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Child of Destiny 113 Ancient Void Spirit Versus Mutated Blood Spiri

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The cover of the coffin was sent flying, then a bunch of crimson steam float out the coffin.

Then someone started getting up from that coffin. First, a pale hand reach out on the edge of the coffin. And that hand have long and sharp fingernails that looks like steel.

Moment later, a humanlike creature stood up from the coffin while emitting a bunch of crimson red Mana around him. This humanlike creature have a long silver hair while have a very pale skill. It is wearing a crimson coat that have some touch of European style on it, same goes for the suit that it wearing under it.


The humanlike creature release a deafening roar that makes the whole hall to trembled violently.

After that, the all of the crimson red particles of light rush towards the humanlike creature and enter its body.


Moments later, that humanlike creature turn its head towards Shin and Hanzo's location before exhaling a bunch of white smoke.

Then Shin finally saw the face of that creature, and it is pretty much similar to a human. If Shin compare this creature into someone, then he will say that this guy is pretty much like a handsome vampire from a certain movie that have a pair of crimson pupils.

Then Shin's eyes suddenly shine with a white light as he gather a bunch of Mana on them to see the details of this humanlike creature.

'Extra Skill: True Sight'


Name: Vladimir(In Berserk State)

Race: Blood Spirit

Life Rating: Mutated Elemental Spirit

Level: ????

Stats: ????

Details: ????


The half of Shin's face suddenly stiffened when he saw the informations about the Blood Spirit. \"The Heck!? This feels like a déjà vu.\"

Then he turn his head at Hanzo and use the 'True Sight' skill at him.


Name: Hanzo

Race: Void Spirit

Life Rating: Ancient Elemental Spirit

Level: ????

Stats: ????

Details: ????


\"What the heck!? I still can't see this Old Man's details? Then how strong is he?\" muttered Shin to himself before turning his attention back to the Blood Spirit.


Vladimir exhaled another bunch of white smoke while glaring at Shin and Hanzo. Then he slowly raise his right arm before forming a claw with his fingers and its steel-like nails. After that, Vladimir swing his right arm downwards in a powerful manner, and sending a claw-like crimson Energy Wave.

'Spirit Skill: Claw of Blood'

\"Kid, I suggest that you get out of this place for as fast as you can.\" said Hanzo calmly before stretching his right arm outwards while opening his hand.

Then a bunch of purple Mana gathered on his hand before forming a weapon. And that weapon is quite strange and unusual, it looks like a broadsword that have two blades that are inverted with each other.

One of the blade is positioned like a normal blade, but the other is positioned below the others' hilt in an upside-down fashion. And Its sharp edge is facing the opposite side of the edge of the other blade.

Hanzo grip the handle in the middle of those blades with his right hand before pulling it backwards while gathering a bunch of Mana on it. Then he swing it powerfully in a horizontal manner, sending a huge purple crescent Energy Wave.

'Spirit Skill: Void Cutter'



A powerful explosion was created when the opposing powers collides with each other. And that explosion sends a powerful gust of wind in all direction, making all the dust on the ground to dance in the air.

\"Kid, Move!\" said Hanzo to Shin before disappearing from Shin's side.

Shin can't hear him clearly because of the previous explosion, but he can still understand his intention base on their previous discussion.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


Shin raise his head to look above, and he see a flash of crimson and purple light inside the thick dust. From time to time, he can see those two clashing with each other. While sometimes they are separated and throwing some powerful skills to the other.

Even if he can't clearly see what's happening because of the think dust in the air, he can still imagine an intense battle between Hanzo and Vladimir base on the lights that he are seeing and the explosions that he are hearing.

Then he suddenly remembered something, he activate his 'True Sight' skill so that he can see through the thick dust in the air.

And for as much as he want to watch the fight, he still can't observe them for now. First thing first, he needs to get out of this hall for as fast as he can.

And when he finally saw the path, he started drawing a plan in his mind on how to use his movement skills. Then he started using them successively. 'Moonlight Steps', 'Sword Rush', 'Sun-Ray Dash' and 'Mondi's Movement'.

And when he managed to reach outside, the duration of the 'Mondi's Movements' have just ended.

