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Upon entering the Crimson Tiger Guild, Prime realized just how big this guild is, probably even bigger than an English football stadium by a few times.

Not only that, the surrounding atmosphere smell good for some reason and Prime could see many adventurers are drinking and chilling inside the guild. They were also many beautiful maids serving their adventurer's food and drinks like alcohol and so on.

At the same time, he could also see many people with different classes, such as Magician, Warrior, Cleric, Assassin, Monk, Necromancer and so on.

All in all, it was a very lively atmosphere and Prime was pretty excited about it.

"Looking for a party! Someone invite me, please! I need help with this quest dammit!" yelled a lonely adventurer.

"We need one more for our party of five! Magician preferred or a Tank work as well!" said one of the party leaders in the crowd desperately.

"A-Rank Assassin here! Looking for a party to join, prefer to do A-Rank Quest only!"

"Damn so noisy, I didn't know there are so many adventurers here," said Prime in astonishment.

"Haha, sorry about that, but please follow me to the registration room as it is less noisy there," said the catgirl to Prime.

With that said, Prime then follow the catgirl and eventually, they climbed the staircase and reached the second floor. After that, the maid then opened the door and said:

"We're here, so please get inside,"

"Alright," said Prime excitingly as he entered the Registration room.

Upon entering the room, Prime realized he wasn't alone in fact, they were many adventurers in the room as well waiting for their turn to sign the registration paper.

"Alright, please sit here for now and wait for your turn," said the catgirl while showing Prime where to sit.

"Okay," said Prime obediently as he sat down.

After that, the catgirl then left and went back to her duty. It turns out that this catgirl is a guide and her job is to assist newcomers.

Even the registration room that Prime is in, was big as hell like a hall.

"Dammit, everything in this world is so big," said Prime in a surprising manner.

Well is not surprising since ExionSaga planet is 10 times larger than Earth, thus it's only natural that everything here is big since there is plenty of lands.

Besides that, the room was very bright too as they are windows that allow the sunlight to penetrate in. Which in return, makes the room looks very lively and full of positive energy.

Just looking at the surrounding view, Prime is already pleased and glad that he came to this guild after all.

If it's a low tier guild, then it wouldn't be so fancy and beautiful, but this is different since this is one of the top 5 guilds in Azurion City. So it's only natural that everything here in this guild is high class looking.

"Next please!" said a beautiful red hair lady with glasses.

Without delay, Prime then got up from his seat and went to the big wooden counter.

"Alright, please fill in this form and once you're done, let me know," said the red hair glasses lady impatiently.

"Okay," replied Prime.

Right away, Prime began filling in the form and even put his name PrimeDragon, and as for his class, he just put Warrior since he mostly fights with his physical strength. As for his Rank, he just put F-Class for now because he doesn't want to stand out too much yet.

After he's done filling the form, he then gave it to the red hair lady.

Of course, the red hair lady wasn't the only one working in the counter, as they were many other guild receptionists there as well.

"Hmm, so you're name is PrimeDragon?" said the red hair lady curiously.

"That's right," replied Prime innocently as he didn't know what was going on.

The red lady then stared at Prime for a while, and then looked back in the registration paper and chuckle. The reason she chuckles is because she thought Prime was a dragon, but after looking at the form, she realized Prime was just a regular human.

"Alright, you're done and you're now officially a member of this guild,"

"Oh, that's it?" Prime was shocked because he thought he would at least need to take some assessment tests, but it seems like he didn't need to.

"Yes, that's it. However, you're only allowed to stay in this guild for 6 months and during this time, we will monitor you to see how much you improve. Meaning that, if you do not at least reach B-Rank in 6 months, then you will be kicked out from this guild,"

"Meh, should be easy I guess," said Prime casually without worry.

Hearing that, the red hair lady can't help but think that Prime is an idiot. Because Prime registered himself as an F-Rank Adventurer, and for an F-Rank to reach B-Rank in just 6 months is just literally impossible for someone with average talent.

Only the top 10 geniuses in Azurion City could achieve that, but looking at Prime, she could already guess that he must be someone from the countryside and never came to the city before.

"Alright, can I have your ID card please,"

"Sure," said Prime as he took out his ID card and gave it to her.

Without delay, she then took Prime's ID card and stamp it. Of course, the stamp she uses isn't an ordinary stamp, but a magical red stamp. After stamping it, she then gave it back to Prime.

Unlike before, Prime's ID card was just an ordinary citizen card, but now it has a Crimson Tiger Guild logo on it, especially after she stamps it.

