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The Dragon Evolve God 16 Chapter 27: Bolt Clan Meeting

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"Narius-sama! Forgive me for returning late," said Helmon to his Clan Master while breathing heavily.

At the moment, Narius was sitting on his clan throne in the middle, and beside him sitting on his right was his wife and two daughters, one older and one younger. The older one is the one that got married to Zaburo. Also, sitting on his left was his two sons, Rennes, the younger ones, and Tarok, the eldest son who just got back from Azurion city.

Thanks to the connection between Zaburo and the Crimson Tiger Guild, so Tarok Bolt was able to join the Crimson Tiger Guild without any problem. Although, the Crimson Tiger Guild still bans Zaburo from joining them, but they didn't mind Tarok because he's still young and has potential.

At the moment, Tarok is a Low-Level C-Class Adventurer, while Zaburo was at the peak of C-Class almost reaching B-Class, which means Zaburo is still stronger than his disciple Tarok, but soon Tarok will overtake his master in no time.

Zaburo hopes one day, Rennes and Tarok will be able to reach S-Rank and become the next heir or guild master for the Crimson Tiger Guild, so that way, he may be able to return back to his guild again. Of course, it is not going to be easy, but Zaburo will not give up till then.

Besides that, they were also some private matters that he hasn't solved yet back at his guild, and he wished to take revenge on that person, the one that causes him to be kicked out from his guild.

"No problem and why are you in a hurry? Anything happened?" said Narius to Helmon curiously.

At the moment, inside the clan throne room, it wasn't just Narius and his family there, but they were many elders as well sitting at the left and right side of the throne room in a straight line, and Zaburo was there as well.

However, Zaburo was not interested in the Bolt Clan affair, so he didn't care and the only time he will take action and help his clan, is when the clan is in real trouble. But for trivial matters, he will not get involved and let Bolt people handle it themselves.

Usually, Narius would get angry if his people didn't do their job well, but not against Helmon because he has known Helmon since they were kids, so he sees Helmon like a close brother and trusted him.

"Yes, something terrible happened, and you might not believe what I just witnessed at the Blue Clan ship," said Helmon while feeling a little nervous because whenever he thinks of Prime, he just can't help but shivers down his spine.

"What it is?" said Narius while opening both of his eyes wide because he never once saw Helmon acting so terrified in his life, so he could tell that it has got to be something very serious, otherwise Helmon wouldn't act so scared for no reason.

Narius wasn't the only one that was surprised seeing Helmon reaction, but Rennes and all the elders in the room as well, except for Zaburo, he didn't care as usual.

Helmon then cleared his throat and began telling them everything he saw from the beginning till the end. Once, he's done explaining to them everything, everyone in the clan throne room was in shocked, even Zaburo too.

"What!! An S-Class Adventurer?!" said Narius in a shocking manner.

"That's right," said Helmon.

"No way! I hope it is not true. Otherwise, our clan will be in great danger," said one of the elders nervously.

After a while, Zaburo calmed down and laughed, "Oi, oi, oi, you sure you didn't hit your head somewhere? I mean, we're talking about S-Class here, and what are the chances of someone who is S-Class would come here, huh?"

Zaburo didn't believe Helmon and thought that Helmon was being delusional about it. Since he knows people who are S-Rank or higher wouldn't come here as there is nothing for them to benefit here.

Most S-Class Adventurers would rather go hardcore dungeons in order to train and become stronger. At the same time, the dungeons of this world also have a lot of good treasures and items for them to loot, so most S-Class would rather spend their time doing that than coming here.

"It is really true?!" said Rennes as he couldn't believe it either.

"Yes, I have nothing to lie about this, and I'm just informing you guys for the safety of our clan,"

At this point, the throne room was very noisy as everyone was starting to panic and feel scared about their current situation, but not for Zaburo because he still doesn't believe it.

"Alright, everyone quiets down, we still don't know if it's true or not, so let's not get panic for now or jump to conclusion too quickly," said Zaburo.

When Zaburo said that, everyone suddenly felt relieved and calmed down a little.

"That's right! We should be fine, and our Bolt Clan will continue to thrive and rule this island forever," said one of the elders as he was trying to motivate his fellow clanmates.

"Yeah, you're right! I think Helmon must be dreaming because there's no way an S-Class Adventurer would come here, and even if it's true, is not like they would be interested in us anyway since we have no value to them,"

"Alright, everyone, please be quiet!" yelled Narius angrily as he wasn't happy that the crowd is making fun of Helmon, saying that he's dreaming or talking nonsense.

Since Narius has known Helmon since they were kids, so he knew Helmon is not the type of person that would lie for fun. However, although he believes what Helmon says, but he still wants to check and make sure.

"Alright, listens up everyone! Whether you guys believe Helmon or not, I don't care, but regardlessly we should still be careful, and there's no harm being extra cautious about it. So for now, do not offend that person called "Prime," and if you ever see him, try to study him first, and if he turns out to be an S-Class, then we must befriend with him no matter what. However, if he turns out to be fake, then just kill him. This is an order and whoever doesn't follow my command, will be killed,"

"Don't worry Narius-sama, we won't do anything stupid to offend such a monster,"

"Very good. Alright, the meeting is over for now, and everyone may return home," and just like that, the meeting is over and everyone began leaving one by one.

After that, Narius then looked at Helmon and said, "By the way, Helmon, you said that boy name is Prime, right?"

"That's right,"

"And how old is he?"

"Err... I think is around 16 years old, but I'm not too sure why you ask?"

When Narius head that, he suddenly began smiling evilly as if he has a plan in mind, but he wasn't willing to tell anyone yet.

Meanwhile, back at where Prime and Tanya's group is, they finally entered the city gate and went inside the city. Upon entering the city, Prime saw many things, such as people selling jewelry, playing instruments like violin, flute, guitar, and also selling food, armor, weapon, and so on. Basically, a lot of things.

"Damn! What a lively city!" said Prime excitingly.

Even Saito was excited as well, since it was such a long time ago when he first came here. Plus at that time, he didn't enjoy that long before he was caught and ended up becoming a slave for the Bolt Clan, and also lost his freedom.

'Yes! Hahaha! Now that we are living in the Blue Clan, therefore the 100 gold coins that Prime gave me will be all mine to spend, Woohoo!' Saito thought to himself excitedly.

To Prime surprised, the city inside was cleaner than he expected it to be, it seems like the Bolt Clan did an excellent job managing the city and keeping it clean. Also, they were many guards or soldiers patrolling around the city as well to make sure that no one breaks the rule, and also to keep the city organized.

As for Tanya's group, they weren't that surprised as they came to this city many times before, so it is not a big deal for them. Eventually, not long after, they finally arrived in front of a gigantic gate located on the Northern side of the city.

From outside of the gate, Prime could see a big sign at the top and it's named is called the "Blue Clan," and also at the top of the word, he saw a picture of a Water Dragon symbol.

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