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Child of Destiny 107 Tier 2 Class Promotion Part 1

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Shin walked out the Heavenly Resto-Bar, and went towards the Church of the Sun and the Moon. He don't have to worry about the King's spies that were tasked to observe him. He now have a strong alibi to go in the church after all.

Shin went directly to Archbishop Ronald's office when he arrived at the church. And when he entered the office, he saw another man aside from the Archbishop. And that guy is looking at him with some of familiarity.

Shin knitted his brows as he entered the room. He give the Archbishop a salute unique to the Church before turning his head to the other guy.

\"Do we know each other, Senior?\" Asked Shin while knitting his brows.

The other guy laugh softly before replying at Shin. \"You can't recognize me? Then that means my disguise worked once again. Anyway, didn't I told you that I'm going to find you after you graduated from an Intermediate Training Ground?\"

\"Eh!? You are Senior Kentas?\" Said Shin with startled expression on his face.

\"Anyway, that was not important for now. You are here for your Second Awakening(Class Promotion), right?\" Said Kentas who is currently in disguise as an ordinary citizen.

Shin nodded his head and let Kentas to continue.\"I have a suggestion.\" said Kentas while giving Shin a mysterious grin.

Shin felt a sudden chill on his back when he saw that grin. He smiled stiffly before saying to Kentas. \"Can I reject your offer?\"

\"Well too bad for you. I already discussed it with your Predecessor and Ronald here. So you can't say 'No' anymore.\" said Kentas while maintaining his evil grin.

'D*mn! Then that was not a suggestion anymore if you already decided about it.' Thought Shin in his mind before replying. \"Hey, why can't I even express myself? Is my opinion not important here?\"

\"Well, it is important. But that was if you are an Official Envoy of the Church. Unfortunately you are still a Young Envoy, so your voice is not strong enough to be heard.\" sneered by Kentas as if he is provoking Shin purposely.

Shin release a helpless sigh before looking at Archbishops Ronald and said. \"How can I take my Second Awakening(Class Promotion) then?\"

The Archbishop wave his right hand forward while replying at Shin. \"Just go with 'Mister Kentas' and he will explain everything to you.\"

Then Shin suddenly felt that he is being dragged behind his neck. Moment later, he appeared at the center of a ruined Altar in the middle of the woods.

Shin observe his surrounding for quite some time before turning his attention at Kentas who is currently sitting comfortably at the stone steps on his front.

\"So what's next now?\" said Shin dejectedly.\"What's with that tone, Kid? You should jump in joy instead. Because not all of the Envoys of the Church managed to become a real 'Reaper'.\" said Kentas at Shin, before adding in a nonchalant manner. \"You should thank me, because I'm boosting your change to become a real 'Reaper' by increasing the difficulty of your Second Awakening by another level.\"

Shin nodded his head and said. \"Alright, alright. I get it already, so what am I going to do?\"

Then a Teleportation Gate appeared behind Shin, as Kentas explain some more things. \"Alright. That Gate will send you to another world. And all you have to do is to kill as much monsters as you can in that place, all the way until the Gate reappeared once again. And that will be 7-days from now.\"

\"Ah!? One more thing, The stronger the Monster you kill, the higher the score you can get on this trial. Same goes, if you kill a large number of them. Alright! that was all, you can go now!\"

Then Kentas flicked his index finger, sending a powerful gust of wind forward and dragging Shin towards the Teleportation Gate.

\"Wait! I thought I'm going to jump in the gate myself?\" complained Shin as he flew towards the Gate.

\"Oops! Sorry, I forgot about that.\" said Kentas nonchalantly while waving his right hand at Shin.Then Shin's ears was bombered by a barrage of sudden system notifications.


System: Tier 2 Class Promotion Quest initiated!

System: Transcendent Race and Special Class detected. All of your equipments are going to become disabled, aside from the [Yamato] and [Nephilim's Gemini Mask].

System: A related Quest had been detected. Merging Quest into one.


System: Dual-Class Promotion Quest was initiated.

System: The Quest difficulty will be set as default!System: Congratulations! You have discovered the 'Independent World of Corruption'! rewarding you 1000 Fame points and 10000 Reputation Points.


Quest Name: Becoming a Real Reaper

Quest Type: Dual-Class Promotion Quest

Quest Difficulty: Default (???)

