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Child of Destiny 108 Tier 2 Class Promotion Part 2 : The History of the Independent World

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Bang! Bang!

Shin was sent flying in the air, collides with a huge boulder and smashed on the ground, leaving him hanging with a single thread on his life (HP).

He slowly stand from a pile of rocks before drinking a 'Master Health Potion' to recover his Health back to full. Then he look at a distance not far from him and saw his clones engaging in an intense battle with a giant Werewolf.

The Moon Clone circle around the Werewolf while throwing some mid-range skills in a safe distance. The Sun Clone on the other hand is acting as the main tank while skillfully dodging the Werewolf's attack and swinging its sword in the process.

Few distance away from that battlefield is another intense battle between another Werewolf and the tandem of Whitie and Blackie.

Those Werewolves are King Class Monsters that are very hard to deal with, but the one that give him the most headache is the Werewolf that is walking towards him.

A bunch of Mana gathers on Shin's eyes as he look at the muscular Werewolf not far from him.


Monster Name: Werewolf Alpha 'Lycan' (Mutated Overload)

Monster Rating: Special Creature

Level: 100

HP: 1 067 672/ 3 000 000

Attack Power: 3500 - 5000

Basic Defense: 12 000

Skill Resistance: 70%


And the most annoying on this monster is its ability to talk.

\"What now, Human? Is that all you got? If that is the case, then forget about slaying the other Overlords aside me.\" said by the Werewolf in human tongue.

'Sigh~, Here we go again.' Shin release a helpless sigh before replying at Lycan. \"Heh, Then are you admitting that you are the weakest one among the Overlords of this world?\"

Then the expression on Lycan's face suddenly turned solemn as he release a low growl while looking at Shin fiercely. \"I'm going to make sure that you will regret what you have said!\"

'Heh, What an easy dog.' Shin smirks at the Werewolf and said. \"Too bad for you, I already memorized all your moves. And another thing, I'm going all out this time.\"

Shin slowly pulled the [Yamato] from its sheath before swinging it downwards. Then the sword release a bunch of golden runes that enfold Shin's body. Moment later, all of Shin's Stats suddenly become doubled as he felt that he can move his legs more freely.

'Weapon Skill: Nephilim's Ascent'

Lycan suddenly disappeared from his location when he felt the changes on Shin's aura.

Shin on the other hand calmly do a sidestep to the left while moving his right shoulder backwards, dodging the upward claw swipe cast by the Werewolf that suddenly appeared on his front.

At the same time, Shin quickly swing the [Yamato] forward in a powerful manner.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'

-73 338 (Stun Resisted)

'D*mn that 70% Skill Resistance! And why is this guy not a Corrupted Being?' Shin use the momentum of that slash to do a quick spin to the left while squatting his hips and leaning his body forward, dodging a horizontal claw swipe.


Shin jump upwards and use the momentum of the spin to throw a roundhouse kick with his right leg at the werewolf's head.


-12 000

Then he spin in the air once again before forcing his body to fall on the ground while swinging his sword downwards.

'Extra Skill: Falling Lightblade'

-55 678

After falling on the ground Shin immediately do a consecutive flips backwards dodging a bunch of claw swipes. On the final flip, Shin hold the sword-sheath in reverse-handgrip manner while positioning it in front of him.

'Dual-Wielding Style: Sheath Wielding: Defend'


*(-10 789)

*(This means Shin had taken some damage)


Shin was sent flying backwards after being hit by a powerful punch from Lycan. He do a multiple backward roll in the air to relieve some of the force that he received from the impact of that punch.

During the roll in the air, Shin shift his grip on the sheath of the sword into a forehand grip before changing it into a straight sword with a a narrow blade and sharp edges.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Style: Conviction Form'



Shin immediately charges forward when his feet landed on the ground while thrusting the [Piercing Thorn] at the incoming werewolf.

'Extra Skill: Sword Rush'

-55 003

(-20 678)

Shin ignored the damage that he have taken while forcefully stopping the charge of the 'Sword Rush' skill and positioning his body at the back of the werewolf.

Then he immediately turn his body around, and swiftly thrusting the [Piercing Thorn] at the back of Lycan.

'Extra Skill: Heart Seeker'

-56 734

-26 192(Bonus Damage)(Stunned)

Then Shin immediately pulled the [Piercing Thorn] out from the werewolf's back, before throwing a three consecutive slash with the [Yamato].

'Self-Created Skill: Triple Slash'

-20 111

-30 167

-40 222

After throwing those slashes, Shin pulled his right arm backwards together with the [Yamato] as he thrust the [Piercing Thorn] forward once again, and throw a six consecutive stabs at the back of Lycan. 

'Extra Skill: Multiple Stabs'

Sha! Sha! Sha!

-15 234

-15 234

-15 234

Sha! Sha! Sha!

-14 990

-14 990

-14 990

After that, Shin quickly cross both of his sword on his front, blocking the incoming claws of the werewolf after it regain its movements.


(-20 789)

Shin was sent sliding backwards after receiving that attack, resulting for his HP to be cut down to half.

He immediately release the 'Conviction Form' of the 'Mondi's Style' and return the [Piercing Thorn] into its sheath form as Shin skillfully put the [Yamato] into it.

Then he do some consecutive hops backward while drinking an 'Advance Health Potion' to restore his HP back to full.Lycan chase after Shin after throwing the powerful claw strike, so he is already in front of the later when Shin just finished drinking the Health Potion. He raise his claws before swinging them downwards.

But Shin is not your average John Doe either. His body is already in the illusionary form when the werewolf swing its claw towards him. Then he transform in to a stick of light that charges forward, dodging the claw strike and appearing behind the werewolf.


