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Child of Destiny 102 Improving with a Great Speed Part 2

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Combat TechniqueName: Yin-Yang Twist

Type: AuxiliaryRank: Rare (Quasi-Epic)

Details: Every time your weapon collides your enemy's weapon, you can absorb some of the force from the impact to use as a supplement for your next attack.

Note 1: You can't absorb the force from your enemy's the attacks if you failed to receive it properly.

Note 2: Combat Technique is not categorized as skill so they don't consumes any Stamina and MP nor have a cooldown. But they put a great a tool on mind and consumes a lot of concentration.


Shin take a quick look at the details of his combat technique, before planning to resume the battle.

Shin already died nine times, but he can already hold himself against Sean for straight one and a half hour at most.

Sean look at Shin who is currently have a determined look at his face while walking towards him.He took a deep breath and said. \"A talent of a 'Son of God' (Mighty Chosen One in Real World) is sure scary. To think that you reach this stage, it might only take you a little few years to reach the place that I'm currently standing.\"

Shin release a helpless sigh before saying to himself. 'Here we go again. This guy is keep saying things every time I respawn, but starting at my fifth death he stopped saying things that might become helpful to me.'

Shin stopped his steps at 15-meters away from Sean and said. \"Senior, it is your turn to take the first move.\"

Sean shrugged his shoulders before swinging his glowing greatsword in a right to left diagonal motion, sending a golden crescent sword wave at Shin's direction.

'Guardian of Light Skill: Golden Dimensional Fracture'


Shin took a deep breath as he pulled the [Yamato] out from its sheath, before transforming the sword-sheath into a semitransparent longsword as he change his grip on it into a forehand grip.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Style: Meteor Form'

Then he enfold both of his swords with the power of the Moon before throwing five consecutive slashes in the air in front of him, sending five crescent vertical sword Qi's in a single direction, before fusing together and creating a powerful vertical sword Qi.

'Slayer Skill: Modified Crescent Cleave'



A powerful and deafening explosion was created, after the clash of the opposing powers. At the same time, a powerful ripple in the air was sent in all direction, making the dust on the ground to be thrown upwards and dance in the air.

Then a glowing sword pierce through the flying dusts and thrust towards Shin.

Shin took a large step backwards as he lean his body on the same direction while raising his right arm and twisting its wrist on clockwise direction as he use the surface of the [Yamato] to redirect the course of the incoming sword.


Then he use the momentum of that to spin his body around while maintaining a ducking position. And during the spin, Shin use the blazing [Yamato] to throw a horizontal cut at Sean who is at the other end of the glowing sword.

'Slayer Skill: Solar Cut'

Sean loosen his grip on the handle of his greatsword, before flipping the sword as he switch to a reverse handgrip, and blocking Shin's attack with the surface of his sword.


Then Sean stab his sword on the ground as he use it as a lever to leap upwards and spin his body around as he throw a powerful kick at Shin's head.

Shin tilted his head to the left while leaning body on the same direction, dodging the incoming kick.

After that, he immediately swing the [Snowstorm Edge] upwards, and slash it to Sean who is currently in the air.

Sean pulled his greatsword from being stabbed on the ground while spinning his body in the air, and skillfully dodging Shin's sword slash.

Then he forcefully stop his spin in the air, before swinging his greatsword downwards while also forcing himself to descend on the ground.


Shin swing the [Snowstorm Edge] and the [Yamato] at the descending greatsword, redirecting its trajectory.




The greatsword landed on Shin's left side, as he swiftly use the greatsword as a guide to throw a consecutive diagonal slash at Sean with each of his sword.



Sean let go of his sword as he lean his body backwards, dodging the consecutive slashes. Then he do a back-flip afterwards as he kick the hilt of his greatsword, causing for it to be send and flip on the air.

After that, Sean quickly kick the floor when his feet landed on the ground, sending himself forward. And during the stride, Sean skillfully catch the hilt of his sword before swinging it to Shin.

Then the [Snowstorm Edge] suddenly glows with a bluish-white light as Shin immediately swing it leftwards, sending a chilling crescent sword Qi towards Sean.

At the same time, the [Yamato] release a fiery glow as Shin swiftly swing that sword in the same direction as the [Snowstorm Edge], sending another crescent sword Qi but with a burning glow this time.