Quest Details: Kentas and The Church of the Sun and the Moon had made a deal for the Class Promotion Trial of each of your Class.

Quest Conditions:

- Kill as many Corrupted Monsters as you can. (0/7 Days)

- Kill the Seven Overlords of This World. (0/7)

Quest Reward:

+5 Levels

+10 LP(Legacy Points)

Title: 'Envoy of the Church'

Promotion to Tier 2 Class (???)

Enhance Special Sub-Class Skills

Quest Penalties:

-10 Levels

A large decrease on Reputation Points

Failure of being in Tier 2 Class (???)

Failure of getting the Enhance Sub-Class Skills


\"Default!? You call that a Default Difficulty? From what I can see, This quest is also in Chaos Level just like others that I have experienced.\" muttered Shin as he observe the surroundings.

He was teleported into a very desolate place. He can't see any kind of living thing in the vicinity. No plants, no animals and any other things. All he can see are a bunch of rocks, boulders and bald mountains that are made of black rocks.

Shin take one step forward after making sure that there are no Monsters in the vicinity. And when he take that single step, another series of System Notifications sounded on his ears.


System: Since you are the first person that managed get on this place, you are going to get a pioneering rights!

System: You will receive a '+30% EXP Boost' and a 'x2 Dropped Rate on all items' that you can get on this place for one Natural Week(In Game Time)


\"Oh~♪ Then this is not a bad place at the very least.\" muttered Shin as he look at the new series of system notifications. Then he put on the [Nephilim's Gemini Mask], before activating the 'Spirit Release' to summon the Sun and Moon Clones.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Sun Clone is same as before, releasing a fiery aura. The Moon Clone on the other hand is releasing the same chilling aura. After that, Shin summon his pets.

Roar! Roar!

Whitie and Blackie circle around Shin the moment they are summoned. Shin laugh at them and said. \"Haha... I missed you too guys. Now, we have a lot of work to do.\"

Roar! Roar!

The tigers release another roar as if they saying that they can understand what he had said. Then Shin ordered his gang to scatter around and find some monsters.

After few minutes of looking around, Shin finally saw a group of monsters. They are a bunch of wolves that are standing with their two feet. Their arms at quite long with lengthy nails and sharp claws. The furs on its body are releasing some black smokes, while its mouth have a deadly long sharp teeth and fangs.

Whistle ~♪

\"Looks like this is going to become a little messy.\" muttered Shin as he activate his 'True Sight' skill.


Monster Name: Werewolf (Chieftain)

Monster Rating: Special Species/ Corrupted Being

Level: 99

HP: 1 200 000

Attack Power: 4500 - 5000

Basic Defense: 10, 000

Skill Resistance: 50%


\"I hope that this will not become a tough one. Wolves are always hunting in groups, and even if I can lure a single Werewolf out from the group, the others can still feel it through their sharp senses.\" muttered Shin as he observe the group of Werewolves.

\"There are five Werewolves in a single group. I guess I can handle the two of them, the Clones can handle each, and the last one will be left to the two tigers.\" Shin is formulating a plan when one of the Werewolves sensed something.

It turn its head at the location where Shin and his gang is hiding, and release a threatening growl. The other Werewolves turn their heads at the same direction before releasing a growl of their own. Then they started walking slowly towards Shin's hiding place.

When the werewolves arrived behind the huge boulder, one of them jumped upwards while the other four circle around the huge boulder, two to the right and other two to the left.

And that is the time when Shin and his group made their moves. Whitie pounce at the werewolf that jumped upwards and bite its neck.


Shin and his clones on the other hand rush on opposite sides to take on the werewolves.

Shin channels the power of the Moon on the sheathed sword before pulling it out from its sheath and slashing it rightwards. Then a chilling crescent sword Qi was sent flying towards the two werewolves that are coming his way.


'Class Fighting Style: Lunar Flash'


-117 588(Slowed)

-11 950 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)

-118 102(Slowed)

-11 950 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)

Roar! Roar!

The two werewolves were become enrage after taking that massive amount of damages. But before they manage to do anything, another crescent sword Qi come on their way. And this time is releasing a fiery fire aura.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'


-33 369

-556(Burning Damage)

-11 950 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)

-32 990

-556(Burning Damage)

-11 950 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)


-100 000(Bonus Damage)(Opposing Element Combustion)

Then Shin enfold the power of the Moon towards the [Yamato], before throwing a powerful slash in the air on his front, and sending another crescent sword Qi with a chilling aura.


