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Seized by the System Chapter 133: Watch Me Break a Door As I Leave

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Chapter 133: Watch Me Break a Door As I Leave
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While Qiao Zishan and Hai Cheng were in the midst of their discussions, a handsome young man on stage had already raked in 30 consecutive wins, and seemed to be on the path towards being the champion of the New Year examinations.

This young man was waving at the audience, which garnered him thunderous applause. His gaze was sharp as he scanned the crowd; a sliver of provocation glistening in his eyes.

Qiao Zishan and Hai Cheng shared a glance before they shook their heads in resignation; once upon a time, they were also this wet behind the ears, but they had long since changed that mindset.

Right after Fang Ning had replied the email with his agreement to participate in the challenge, he had received an immediate reply with the details of the challenge's rules and regulations, as well as the venue and time of the challenge.

After reading the reply, Fang Ning realized that they still had plenty of time, and didn't feel the least bit hurried.

After being nagged relentlessly by Sir System, Fang Ning continued his assault on the "Atmospheric Morality Technique".

Fang Ning did a mental calculation; if he included this book, he was already learning three abilities at once.

"Dragonization Ability", "True Bodhi Tactics", and "Atmospheric Morality Technique" were all top-tier books; it was truly a waste for Fang Ning to not have Sir System's ability to expend experience points to learn abilities.

Not only had Fang Ning not mastered even one ability, he was even heading towards the worst case scenario of biting off more than he could chew when it came to learning…

He thought about it; if he really did start on the path towards achieving peak cultivation, there was no doubt that he would jeopardize himself. He didn't have a strong resolve, so deciding to focus on which book first was difficult; he was the type that felt like learning everything at once and wavered his decision whenever someone told him to learn something else…

He had already learned "Dragonization Ability", but for now the most he could do was hide his identity. "True Bodhi Tactics" was much more difficult to learn, and he didn't have the System teaching him about it like he did with "Dragonization Ability". Even if he already had the complete version, learning it still proved difficult to Fang Ning.

As compared to the previous pair of books, "Atmospheric Vitality Technique" had skills that came into effect passively; it helped increase the storage of Morality, so learning it instantaneously increased the System's potential.

After Xue Ba learned it, Xue Ba immediately gained one Morality Bar, which allowed the System to store any excess Morality that was farmed.

Once the System's Morality Bar was expended completely, all reserves would replenish its Morality Bars automatically. This meant that the System's current Morality Bars had increased from 18 to 19.

Although this was definitely an advantage, when Fang Ning had flipped through "Atmospheric Vitality Technique", he had discovered something crucial: learning this technique required a pure and untainted mind, or at least a mind that didn't conjure indescribable thoughts every three minutes.

Xue Ba had learned it in an instant, and Zheng Dao would definitely be able to do the same, but the black dog and Fang Ning himself could only watch in vain.

There was no other choice, this dog and its human were both incredibly dirty beings; they watched lots of indescribable videos most of the time.

Although Fang Ning had already started learning the technique, he quickly fell into certain despair: the difficulties that he would have to face were way more than the black dog, because the videos the black dog had watched were nothing compared to the ones he did…

As the challenge day drew closer, Zheng Dao bought a batch of high-quality medicinal ingredients from the Truth Department's internal market under the order of Fang Ning; if the System was hurt during the challenge, it could be used to alchemize medicine.

After the medicinal ingredients had their outrageous names exposed, the dishonest traders of the Truth Department finally gave them reasonable prices. They had spent $500 million, yet they had gotten ten times more medicinal ingredients than before.

They had spent $230 million last time and had gotten a carrying case worth of ingredients. The $500 million this time got them ten of the same.

It was obvious that you would be taken for a fool if you didn't know the trade. Thankfully they had Sir System, which was able to tell the true quality of the ingredients on their side, so their losses could be minimized.

After looking through their accounts, Fang Ning heaved a sigh, 'Sir System may be good at depositing money, but it's even better at spending money. Especially since it has such high demands and only wants the best of everything. No wonder it's always so stingy.)

At the brink of their departure, Fang Ning had Zheng Dao and the two dogs stay at home.

Fang Ning even made an important preparation before he left. He would have Brett activate "Summon Dragon God" at 8 am and again at 8 pm, after the closing ceremony, until he returned…

After hearing the Venerable White Dragon explain such a simple task with such seriousness, Brett immediately felt that it was carrying a heavy responsibility on its shoulders and continuously assured that it wouldn't forget. It didn't need or want to think why it was ordered to do so either; the Venerable One's wishes were its commands.

After a countless number of orders and reminders, as well as ordering Zheng Dao to watch over things, Fang Ning finally called for "The Flight" and departed to his destination.

Xue Feng controlled his speed and arrived at their destination half an hour later. It was a small island in the Pacific Ocean.

From the start of the trip to its end, Xue Feng didn't make a sound, which made Fang Ning incredibly pleased.

It was a typical tropical island, flat and empty. The beach stretched on, a few coconut trees scattered here and there. It was deserted as far as the eye can see.

The challenge was going to take place here, but there was not one receptionist in sight. What was going on?

Fang Ning opened the email he received and had Sir System check that they were indeed at the correct coordinates.

