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For as long as I remember, I've been living in this hell since I was a 3 years old. ' How did I know? ', it is because I happen to see the record book of all the children that have been brought here.

Since when they have brought here.

What were their age when they come in.

From where did they come from.

What is their background.

For how long they have been in the camp.

How much is their progress.

Practically everything they knew about the kid is there. Some of them were found from the streets or slums, no parents and no clear background.

I've tried to find anything about me but unfortunately all I got is my age when I've been brought and where did they found me. It is just in an amusement park in 'Eastern Blue District'. Aside from that I've got nothing.

In this place we had to follow a very strict schedule.

Waking up in 5 in the morning to do some martial-art training.

Taking different kinds of lessons after breakfast and then continuing after lunch.

Medical and Medicinal Knowledge, Different kind of language, All kinds of Musical instruments and Any type Visual arts, Science and Technology and Mathematical Knowledge.

They have all kinds of things that they can teach you.

In the afternoon you have to do an obstacle training. And a sparring with other kids after.

Then sleeping after dinner.

Here Strength is Supreme, while Knowledge is Power.

If you are not strong enough, you are going to get beaten up so badly until you can't feel your own body anymore.

If you are not smart enough there is no food for you to serve.

If you are not good enough then you are going to sleep on the floor with no blanket.

I been repeating this kind of dull life for almost 4 years.

Beating up the others so that I will not get wasted.

Outshining everyone to get some food.

It is like living a world that's full of black and white. And I thought that I'm going to live like this for rest of my life.

Until this certain girl enters the camp. Clear blue eyes that full of life, a perfect oval face, long and soft silver hair, a smooth jade like skin. She is such an energetic and charming girl.

She always smiles at others as if she is not affected of what's that happening in her surrounding. Treating other's wound when they are hurt. Sharing her food to those that failed the test. And encouraging everyone to do their best.

Then I just found myself too close to her. We always talking to each other when we have some time to spare. There's nothing that I can share to her but she always telling what is life outside this place. Sometimes she tells me something about her family. She always treated me as her little brother.

I don't know why but I just get attracted and become dependent to her. And I promise myself to protect that beautiful smile of her's.

But life is so cruel. I can't do anything to save her when she is being executed in front of everyone. And what is worst is she being executed because of someone else fault. They said she is trying to escape but truth is she is preventing others from doing it. They accused her so that they will not get punished when the warden discovered their plan. They've betrayed her and pushed her to her death.

I hated myself at that time for being so weak to defend her innocence! I hated myself for failing to protect that smile!

And because of that time I've train even harder so that I can avenge her for her death.

Even though I've become stronger than them I still can't kill them yet, all I can do is beat them and break thier bones during a sparring match. And even though I always got first in anything I still feel so empty because I can't have my revenge. So all I can do is wait, wait for a perfect opportunity to send them to meet her on the other side.

Until one day the Boss presented me that perfect opportunity strike.


There is a car that is traveling to Royal Capital City. And inside it Shin is sleeping so peacefully, few moments later he open his eyes after a long dream and muttered to himself ' So that's what happens' even though that he is quite confused because of some missing events, his lips still formed a bright smile then he look outside the window while saying with the voice only him can hear 'I have avenged you Big Sis I hope that your happy in there.'

When Captain Springfield saw that Shin have woken up and whispering something in the air he smirked and said "Still dreaming? We're almost in there so you should adjust yourself to face a new environment".

Shin give a side eye glance on him while saying " I'm a trained young mafia agent and not some ignorant caveman that doesn't know anything about the world OK?".

The corner of Captain Springfield's smile twitch when he hear Shin's reply. " Hey kiddo you should learn how to respect your elders."

" But not all elders are respectable." Shin's rebutted. Then he continue look outside the window.


In a Villa in the outskirts of one of the City in Western Plains Region a man is laying on a bed. His right arm is swathe with bandage, while his right leg is wrapped in concrete. This man have a triangular face with small and cunning eyes. He had a diagonal scar on the corner of his brows. He is 'Snake Head' the Boss of the notorious 'Black Serpent Mafia'.

A man in suit entered the room while holding a pile of books. After he put it on the table beside the bed, he turns around and about to leave, but he stops his feet when he heard Snake Head's voice.

" How are the things that I asked you?"

The man faces his boss and said. " We are doing our best to find that B*stard's location. He is going to surfer an outcome that's worse than death for betraying us!" He helps boss to have a more comfortable position before continuing. " As for that kid in the base, we have been encountered a very troublesome situation. Because he have been brought by 'Bernard Springfield' in the Capital City of Main Region to be taken under his wing." "And by the looks of it he is going to adapt the kid so that he can monitor him more closely."

Snake Head fall in a deep thought when he heard that the kid is brought in Capital City of the Main Region, it is as if he deliberating the pros and cons of the situation. And after some consideration he said. " Forget about it, if he is planning to to adopt the kid then it is not some ordinary trouble anymore because in that place there's an 'Old Demon' guarding it." "How about the experiment?"