'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'


Shin retain his illusionary form as he turn his body around and charge forward once again while transforming himself into another stick of light. But this time, he pulled the [Yamato] out from its sheath before swinging it rightwards as he pass through the body of the werewolf.

'Basic Combat Technique: Second Drive'

'Class Fighting Style: Moonlight Splitter'


-155 148


Lycan turn his body around while throwing a powerful claw strike towards his back, unfortunately he hit nothing but air. Because Shin is already behind him once again.

Shin quickly put the [Yamato] back to its sheath, before raising his left hand and holding the sheathed sword vertically on his front while being supported by his other hand. Then he squatted hips while bracing himself at the incoming impact.

'Dual-Wielding Style: Sheath Wielding: Defend'


(-1 000)

The sheathed [Yamato] was hit by the powerful attack and the impact was directly sent to Shin's body. But this time, he didn't received that much damage or get sent flying backwards.

That was because of one of the Defensive Combat Techniques that Shin have learned. He received all the force of the impact through his sheathed sword, before sending it towards the ground through his body.

'Advance Combat Technique: Defensive Withdraw'


Crack! Crack!

Some spiderweb cracks were created on the ground below Shin, after he sent the force of impact on there. Then Shin and the werewolf stayed at position for a moment before the former made his move.

Shin lowered his center of gravity even more while pulling his left and right hand a little together with the sheathed sword. Then a powerful force suddenly burst from his body as he push the sheathed sword forward in a powerful manner.

'Advance Combat Technique: Offensive Withdraw'


That attack didn't deal any damage at Lycan, but it sent the werewolf's right arm in the air, leaving him open on any kind of attacks.

Shin immediately took a step forward with his right foot while shifting his stance into a sword-drawing stance.

The pupils on the werewolf's eyes suddenly contracted when it saw Shin's actions. It forcefully hold its ground and swing its other arm at Shin in a powerful manner.

Unfortunately, Shin's reaction speed is way faster that it. He kick the ground below him, sending himself striding forward while pulling the [Yamato] out from its sheath and swinging it at the werewolf's body as he get pass the later.


'Class Fighting Style: Quick Draw'

-300 296(Critical!)


Shin ducked forward dodging the claw strike with a very small margin. Then he took one step forward with his left leg while turning his body around and swinging the blazing [Yamato] at the werewolf's waist. And that was followed by a powerful flaming vertical slash.

'Slayer Skill: Solar Cut'

-55 120

'Slayer Skill: Hell Execution'

-73 333(Defeated)

Unlike the other monster, Lycan didn't die on the spot. He kneeled in front of Shin with one knee while gasping very hardly.

Then he started mocking himself. \"Heh, I didn't expect that I'm going to die in the hands of a puny Human. But this is not that bad either. I guess this is a lot better than being imprison on this desolate world forever.\"

Then he look at Shin and said. \"Young Human from the other world can you hear a story of this dying warrior? I promise that it will not take much of your time.\"

Then a System Notification sounded on Shin's ears.


System: The Werewolf Overlord 'Lycan' want to tell you the history of this world. Do you want to hear it or not ?YES or NO?


'Oh~♪ I can smell a Hidden Quest with this. And isn't it just hearing him?' thought Shin to himself before hitting 'YES'.

Then Lycan started narrating. \"Before, this Independent World is part of the Main World. And we the races leaving on this place secluded ourselves and living peacefully away from the Wars and Conflicts during the Warring Era.\"

\"But one day, the Demons invaded the world and become the spark of the new Era, the Repelling Era.\"

\"During that time, some of the Demons discovered us and invaded this place. And that forced us to fight back.\"

\"And because of the constant battle, an uncountable deaths was resulted. And that created a lot of blood energy that fuses with the Mana of this place. And that become a 'Blood Element' that given a birth to a powerful Elemental Spirit.\"

\"And because he is born on this place, he have the instincts to protect it. He slaughter a lot of Demons and no one can stop him.\"

\"The news of his constant victory reached the ears of the powerful Demons. One of them went to place and battle with the Blood Elemental for almost three days. And the Blood Elemental was defeated and killed.\"

\"But the Blood Elemental can do a rebirth, and the Demon is aware of that. But the Demon can't destroy the source of life of the Blood Elemental due to the uniqueness of this place and it birth.\"

\"So instead of wasting his time and energy on repeatedly killing the Blood Elemental, the Demon decided to seal the Elemental instead before casting a curse and corrupting all the races living on this place. Then he leave us just like that.\"

\"When the other races came to our aid, it was already too late. And they become our enemies instead.\"

\"And when a powerful individual happened to pass by to our place, he pitied our fate and made a deal with the previous leaders of our race.\"

\"Instead of killing all of us, he is just going to seal us here and separate our place from the main world. If the Demons were repelled and our curses was lifted, then we can come back at the Main World.\"

\"But if we are still in this corrupted state when that time comes, then we are going to become imprison on this place until he send an individual to free us from this suffering.\"

\"And I believe that you are the one that was sent by that powerful individual to free us from this curse, Young Human from the other world. And I hope that it is true.\"

\"That was all. And sorry for taking some of your time, I just want to tell the history of our place, so that you can tell our tale to outside this place. And that might put us in the History Books, if we got a little lucky.\"

Then Lycan take his last breath after saying all of that. And after hearing all of that, another pair System Notification sounded on Shin's ears.


System: You learned about the his to history of this world, giving some experience points for your Unique Title: All-Rounder.

System: You discovered the real purpose of this trial, giving you some bonus points at the final.


Level Up


Shin release dejected sigh because he didn't get any kind of quest after listening that long narration. He is not that sentimental after all. But he immediately forget all of about his disappointment when he saw the items left behind by the werewolf on the ground.


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