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The Dragon Evolve God 42 Quest & Level Up!

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At the moment, there are about 4 days left before the guild envoys come with a skyship to pick everyone up. Of course, not everyone, but only the one who's chosen or got invited by the guild envoys.

"Four days left, huh? Hmm, this is getting troublesome, I can't believe no one has found Erika yet," said Prime.

At this point, Prime is trying to think of a method on what he should do to find Erika quicker. Recently, he had heard that the Blue Clan found Erika walking around the city with someone, but never mention who it was. Regardlessly, at least he now knows that Erika is somewhere within the city.

Of course, he could search for her by himself, but he's too lazy to do that and also Bolt City itself too big to search around. Then after a while, as Prime was thinking of a way, suddenly:

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Yes, come in," said Prime and after that, Conrad came in.

"What is it now?" said Prime to Conrad.

"Prime-sama, recently the Fira Clan had found out that Narius, Rennes, and Zaburo are dead,"

"So?" Prime unimpressed.

"Well because of that, the other 3 main clans are going an all-out war against the Bolt Clan right now. Except for our clan, we didn't participate because we are more than happy enough just by knowing that Narius and Zaburo are dead,"

"Okay? What has that to do with me?" Prime asked curiously.

"Well, the good news is that after everyone knows that Zaburo is dead, Erika decided to stop hiding and comes out,"

"Oh! So you guys found her?" said Prime excitedly.

"That's right, and it turns out that Orato was hiding and protecting her all this time. Also, it seems like they are a couple and about to get married soon,"

"Motherf**cker, so it was Orato that bastard had been hiding her all along hahaha," laughed Prime to himself secretly.

"Very good, then bring her to me and tell her that Saito also wants to meet her,"

"No problem, I will send my men to get her right now,"

"Alright perfect," smiled Prime happily and after that, Conrad left the room.

"Muahahaha! Finally, I can complete my first quest! Woohoo!" said Prime to himself excitingly.

While waiting for Conrad to bring Erika, Prime decided to go to the inner city to do some shopping.

"Alright, let's see if Bolt City sells any S-Rank armor or weapon or not," said Prime excitingly.

Without delay, he then left his room and went to the inner city. Of course with his level, it didn't take him long before he finally arrived at the inner-city market. The same place where he bought his cat mask before the tournament.

As he was walking around the market, he saw a small shop selling all kinds of weapons like bow, sword, dagger, magic wand, stick and so on, basically for all kinds of classes. Out of curiosity, he then entered the shop and have a look around inside it. After a while:

"Meh, only have weapons from level 1 to 400, which is too low for me," Prime was disappointed.

Then as he was looking around again, suddenly a middle-aged man appeared behind him.

"Dear customer, welcome and what are you looking for?" said the shop owner politely.

"Nothing much, just looking for some S-Rank weapon if you have one," said Prime casually.

"What S-Rank weapon!?!..... Err, sorry sir we don't sell it here,"

"Well, that's too bad then," said Prime disappointingly.

"However, fear not customer, I have an older brother of mine that sells S-Rank weapon if you're interested,"

"Oh really?! Where is it?"

"It's in Azurion City. However, here you can take this card and give it to my brother when you meet him,"

"Huh? What's this card for?"

"This is a recommendation card from me, so if you use this card, you will get a 10% discount off,"

"Hmm, considering how rich I am, I don't really need a discount, but since this shop owner offers me, I guess I'll just take it then," Prime thought to himself.

"Alright, Thank you," said Prime and after that, he left the shop.

After Prime left, the shop owner was shocked and said to himself, "Wait! Isn't that Prime-sama from the Blue Clan?"

Meanwhile, Prime already left and went to the Armor Shop to search for S-Rank armor, but the result was also the same as they don't sell it here. Of course, he didn't only search for one shop, but he also searched for other shops too and still no good news.

"Hmm, it seems like Bolt City doesn't sell any S-Rank Gear at all. Well, it looks like I have to go to Azurion City after all to get my gear there," said Prime to himself.

