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The Dragon Evolve God 14 Chapter 25: Prime's First Battle

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"Hmph! If you want to touch our guest, then you will have to go through with me first!" shouted Conrad as he dashed in to help Prime.

"Heh, so the Blue Clan wants to get involved with us, huh? Very well, then don't blame me if we kill your people,"

"Hahaha! I would like to see you try it," said Conrad confidently.

"Very well, guys leave Conrad to me and get that boy first," said Helmon as he was referring Prime as a boy because Prime is still 16 years old, which is about the same age group as Tanya and Rennes.

Initially, Tanya wanted to tell Conrad to stop and let Prime fight them all by himself, but knowing how much Conrad hates Helmon for killing his wife, thus she knows Conrad wouldn't listen to her until he gets his revenge.

At the moment, Prime was still having both of his arms crossed, and he doesn't even bother about defending himself against the 19 Bolt men that were coming at him. When they saw Prime was not moving, they frowned and one of them then said:

"In this guy an idiot? Why is he standing still and not moving?"

"Hmm, is he looking down on us?" said another Bolt man.

"Who cares! Just kill him already so that I can go home quickly," said another Bolt man angrily.

Not long after that, when their dagger came in contact with Prime's body, it just stays there and it didn't move, nor they were able to penetrate his body.

"What the hell?! In this guy's body made out of diamond?!"

"Gwahahaha! Is not that my body is made out of diamond, but rather you guys are just way too weak for me that's why,"

"Nani? Gwahahaha? Is that Prime-sama new type of laugh?" said Saito as he was quite amazed by it.

"Alright, since you have already attacked me, so now it is my turn,"

"Eat this, Wind Punch! Hahaha!" said Prime while punching the air in front of him with his right fist.

Due to how powerful his punch force is, it causes all the 19 Bolt men in front of him to be blown away, at least a few thousand meters away before they stopped and fell into the sea. Of course, Prime didn't use his full power yet as he was just playing around with his opponent.

Even though he was just playing around, but many people around him were shocked and began gulping, because they couldn't believe how powerful Prime's punch is, to be able to create such force to blast his enemy away.

Meanwhile, as Conrad and Helmon were fighting each other, and before they even have time to react, they too were also blown away because they happened to fight right behind where the 19 Bolt men are.

Although everyone was surprised and had a "Nani" expression on their face, but not for Saito, as he already knew how powerful Prime-sama is, therefore he was prepared for it and only felt a little surprised.

"As expected, no one can challenge Prime-sama after all, Hehe," smiled Saito as he was pleased seeing the Bolt Clan people getting beat up.

Not long after that, the 19 Bolt men that fell into the sea then quickly jumped out of the water and was in shock because they couldn't believe what just has happened to them.

Also, using their "Mana" energy, the 19 Bolt men were able to keep their balance and stand on water without falling into the sea. After a while, they calmed down and quickly headed back to the ship where Prime is.

"Hahaha! Do you like that? My Wind Punch? Well, that's just a greeting attack or warming up and hopefully, you should know by now that you are too weak to challenge me,"

'Hmm, Looks like my intuition was right after all, and I can't believe Prime was way stronger than I thought him to be. If father knows that I found such a powerful man on our side, then I'm sure he will be very happy and be proud of me,' Tanya thought to herself.

"You..!" said one of the 19 Bolt men angrily.

Not long after that, Conrad and Helmon also jump out of the seawater and head back to the ship where everyone is. Originally, Helmon wanted to continue fighting with Conrad, but now he's starting to feel uneasy about the situation after Prime demonstrates how powerful he is.

At this point, he also realized that he stood no chance against Prime because for someone to be able to create such force like a hurricane, just by punching air, that alone is enough to tell him that Prime is at least an S-Rank Adventurer or higher.

However, unlike Helmon, who was smart and do not make rash decisions, but those 19 Bolt men were dumb and already began charging at Prime once more out of anger.

"Idiot! Stop, don't attack him!" shouted Helmon toward his men worriedly.

Unfortunately, his men didn't hear him as they were extremely furious at Prime for damaging their pride, so they wanted to teach Prime a lesson no matter what.

'Lmao! These guys still haven't learned their lesson yet,' Prime thought to himself.

"Gwahahaha! Oh well, time for some Karate Chop, I guess, hehe," Prime laughed.

However, instead of waiting for them to come at him again, this time, he instantly vanished from his current position, and appeared right behind one of the Bolt men and karate chops him on the head.

Also, since Prime's Strength Stats were so high, so a simple karate chop is enough to cause the Bolt's man head to burst like watermelon, and after that, blood started splashing everywhere as the Bolt man's body travel downward and crashed into the Blue Clan's ship.

Upon seeing that, the remaining 18 Bolt men finally waked up from reality and started running away in fear. However, Prime didn't allow them to escape and without mercy, he dashed toward them and one by one, he does the same thing and karate chop them all to death.

Some of them fall downwards crashing into the ship, while some fell deep into the sea and any sea monsters nearby at the bottom would eat their remaining dead bodies.

At the moment, all that left is Helmon shaking in fear alone, and he didn't run away because he knows Prime would definitely be able to catch up to him easily, so he knows there's no point in running away at this point.

"Hahaha! Would you like to get Karate Chop too?" said Prime toward Helmon while smiling evilly.

'Damn! Karate chop is fun, maybe I should do more karate chop next time instead of just punching my enemies all the time,' Prime thought to himself.

Tanya, Conrad, and everyone else had a jaw-dropping expression and they didn't know what to say.

Even Tanya's men from earlier who made fun of Prime immediately lowered their heads down and tried to hide somewhere among the crowd, because they fear that Prime might karate chop them as well since they said terrible things about him earlier.

Helmon then got down on his both of his knees and began kowtowing toward Prime, and said:

"Forgive me supreme one, I didn't know your identity, and I promise from today onward I will never offend you ever again, so I hope that you can let me go just this one time. Of course, if you need anything, then just let me know and I will gladly tell the Bolt Clan to give you anything," begged Helmon respectfully.

'Supreme one? Hmm, trying to talk your way out, huh? Well, it doesn't matter because I will not be the one to kill you anyways,' Prime thought to himself.

Initially, Prime wanted to kill Helmon just like he did with the other 19 Bolt men, but he didn't do it because he wanted Conrad to do it himself as Conrad still needs to revenge for his wife, and also settle his personal grudge with Helmon.

"Don't worry, I'm not interested in killing you and if you want to leave, then just leave because I'm not the one to decide," said Prime as he turns around and looked at Conrad behind him.

When Helmon saw that, he knew he was doomed because now he has to ask Conrad for permission to leave, but knowing how much Conrad hated him, so he was sure Conrad would not let him go.

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