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After Rennes fell unconscious, the crowd became silent as they couldn't believe what they just saw. Because never in their life, they would see Rennes getting humiliated like that, so this is definitely out of their expectation.

"Am I dreaming?" said someone in the crowd shockingly.

After a while, someone in the crowd began clapping, and naturally, the others follow as well and began clapping louder and louder.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

"Bravo! That was amazing! I'm glad I came to watch this tournament after all,"

"Hahaha! This is really the best, especially seeing Rennes getting his ass kick," said someone else who happened to be Rennes's haters.

Even the 7 guild envoys clapped their hands as well, as they were impressed by Prime's battle. However, the only group of people that did not clap, was the Bolt Clan as they were not happy about it.

In fact, after this tournament is over, the Bolt Clan is planning to hunt down Prime no matter what. Not only that they plan to kill Prime, but they also want to kill all his relatives and family without mercy.

"Heh, this young man is interesting," said Buro with a smile, as he was referring to Prime.

At this point, the arena medics already took Rennes away in order to treat his injuries. So at the moment, it is just Prime alone on the battle stage and after Rennes was taken away, immediately, the tournament announcer announced the winner and rewarded Prime with a golden trophy.

"Hehe, that was easy," said Prime while holding the golden trophy on his hand.

At the same time, Prime began bowing in all directions in order to say his thanks to those who cheered for him. Of course, he also bowed toward the direction where the Bolt Clan people are in order to annoy them even more.

"Grrr! This HuskyBeast is too much," said the Bolt Clan people angrily.

"Don't worry, once this tournament is over, we will hunt him down and by then he will regret greatly for messing with us,"

Not long after receiving the golden trophy, suddenly, "Whoosh!" Prime heard a gust of wind rushing by around him. And before he realized, seven black mysterious figures already appeared in front of him.

"Look! Its the guild envoys!" said someone in the crowd excitingly.

"Woah! Look like they are competing with each other in order to get HuskyBeast on their side,"

The 7 guild envoys were all B-Rank Adventurers and when Prime saw them, he could already guess what they want from him.

"Hoho! Young man! Your talent is truly skyrocketing and I can't help but admire your talent," said one of the guild envoys with a friendly smile.

"Haha, Thank you," said Prime embarrassingly while scratching the back of his head.

Of course, it wasn't just one guild envoy praising him, but the other six guild envoys were praising him as well. After they are done congratulating Prime, the next thing they did was gave Prime their guild invitation card and Prime accepted them all gladly.

At the moment, Prime wasn't sure which guild he wants to join yet, so he told them that he will take a look first and let them know later.

"No problem, take your time and decide," said one of the guild envoys nicely.

"Also, once you have decided which guild you want to join, then come find us with the invitation card that we gave you,"

"Alright, I will thank you," said Prime while keeping the 7 guild invitation cards inside his inventory system.

After that, the seven guild envoys then left and went to find other geniuses that were in the arena to recruit them.

"Did that HuskyBeast just got 7 guild invitation cards? Damn! That's insane!" said someone in the crowd shockingly.

Normally, people only get one or two invitation cards at most, but to get seven at once, it means Prime is very lucky as he now has a lot of options to choose, which is a good thing. Then just before Prime was going to head back to his VIP room, suddenly:

Ding! The system spoke:

[Congratulation! You have just finished step one of your Beginner Tutorial Quest]

"Cool that was easy, hehe," said Prime excitedly.

[Step Two: Please go to Azurion City and join one of the guilds over there. It can be any guild, doesn't matter]

"Azurion City, huh? Hmm, if Bolt City is already this big, then I wonder how big is Azurion City? The capital city of BlueStar Kingdom," Prime thought to himself.

Just by thinking about it, Prime was already excited and can't wait to explore Azurion City.

"Alright, I've just finished step one of the Beginner Tutorial Quest, so what else am I missing?" Prime thinking.

After thinking for a while, he suddenly remembered, "Oh that's right! I almost forgot about finding Saito's sister,"

"Alright, time to check out with the Bolt Clan later, and see if they have any clue about Erika disappearance,"

With that said, Prime then left the battle stage and head back to his VIP room. Upon entering his room, he noticed three familiar faces and it was Tanya, Yela, and Guran.

"Congratulation! Prime-sama!" laughed Guran happily.

"Congratulations, Onii-chan! " said Yela praisingly.

"Haha, Thank you. But how did you guys get in here?"

At this point, Prime already took off his cat mask, so he's now no longer HuskyBeast, but back to his old identity PrimeDragon.

"Well, the door wasn't locked, so that's why we were able to enter," said Tanya.

"Hmm, must be that Nara for sure forgets to lock the door....."

"Anyways, good timing, and here you guys can take this," said Prime while handing over his trophy to them.

"Eh!? You giving it to us?!" said Yela surprisingly.

"Yes, I don't really need it so you guys can keep it instead,"

Unlike Guran and Tanya weren't that interested in the trophy, but Yela on the other hand was drooling for it. So without hesitation, Yela took it and hug it cutely as she was amazed by having the trophy on her hands.

"I guess kid will always be kid," laughed Prime secretly when he saw how Yela got excited over a trophy.

"Alright, Prime-sama we will head back to the Blue Clan first, so let us know if you need anything," said Tanya.

"I'm good for now, so you guys can head back first,"

However, just as they were about to leave, suddenly, Guran remembered something and said:

"Prime-sama will you be coming with us to Azurion City?"

"Huh? When?"

"In one week from now, a giant Skyship will appear in Tedora island and those who received the guild invitation card, will be able to board the Skyship to Azurion City. Of course, the skyship is sponsored by the 7 seven guild envoys," said Guran.

"I see, well sure why not, just let me know when the time comes,"

"Alright, if that's the case see you then,"

With that said, they then left and head back to the Blue Clan first. As for Nara, she already left and luckily this time, she didn't encounter any of Buro's men, therefore she was able to safely return back to her inn.

"Hmm, I wonder where is Nara now? Did she left already?" Prime wondered.





Someone knocks the door very hard and without knowing who it was, Prime quickly put on his cat mask and open the door. The minutes he opened the door, the first thing he saw was a maid sweating like crazy.

It seems like she was rushing to get here.

Huff! Huff! The maid was trying to catch her breath.

"What's going on?" Prime asked.

"HuskyBeast! You need to run now!" said the maid urgently.

"Huh? Why?"

"Because the Bolt Clan is coming for you!"

"Oh no worries, just let them come," said Prime in a casual manner.

"What?! I know you are strong but there are many of th...."

However, just before the maid could speak another word, suddenly, 10 assassins appeared in the hallway and shot their "Lightning Bolt," at her. Those 10 assassins that appeared, they were all very powerful, as powerful as Rennes or maybe even stronger since they are all experienced assassins.

Without delay, Prime quickly stepped out and blocked the Lightning Bolts that were coming at her.

"Hmph! If you guys want to kill me, then come at me. However, don't get the maid involved since she's innocent," said Prime furiously.

Although Prime had heard many bad things about the Bolt Clan, but he thought those people were just exaggerating about it, so he didn't expect it to be that bad.

However, after witnessing that the assassin just tried to kill an innocent maid, it was this point he finally believed what those people said about the Bolt Clan was true after all.

"Hmm, I thought the Bolt Clan was just arrogant and look down at others, but I never thought that they would be so ruthless to the point of getting innocent people involved," Prime thought to himself.

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