"Unfortunately we failed to read deeper in his memory. We can't even penetrate his inner mind as if there is something that preventing us from going farther, what's more to rewrite. All that we can do is to erase some of his recent memories regarding the camp."

When Snake Head heard it, he said. " OK forget about that boy for now, don't do any stup*d stuff against him without my permission if you don't want to alert those in the military." "Just focus all your thoughts in completing the 'Project Eve' ".

"Alright Boss". After saying that the man in suit left.
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After his subordinate close the door Snake Head stared at the ceiling and muttered, "In the end I can't even confirm my suspicion in this past 6 years. Shin Kinghad, Are you really the son of man?"


The car that Shin riding finally reached it's destination.

The moment Shin exit the car he can't help but stare on the huge Mansion that majestically standing in front of him. He can't even remove his eyes in the giant statute of the Dragon sitting in the middle of the fountain.

The Dragon is 5 meter tall looking in the heaven as if it is challenging it's authority. The boulder under its feet have a words 'Springfield' engraved on it.

He only come back in reality when Captain Springfield called out his name. " That's enough of dozing of, let's go get inside."

When Shin hear the captain and saw him walking to towards the door he catch up to him and asked suspiciously. "How did you get a place like this. Are the salary of special force captain that high, for you to afford this?"

Captain Springfield froze and shot a deadly glare to Shin. But Shin didn't get intimidated and continue to throw his verbal attacks. " No, that shouldn't be the case, maybe your parents are rich to begin with or your wife is a very successful woman. A muscle head like you shouldn't have that kind of money".

" Kid will it kill you if you shut up your mouth?" The veins on captain's head are pumping out on his head when he see that Shin have no plan of stopping.

While walking in the hall Shin's eyes are attracted to a map that's drawn on one of the walls.

He is not attracted because it is a complete and very detailed map but because it is very rare to see this kind of old school things. At this age of Advance Technology where almost all the people were using 'Advance Watches', where you can practically search anything that you want to know.

What's more this map is extremely detailed from Cities, Plains, Rivers, all kinds of places are present on it.

The world is divided in seven major continents. The Soaring Continent, Deep Blue Continent, Clear Sky Continent, Dark Continent, Sun-Moon Continent, Silver Wing Continent, and Lost Soul Continent.

Each Continent is different Regions. Soaring Continent is divided in five Regions, the Eastern Sea, Western Plains, Northern Blue, Southern Fog and Main Region.

While Shin is so engrossed on the map, he heard an Old man's voice. "Impressive isn't it? It cost me a large amount of fortune just to invite the World's Best Geographers and Navigators in making this."

Shin is about to say something, but moment he turned his head and saw who is it he was frozen in place because of the pressure that is being released by this old man is terrifying. The more Shin look at him the heavier the pressure on him, it is as if the whole world is being press on him.

The man that standing beside him has a very mascular and well built body, two meter tall. Compare to a 9 year old kid like him this old man looked like a giant. He is the 'Demon Fist General' Samuel Springfield.

The moment Samuel Springfield hear from his son Bernard that he found a kid in Black Serpent Mafia's hideout he asked him to bring the kid to the Capital City so that he can take a look at him.

He know that the Organization have a very high training standard since they have a highly skilled special agents. Even though these agents rarely show themselves, they have an immense threat if they do.

And since he is looking for suitable opponent for his grandson he want to give it a try. But when he saw that Shin is holding himself for a few minutes he got surprised, because even though Shin's forehead is covered with sweat he is still managed to endure the part of pressure that he released.

"The willpower of this kid is abnormally strong for his current age." He muttered to himself before removing his aura.

He looked at Shin and said with a wide grin on his face " Not bad kid you have a very strong mind, you have a very high potential".

He look at Captain Bernard. "You should bring him to his room so that he can rest. Your wife have brought your children to visit her parents. I guess they will be back after a week or two". After that left and enter one of the corridors in the hall.

When Shin make sure that the Old Demon left he look at Captain Bernard and asked. " Hey Old man! Who is that Older man earlier? "

The corner of captain's mouth twitch "That is my father 'Samuel Springfield' the head of this household".

Shin was at loss for a moment when he hear that, he come back to his senses when he realize who it was. " The Demon Fist General!!! sure enough those old monsters are scary."

"You know my father?" asked the Captain while looking at him.

"Of course he is one of the must watch and 'never to provoke list' on the organization". said Shin while looking at the captain as if he is an idiot.

" You...." Captain Bernard got pissed when he saw that kind of look. 'This kid is treating like I'm just some John Doe on the street'.

" Never mind then. Let's go I'll show where are you going to stay for the few weeks since your opponent not here." He lead Shin to his room while sighing to himself 'Kid's these days'.

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