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Child of Destiny 12 Leaving The Beginner's Village

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Shin frown when he hear the Statue and said to his heart 'You want me to forcefully choose between the two? But is there any difference between those two choices?'

The Statue is tapping the tip of his Katana on the ground while waiting for Shin's reply, after a few minutes of waiting with no response it got frustrated and throw a 'Slash' on the wall behind Shin.

When the wall is slice, The Statue look at Shin and yell at him. "Feeble Human! my patience is short so you better hurry up and make your choice!"

Shin get speechless when he see the sliced wall. The cut is so deep to the point you can't see the end of it. Then he shout at his heart 'It is all or nothing!'

Shin look at The Statue and said with determination. "I choose to fight you."

The Statue is surprise at Shin's choice and release smirking sound. "Heh. Your quite clever aren't you? But can you handle that choice?"

"OK, Here are the rules, All you have to do is survive my attacks for two days. You can only die 300 times in the process, and if you die more than that then I'm going to send you outside this place and ban you from coming back again. All Clear?" explain The Statue to Shin.

Shin look at him and nod his head. When The Statue see Shin's nod he added. "Good! Then I'll give you a five minutes of rest and I suggest you to use that remaining powers of yours or else you will no be able to use it forever."

Shin is confuse at the last words of what The Statue said but he disregard it immediately when he is thinking on how to spend his 130 Undistributed Stat Points.

After some careful consideration he spend the 1/3 of it to STR, 1/3 at AGI and remaining 1/3 is equally divided at INT and VIT.

He focus at STR and AGI because he want to be a balance strength and agility swordsman. While he set his INT as his secondary because a swordsman has a few magical attacks. And as for VIT he just don't want to be so feeble when he encounter an enemy that have a very powerful attack.

A Swordsman class have 2 paths available once he get at Level 50. The Swordmaster and a Dual Blader. A Swordmaster focuses on STR, there main weapon is two-handed sword such as 'Great Sword', 'Broad Sword' and 'Heavy Sword'. They are the Swordsman that focuses at destructive force and powerful attacks.

Dual Balders are speed base Swordsman they focuses on AGI to have a swift, agile and fast attacks. Their main weapons are two one-handed sword for each hand such as 'Long Sword', 'Short Sword', 'Sword Reaper', 'Saber' and 'Katana'.

Players need to organized their Undistributed Stats early so that they can build a good foundation for their respective paths so that they don't need to do a lot of adjustments once they reach Level 50, especially since this game don't have a reset Stats option.

What Shin wants to take is a Hybrid path, where they can deal with different kinds of situations. Since he is a solo gamer for now, he need to become an all-rounder. And since he want to take this path, a path that is not available on Swordsman path, he need to sacrifice the foundation that is needed for the later levels.

Well Shin get this habit because he is a 'Battle Genius' he likes to deal what's in front of him now before thinking about the future. He don't like making plans, what he want is to react on whatever that is thrown at him.

As for his 'Skill Points', he don't want to spend it for now since it is too important. Every Player can only have a 5 'Bonus Skill Points' every 5 level.

A SP(Skill Point) can promote a skill into higher rank. From Basic to Rare needs 2 SP, From Rare to Epic needs 5 SP, Epic to Legendary is 10 SP and Legendary to Myth needs 20 SP. A Special Skill cannot be upgraded while Legacy Skill needs LP(Legacy Points) that can only be earn by doing special quest or high ranking quest.


While Shin waiting for his 5 minutes rest to end. A lot of Players are searching for him on the Southern Forest of the Beginner's Village.

"Boss that guy is gone, We have been searching on this place for more than 10 Hours we still can find that guy. Maybe he logout or already transfer on a Major City." said by a Dark Elf in Dan's party.

"That is right Boss we have been here for to long. If we don't transfer now we are going to level up and our 'Class Promotion Quest' is going get harder". agreed by the WolfKin.

"Both of you Sh*t the F*ck up! I don't believe that he manage to level-up that fast without us noticing. We hurriedly get in here after we got killed, so are you telling me that he reach level 10 from level 7 in just 20 minutes? That is just nonsense! I'm pretty sure that that guy is just hiding in this place. And to make sure tell some of our guys to be a look out inside the Village, and they need to report immediately if they manage to find him!!!!!" said Dan frustratedly.