Fang Ning would never waste his time and effort; he immediately went to question Anderson to clarify everything.

As it turned out, this Dark Extraordinaire Arena wasn't of this world, but existed in another world.

However, nothing grew there, so it didn't count as a Land of Heritage. It was still equally valuable, since it allowed Extraordinaires to unleash their skills in that space to their heart's content without effect on the real world at all.

Whoever that wanted to come to this place for the challenge had to first find the entrance to this alternate realm.

With help of Anderson's cheating, Sir System controlled Vigilante A's towards a part of the beach before he kicked a coconut tree strongly.

The coconut tree barely budged, so Vigilante A kicked it strongly a second time, which caused a voice to immediately emit from within the tree.

"Please stop kicking, it really hurts. As expected of a Supreme Challenger locating the entrance to this year's arena so easily. It was so different from last year too; maybe a different way of hiding the entrance should be considered, maybe changing into a crab or something…"

As the voice faded out, the tree disappeared. Instead, a white arched gate appeared to replace the coconut tree.

A System Notification popped up, [The System has found the entrance to an alternate realm.]

With the black dog's 24-hour "Summon Dragon God" activated, Fang Ning was quite assured and didn't nag much. Vigilante A walked through the arched gate confidently.

After he walked through the arched gate, what Fang Ning saw changed before his very eyes: a brightly-lit walkway appeared with a grand black gate blocking its exit. A plaque above the gate read "Challenge Corridor".

A different voice sounded this time, "Welcome, Supreme Challenger. You are to open the grand gate using any method possible. Once you open the grand gate, you earn the right to pass through the Challenge Corridor to enter the Extraordinaire Arena. You will be also be awarded starter rewards."

"Sh*t, not this again", thought Fang Ning to himself, "I'm a man that can defeat the champion of the previous Dark Tournament, yet you still want to use this way to test my skills?"

"They might be taking precautions against impostors, but aren't they afraid of angering me?"

Fang Ning flailed his arms wildly in the System Space, "System, go. Destroy that gate to pieces and give those idiots hiding in the dark a good fright!"

A white elder, a black elder and a yellow-skinned young man were all watching the monitoring screens from somewhere as they watched the Chinese young man.

The white elder spoke first, "This Chinese hero at the gate now is called Vigilante A, he was the one that killed our previous Champion, Anderson."

The black elder asked, "Is he really that powerful? I heard that he can turn into a dragon, so will he turn into a flame dragon and burn the gate to a crisp?

"I'll have you know that that gate is not only made from obsidian and is imbued with lots of defense spells, it even has the skull of a rare powerhouse embedded into it as a guard too. It won't cave unless you possess a certain level of offensive ability; even Anderson had to use Spiritual Slash five consecutive times before the gate opened."

The white elder responded, "Bob, do you want to bet on how many moves Vigilante A will use to open the gate?"

The black elder replied, "I bet he'll use at least ten moves, because he must have used a superpower to kill Anderson. Although Anderson was a powerhouse and was also the champion of the previous tournament, the tournament took place in February last year.

"After that Flame Meteor in July, abilities awakened in a lot of people, and some powerhouses had unique abilities awakened. If this Vigilante A had some ability that could go against Spiritual Slash awakened, that would be perfect to defeat Anderson, so killing him would have been a breeze. He might not be all that powerful after all."

The white elder disagreed, "That's where I'll disagree with you. You idiot, don't you know Anderson also had his Psionic Ability awakened? He can absorb the Psionic Ability of others to boost the power of his own Spiritual Sense. The fact that Vigilante A can kill an Anderson like this just goes to prove how strong he is, he most definitely is a top-tier powerhouse. I bet he'll open the gate in three moves."

The yellow-skinned man did not utter a single word throughout the exchange, still focused on Vigilante A's every single move.

At this moment, Vigilante A entered the Challenge Corridor. All he did was hold out a plate of food as he neared the gate.

They were all confused, 'What was he doing? Was he going to eat and drink to his heart's content before destroying the gate?'

The next moment, the shock turned into confusion. The obsidian gate immediately opened itself.

One of the faces embedded into the gate had features as if it were carved out of stone, defined and sharp. His nose twitched eagerly while his eyes were shut tight in an expression of content.

"What a fragrance, although I've been bound to this gate and can no longer eat, smelling this is more than enough. Enter, Supreme Challenger, and thank you for your hospitality. I'll let you in on a secret…"

The people in the monitor room thought it had already ended; Vigilante A was only tricky, that's all.

However, it hadn't ended yet. They watched as a shocking scene unfolded.

After Vigilante A finished listening to what the face said, he didn't immediately pass through the gate. Instead, he stretched his arms outward to grab onto both sides of the gate and pulled inwards… The obsidian gates detached from the walls instantaneously before it promptly disappeared.

After this was done, Vigilante A made his exit and disappeared.

What had happened? Did Vigilante A really break down a door during his exit?

The people in the monitor room exchanged glances, all at a loss for words.

"Actually, all they lack is actual battle experience. If they're sent to battle, or if they're faced against people like Anderson, the consequences would be disastrous. Without our battle experience, they just might choose to rush into battle headfirst and kill themselves in the process."
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