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After completing his first quest, he then left and headed to the Honey Bee Inn to find Nara. Upon arriving at the inn, he asked the inn owner which room Nara is in and of course, the inn owner didn't reveal to him and lied saying that there's no such person exists.

"Hmm, I guess this inn owner must be on Nara side I supposed," Prime thought to himself.

However, Prime didn't give up and insisted that he just wanted to talk to Nara and said that he's friend with her. But no matter what, the inn owner still said the same thing and eventually, he told Prime to leave as he feels that Prime is disturbing his business.

Not wanting to make a scene, Prime then left the inn and went outside. From the outside of the inn, he looked up and saw a balcony on the second floor wide open and he smiled.

"Hehe, I'll just sneak in then since you won't let me meet Nara,"

After sneaking in from the second-floor balcony, the next thing he saw in front of him was a room hallway.

"Hmm, which rooms is Nara in?" said Prime while stroking his chin.

Sniff! Sniff! Sniff!

"Hehe, Found ya!" Prime smiled.

Since Prime is a dragon, so his nose is a lot more sensitive than regular human beings and it didn't take him long before he finally smells where Nara's room is. Following the scent of smell, he finally arrived in front of Nara's room door outside.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Unfortunately, no one answer nor open the door for him. Without waiting, he then voluntarily open the door himself and went in, and it turns out that Nara was not in.

"Hmm, did she perhaps went out? Because I could still smell some of her scents left in this room,"

Luckily, there's an empty pen and paper on one of the room tables next to him. Since he doesn't know when Nara will come back, so he decided to just write down on a piece of paper to let her know.

Of course, the pen he's using is not a modern pen, but rather it was an ancient feather pen. After he's done writing, he then said:

"Alright, this should be good for now," said Prime satisfyingly.

In the letter, he wrote:

"If you want to go to Azurion City safely, then please meet me at the battle arena in four days from now. As for Buro's group, I will take care of it, so don't worry. From PrimeDragon, Thank you,"

Four days from now, the guild envoys will come with a massive skyship and it will take place at the tournament arena, which is why Prime wanted Nara to meet him there.

Just like that, he then left and headed back to Blue Clan Mansion. Not long after he left, about one hour later, Nara came back with a bunch of food she bought from the market.

"Eh!?! What's this?! From PrimeDragon?" said Nara shockingly.

Nara didn't get why Prime is helping her and at the same time, she didn't know if she should trust Prime or not.

"Hmm, what's his motive for helping me? And what does he mean by he will take care of Buro's group?" Nara was confused.

After thinking for a while, she realized she doesn't have much choice at the moment, so she could only rely on Prime for now even though she's not sure what Prime wants from her in return.

Eventually, 4 days have passed and finally, the day has come for Prime to board the skyship and go to Azurion City. It was also a beautiful sunny day today with blue sky and beautiful white clouds.

At the moment, all those invited adventurers are waiting for the skyship to come to the battle arena.

"Woohoo! Finally!" said someone in the crowd excitingly.

"Damn! Just thinking about it already makes my hands so sweaty," said another person excitingly too.

Of course, Yela, Guran, Tanya and the other 3 three young masters were excited as well. As for Prime, he too is looking forward as well mainly because he can't wait to get his class soon.

However, although many people were invited, it doesn't mean once they joined a guild mean they will stay in that guild forever. Because if they do not progress much, then the guild will kick them out and they will have to start over again by joining the Tedora tournament next year.

Although most guilds are looking for talented adventurers, but they also want someone who is consistent and progress fast. Because those who progress too slow, will only be a waste of resources to spend on them.

Which is why most guilds would rather kick them out and find someone who is even more talented to replace them.

The same goes for Rennes as well, although he had won the local tournament last year, but he wasn't talented enough to stay in the Crimson Tiger Guild for long. It was a big mistake for him to join one of the best guilds in Azurion City as the competition there is too intense.

Had he join other low tier guilds, then he would have stayed longer in Azurion City. Unfortunately, he wasn't interested in joining other guilds at that time, because he wanted to go to the same guild as his older brother and his master Zaburo went.

