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The Dragon Evolve God 19 Chapter 30: Three Young Masters

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Once nighttime arrived, just as he and Saito were about to leave their room, suddenly they heard a noise from outside their room:

"Knock, knock, knock, Sir Prime, may we come in?" said one of the maids.

"Huh? Who's there?"

"I'm just a maid, and our clan master had told me to accompany you to the banquet hall tonight, fearing that you might not know the way,"

"Ah, I see, alright then come in," said Prime as he opened the room door for the maids.

When he opened the door, the first thing he saw four maids waiting outside, and he was a little surprised by it, as he doesn't know why the clan master would send four maids because one maid is more than enough to show the way.

However, he didn't question them and together he and Saito then left, and followed the maids from behind as the maids lead them the way to the banquet hall.

Walking along the hallway, Prime noticed a lot of people were dressing up in their high-class noble clothes. However, for him, he's still wearing in his old high school uniform and he doesn't care at all about looking nice.

However, Saito on the other hand, he's wearing nice high-quality clothes given by Blue Clan maids from earlier when they first arrived. Prime initially wanted to wear it too, but for some reason, he felt uncomfortable when he tried it on, so he chose not to wear it for now.

However, if the clothes were Armor type, then maybe he wouldn't mind wearing it, but he would still keep his high school uniform no matter what. Because after all to him, his school uniform is an important piece of his past life memory, so even if he were to wear Armor, he will still wear his high school uniform inside it.

They didn't walk for long before they finally arrived in front of a gigantic doorway.

"We are here, so please enter," said one of the maids as she bows.

At the moment, they were 4 guards guarding outside the doorway and when they saw Prime arrived, they immediately bowed respectfully and opened the door gently for him to enter.

"Welcome, Sir Prime and please enter here, Thank you," said one of the guards respectfully.

Of course, Prime and Saito weren't the only one there, as they were many other families and people from other clans as well.

The space inside the banquet hall inside was massive and also luxury looking as well, like a 5 stars hotel. They are three doors to enter the banquet hall, one from the westside, one from the southside, and lastly one from the eastside.

At the moment, Prime and Saito are entering from the eastside of the banquet hall.

Also, they arrived pretty early, so the main food hasn't been served yet, except for drinks.

Once they went inside the banquet hall, the four maids from earlier then left and went back to their duty. As of right now, the banquet hall was only 50% full of people, so there's still plenty of empty tables available for them to sit.

Despite having a lot of tables, the banquet room was still very spacious and the tables are mostly placed at the left and right side of the room. While in the middle of the banquet room was completely empty because that's where the dancing area is, and also where the dishes/food will be placed on.

"Well, looks like we are still a little too early,"

"Oh, so what should do we do now, Prime-sama?"

"Nothing, we will have to just wait I guess,"

Many of the people who came to the banquet hall early, they immediately recognized each other and began talking. However, for Prime and Saito, they knew none of them, therefore they were just chilling at the corner of the room awkwardly.

"Damn, this is so awkward, especially just two of us alone," said Saito as he's starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

"Hahaha, don't worry, we are just here to eat, so don't worry about other people," said Prime casually.

Prime has always been the lonely type of person even back at the time when he was in high school, so a situation like this no longer bothered him as he's used to it already.

Not long after that, the official banquet finally started, and he could see many new people are coming in one by one, including the people from the three main clans. At the moment, everyone is here already, except for the people of Blue Clan and Bolt Clan as they haven't arrived yet.

Meanwhile, as everybody was waiting for the Blue and Bolt Clan to come, Saito noticed a handsome man with red hair ahead of him.

"No way! It's Orato Fira from the Fira Clan damn," said Saito excitingly.

"Oh?" said Prime in an uninterested manner.

"Well, he's really strong and he also used to be Tanya's fiance too,"

"Oh? Used to be Tanya's fiance? Hmm, so you are saying they're not anymore now?"

"That's right because of that bastard Rennes Bolt,"

"Hmm? What do you mean?"


Saito then began telling everything he knows to Prime about the relationship between the Fira Clan and the Bolt Clan.

"Oh, I see," said Prime with a smile.

Then not long after, another two more young masters arrived, and they are the young masters from the Orbix and Aire Clan.

"Damn, there's more! It's Woo Bin from the Orbix Clan and Li Wei from the Aire Clan,"

"Kyaa! It's young masters Woo Bin and Li Wei!" yelled some of the nearby ladies excitingly.

'Oh? Now this is getting interesting,' smiled Prime, 'It looks like the big bosses are starting to come one by one huh,'

At the moment, Woo Bin and Li Wei were together when they entered, and they seem to be good friends with each other as well. Also, the moment they saw Orato from the distance, they both immediately walked toward where Orato is and greeted him.

Woo Bin, Li Wei, and Orato were all three very handsome young men, and many girls on this island adored them.

"Yo! Long-time no see Orato," said Woo Bin in a friendly manner.

"Hahaha, yes, it's been a long time, and how's your clan doing?"

"Meh, so so I guess, not much we can do because of that bastard Bolt Clan,"

Laughed Orato again, and after that, he looked at Li Wei and said, "How about you, Li Wei? How's your clan doing?"

"Not good either," said Li Wei with a smile.

"Oh well, it looks like us three including the Blue Clan are getting pressured a lot by the Bolt Clan,"

"Yes, and also it looks like Rennes is going to win the tournament again," sighed Li Wei unhappily.

"Hmph! F**k that Rennes guy! Also, I can't wait for the Bolt Clan to fall one day," said Woo Bin angrily.

"Yeah, not much we can do, that bastard Rennes cheated and had a C-Class master supporting him in the shadow," sighed Orato as well.

"Nevermind that, so how's your girl," said Woo Bin.

"Oh? You mean, Erika-chan?" replied Orato.

"Yeah, is she doing better now?"

"Yes, she is doing better now, but she still has the slave collar on her neck and only the Bolt Clan people can remove it since they were the one who planted it on her,"

"I see, and does the Bolt Clan knew you kidnapped one of their sex slaves?" said Li Wei curiously as he was referring to Erika.

"No, they don't know yet, which is why I'm keeping her safe in my clan for now,"

"I see, well that's good then," said Li Wei as he wished for his friend Orato and Erika to be safe.

At the moment, Saito was very excited as he was able to see the three famous young masters from up close. Seeing how excited Saito was, Prime then said:

"Yo! Saito, since you admire them so much, so why don't you go talk to them or maybe even get their autograph too?"

"What?! Hell no! That's crazy, plus they don't give a shit about a weakling like me anyways,"

"I see, then do you want me to talk to them for you instead?" smiled Prime.


"Very well, since you can't make up your mind, then I will just go and ask them myself hehe," smiled Prime as he began to walk toward where the three young masters at.

"Wait! No! Don't do it!"

However, Prime didn't listen to Saito and continue walking ahead.

"Ah! Whatever, dammit!" said Saito as he quickly followed Prime from behind.

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