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Location: Crimson Tiger Guild, inside the massive throne room.

Sarona and Teros finally returned after a few weeks of investigation.

"So? Did you guys find out anything?" said Terasia who is the guild leader.

"Yes! It looks like the person who killed Volan Barius is called PrimeDragon!" said Taros furiously whenever the topic is about Volan's death.

"I see? Then what about his appearance or how does he look like? And what about his race and ranking?" said Terasia.

"Well, after interrogating the Bolt Clan for a few weeks, they finally revealed the culprit's identity and it appears that his race either Human or Dragon with black hair and red eyes. Also, his rank is around King level, at least that's the Bolt Clan said, though I'm not if it's true or not," said Sarona.

"What?! So you're not sure if he's a human or a dragon? And he's at least King level?!" Terasia was shocked.

"That's right, the information was pretty confusing, especially regarding his race. Even the Bolt Clan doesn't know how that's possible, but at least that's what they have reported seeing it so far regarding his race," said Sorana again.

Since Prime did transform into his dragon form before in the Bolt Clan, so that's how the Bolt Clan knew about his secret and reported it to Taros and Sarona.

"That's right," Taros also agreed by nodding his head.

Fortunately, the Bolt Clan still exists thanks to Taros being lenient to them. Although the Bolt Clan didn't really want to reveal Prime's identity, but they have no choice this time, otherwise Taros will massacre them all.

Besides that, Taros and Sarona wasn't the only one searching for Prime, in fact, the "Barius Clan" also did send their people to investigate Volan's death as well. In another word, not only that the Crimson Tiger Guild is after Prime's life, but the Barius Clan is also after his life.

"So what should we do now, Teresia-sama?" said Sarona since she's worried that the killer they're searching for is King level, which is not someone they can fight against with easily.

Even though Taros was furious, but when he thought about Prime being at least King's level, he can't help but felt a little fear in his heart. Although he really wanted to avenge for Volan's death, but he also doesn't want to die in the process of doing it.

It was at this time, Terasia sighed and said, "If this person we're looking for is really King level, then we'll have to plan carefully and use formation spells to defeat this so-called PrimeDragon guy,"

'Formation spell, huh?' Taros thought to himself while stroking his chin.

"For now, cooperate with the Barius Clan and find out where Prime is. In the meantime, I also have another idea other than using formation spell to fight," said Terasia.

"Oh? What is it?" said Taros curiously yet a little surprised.

It was at this time, Terasia began to smile and said:

"Well, this is an idea that I have in mind is called "Betrayal Strategy". And that is I want both of you to befriend with this Prime guy, and once he trusted both of you or lower his guard down, that's when you guys backstab and kill him. So what do you think of this plan? Pretty good right?"

"Holy shit! Terasia-sama, you're a f**king genius!" said Taros excitedly as he couldn't believe how smart his guild master is.

"Wow! That's really amazing, Terasia-sama!" Sorana was surprised too as she praised Terasia.

"Alright, pass this message to the Barius Clan as well and tell them to cooperate with you guys,"

"No problem! We will quickly inform the Barius Clan about it, so just leave this to us Teresia-sama," said Taros happily.

"Alright, you guys may go now," said Terasia.

"Yes, Terasia-sama!" said Taros and Sarona both at the same time.

However, just as Taros and Sarona were about to leave, suddenly an A-Rank Guard rushed in the throne room and said:

"Terasia-sama! Terasia-sama! We found someone in our clan called PrimeDragon also, but that person registered as an F-Rank adventurer, so we are not sure if it's the same person you're looking for or not."

"However, there are some people in our clan reported that this F-Rank adventurer they saw, also had black hair and red eyes," said the guard.

"What?! Don't tell me he's been wondering inside our clan all this time and we didn't even know?" Terasia had a surprised look on her face.

Of course, Taros and Sarona were shocked too when they heard that.

"Quick! Find that F-Rank person right now, it could be the same person we're looking for," said Terasia urgently.

"Yes, we have already investigated this person, and it appeared that he's in Porion Klex Dungeon right now doing his quest," said the guard again.

