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Virtual World Close Combat Mage Chapter 305 - Encircling to Suppress Mr. Adrian

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Chapter 305 - Encircling to Suppress Mr. Adrian

The departure of Yunduan City’s players in Yeguang Village made it appear exceptionally deserted. The NPCs were just standing on their assigned positions, never running or chattering about like what players would often do. No one spoke a word as the six men made their way toward Mr. Adrian’s mansion. Upon their arrival to his place, a familiar figure busying about promptly greeted their sight.

“That lady sure is very persistent.” Everyone was in awe.

“Xiaoyu!” Gu Fei hollered as he waved his hand.

June’s Rain, who was laboring hard in Mr. Adrian’s backyard, turned around and saw the six men drawing near her. Casually wiping the sweat off her brows, she waved back at them in greeting. That one gesture shattered the rather attractive sweaty look she had going, as though her face became instantly pixelated.

“What are you doing now?” Gu Fei came forward and asked; June’s Rain was currently half buried in soil at the moment.

“I’m about to dig out a passage to infiltrate Mr. Adrian’s cellar from this side. What do you think? Pretty ingenious, eh?” June’s Rain boasted.

“Will it work?” Gu Fei asked haltingly.

“I won’t know till I try,” June’s Rain replied.

“Won’t Adrian berate you for the mess you’re making?” Gu Fei asked.

“Isn’t he gone?” June’s Rain was perplexed.

“He is back!” Gu Fei informed her, saying “He’s been home ever since that bunch of people fought earlier!”

“Is that so? But I didn’t see him!” June’s Rain was absolutely mollified when she learned of this, hurriedly climbing out of the pit she had literally dug herself into.

“Don’t panic!” Gu Fei coaxed, saying, “You should stay inside this for now. He’ll be gone pretty soon.”

“Oh!” June’s Rain sighed in relief. “Did he see me?”

“I don’t think so…” Gu Fei felt as if he were cajoling a child.

“Go and see if he is gone,” June’s Rain requested, sending Gu Fei away.

“Right away…” Gu Fei immediately stood up. When he turned around, he saw the other five men staring blankly at the lady… Plenty of methods could attract these men’s attention.

“Ahem!” Gu Fei cleared his throat loudly. The other five men returned to their senses and did their best to conceal their momentary loss of composure.

“Let’s not tarry,” Gu Fei said.

“Sword Demon and Assist, see if there are any other exits from the mansion. Wounds, guard the entrance to the cellar; it’s possible for it to be connected to the mansion. Royal, guard the side of the mansion; it should allow you to attack from three different directions. Miles, you and I will come in from the front. Any questions?” Young Master Han rattled off his orders in one breath.

“Nope!” With that, they all left to take up their assigned positions. Sword Demon and Brother Assist circled around the place and did not discover any other exits of sort, so they kept watch of the windows. Royal God Call selected a good position for sniping, while War Without Wounds camped by the cellar entrance. June’s Rain occasionally popped her head out from the pit like a gopher, but she never once spotted War Without Wounds who was merely three meters away from her....

Gu Fei and Young Master Han proceeded to knock on the mansion’s door. Who knew what NPCs were doing inside their homes, or perhaps they would all be standing next to the doors all the while, waiting for any players to visit it. All they knew was that Mr. Adrian quickly opened the door once they knocked on it.

Patiently conversing with NPC was something only a player who had read too many romanticlovebookss or who was simple-minded like June’s Rain would do. Young Master Han was a no-nonsense person, though. Taking out the ledger and note, he dangled them right in front of Mr. Adrian’s face the first chance he got. “Your blackmailing of the Werewolves has already been exposed. Die!”

His action and words were very plain. Taking out the necessary items that were required, he made his intention to advance the plot of the quest apparent.

Compared to Young Master Han, Gu Fei was a more straightforward person. Just as Young Master Han finished his statement, Gu Fei pulled out his sword. By the time Mr. Adrian expressed his shock and horror at the revelation, Gu Fei’s sword was already sailing straight for him.

Although Gu Fei had confiscated the Fang of the Wolf King necklace from this NPC last time, the newly spawned Mr. Adrian was also someone who knew of the Werewolves’ identity, so who knew if this NPC was hiding a similar item....

The average Werewolves were at level 70, so a shape-shifting Wolf King would basically be a level 70 Boss. Gu Fei was not about to let Mr. Adrian turn into one at all, which was why he decided to proactively strike Mr. Adrian first.

Adrian was still the same opponent as he was before; it was just a pity for him that Gu Fei was already ten levels higher and wearing top-of-the-class equipment since the last time they had faced each other. Just Gu Fei casting Twin Incineration twice was enough to burn Adrian into a bald old man. Adrian was totally suppressed by Gu Fei, and the two men’s fight wrecked havoc through the entire house.

Young Master Han had actually pulled out his holy stave to assist Gu Fei at the first opportunity, but the scene unfolding before him had him stuffing it back inside his dimensional pocket, instead. He then used his hand to navigate around the mansion as if he were blind. Stumbling on a wall where a meticulously drawn oil painting hung, he sighed with emotion. “Parallel World’s design is really very detailed; even this oil painting looks intricate. Miles, come over here and take a look!”

