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The first week inside the dungeon was easy, and everyone was able to succeed and arrived on the 5th floor easily. However, on the 6th floor onwards, the monsters here are starting to get stronger and only adventurers who are Mid S-Rank and above are able to succeed.

In another word, anyone who is below Mid S-Rank will be left behind and unable to proceed any further because it's too dangerous for them. And because of that, Prime's party was able to notice a huge population drop by at least 50% the moment they arrived on the 6th floor.

"Excuse me, Sir Prime," said Prince Sol while breathing heavily.

Prime then turned around and said, "What? Is there something bothering you?"

"No no no, there's nothing wrong... it's just that can we take a break? Because we've been walking for one week straight without resting and I'm kind of exhausted," said Prince Sol.

"Ah I see, my bad for not noticing that you're tired. If that's the case, then let's take a break for today," said Prime.

Since Prime and Geemo is higher level than Prince Sol, so naturally they have higher endurance than Prince Sol. Also, Prince Sol was doing most of the fighting, so naturally, he gets tired the quickest.

At the moment, they are resting on the coast of the island, which is near the beach sand area.

Right now the island they're on is just them alone, but ahead of them about 20KM away is also another island. And that island is where the 2 Princes and 1 Princess are camping on at the moment.

It is unknown how many islands surrounded them, but if Prime were to estimate, it would be easily a hundred or more.

As of the time right now, it's around 10 am in the morning. The weather today is good, bright and not too hot and not too cold, and also quite windy because they're near the ocean.

At the moment, Prince Sol is cooking creamy mushroom soup with loaf bread, it seems like today's breakfast is bread and soup.

"Heh, you're surprisingly a good cook despite being a royal prince," Prime praised Prince Sol.

"Haha, that's because I travel a lot, so naturally I have to learn how to cook some food myself. As for my royal knights, well they're just trained to protect me, so cooking is not their specialty,"

"I see," said Prime.

After a while, the mushroom soup is done cooking and without delay, everyone took their loaf bread and began mixing with the soup and eat it.

"Simple yet delicious," said Prime as he happily chows down his food.

"Haha, thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it," said Prince Sol.

"Yummy delicious! Please give me more!" said Geemo as he handed over his bowl to Prince Sol.

"Yes, right away," said Prince Sol happily.

Once they're done eating, that's when they continue their journey again, and after about 2 weeks later, they finally arrived on the 20th floor. And from this floor onwards, Prince Sol can no longer fight on his own and needed Prime and Geemo to help him.

That is because the monsters on this floor onwards are at least Royal-Knights level, which High S-Rank, the same level as Prince Sol.

Of course, that doesn't mean Prince Sol is not strong enough to take on those monsters, but is just that he can only fight on one monster at a time, and anything more than that, he needed Prime and Geemo's help.

Besides that, the environment on the 20th floor is insane, it appeared that they're walking inside a hot lava dungeon.

"Woah, is this lava real?" said Prime as he touches the lava and plays around with it.

It was at this moment, Geemo got down from Prime's shoulder and touch the lava too, "Seems like it real,"

Seeing Prime and Geemo touched the lavas like nothing, Prince Sol can't help but wonder just how strong Prime and his pet are. Although he had seen Prime fought before, but most of the time, Prime didn't fight with his full power, therefore it's hard for him to know Prime's true power.

"Hey Sol, you should try to touch it too, it's pretty warm and nice," said Prime jokingly.

The lava's power is at least High S-Rank level, which is the same level as Prince Sol. Touching the lava itself, won't really harm Prince Sol that much, but if he touches it for too long, then it will be damaging.

But for Prime and Geemo, since their level is so high, so naturally touching the lava doesn't damage them that much. At most, they only get a little burnt, but other than that, nothing serious will happen.

At this point, Prince Zelgron's group already left the 20th floor and right now, they're currently on the 21st floor, which is one floor ahead of Prime's party.

