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So another week went by quickly, Jake put on another of his social outfits after he packed many times his shirt tightened on his body, Jake would just go to congratulate him and then leave.

He did not know what to give as a present and ended up buying a beautiful hat that he saw, he did not know whether or not Liza wanted to, but he did not think of anything else that would make it strange for his boyfriend's friend to give away.

After a while Jake arrived at the club where the party would be held, it was a pretty reserved and beautiful place perfect for celebrations with few people, Jake saw that they had only a few people when he arrived.

Soon he could see Joseph and went to his friend.

"Hi Joseph, where is your girlfriend?"

"She'll only come in later, as she is the hostess of the party her friends said she had to come in after most of them have arrived."

Jake did not comment on this because he never did parties like this before, he enjoyed spending all his birthdays with just his mother, mostly because he did not have many friends, but he preferred it that way.

Jake saw a table in the corner and went to put his gift together with the others, he did not want to stand out much anyway, Joseph also seemed a bit out of the way before Jake arrived.

So Jake decided to stay with Joseph until Liza arrived, then he would congratulate her and leave, Jake did not like parties that much and as no one knew him would not be strange to leave at the beginning of the party.

After a while, several people had arrived and Liza finally arrived, she was in a nice dress and high heels.

Liza approached them and Jake silently moved away from Joseph who was the boyfriend.

After Joseph started walking along with Liza while greeting the guests, when they greeted all of them they came to Jake, Jake was already anxious to leave and was a little annoyed to have been left last.

"Hi Jake, thanks for coming."

"Congratulations Liza, may you have many years to live."

"Thank you."

"So, I left my gift there at the table and I was just waiting to congratulate you before I left."

"Are you leaving already? No, there's someone I want to introduce you to, come with me."

So Liza did not wait for Jake to respond and turned around and started walking, Jake was left unable to refuse and just followed in silence, Joseph knew that his friend was in a bad mood about being left waiting when he wanted to leave.

Liza seemed to know that and left Jake last to give her time to introduce her friend before Jake left, but she did not know that would make him feel stressed.

But it was not surprising that Jake was annoyed, he was one of the first to arrive and only came for education, then he was close to Liza when she began to greet the guests, and Liza came to greet before him until who came later her.

So Jake thought she was doing it on purpose to annoy him, now she still wanted to drag him around.

Liza finally reached a place further down where her friend was sitting at a table by herself, this woman was almost as tall as Jake with the high heels she wore, she was wearing a very pretty blue dress.

She had long black hair that was smooth and came to her waist, she wore a slightly heavier makeup on her eyes, but wore a subtle lipstick on her lips, Jake had to admit she was beautiful.

Jake tried to disguise his irritation for education, but it seemed that Liza's friend had also noticed.

"Jake, this is my friend, her name is Jennifer, Jenny this is Joseph's friend that I told you."

"Looks like you brought him against the will to see me."

"This is not Jenny, is that Liza decided not to tell Jake and how she realized that he wanted to leave quickly had left him waiting on purpose after he arrived and finally greeted him, Liza did not like Jake much and my friend found that she did it to irritate him."

To avoid further misunderstandings Joseph decided to make it clear to both of them, sometimes trying to make things by surprise irritate people, Liza also seemed embarrassed at not being able to read the situation before.

Jake understood the situation, even more, was a little angry, but he had the education and stayed to talk to Jenny.

Liza and Joseph left to leave the two alone although they already thought it had not worked out from the beginning.

"Nice to meet you, Jeniffer."

"You can call me Jenny, too, Jake, it looks like you did not like what Liza did."

"To be honest I did not really like it, I do not like people doing things behind my back, we were not friends before that and I thought her invitation to the birthday was a way of trying to get closer to me I am Joseph's friend."

"If I thought she did it for me I would even be grateful for the intention, but it seems that it was not."

"I liked that you were sincere, even though it might hurt me a little."

"It was not your fault, I think she does things without thinking too much about others and not on time, I'm sure you did not ask her to do that, either."

"Not really, but like you said how she did it for me I liked the intention."

"I suppose so, even more, that as a friend you must know her way well, do you study at the Elite school as well?"

"I study yes, there are many students at this school, so there are many classrooms the same year."

"That's true, even if they have a problem with teachers."

"I heard from Liza that you were from the basketball team before you had a problem with the coach."

"That's right, you can not quarrel with those with authority."

Jenny seemed to be interested in Jake and Jake was accustomed to having long conversations after long years of work, so he pulled out several subjects so as not to let Jenny think he had not very interested in her just from really not having.

After a while they said goodbye, Jake left and Jenny had lots of friends at this party to talk to, Jake was determined not to trust Liza very much even if for politeness he did not want to be her friend after what she did to him.

They did not have to be friends even to stay close to Joseph, they had only to respect, Jake met many people like Liza in his life, they were the kind of person who did not care much for people who were not his friends.

Jake knew that it was not for evil but a personality trait, Liza herself must have done this with several people several times without realizing it, and thus hurt several people.

It was because of a person like Liza who had in Jake's company in his past life that the people of the company found out that he was impotent, Jake knew it was not on purpose, but it hurt the same way.

When she arrived at the end of the party and everyone left, Liza approached her friend to find out what it was like.

"And how was the conversation between you? Do you think that can work? "

"I do not know if he got interested in me or was just educated, but I liked him, Jake does not seem to be the type who mind what I hate and he's also very handsome."

"So it was worth bringing him here."

"But you've lost all chances of becoming his friend Liza, he'll be polite to you not to leave Joseph unhappy, but he does not trust and dislike you."

"Do you really think that? But he did not seem to be the kind of rancor keeper, I thought if I'd apologize he'd forget."

"That's what I said, he will not get mad at you over that, but he does not like that way of doing things the way you want him without caring about others and he'll never be your friend."

"That's a shame, I wanted to be friends with him to make Joseph happy."

So Jake returned home a little tired, he never liked going to parties with young people like that, and he ended up getting stressed because of Liza.

But as always he just forgot the subject and went to sleep.

The other day at school Joseph apologized to Jake, in fact, this time who had the biggest fault in this was Joseph, he knew what the girlfriend plans for the party and wanted to help his friend to get a girlfriend too and did not say anything to Jake.

But he did not expect Jake to be so annoyed with all this, and he realized that Jake made it clear that Liza did not try to get too close to him, that's what Jake said before, he was not too angry with Liza introducing him to another girl, the problem is that it was the wrong way and at the wrong time, besides, she did not do it thinking about him.

After a few days Jake had forgotten about all of this and when classes were over he prepared to go home but when he was leaving school someone called for him.

"Jake, wait a little while."

When he turned around he saw someone he did not expect to see again, it was Jenny Liza's friend, it seems destiny wants them to talk for a while longer.
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