Inside the 'Miner's Grave' dungeon

"Your 5 minutes is up Feeble Human. OK, I'm going to seal some of my powers and lower it at same Level as yours so that you will not say that I'm bullying you. And be greatful for being an opponent of mine because all of my previous opponents manage to become a 'Transcendent Beings' after fighting me, and if you are lucky to convince me I might even tell you my name." Said The Statue standing 7 meters away from Shin.

'This Stupid talking rock really like to boast.' said Shin while taking his sword drawing stance, but before the match series of system notification ring on Shin's ears.


System: You have initiated a 'Class Promotion Quest'.

System: Since you have initiated the Quest on a level higher than ten, the System will select the difficulty for you.

System: You have initiated the Quest inside a Special Dungeon. The Quest difficulty will automatically set in the highest level 'Chaos Level'

Shin stared dumbly on the System Notification before cursing in his heart "Are you kidding me? Where is our so called Human Rights? I can't even make a choice that is favorable to me? Is this game don't have any justice?", but he shut up right away when he see the Quest details.


Quest Name: Trial

Quest Type: Class Promotion

Quest Difficulty: Chaos Level

Quest Details: A Strange Statue recognize you as a successor of a 'Special Class' so he give you a 'Trial' to know if you are really worthy enough.

Quest Conditions: Survive for 2 days while not dying more than 300 times.

Quest Progress: (0%)

0/2 Days

0/300 Deaths

Quest reward:

+2 Levels

Convert to a 'Special Class'



Then without further ado The Statue suddenly appeared in front of Shin throwing a diagonal slash with an extreme speed.

- 700

Shin didn't even manage to react when he is slice by that slash. Then 'The Statue' follow his attack by a horizontal cut and another diagonal slash followed after.

- 900

- 1 300

Shin stared blankly before getting killed. He don't know how react at that kind of attack speed, what's more is the skill that The Statue use is his own Self-Created Skill 'Triple Slash' and the most amazing at it is The Statue executed it in a more smooth and flawless motion without having any excess movement.

When Shin respawn, The Statue immediately restart the battle without letting Shin catch his breath.

The attack that The Statue use is the same 'Triple Slash' version of his, but this time Shin manage to react on what happen, he use a 'Quick Draw' blocking the first Slash, but he failed to block the second attack because he can't retract his sword in time and then he use his second death.

Then on his second respawn he manage to block the second attack by using a 'Destructive Slash' after his 'Quick Draw' but he still failed to block the third Slash resulting him to die once again by follow up attacks.

On his third respawn he manage dodge the third Slash by turning his body around in a timely manner. Then he block the follow ups by using 'Triple Slash' in the same movement as the Statue. But he still die on what follows after.

Shin and The Statue continue to exchange moves on a left to right basis. At first Shin is being overwhelm but he manage to block more and more attacks as the time passes and sometimes he able to throw some counter attack here and there.

If Shin can see The Statue's face behind the mask then he will notice that the brows of The Statue is rising upward because of Shin's improvement as the time passes.

'This Human can improve as the Battle goes on? Maybe this Human is a potential 'Son of God'?' said The Statue to himself while increasing the pressure on his attacks.

The Natives of this world call the the people with 'peak class talent' as 'Sons of Gods' or also known as 'Chosen Ones' in Real World.

At Shin's 150 respawn, he is caught off guard by the two consecutive system notifications that ring on his ears then resulting for him to die instantly.

When he is in his ghost form he take a peek on what System notification is that.


System: Congratulations you unlocked your Personal Trait and mange to recreate your Real Life Talent 'Immediate Response'


System: Congratulations! Due to repeated training you unlocked a Special Stat: Awareness. Now you can see the Awareness Stats at your Status Window.
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Shin forgot how many times he have died already and for how many hours he is fighting the Statue.

Then Shin respawn once again and after that The Statue make his move almost instantly, he dash at Shin with an unimaginable speed while doing a sword drawing attack in the process.

Shin's body respond on it immediately, he use a 'Quick Draw' in an upward motion then their sword clash with a metallic sound before separating from each other.


Both of their right hand are thrown in the air while holding their swords vertically, then they simultaneously swing it downwards initiating another skill 'Triple Slash'.




The Katana and the Sword clash on each other three times with an extreme speed before pausing in the air for a second then they follow it with another swift exchange.

Their weapons continue to collide against each other and their skills continue to contest against each other. Sometimes The Statue use some strange attacks and some weird movement, where Shin have no choice but to dodge it since he don't hove a lot of Skills that he can use.