After Prime took back his ID card, he then left and went to the Guild lobby hall. After he left, the red hair lady then smiled evilly and said to herself:

"Hahaha! What an idiot. Oh well, it doesn't matter because in 6 months from now he will be kicked out from this guild anyways,"

In general, once you are kicked out by the guild you've joined, then you are pretty much banned for 2 years. Meaning that, you will have to wait for another 2 years to try or join again.

It is unknown why they set a rule like this, but most probably because they don't want idiots to keep spamming it by signing up their guild over and over again.


[Congratulation! You have just completed your Step 2 Tutorial Quest]

[Reward: You can now choose a class]

"Cool! Hahaha! Finally! Yes!" said Prime to himself.

"Alright, let's find a quiet place for now,"

At the moment, Prime is at the guild lobby hall which is very noisy as they were a lot of people. So in order to find a quiet place, he then left the guild and find an inn nearby to stay.

After finding an inn he likes, he then immediately rent a room and locked the door. After that, he then quickly opened his game screen again and continues where he left off.

"Finally! Now without any interruption, let's choose my class,"

[Please select one of the following 6 classes that are shown on the screen: Magician Class, Fighter Class, Rogue Class, Cleric Class, Ranger Class, and lastly MOBA Champion Class]

"What!?! MOBA Champion Class?! What the hell is that?"

Out of curiosity, Prime then clicked on the MOBA Champion Class for more information and this is what he sees on his game screen:

[MOBA Champion Class is basically a class where you choose a champion that you like and inherit their 4 abilities. Something like the game Dota 2 or League Of Legends and Q, W, E, R skills]

"Holy shit! That's awesome! I mean I've always liked being a magician, but a MOBA Champion class! Now that's f**king tempting as f**k!" said Prime excitingly.

"Alright, I made up my mind, let give MOBA Champion class a try,"

Without delay, he then clicked on the MOBA Champion Class and selected "Yes".

[MOBA Champion Class are you sure? Please press yes to confirm again]

"Of course, what a stupid question," said Prime as he clicked on the "Yes" button to confirm again.

Congratulation! Your class is now MOBA Champion, but you're not complete yet, please select a champion you like:

1. Wukong - High burst damage and a super-strong body. By selecting this champion, you will inherit 4 new Skills/Abilities and also your DEX \u0026 STR stats will increase by +500. [Click on "Wukong" for more information regarding his skills/abilities]

[System Note: Although it is called Wukong, but the skills are not the same as the one in the game called "League of Legends"]

2. Naragon - High burst damage and also can use Magic. Basically a half mage, half assassin. By selecting this champion, your INT \u0026 DEX stats will increase by +500. [Click on "Naragon" for more information regarding his skills/abilities]

3. Revoid - A Tanker and can also use Magic. Basically a half mage, half Tank. By selecting this champion, your INT \u0026 VIT stats will +500. [Click on "Revoid" for more information regarding his skills/abilities]

4. Selix - Pure Mage who controls the Earth. By selecting this champion, your INT stats will +1000. [Click on "Selix" for more information regarding her skills/abilities]

5. Yameri - Support Mage, good for healing allies and oneself. By selecting this champion, your INT stats will +1000. [Click on "Yameri" for more information regarding her skills/abilities]

"Hmm back on Earth, I used to play League of Legends, but due to so many trolls and feeders, I ended up giving up that game,"

"However, I still enjoy the game and I usually play Assassin and Mage type of champion. So in this case, the champion "Naragon" will suit my style more,"

Of course, Prime didn't select Naragon right away, instead, he spent a little more time reading about other champions first.

However, after reading about each champion, he realized the champion Naragon still suits him the best, thus he made up his mind and finally selected Naragon.

[Congralution! Naragon is now your Champion]

Naragon Ability: Q, W, E, R

[Q-Skill] - Stun your opponent for 1 second. Skill Level: Level 1. Cooldown: 10 Seconds.

[W-Skill] - Invisibile for 1 second. Skill: Level 1. Cooldown: 15 Seconds.

[E-Skill] - Shoot one Lightning Missile that will follow your enemy [Deal 505 Magic Damage, Based on INT], Skill: Level 1. Cooldown: 30 Seconds.

[Ultimate/R-Skill] - Clone yourself and your clone will inherit 100% of your power, but your clone can't use magic. Skill: Level 1. No Cooldown, but can only have one clone at most for now.

Naragon's Passive Skill - Each time you kill an enemy, you gained +1 INT and +1 DEX. Only work if you kill a person, meaning that killing monsters/beasts doesn't count. No Cooldown.

Upon looking at Naragon's 4 abilities and passives skill, Prime can't help but remain speechless for one minute straight.


"Yo system, you joking right? What is this broken as F**k Champion? Too OP already, this shit need a nerf for sure,"

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