“Scram!” Gu Fei chided as he viciously gave Adrian another slash.

Young Master Han lost any sense of novelty after touring the place once. Moving a stool to a corner of the mansion, he opened a bottle of liquor and began enjoying his beverage of choice while occasionally praising Gu Fei’s skill. Naturally, Young Master Han did not forget to pester Gu Fei about hurrying up.

Gu Fei’s fighting spirit soared when he imagined Mr. Adrian to be Young Master Han, endlessly hacking away at the poor NPC before him....

As the NPC was about to lose the fight, Mr. Adrian did exactly what he had done back then: He groveled before Gu Fei and begged for his life. He piteously claimed that Gu Fei was unknowingly aiding the Werewolves’ objective to annihilate the human race and tempted the latter of obtaining all his fortune if he just let him go. Sadly, he was still facing the same opponent as before. Gu Fei was unmoved by his attempt at bargaining for his life and decisively slashed on.

However, what happened next was just beyond Gu Fei’s realm of expectations.

Just as Gu Fei was thinking that Mr. Adrian would be finished with a few more slashes with the latter’s movement becoming more sluggish, as if he had given up all hope and was merely waiting for his death, the NPC seemed to have received Blessing of Strength from a fair goddess and acquired speed far beyond Gu Fei’s imagination, managing to escape his attack range.

“F*CK!” Young Master Han, who had been leisurely drinking and watching the fight, quickly stood up, smashing his bottle in the process. Contrary to expectation, Mr. Adrian did not head for the door but dove straight toward the window, instead.

“The window!” Young Master Han fired off this message on the mercenary channel, hoping for the two others outside to be able to stop him in time.

“Thunderbolt! Strike!” Gu Fei quickly completed his chant in response to Young Master Han’s shout, using his last bit of mana for this one spell. A streak of lightning then conjured from the ceiling and came crashing onto Mr. Adrian’s head.

The spells unleashed using Moonlit Nightfalls were far stronger than the average cuts made by Gu Fei. Predictably, that single bolt of lightning was enough to kill Mr. Adrian outright. Who knew that Mr. Adrian would possess the tenacity of a cockroach, though, and would continue to dash toward the window despite directly taking Gu Fei’s Spell Damage? In the end, his legs still gave way before he made it to the window, losing that explosive strength he had demonstrated when he first attempted to flee.

Gu Fei darted right next to him, his wrist whirling as he delivered strike after strike onto Mr. Adrian. This was already the limit of what Gu Fei could do in the game right now. The spectator, Young Master Han, beside Gu Fei could only see purplish blurs of his sword and could not see the individual strikes he was currently making.

Mr. Adrian finally collapsed, just a step away from the window. He raised his arm high and stretched it toward the window, demonstrating his strong yearning for it. In the process of his fall, Mr. Adrian’s palm landed on the window and pushed it open with the last vestiges of his strength. Gu Fei and Young Master Han did not really mind this, only feeling that the animation for this NPC’s death seemed quite tragic. In the next instant, they heard the sound of flapping wings as a grey shadow appeared out of nowhere and flew out the window before any of them could react.

“What was that?” Gu Fei rushed over to the side of the window. Young Master Han was not any slower than him. The two leaned their heads out of the window and watched as a grey object flew off into the distance.

“Pigeon!” Young Master Han once more quickly sent out a message on the mercenary channel

“This is way too difficult…” Royal God Call apologetically said. No matter how godly he was with a bow, there was just no way for him to take down a fast-moving target like that flying pigeon. Although he fired off an arrow with Homing Projectile, the inherent speed it possessed was nowhere near as fast as that of the bird.

“Did Mr. Adrian release that?” Gu Fei asked while gazing at the corpse of Mr. Adrian.

“I think so,” Young Master Han replied.

This explained that last burst of energy Mr. Adrian had shown. That strength he had in reserve was not for him to escape but to fulfill his duty of releasing that pigeon, instead. That pigeon was evidently used to carry messages. Right now, none of them knew of that letter’s content. As for how Mr. Adrian was able to store that bit of strength… There was no point in questioning the system’s unreasonable logic that was at play here.

Sword Demon and Brother Assist were now right outside the window as well and they sighed in relief at the sight of Mr. Adrian’s corpse, “It’s over!” They then asked, “What just flew off?”

“It could be a homing pigeon for carrying messages.”

“What do you guys think is Mr. Adrian’s message about?”

“There are two possibilities here,” Young Master Han answered, “First is that it is a letter detrimental to the Werewolves, but I don’t think that is the case here. Although he’s been exposed by us, it’s not due to the Werewolves failing to follow his orders. Taking petty revenge like that before his death is just too illogical. Therefore, it must be the second possibility: a continuation of the quest at hand. Given what Mr. Adrian was blackmailing the Werewolves about, this is clearly an organization's attempt at silencing the prisoner being escorted by Traversing Four Seas. This organization is clearly programmed to disrupt the Traversing Four Seas’ escort mission. Taking all these things into consideration, Mr. Adrian most likely sent that message to inform the next interloper that he had failed his task and to make preparations for stopping us!”
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