\"D*mn! Dodging a residual strength from their attacks are already troublesome. Then how hard is it to face those skills head-on.\" said Shin to himself before taking a seat on a huge boulder.

And the moment Shin's butt touches the ground, the ruined church suddenly exploded, and almost making Shin to jump because of fright.

\"What the heck!?\" cursed Shin before turning his head in the sky.

Then he saw a stick of purple and crimson lights chasing and clashing with each other. \"Alright! Now, I have the VIP seat.\"



Hanzo and Vladimir were separated with each other.

Hanzo didn't attack immediately and observe Vladimir a little. Then he knitted his brows when he discovered that the later is still in berserk state. \"Hmm... Still unconscious? Well that was still understandable, since he was sealed in that coffin for more than a thousand year already.\"

Huu~ Huu~

Vladimir's breathing become rough as he glared at Hanzo. Then a pair of huge crimson bat wings suddenly appeared behind him, and each of those wings have a span of three meters. Each of his wings also have some golden runes dancing on its surface.

\"Oh~♪\" Hanzo raise one of his brows when he saw that. Then he formed a mysterious grin before saying to Vladimir. \"Then let me play with you a little more.\"

Whoosh! Whoosh!

After that, a circular purple Mana was formed half-a-meter away from Hanzo's back, and its radius is almost three meters. A moment after its appearance, another one was formed inside the previous one.

Those two circular Mana are like a giant disk that are silently rotating behind him in opposite directions. The smaller one is moving counterclockwise while the bigger one is moving in clockwise direction.

And if someone look closely, he/she will discovered that those circles are formed by a bunch of Ancient Runes.

Hanzo look at Vladimir provokingly before saying to the later. \"Alright, let's start Round 2.\"

Then Vladimir flap his wings forward, sending a powerful gust of wind towards Hanzo.


Hanzo on the other hand throw a palmstrike with his left hand, sending powerful shockwave towards his front.



Then Vladimir suddenly flap his wings once again, but this time he send himself propelling towards his opponent. At the same time, a double-edge longsword that is made of blood suddenly appear on his right hand.

And when Hanzo saw that, he immediately jump forward as he plan to face this vampire-like creature head-on.

Vladimir immediately swing his sword downwards when he arrived at his opponent's front. At the same time, Hanzo also swing his weapon at the vampire-like creature when he saw that.


Then they started a melee exchange. And every time their weapons clash with each other, a powerful shockwave was sent in all direction. Shin can even feel the residuals of those shockwaves even if he is just watching from the ground.

Vladimir's swordsmanship is quite exquisite. Each of his attacks are precise and accurate. But, Hanzo didn't lose much in terms of technique either. Since each of his strikes are fatal and deadly.

Suddenly, each of Vladimir's wings was split into three and change into different kind of weapons. After that, they started attacking Hanzo violently.

'Spirit Skill: Weapons of Blood'

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Hanzo manage to blocked all the assault of Vladimir and his weaponized wings. But as the time goes by, he started feeling some pressure from those attacks.

\"Tsk, you want to play this way, Huh?\" muttered Hanzo before disappearing in front of Vladimir. Then he reappeared behind the Blood Spirit while swinging his weapon downwards.

Vladimir's weaponized wings suddenly transformed back into its wing form before blocking Hanzo's strike.


Then the wings transform back into weapons and attack Hanzo once again. Unfortunately, they missed their mark as their target suddenly appeared at Vladimir's left side throwing another attack.

And when Vladimir is about to counter, Hanzo disappeared once again and reappeared at the former's other side. And the Void Spirit keeps doing that as he continue attack the Blood Spirit.

'Spirit Skill: Void Steps'

After some time of that exchange, Vladimir run out of patience. He open his wings widely sending a powerful ripples in the air.

Hanzo on the other hand distance himself away from his opponent. After some time, he saw Vladimir swings his sword in the air, and sends a bunch powerful crimson sword waves towards his opponent's direction.

'Spirit Skill: Blood Rampage'

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Hanzo pulled his weapon backwards as he gathers a bunch of Void Elemental Mana on it. Moment later, he throw a consecutive slashes in the air as he send some purple sword waves to greet the incoming crimson ones.

'Spirit Skill: Void Slash'

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Bang! Bang! Bang!