'Slayer Skill: Half-Moon Slash'

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'



Sean's body suddenly glows with a golden light, protecting him from the incoming sword Qi's.

'Guardian of Light Skill: Radiant Protection'



The two consecutive explosions removed the golden light covering Sean's body. And he become vulnerable at any attacks. Unfortunately, Shin can't do that at the current situation.

Shin immediately leap to his left while doing a quick spin-roll in the air as he dodge the incoming diagonal slash.



When his feet landed on the ground, Shin immediately charges forward as he thrust the [Yamato] at Sean's head.

'Extra Skill: Sword Rush'

Sean swiftly pulled his right arm backwards before swinging his greatsword at Shin's direction in a horizontal manner.

Shin immediately canceled the 'Sword Rush' skill and jump upwards while doing another spin-roll in the air, barely but skillfully dodging Sean's horizontal swing.


After that, Shin forcefully swing the [Yamato] downwards at Sean's direction, while forcing himself to fall on the ground.

'Extra Skill: Falling Lightblade'


Sean pulled his greatsword to his left, before holding it horizontally in front of him and blocking the incoming downwards slash.


After that, Shin immediately pulled both of his swords backwards before using them to throw a quick six consecutive stabs on his front.

'Extra Skill: Multiple Stabs'

Sean calmly use the surface of his greatsword to blocked each of the incoming stabs.

Cling! Cling! Cling!

Cling! Cling! Cling!

After throwing those stabs, Shin suddenly flicked his right wrist as he throw another stab towards his front with the [Yamato]

'Extra Skill: Heart Seeker'

The course of the stab suddenly become tricky because of the sudden flicked Shin's wrist. But Sean still managed to dodge that stab by doing a skillful turn in counterclockwise direction.

And during his turn, Sean swing his sword at Shin as he position himself at the back of the later.

Shin's body was suddenly enfold with the power of the Sun as he dash forward leaving Sean behind, and barely dodging the sword slash.

'Slayer Skill: Sun-Ray Dash'

Shin cancel the skill midway, before leaping forward as he turn his body around to see what Sean is doing.

And sure enough, Sean is already upon him and throwing a downward slash.

Naturally, Shin will not let himself to get slice in two. He use his right foot to kick the air below him to do a backward hop midair.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Jump'


Sean chase after Shin but the later use another midair jump to avoid him. And when Sean chase after Shin for the second time in the air, the two of them do a quick physical exchange midair.

Clang! Clang!

Clang! Clang!

And when they went back on the ground, Shin immediately enfold both of his swords with the power of Eclipse, before simultaneously swinging them diagonally, sending a powerful cross shape sword wave.

'Self-Created Skill: Eclipse Cross'

Sean on the other hand throw a powerful horizontal slash on his front with his glowing greatsword, sending a powerful golden sword wave at Shin's direction.

'Guardian of Light Skill: Golden Dimensional Fracture'


Shin's 'Eclipse Cross' was immediately exploded after it collides with Sean's 'Golden Dimensional Fracture', but the power and momentum of the later was decreased significantly after the collision.

So Shin immediately channels the power of Eclipse towards the [Yamato], before throwing a forward slash with it, and sending a powerful purple sword wave in a straight line.

'Slayer Skill: Eclipse Slash'



Swoosh! Whoosh! Shoosh!

And that collision of opposing powers created another powerful explosion, that send powerful gust of wind in all direction and making it hard for Shin to move freely.

He then immediately fuse the power of the Moon and the power of the Sun to create a purple spherical barrier around him.

'Slayer Skill: Eclipse Pulse'



The barrier around Shin trembled violently when Sean's glowing sword landed on its surface. A second later, cracks started spread at the surface of the purple barrier.

Shin immediately release the 'Meteor Form' of his 'Mondi's Style' to swiftly put the [Yamato] back to its sheath. And before Sean throw another slash at the barrier, Shin already clicked his right hand thumb and middle finger to detonate the barrier.

'Slayer Skill: Eclipse Counter'


Unfortunately, Sean's body is being protected by a golden light, so the sudden explosion of the barrier didn't affect him at all. But that golden light was immediately disappeared after that explosion.

And Shin expected that much, so he immediately channels the power of the Moon towards the sheathed [Yamato] after detonating the barrier.

Then he quickly pulled the sword out and swing it rightwards, sending a chilling crescent sword Qi at Sean's direction.