After a while, Prime's party arrived at a massive giant black door. Even though the door is not open yet, but everyone could already sense that there's something going on inside.

"You hear that?" said Geemo.

"Yeah, it sounds like there's someone screaming in pain or something," said Prince Sol.

However, Prime didn't wait and already open the door in order to check what's inside. The moment the door was opened, they could feel strong heat pressure coming at them, and not only that, they could see many adventurers fighting against a massive fire creature.

And those screams that they heard earlier was because some of the adventurers ended up getting killed, or was injured badly by the massive fire creature.

"Oh? Is that the dungeon boss monster for this floor?" said Geemo.

"That's right, and the name of that boss monster is called "Elemental Fire Golem,"

"I see and since it's a Fire Golem, so that means it's immune to all kind of Fire attack right?" said Prime.

"Mhm. Also not only that it's immune to all fire attack, but it is also immune to all physical attacks as well,"

"I see, that explains why many of the adventurers here are having a hard time defeating that Elemental Fire Golem," said Geemo.

After a while, when all those High S-Rank adventurers realized that they couldn't defeat the Elemental Fire Golem, that's when they began to retreat and take away their injured buddies with them. As for those who have died, sadly there's no return for them.

Just like that, the adventurers left one by one and eventually, there's no one left except for Prime's party alone.

Although they are still many new adventurers who just arrived here, but the moment they saw so many corpses lying dead on the ground, that's when they changed their mind and decided to retreat too, because they're not willing to take the risk and die.

The moment there's no one left in the room, that's when the Elemental Fire Golem focused its attention on Prime's party.

"Welp, looks like it's our turn now," said Prime.

"Alright, Geemo and Sol, both of you will fight together," said Prime.

"Eh?! I don't think I can defeat that thing though," said Prince Sol nervously.

"Don't worry. Geemo will help you, so even though you can't defeat it, but you can just take it as an experience of fighting someone stronger than you," said Prime.

"Alright...." Prince Sol was a little scared.

Although Prime knows that Prince Sol can't fight on the Golem alone, but with Geemo's help, it shouldn't be a problem. With that being that, Geemo and Prince Sol began attacking the Elemental Fire Golem.

And considering Geemo's level, it should only take him a few seconds to kill it, but unfortunately, Prime told him not to kill it too quickly, because Prime wanted Prince Sol to experience some difficulty as that's a good way to gain battle experience.

As Prince Sol and Geemo were fighting the Elemental Fire Golem, suddenly, more and more new adventurers began to gather around because they heard loud noises of someone fighting the golem.

"Woah! Look at that Slime! Damn, how it is so strong?" said one of the adventurers surprisingly.

"Eh? Isn't that person Prince Sol? How come he's not with Prince Zelgron's group?"

"Yeah, that's weird, did he perhaps get left out?" said an unknown man curiously.

Then after about 10 minutes later, Prince Sol and Geemo finally defeated the Golem. Of course, the only reason why they won is because of Geemo's power, as for Prince Sol, he was pretty much useless.

'Damn this Geemo, he literally let the Golem eat him and then he destroys the Golem's core from the inside....' Prime was surprised that Geemo even thought of such an idea.

Once the golem is defeated, that's when suddenly a magical gateway appeared.

"Oh? Looks like that's the gateway to the 21st floor," said Prime.

When all the surrounding adventurers saw that, they immediately rush to the gateway in order to get on to the next floor.

"Hahaha! Lucky us that we don't have to fight the golem and still able to get on to the next floor," laughed some of the adventurers happily.

"I don't know who you guys are, but thank you for defeating the golem for us," said surrounding adventurers to Geemo and Prince Sol gratefully.

After saying their thanks to Geemo and Prince Sol, that's when they entered the gateway and appeared on the next floor.

As for Prime, he just shook his head and said:

"Bunch of idiots, barely even survived this floor yet still want to go to the next floor..."

Since there's nothing to do here anymore, so without delay, Prime's party also entered the gateway and appeared on the next floor.

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