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Mount Exchange Token: Head to an advisor to obtain a mount quest that belonged to one's job.
The token's description was very simple. Even though there was only one sentence of words, everyone could tell how precious this tool was.
In >, the mount system would only be available after level 40. As an attractive antic, mounting had always been a very popular thing in almost every game. Naturally, > wasn't an exception.
Half an online gamer's worth would be to show off their existence. Gamers without the ability to mount would be embarrassed to greet other gamers outside. If one managed to obtain a new method to replace walking on foot before everyone else, it would be so glorious.
This was especially true because it was a mount belonging to the user's job. This was the flagship version of mounting. During the advertising of the game online, everyone saw the various jobs specific mounts before. Warriors had the Earth Apatosaurus Beast, Mages had the Raging Flames Galloping Beast and so on. One was even more aggressive and impressive than the previous one. Moreover, they even possessed skills specific to the job. Comparing it to an ordinary horse would be like comparing a Bugatti with a regular car.
At the thought of this, everyone started drooling.
"This is really quite decent… Old Bull, pass it to me for me to take a look…" Fearless extended his hand to reach out for the token in Wang Yu's hand.
"Look at your head! We shall roll for it..." Nine Solitary Spears immediately stopped Fearless from getting it on his hands. Just as he was going to curse and scold Fearless, he received a notification.
"You've been kicked out of the squad by the leader. You will be force out of the dungeon 3 seconds later."
"F*ck!" Nine Solitary Spears cursed as he was transferred out.
"..." Looking at how vicious Fearless was, everyone kept quiet out of fear as nobody dared to say anything. With such a shameless leader, the token would belong to him if he kicked everyone out. Given this b*stard's character, it wouldn't be surprising if he did it.
"I am a person who rewards and punishes very fairly. I only kick Spears Dog out because he had already gotten his fair share of equipment. Do not worry, I will not kick people for no reason." Fearless explained.
"Why would I believe you?" Thunderlord and co. sounded out.
"Alright, let's talk about this token." Fearless cleared his throat, "This token is way too precious. It will seem a little sloppy if we simply roll for it. We should change to a more proper way to decide."
"Solo fight! Whoever is the strongest will get the token!" Wang Yu suggested with his fist punched to the sky.
Everyone looked at Wang Yu together.
"All of you can team up too!" Wang Yu said.
"..." Everyone turned their heads back as they felt hurt.
Fearless replied, "Stop fooling around. A Pugilist doesn't have a specific mount so you will at most get a normal horse even if you have this token."
"Based on what?" Wang Yu was naturally not convinced.
"Didn't you see the new promotional video?" Fearless asked.
In the new video, all the other big six jobs had their own specific mount. The only one left on the ground was the Pugilist. Because of this incident, many Pugilists even made themselves heard at the general headquarters. Even so, the headquarters' answer was "A Pugilist relies on his own ability to fight. Riding such a mount would only be a burden."
Indeed, the Pugilist's limbs were extremely short and they would truly be giving more trouble to themselves by fighting on such mounts. A Pugilist was already so miserable and now they didn't even have a mount that belonged to them.
When faced with the gamers' queries, the general headquarters ultimately gave back the rights to explain to the gaming company themselves.
After this, almost everyone knew that a Pugilist was a job without their own mount. This decreased the already rare species of pathetic Pugilists in the game.
"F*ck! What's wrong with this broken game!" Wang Yu cursed.
"So what does Boss Fearless suggest?" Thunderlord asked.
"How about we based it on squad contribution?" Fearless smiled.
"This…" Thunderlord frowned at how obvious Fearless' double standard was. However, Thunderlord was not afraid. Besides Wang Yu, Fearless' contribution was the greatest so this item would still belong to him since Wang Yu had no use for it.
"Alright!" Thunderlord nodded.
"So the token is mine?" Wang Yu heard that so he gleefully kept the token into his bag.
"??" Thunderlord was confused at Wang Yu's unexpected actions.
"Brother Bull, you have no use for this token at all. If it was based off contribution, this should belong to me." Thunderlord sort of understood that while Wang Yu was an extremely frightening expert, he was still a newbie in terms of the gaming aspect. Therefore, he explained it to him patiently.
Wang Yu turned his head to ask Fearless, "Did we say we will allocate based on who has a use for it?"
"Nope!" Fearless shook his head.
"Old Thunder, you also agreed to the terms earlier." Wang Yu turned back to Thunderlord.
"Yes, but…"
"So nobody else has any objections?" Wang Yu interrupted Thunderlord's words as he asked around.
"No objections…" Everyone else expressed their opinion.
"Since the majority wins, this token shall be mine. Haha." After hanging out with the Quan Zhen Sect for so long, Wang Yu's level of despicable finally became outstanding.
"This… You bunch of cheaters!" Thunderlord felt so much injustice that he almost cried. He was really too naive to think that they would be fair in their allocation in terms of contribution which was why he agreed. Who knew that their double standard would be so extreme? Majority wins? The Quan Zhen Sect had 10 members while the Apocalypse only had 4 members. He couldn't believe Wang Yu actually used that as reasoning.
Fearless consoled him, "Don't be like that. You're also a top expert. You won't look good at all if you are so calculative over such small items. Give me a smile? I'll give you the better items the next time we fight another dungeon together."
"F*ck your father! Does it look like I will fight another dungeon with you guys?" Thunderlord's face was already filled with tears.
Scheming Beggar and co. were standing by the side and weren't too surprised at what they saw. It would be impossible for Thunderlord to match Fearless' shamelessness. Thunderlord was too naive and needed more practice in order to get to his level.
After the allocation of rewards, Fearless clicked to submit the dungeon.

"Dungeon completion points?"
Everyone was slightly taken aback as they suddenly recalled that this was given by Di Kapia. However, nobody knew what it was used for. Could it be used here?
Everyone here other than Wang Yu was an old gamer, therefore, they knew they had to be somewhat conservative towards things they didn't know in the game. Therefore, after seeing the system notification, everyone pressed the 'use' button cautiously to see what it does.

After the system notification, everyone was covered in gold radiance as they increased from level 35 to half of level 36. Only Wang Yu had a few more gold radiance.
Everyone hurried to open up the group chat as they asked after looking at Wang Yu's level, "How many points did you use?"
"I've clicked on everything…" Wang Yu replied with confidence.

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