'Slayer Skill: Half-Moon Slash'


-41 825(Frozen)

-11 950 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)

-42 200(Frozen)

-11 950 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)

The two werewolves were frozen in place after getting hit by that chilling sword Qi. Naturally, Shin will not get idle just because of it.

He swiftly put the [Yamato] back to its sheath, before channeling the power of the Sun on that sword. After that, he quickly pulled the sword once again and swing it rightwards, sending another crescent sword Qi that was made of fire.


'Class Fighting Style: Solar Flare'


-109 224-558(Burning Damage)

-11 950 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)


-108 990-558(Burning Damage)

-11 950 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)


-100 000(Bonus Damage) (Opposing Element Combustion)

Then the power of the Moon gathers at the [Yamato], before Shin throw five consecutive slashes in the air in front of him and sending five vertical sword Qi at the werewolves' direction.

Suddenly, the five sword Qi fused together and merged into one, creating a powerful vertical sword wave that is coming towards one of the werewolves in his front.

'Slayer Skill: Modified Crescent Cleave'

-239 000(Frozen)

-11 950 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)

Shin flicked his left wrist to change his handgrip on the sheath into a forehand grip. Then the sword-sheath transform into a straight sword that have a narrow blade with sharp edges.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Style: Conviction Form'

After that, Shin thrust the [Piercing Thorn] forward while rushing towards the other werewolf who was not frozen.


'Extra Skill: Sword Rush'

-35 890

-11 950 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)

Shin immediately turn his body around when he passed through the werewolf's body. Then he swiftly thrust the [Piercing Thorn] at the back of the werewolf.

'Extra Skill: Heart Seeker'

-54 678(Stunned)

-11 123(Bonus Damage) (Bonus Effect)

-11 950 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)

Then Shin quickly pulled the sword backwards, before throwing a six consecutive stabs forward.

'Extra Skill: Multiple Stabs'

Sha! Sha! Sha!

-20 789

-20 789

-20 789

-34 000 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)

Sha! Sha! Sha!

-21 101

-21 101

-21 101

-34 000 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)

Then Shin swing the [Yamato] at back of the werewolf in a powerful manner, stunning it once again.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'

-44 500(Stunned)

-11 950 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)

Crack! Crack!


And that is the time when the other werewolf get out from its frozen state. But Shin already expected it, so he immediately hop backwards dodging the pouncing werewolf.

Shin release the 'Conviction Form' of the 'Mondi's Style' and use another form. Then the [Piercing Thorn] suddenly transformed into a semitransparent longsword.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Style: Meteor Form'

Then both of his sword suddenly release a purple glow, before swinging them diagonally on his front, and sending a cross shaped sword wave towards the two werewolves.

'Self-Created Skill(Combined): Eclipse Cross'

-100 100

-11 950 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)

-100 234

-11 950 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)

Then Shin's arms turned into a blur as he flicked his wrist and change his grip on his swords into a reverse-handgrip. At the same time, Shin release the 'Meteor Form' of the 'Mondi's Style' and return it into its sheath form as he skillfully put the [Yamato] back to it.

And that was the time that the two werewolves recover themselves and pounce towards Shin. Unfortunately for them Shin already anticipated that. His body turned illusionary as he transformed into a stick of light that charges forward and pierce through the body of the two werewolves.

And as the bluish-white light pass through them, Shin pulled the sword out from its sheath before swinging it rightwards.


'Class Fighting Style: Moonlight Splitter'

-95 989(Killed)

-11 950 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)

-95 899(Killed)

-11 950 (Bonus Damage) (Pursuer Of Corruption Effect)

Awoo~ Awoo~

The two werewolves release a dying howl as they fall on the ground.\"Hmm.. That was easier than I had expected.\" muttered Shin to himself as he plan to look at the other ongoing battles.

Awoo~ Awoo~ Awoo~

But before he turned his head, he heard a lot of wolf howls that are coming from a far. Moments later, he saw a bunch of Werewolves rushing down the rock mountains and are charging towards his group.

\"F*ck me sideways for saying that it is easy. I already warn myself not to say anything until everything reach its end. D*mn this Big Mouth of mine.\" curse Shin to himself as he look at the incoming Werewolves. \"Now this is really going to become real mess.\"


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