. Shin's movements are quite average compared to other players in the teleportation hall. But on the eyes of these experts, those movements are indication of strength.

His movements are not exquisite but they are rather simple. He is walking like a normal person on the street, but each of his steps didn't waste any kind of useless movement.

What's more is his presence. Other people can't seem to notice Shin even if he is just in front of them, but they unconsciously moving out of his way as he walk on a straight line. And just like that, Shin walked out the hall unhindered.

The other experts present on that hall immediately contract their superiors when they saw that scene. This guy might be the one that they are looking.

Shin immediately put that event at the back of his head when he got out of the hall. Then he walk towards the Church of the Sun and the Moon to have the final ceremony for his Class Promotion.

When Shin arrived at the entrance of the Church, the Paladin Guards guarding the gate immediately statute at him.

Shin give them a slight nod before entering the Church. And inside, an NPC priest immediately greeted Shin and escorted him at the ceremonial hall.

Then the priest stopped outside the hall and beside the huge wooden door, before signaling for Shin to enter.

Shin nodded his head to thank the priest for escorting him before opening the wooden door.

Clank! Clank!


Clap! Clap! Clap!

The moment Shin opened the door, he was immediately greeted by the sound of applause of the Priests, Bishops and Archbishops waiting on the hall.

Shin was stunned for a moment because he is not used to have this kind of attention. He took a deep breath to calm himself down before walking on the red carpet placed on the ground at the middle of the hall.

At the other end of the hall is a stone platform where the 12 Archbishops are standing. When Shin arrived at the foot of the stone platform, he immediately kneel with one knee while bowing his head.

Archbishop Ronald step forward and move at the center of the group. Then he raise his staff and point at Shin while chanting out loud. \"By the powers that was bestowed to us by the Gods above, we the followers of the Sun and the Moon is hereby granting you the blessings of our Church and acknowledging you as our Envoy.\"

After that, a series of system notifications on Shin's ears.


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