It was at this moment, Teresia looked at Taros and Sarona, and said:

"Both of you quickly go and inform the Barius Clan about this now!"

"Yes, Terasia-sama!" they both responded.

Immediately after that, Taros and Sarona quickly left and went to inform the Barius Clan.

After Taros and Sorana left, that's when Terasia began to sigh again and thought to herself, 'I hope all this end well...'

Meanwhile, Prime and Aelena's party are still on their way to the GreenStar Kingdom, and it is estimated that it will take them about 3 months to reach the border of GreenStar Kingdom. Which is pretty far away, but it's not surprising considering how massive this planet is.

At the moment, Prime and Aelena's party are riding on their mounts, and the mounts they have seem to be Chicken looking with two legs on the ground and yellow in color. Something like the mount "Chocobo" from the video game called the "Final Fantasy".

"What a cool mount, it's pretty fast and stable surprisingly," said Prime astonishingly.

"Oh? Is this your first time riding this Chicken mount?" said Dior curiously.

"Well, so far I have only ridden horses before, so yeah this Chicken mount is definitely my first time,"

"I see. Well, I hope you enjoy it then," laughed Dior joyfully while enjoying the ride.

"Haha, thanks," laughed Prime joyfully as he enjoys riding it too.

So far the Chicken mount that Prime is riding on is traveling at the speed of 100KM/H consistently, and this Chicken mount can run for at least 2 weeks straight without getting tired. And even if it needs rest, just one day is enough and plenty of water and food, and then they're set to run again.

Just like that, Prime and Aelena's party enjoy their beautiful journey to the GreenStar Kingdom. Plus, since they aren't in a rush or anything, therefore they took their own sweet time and enjoy their so-called small holidays.

Eventually, two months have passed and during these 2 months, Prime had killed a total of 100 bandits, so that's mean another +100 DEX and INT stats gained.

In another word, these two months of journey was not completely useless to him at all, as he was able to gain quite a lot of stacks from it. Which is pretty good, at least that's Prime thinks.

And as a result, his battle power now has increased from level 1340 \u003e\u003e 1380, which is a solid 40 levels increased.

'Damn, this passive stacks is overpowered no matter how many times I see it,' Prime thought to himself.

Meanwhile, the Crimson Tiger Guild, the Barius Clan and Prince's Eraga 3 royal knights are still searching for Prime inside the Porion Klex Dungeon. Since there are 50 floors inside the Porion Klex Dungeon, therefore it will probably take them a very long time to search floor by floor.

However, that was two months ago, but now they're no longer searching for Prime inside the Porion Klex Dungeon anymore. Instead, they have already moved out of the dungeon and search somewhere else.

It was also around this time, Prince Eraga left his royal palace as well and brought another 4 more royal knights with him as he was planning to visit the GreenStar Kingdom himself.

That is because, he wasn't sure if he could trust Katherine or not in terms of kidnapping Princess Aelena, because it has been two months already and he still hasn't gotten any news from Katherine. Which is why this time, he decided to act on his own and pay a visit to King Raenor.

His main goal is to cancel the marriage and at the same time, to also meet Princess Aelena and kidnap her directly. In another word, he's going to pretend to be peaceful and the moment King Raenor let his guard down, that's when he will kidnap Princess Aelena without hesitation.

Of course, Prince Eraga is a smart person who knows how to play with words in order to trick King Raenor, so if King Raenor isn't smart enough, then he will certainly fall for Prince Eraga's trap.

Although King Raenor is a powerful Elf King, but Prince Eraga is also strong at Demon King's level, so that means King Raenor in a sense, is also in danger too.

With that being said, another one more month has passed and finally Prime and Aelena's party could see the border of the GreenStar Kingdom ahead of them.

"Looks like we're almost there everyone," said Dior happily.

"Hahaha! Very good! I'm so glad to be home again," said an elf man in a joyful manner.

"Ah! I miss home so much, I can't wait to see my mom, dad and my younger brother after this," said an elf girl in an exciting manner.

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