At the moment, it is about 8:50 AM in the morning, and according to what Prime had heard from Guran is that the skyship will arrive here at the battle arena at 9:00 AM.

After waiting for about 10 minutes, suddenly up high in the beautiful blue sky about 100 meters away from the battle arena, a massive skyship appeared.

"Look, everyone! It's here finally! Woohoo!" said someone in the crowd excitingly while looking up at the sky.

"Holy shit! That skyship is massive!"

"Damn! That skyship could easily fit in a few thousand people. Crazy, I wonder how much magic stone did they waste just to operate or keep that skyship flying," said someone in the crowd in amaze.

Even those who had been to Azurion City before, are still excited almost as if it's their first time experiencing it. Considering how vast Azurion City is, it would make sense that even if you live there for 10 years, you would probably at most only able to explore 10% of it.

"Onii-Chan! Look! It's here finally!" said Yela excitingly while pointing at the skyship in the sky.

"I know, haha," replied Prime with a happy smiled.

"Muahahaha! This time I definitely gonna work harder and not get kicked out from any guild again," said Guran in a motivating manner.

Previously, Guran managed to join a mid-tier guild in Azurion City, but unfortunately, just like Rennes, he didn't progress much and thus he was kicked out.

If people want to join a guild for fun and slowly work their way up without any pressure, then it's best to join a low-tier guild. However, for mid-tier and top guilds, they only want people who are super talented and have great potential.

Although Guran is talented, but he's only considered talented by Tedora Island standard, but in Azurion City, his talent is not a big deal and can be considered subpar only. The same goes for Rennes as well, except for his older brother Tarok Bolt which is on another level in terms of talent.

Initially, Prime wanted to bring Saito along, but Saito refused as he wanted to stay back in Tedora Island to be with his sister. Of course, Prime didn't force him either as he thinks it's safer for Saito to stay here, because bringing Saito along will only be a burden to him in the long run.

At the moment, Prime is just waiting for Nara to come before he leaves.

"Hmm, why is she not here yet? Wait, don't tell me she didn't read my letter?" said Prime a little worriedly. Because if Nara doesn't come with him, then he can't complete his bonus quest.

After a while, suddenly he sensed a shadow appeared right next to him about 10 meters away. It seems like no one noticed Nara's presence except for Prime alone. Well, it's not surprising, since Nara's level is so much higher than anyone else.

"Phew! She's finally here. Great, it looks like she did read that letter after all,"

When Nara arrived, she immediately stared at Prime and nodded her head, and Prime also did the same and nodded back as well.

Meanwhile, back in Azurion City inside the Crimson Tiger Guild throne room, a peerless beauty was sitting on her throne looking like she's in a bad mood.

"Where is that idiot! Why is Volan not back yet!" yelled Terasia Yoshida furiously, who is currently the guild master of Crimson Tiger Guild.

At the moment, the Crimson Tiger Guild is having a guild meeting where all the S-Rank members gathered. But unfortunately, there's one person missing and that is Volan Barius.

As mention before, the Crimson Tiger Guild only has 10 S-Rank members including the guild master herself. But now that one person is missing, so they only have 9 S-Rank members left in the guild.

At the moment, the Crimson Tiger Guild is still not aware of Volan Barius's death because Volan always has the bad habit of being late to any meetings, so they thought Volan is going to be late again this time.

However, it has been 30 minutes already since they started, and Volan is still not here. While the other 8 S-Rank members were trying to calm Terasia down, suddenly, "BAM!" the guild throne room door opened and an A-Rank guard came rushing in.

"Terasia-sama! Terasia-sama! Bad news! Bad news!" yelled the guard nervously while trying to catch his breath.

"What?! What happened?!" said Terasia.

"Look at this "Soul-Stone" Terasia-sama! It's not glowing anymore, it means something bad must've happened to Volan Barius while he's away!" said the guard anxiously, while showing Volan's soul stone to everyone.

"What!?!" Terasia was so shocked that she even got up from her throne seat voluntarily. Even the other 8 S-Rank members were shocked as well, and couldn't believe what they just saw or heard.

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