However, Prime didn't return to the Blue Clan yet as he still wants to explore around the market to check out other things. As he was walking around, suddenly he saw a familiar person ahead of him wearing a cat mask entering an inn.

"Hmm, isn't that Nara from the tournament I met that day?" said Prime curiously.

Of course, Nara wasn't the only one that wore a cat mask, in fact, they were other people in the city who wore them as well. But the reason why is easier for Prime to notice Nara is because he could see the text "Level 900," on the top of her head, thus he was able to spot her right away.

At the moment, Nara is entering an inn called "Honey Bee Inn,". The design of the inn on the outside looks very simple yet very beautiful and cute. Probably because they painted cute Honey Bee Logo around the wall which makes it look like a Disney children home.

"I see, so she's hiding here after all," said Prime, as he stroked his chin and also nodded his head.



A text message appeared in front of him:

[Bonus Quest Available! Would you like to take a look at it?]

"What the? Bonus Quest?" said Prime curiously and at the same time, he clicked the "Yes" button to view it.

[Bonus Quest: Please save or protect Nara from her enemies until she reached Azurion City]

[Reward: 4 Million Experience Points and also you will get a random item from Nara. As of what items, it will depend on Nara after you save her]

"Cool! Protecting her, huh? I guess the system must mean about Buro's group I supposed,"

Prime already knows about Buro's group since Nara told him the other day at the tournament arena. However at that time, he didn't have any reason to help her since he doesn't know her well, but now he does thanks to his bonus quest.

Without delay, Prime clicked on the "Yes" button again to accept the quest.

[Quest Accepted]

"Alright, this should be good for now. But before I help Nara, I must first return back to the Blue Clan to finish my other quest. After that, then only I will come back for Nara," said Prime to himself.

With that said, he then memorized the current inn that Nara is staying at and after that, he then left and head back to the Blue Clan.

Upon arriving back at the Blue Clan, he noticed Erika was already in Saito's room crying since they missed each other so much.

"As expected, Erika came right away after hearing that her big brother is still alive," Prime said to himself.

Not wanting to disturb those siblings reunion, Prime then left and head back to his room instead.


[Congratulation on finishing your first quest! Reward granted and you have just gained 2 Million EXP! And + 100 Golds!]

[You have leveled up to level 1001!]


Name: PrimeDragon

Race: Dragon

Class: Nothing

Level: 1000 \u003e\u003e 1001

HP: 12600

MP: 6300

Physical Damage: 2200

Magic Damage: 505

Defense: 2200

Game Stat Points: 5 points left, [Gain 5 points per level]

Strength - 2200 [Increase Physical Power \u0026 Defense]

Intelligence - 505 [Increase Magic Power \u0026 Regen Mana quicker]

Dexterity - 1260 [Improve Overall Speed]

Vitality - 1260 [Get HP, MP \u0026 Regenerate HP faster]

Gear Equipment: Nothing

Skills: (Stage 5) - Level 10 Evolve [Able to evolve upon eating other creatures]

Inventory: ArkCube, ExionSaga Map

Cash: [Gold: 1212 Silver: 45 Copper: 80]


"Woohoo! Finally, level up! After so long," said Prime excitedly.

"Alright, now it's time to do the next quest which is protecting Nara till she reached Azurion City. Hmm, now that I think about it, what a coincidence because I was about to leave soon to Azurion City in about 4 days from now when the Skyship arrived,"

"Damn, it looks like the system already planned all this for me. I guess relying on the system wasn't a bad thing after all,"

It is unknown how the system came to his existence, which is why he had a lot of doubt at the beginning. However, now that more and more good things are happening to him, so he begins to trust the system even more.

The truth is, the system can't think as it is just a "Computer AI" doing its job to protect its host. Since after all, Prime and the system are together as one, meaning that if Prime dies, then the system will die as well.

Therefore, the system will do whatever it takes to keep its host alive as it also doesn't want to die. As for the reason why it exists in Prime's body, no one knows. But who knows in the future, Prime might be able to find the truth, but as of right now, there's no answer.

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