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From what Coach Davis saw Jake was able to do a much better workout than that, so he had Jake run again at a pace 2 seconds faster than the last time per km.

Jake did it too, but with more difficulty, perhaps because it was the second time he made the 10,000 meters at this race pace, but that has already surprised coach Davis who was excited to see Jake perhaps win two gold medals at the next Olympics.

Jake was also excited to be able to race at that time, he also had some knowledge of race times in the 10,000 meters race and knew he had a great time, it could be said that Jake never trained in this race.

But in fact he had a great base for starting training, he was the best in the world in marathons and even in training, he had a great time besides having the system to help him, only the many years he trained already prepared him to start training.

In addition, Jake knew that the system not only improved his endurance but also improved the agility that greatly helped him run faster than most athletes, so Jake could run at a great time even though he had never run at this pace before.

This year he still had the opportunity to gain another point in endurance and agility by getting better for endurance events, meaning that this training would be even easier for Jake.

This made him more excited instead of getting relaxed and quitting training, Jake was excited to know that after all this training this year and in the coming years he would be more likely to win more gold medals in the upcoming Olympics.

Not to mention that Jake loved to run and the feeling of winning the races, whenever he won a marathon he felt very happy, so he had decided that he would run at least one marathon a year if he could for several years even though he was in the NBA.

When Jake came home he was very happy and Eva was happy for him knowing that something good should be happening to her son, it was good to know that everything was fine, the restaurant was at peace again after Lola got used to the fact that Jake had a girlfriend.

Eva knew that Jake didn't really have any girlfriend, but she as a mother felt it was only a matter of time if this Kate really liked Jake, because she realized that Jake really did like Kate even if he didn't realize it himself.

Jake didn't talk much about his training to Eva because she probably wouldn't understand how he was getting better at training and if she did, she would be shocked like Coach Davis, so if Eva didn't ask Jake wouldn't say anything about it.

After getting a good rest Jake resumed running the next day, he would do the 10,000 meters twice again because he and Coach Davis realized that Jake couldn't stand running at his best.

In training that day Jake would run twice the 10,000 meters at the same time he had done in the last training of the day which was 2 minutes and 48 seconds per km, with that time he would run the 10,000 meters in 28 minutes.

In that time Jake could be considered an elite athlete in the 10,000 meters even if it was hard to win running at that time, but for the start of training was a very good time, Coach Davis wanted Jake to run in that time to get used to the pace of 10,000 meters.

In training yesterday day Jake said he got tired of running at this pace the second time, so Coach Davis thought it was better for Jake to run at this time twice than at a faster time only once.

Jake agreed with Coach Davis, but Coach did not know that Jake had a way of regaining stamina after running a long-distance training, running at a faster pace, leaving Jake powerless, but his muscles could handle more than 50 km race quietly.

So just for training he could eat a stamina bar and regain energy and relax his muscles a bit, so with a 30-minute rest he could run up to three times the 10,000 meters.

Coach Davis didn't believe Jake would be able to do that because he knew how the 10,000 meters spent more stamina on athletes and running twice was already very impressive, but as Jake insisted he decided to do as Jake suggested.

The first time Jake ran the 10,000 meters in 28 minutes much more easily, just as Coach Davis thought the second time he ran out of stamina and so lacked energy at the end of the race and Jake became more tired.

After the first run, Jake went for a drink and asked for 30 minutes to rest, Coach Davis thought it was a good idea because Jake was training for the 10,000 meters and not training his resistance that needed to run without rest.

So Jake did not save the stamina bar and already ate one not being so tired, Jake can already feel the tiredness fading and his energy coming back and so rested much better 30 minutes.

As Jake had 41 points in the resistance statistic his body functioned differently from normal people and even his body recovery was faster than others, after 30 minutes he felt completely rested.

Jake ran the 10,000 meters again in 28 minutes and was not tired at the end of the 10,000 meters, so Coach Davis had no choice but to believe that Jake was actually able to run the 10,000 meters 3 times.

But since the training would be very fast with just 1 and a half hours max with Jake running 3 times Coach Davis suggested that Jake have a 1-hour rest each time, so in 3 and a half hours they could do all the training and Jake would have more time to rest.

Jake didn't think it was necessary, but he thought it was better to have 30 more minutes to rest, with 1 hour to rest each time. He would be much more sure that he could run 3 times the 10,000 meters at the best time he could eat the stamina bars.

After an hour's rest, Jake ran the 10,000 meters again in 28 minutes and began to feel tired even though he had eaten two stamina bars and rested for an hour and a half, but Jake and Coach Davis were already happy to have those three times run and train.

Coach Davis agreed with Jake that now he should do marathon training one day and the 10,000-meter training the next day, on Jake's next vacation next year they would try to improve the time on the 10,000 meters and start training also the 5,000 meters.

Jake agreed with Coach Davis that it was best to wait and see what was the best time he could do at 10,000 meters and 5,000 meters because that would make him more willing to continue training.

Not to mention that until next year on holiday Jake would run the Berlin and Tokyo marathon he could earn two more points in the resistance and agility statistics and be much better prepared for the marathon, the 10,000 meters, and the 5,000 meters.

So with the World Championships in Athletics almost two months away Jake already had his training routine set and plenty of time to rest, at that time Jake also did the imaginative training to train basketball and spent a few hours on his court almost every day.

Even though he spent no more than 5 hours in training every day, he spent the rest of the time spending with his mother or just relaxing, Jake could try to do other things.

But at university, he would spend a lot of time with his friends and studying as well as training and playing a lot of basketball, so in those months before the World Championships in Athletics, he just wanted to spend his rest time.

He might have wished he could try to meet Kate at this time, but he knew that was not a good idea because after what happened a few months ago she may have had more problems than him with the media and her fans and was better to her if they didn't meet.

Joseph was annoyed that he had to come home on this vacation and stay away from his girlfriend and so didn't even try to talk to Jake, Jake was also angry about that and didn't want to look for Joseph on this vacation.

While he was thinking about what to do, he got a call from Emily saying he had someone who wanted to talk to him, knowing Emily Jake knew it should be important and decided to meet these two people.

But first he needed to know who these people he had to meet, after all even if he had nothing important to do, he couldn't just find anyone.

"It's some directors who are brothers, it looks like they had a project for a movie that will be shot next year and they wanted to see if you were interested in participating in that movie."

"I would normally refuse this call, but it seems that these brothers have many contacts in Hollywood, and they seemed to be really sincere in presenting this proposal to you, as I know you have some interest in an acting career I thought you could at least talk about it for you."

Jake really thought that was right, he was very interested in having a film career and he had already told director Crowe that he could only participate in a movie that was filmed during his vacation.

So if these directors still wanted to talk to him about this movie, he at least wanted to know what this movie was.
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