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Location: RedStar Kingdom, inside the royal palace throne room.

Nara the Dragon Princess finally returns with the 5 Royal Knights that her father assigned. At the moment, Nara was on her knees looking scared as she knows how angry her father is, especially since she left without telling him.

However to her surprise, her father wasn't angry at all and in fact, he's actually crying like a baby as he misses his daughter so much. Before Nara was about to speak and apologize to her father, suddenly, her father got up from his throne seat and immediately rush and hug her.

"Eh??" Nara was confused.

At the moment, her father is hugging her tightly while crying, and even had mucus coming out from his nose.

"Waaaaahh! Waaaaahh! My daughter! Oh, my daughter!" cried King Taiga.

"Eh?? Your not angry?"

"Why would I? As long you're safe that's all it matters,"

"Sorry dad, it's my fault," said Nara while crying a little too.

After a while, once they calm down a bit, Nara then began to speak and said:

"Father, I have something important to tell you, and it has something to do with Uncle Dalgon,"

It was at this time, King Taiga stop crying and wiped off his tears and looked at Nara seriously, and said:

"What is it? Do tell your father,"

Although King Taiga doesn't know what was going on, but he had a bad feeling about it, especially after hearing the name "Dalgon," who is his younger brother.

"Errr, can we not talk here?" said Nara.

"No problem, then let's go to my personal palace and talk," said King Taiga.

Without delay, they both left the throne room and went to King Taiga's personal palace. And from there, Nara began to tell her father everything, starting from the day she left all the way until now.


Meanwhile back at where Prime is, at the moment he's walking on a dirt road in front of him. Because according to what his game map says is that by following this road, he will eventually reach Porion Klex Dungeon.

Besides that, it was also a beautiful sunny day today, no rain and a beautiful blue sky with some clouds.

Of course, Prime wasn't the only one walking on this road, but they were other adventurers and merchants as well that he met along the way.

"This is the best! Hahaha! I guess traveling alone while enjoying mother nature isn't too bad after all," said Prime with a bright happy smile while enjoying the beautiful nature around him.

Looking at his game map, he estimated that if he walks at his normal speed, then it would at least take him one or two months to reach the Porion Klex Dungeon. However, if he were to travel at his full speed, then it would probably only takes him 2 or 3 days to reach his destination.

Nevertheless, he wasn't in a rush or anything, so he plans to walk there by foot. But at the same time, 1 or 2 months is still quite a long time for him, so he was thinking of getting a horse for traveling instead.

"Dammit, I should've bought a horse while I was in Azurion City just now. Oh well, too late now,"

As he continues to walk, suddenly ahead of him a commotion happened. And what he saw was 3 high-class carriages are getting surrounded by a group of 50 bandits. Also, all those bandits were at least Mid Level B-Rank, except for the bandit leader who is an A-Rank.

"Of course, it has got to be bandits of all people, but why are they attacking the carriages though? And who are those people inside the carriages?" Prime wondered as he stroke his chin.

"Hmm, should I help or wait a little longer? Nevermind, I'll wait and see how it goes first,"

Meanwhile, inside one of the carriages, a young woman yelled and said:

"Who are you people?! What do you want from us?!"

However, the bandits didn't respond and instead, the bandit leader even signaled his men to kill everyone in the carriages. Of course, the young woman inside the carriage wasn't alone, as she even had many guards protecting her on the outside.

But unfortunately, those men she hired were only Low Level B-Rank at most, which is far too weak to face those Mid Level B-Rank bandits. Plus, it wasn't just one bandit, but 50 of them.

The name of this young woman is called "Elina Odin," and she's the BlueStar Kingdom third princess or the youngest princess. It seems like she and her men are also going to Porion Klex Dungeon, but unfortunately, what greeted them right now is trouble.

"Elina-sama, it seems like they're not ordinary bandits I'm afraid," said one of Elina's men worriedly.

Those 50 bandits seem to have all their faces covered with masks, so no one knows who they were. They look like bandits, but at the same time, they also look like assassins.

"Don't tell me they're assassins?" said Elina in surprise.

"Elina-sama, they are coming! Please run away now!"

"Weird, why do I sense dark energy coming from those 50 bandits? And are they even bandits or assassins?" Prime was a little confused.