Their battle last for at least one hour before The Statue increase his tempo once again, then Shin is suppress in a blink of an eye. Shin clench his teeth and continue to persist for a couple of few more minutes before the Katana in The Statue's hands finally pierce his chest. Shin endure the pain and try to swing his sword one last time.


- 1

The sword produce a metallic sound when it collides to The Statue's shoulder. Then his vision turn completely dark.

When Shin respawn again, he form another battle stance but this time The Statue didn't attack and just stare at him.

Then after a few seconds of silence the Statue start to talk. "Heh. Not bad Kid, you manage to pass the Trial with a very slight margin. Even though you are not as good as the previous beings, you still manage to last until the end."

"Once you leave this place, go to 'Church of The Sun and The Moon' and find 'Archbishop Ronald'. Show him the mark on your right hand and he will know what to do."

"And you don't have to worry about the time. Because Time inside this hall and the time outside is completely different. A day here is equivalent to an hour outside."

"And one more thing, you didn't able to make me say my name so just call me 'Supremo'. That's all so bye bye!" said the Statue before disappearing with a blinding light.

Shin just stare blankly at air when the Statue disappear. "What's with that strange rock? Coming in and go just like that? Doing whatever he wants without asking for others opinion?"



Suddenly Shin's attention is attracted by a clanging sound. When he turned his head he saw two items dropped on the ground, a Katana with a meter and a half length, and a mask that looks the same as the mask that the Statue was wearing.

Shin try to use 'Scouting' on the items but he can't read its' details. Then a system notification ring on his ears together with a sudden appearance of a teleportation circle in the middle of the hall.


System: Congratulations you have Solo-cleared the 'Miner's Grave' Special Dungeon. You have granted 20 'Fame' Points for the reward.

Quest Update:

Go to Any branch of 'Church of The Sun and The Moon' and find 'Archbishop Ronald' to have your 'Class Promotion' and claim your Class related reward.


Shin put the Katana and Mask in his inventory before entering the teleportation circle, After that the entire circle release a blinding light and enfold him. Then he disappear on that spot without living a trace.

Shin found himself in the middle of plaza inside the Beginner's Village. There are a lot of Newbie Players walking on the street, some are busily selling items while the others are looking for the items that they can buy.

Shin walk along the street while taking a look on the items that other Players sell, then suddenly his eyes is attracted to a familiar item on a certain stall.

He walk towards that stall and ask the owner while pointing at the item that he see. "Hey, Big Bro is that an Iron metal?"

The owner is a Middle Age Dark Elf, he look at Shin and smilingly said. "That's right, Little Brother it is an Iron metal, it is quite popular practice material for those who want start Blacksmithing. Five Bronze coin each do you want to buy?"

'Are you telling me that I can buy this stupid metal here? And here I waste my time in that boring cave!!!' yell Shin at himself before saying to the owner. "Big Brother, How many Iron metal do you have? I want to buy it all."

The Dark Elf owner said "Really? I have a total of 25 Iron metals, it is 1 Silver Coin and 5 Bronze Coins. But since you want to buy it all I'll give you a discount. One Silver Coin in all, Deal?"

"Deal!" said Shin while giving 2 Silver Coins. After he get what he need he hurriedly go to The Blacksmith Shop and find Mr.Orn.

"Oh! You are here! right timing I'm about to start making weapons for our Village soldiers." said Mr.Orn when he see Shin standing in the entrance of the shop.

"Here are the materials that you have requested." reply Shin while giving all the Boar Skins and Tusks together with all the Iron Metals the he recently bought.

"Oh! These are more than enough! With these I can make enough weapons and armors for our soldiers. Thank you young man." said Mr.Orn when he see the mountain of materials that Shin brings.


System: You have cleared the Quest: Helping the Village. You exceed the quest requirements rewarding you an additional 5 Fame Points.

Shin release a satisfied sigh when he see the System notification. Then Mr.Orn take a sealed letter out of nowhere and give it to Shin while saying. "Young man this is a recommendation letter mine. When you leave this Village, You can give this to any Blacksmith Dwarf that you see in any Major City and when they see this letter, you can request them to craft any kind of item you want, as long as you give them the materials. But you can only request them once, so you better think carefully on what item you want them to make."

Shin take the letter and thank Mr.Orn before leaving the Shop. Then he directly go to the center of the Village where the Teleportation Portal is located.

When Shin get in there he take one last look at the Beginner's Village before turning around and entering the Portal while saying. "It's time to go in a bigger environment and start the real adventure."


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