'Class Fighting Style: Lunar Flash'


Sean hold his glowing greatsword vertically in front of him, blocking the incoming sword Qi.


Shin immediately hopped backwards while sheathing the [Yamato], and dodging the horizontal swipe cast by Sean after successfully blocking the blazing sword Qi.


And after throwing the horizontal swipe, Sean chase after Shin while throwing some slashes in the process.

Shin on the other hand is skillfully dodging from side to side using his strange foot technique.

Then Sean throw a huge swing after some time, giving Shin enough time to counterattack.

Shin channels the power of the Sun towards his sheathed sword before pulling it out and throwing a horizontal slash rightwards, sending a crescent fiery sword Qi.


'Class Fighting Style: Solar Flare'


The greatsword on Sean's hands suddenly glows with a golden light and he powerfully slash it at the incoming sword Qi.

'Guardian of Light Skill: Radiant Sword'


The blazing sword Qi was cut into two when Sean's greatsword collided with it, and it send some flying embers in the air.

Shin is already up him because he immediately leap forward and follow after the blazing sword Qi after throwing it. Then he throw a powerful diagonal swing at Sean.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'

Sean tighten his grip on the hilt of his greatsword, before swinging it at Shin in an upward left to right diagonal motion.


Shin's right arm was deflected backwards together with the [Yamato] when it collided with Sean's greatsword.

Shin absorb some force from the attack, as he use the momentum from the impact to do a quick spin in the air, before throwing a three consecutive slashes at Sean after facing him once again.

'Self-Created Skill: Triple Slash'

Sean throw a three consecutive slash of his own after seeing Shin's actions.




Sean felt that each of Shin's slash is stronger than the other every time Shin's sword collides with his own.

After that three slashes, the two of them continue exchanging blows with each other. And as they continue doing it, Sean started to feel some pressure from Shin's attacks that are continuously going stronger and stronger as the battle progress.

Then he purposely took two steps backwards to put some distance from Shin, before holding his greatsword in front of him in horizontal manner to block the incoming sword slash.


Sean was sent sliding backwards after taking the hit of that sword strike. And because of that, the series of Shin's attacks was forcefully broken.

But Shin doesn't care, he swiftly put the [Yamato] back to sheath after throwing the last sword strike. Then he quickly chase after Sean, before pulling the sword out once again and slashing it in a lower-left to upper-right diagonal motion as he caught up at the later.

'Class Fighting Style: Quick Draw'

Sean hold tightly on the hilt of his sword while bracing himself at the coming impact.


Sean was sent sliding backwards once again while his sword guard was thrown in the air.

Naturally, Shin will not let this opportunity to slipped by, so he swiftly put his sword back to its sheath while turning his body into illusionary figure, before dashing forward and transforming into a stick of bluish-white light.


'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'

When Sean saw that, he immediately hold the hilt of his greatsword with both of his hands and swing it around his body. Then the greatsword suddenly release a golden glow as Sean throw a diagonal slash at Shin.

'Guardian of Light Skill: Radiant Sword'

And when the edge of the glowing greatsword is almost upon Shin's head and about to slice him into two, the stick of bluish-white light suddenly accelerated forward and about to pass through Sean's body.

'Basic Combat Technique: Second Drive'

'Class Fighting Style: Moonlight Splitter'

Then time seems to slowdown at this point. The bluish-white light is clearly reflected at Sean eyes. He can also see that Shin is about to pull the [Yamato] from its sheath, and planning to slash it to him. He knows that Shin's sword is a little faster than him this time.

He release a helpless sigh before releasing a powerful radiant light that can blind anyone in the vicinity.

'Guardian of Light Skill: Blinding Radiant'

Then something unexpected happened once again. Shin suddenly release a powerful sword Qi that enfold his body, and protect him from any harm.

'Advance Combat Technique: Triple Drive'

'Extra Skill: Swordsman Resolve'

Sean's eyes suddenly turned wide as he gotten off guard at the sudden change of development. He shook his head and smiled bitterly while thinking to himself. 'What a scary young man.'

Then he let himself to get hit by the incoming slash after Shin pulled the [Yamato] from its sheath and as the later pass through his body.



And when Shin materialize few meters away, the long awaited series of system notifications sounded on his ears. He fall on his butt before laying on the ground and catching his breath.

Huu~ Haa~

Huu~ Haa~

\"It end at last!\"


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