"But....." said Elina worriedly.

Elina is a righteous girl, so naturally she's the type that's always worried about her men's safety more than her own.

"Don't worry about us! It's our duty to protect you, so please run away now while we hold them off,"

Although those 50 bandits are way stronger than Elina's men, but Elina has at least 100 men with her, so that should buy enough time for her to escape. However, what they didn't know is that the bandit leader is an A-Rank, which is a whole new level as compared to other bandits.

Meaning that, Elina chances of escaping are practically zero if the bandit leader were to make his move against her. Of course, unlike Prime who could see people's level, but not Elina's group, as they can only guess by sensing their enemies's aura.

It is unknown what kind of power the bandit leader has, because although he's an A-Rank, but he was able to reduce his aura to at least Mid Level B-Rank. Of course, the bandit leader may be able to trick his enemies with his Rank, but not against someone like Prime who can see people's level.

Just like that, the battle between Elina's group and the bandit group begins. However, just as Prime was watching the fight from a distance, suddenly:


Bonus Quest Available - Please rescue Princess Elina from those Demon Assassins. [Reward: 6 Million EXP \u0026 +250 Golds]

[System Note: This is an important quest, as it is related to the future war between the Dragon and the Demon race]

"What?! It has something to do with the war between the Demon and the Dragon race?" said Prime in a surprising manner.

"That's weird? But isn't this the BlueStar Kingdom? So how does saving Princess Elina, has something do with the war between the Dragon and the Demon race?" Prime frowned as he was confused of what was going on.

Unfortunately at this time, the system didn't respond to him.

"Nevermind, I'll figure it out later. For now, let's save the princess first,"

With that said, Prime then leaped from his position and landed in front of the carriage that Elina uses to escape with. Of course, Elina wasn't the one riding that carriage, as she has her knight riding it for her.

"Who goes there?!" yelled one of her knights.

Although she has her knights protecting her, but those are just ordinary knights instead of Royal Knight, so that's why they are weak. Probably because she's the youngest and weakest princess, so King Xargon didn't pay much attention to her.

Of course, is not that King Xargon doesn't care about his youngest daughter, but it's just that he never expects something like this would happen to her. Because after all, this is not her first time going to Porion Klex Dungeon to train, as previously she had done it many times and didn't have any problem.

"Don't worry, I'm here to help the princess, so there's no need to be wary of me," said Prime in a gentle manner.

Due to Prime standing in front of them, they ended up stopping the carriage and that made the bandit leader even happier.

"Hahaha! Good job boy! I don't know who you are, but thanks for stopping the princess's carriage," said Demos, the bandit leader with an evil smile.

Demos is actually not a bandit, but rather he was an assassin sent by one of the princes from the DarkStar Kingdom to assassinate Princess Elina. The DarkStar Kingdom is basically where the Demon race comes from, or the land of Demons.

"Who are you!?! What do you want?!" said Princess Elina to Demos.

"Well, you don't need to know because you're going to die very soon, hahaha!" said Demos while licking his dagger creepily.

"Elina-sama! I've already informed the royal knights and they are currently on their way here, so please leave this carriage and head toward the south now!" said one of Elina's knights urgently.

The reason why this knight is telling Elina to head toward the south is because the royal knights are coming from that direction, so if she heads south, then she would meet them sooner.

At the moment, Elina has 4 knights protecting her and they are trying their best to hold off Demos in order to buy time for her to escape.

As much as Elina is worried about her 4 knights, but she understands that right now her life is more important. So without delay, she immediately left the carriage and escape toward the south.

"Hoh? Trying to escape, huh? Hahaha, nice try because no matter what, it would still be useless," Demos smirked.

Without delay, Demos and the 4 knights began fighting each other. It is unknown how long these 4 knights can last before they collapsed and dies, but regardless, saving the princess's life is more important to them, so they don't care whether they die or not.

Meanwhile, Prime was quite annoyed as he felt like Demos and Elina's group are ignoring him completely, or forgetting about his existence.

"Damn these guys! How dare they ignore a supreme being like me!"

"Oh wait, isn't this a good opportunity for me to test out my Moba Champion Skills? Hehe," Prime suddenly thought of a good idea.

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