As the chaotic explosions exploded in the air, all the Mana in the vicinity suddenly become berserk. Some spacial cracks are also starting to appear everywhere.

\"What a fearsome battle. So this is how a peak-class creatures battle each other. I wonder when will I wield that kind of powers.\" muttered Shin to himself as he watch the 'Fireworks' in the sky.

Moments later, the battle of the two Elemental Spirits finally reach its climax.

Vladimir open his arms and wings widely as he gathers all the Blood Elemental Mana in the vicinity and absorb it inside his body.

And when his powers reach its peak, he raise both of his arms in the air while gathering another bunch of Blood Elemental Mana above him.

Few moments later, a giant ball made of Blood was form above Vladimir while rotating violently. And that giant ball of blood have a very huge size. Compare to it, Vladimir, Hanzo and Shin are just specks of dust.

Then Vladimir swing both of his arms downwards, sending the giant ball of blood to Hanzo.

'Ultimate Spirit Skill: Blood Sphere of Destruction'

At the same time, Hanzo hold his weapon in front of him with both of his hands while muttering some strange chants. Then he gathers all of the Void Elemental Mana in the air as he focus all of it on his weapon.

Moments later, that weapon release a blinding brilliant purple glow. Then Hanzo jump upwards as he throw a powerful downward slash in front of him.Immediately after that slash, the space in front of Hanzo was slice into two as a giant spacial crack appear in front of the incoming Blood Sphere.

'Ultimate Spirit Skill: Dimensional Fracture'

Bsst! Bsst!


Crackle! Crackle! Crackle!

Spatial cracks started appearing around the a clashing Blood Sphere and Dimensional Fracture. There are even some black lightnings dancing at the middle of the collision.

Moment later, both of the giant ball made of blood and huge spacial crack are sucked by something, and making everything to become silent of a moment.

Then suddenly.....


A powerful and destructive explosion was created, threatening to devour everything on its path.

\"Oh, F*ck!\" cursed Shin as he saw the incoming 'spacial flames' that is planning to devour him.He wants to get away from this for as fast as he can, but the raging 'spacial flames' are much faster that him to be outdone.

\"Looks like I'm about to experience my first death here.\" He is about to accept his fate to die when a purple dimensional gate appeared behind him. Then a purple hand extend from that gate and grab the back of Shin's cloak, before dragging him inside. After that, the gate immediately close itself.


Shin's eyes are still close as he wait for the system notification, informing him that he have died. But after some time of waiting, no notification came to notify him.

He slowly open his eyes to see what happened. Then he discovered that his is currently floating in the air. \"Whoa!\"

\"Heh, What? Are you that afraid of dying?\" sneered Hanzo who is currently standing beside him with arms crossed in front of his chest.

\"Eh!? Oh~♪ You are still alive, Old Man? How is it? Did you win the fight?\" said Shin rapidly as he saw the Void Spirit.

The corner of Hanzo's mouth twitch when he heard the first part of Shin's words. He look at Shim and said. \"I starting to regret saving you earlier, Kid. And have you forgotten already? I'm the Great Hanzo, The Strongest Ancient Void Spirit.\"

\"Yah, Yah. Whatever. So what happened to the other guy? Is he still alive?\" said Shin lazily.

\"Hah! That guy is a tough one, so it is going to be really hard to kill him. As for what happened him, I'm not sure yet. But I hope that he already regain himself, cause I don't want to destroy this independent world on our next clash.\" said Hanzo.

\"Hey, Old Man. What do you think if I take that guy as my next Reaper's Retainer?\" said Shin after some thought.

Hanzo raise one of his brows when he heard that. Then nodded his head slightly before saying. \"Not a bad choice for your second Reaper's Retainer, but you need to convince him first before that.\"


Then Vladimir stoop up from a pile of rock boulders and send the stone fragments in all direction.

He shake his head a little before observing his surroundings. Moments later, he discovered Shin and Hanzo's presence in the air who are currently watching him. He tilt his head for a moment before flying towards the two.

Hanzo's mouth suddenly curve upwards and mysteriously said to Shin. \"Looks like you are quite lucky this time, Young Lad. This guy is already on his right mind. What's left is you inviting him to join our group. And good luck with that.\"


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