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The Alchemist God Chapter 165 – Prince Lin Ruo Ji, long live your highness

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Chapter 165: Prince Lin Ruo Ji, long live your highness

“Adopted son?” Lin Mu Yu looked at Qin Jin in surprise.

Qin Jin revealed a faint smile, “Actually…..The real reason is because you saved Xiao Yin twice, so I want to have Xiao Yin recognize you as an adopted brother. However, if you’re not willing, then forget about it.”

Qin Yin was standing in front of Lin Mu Yu with her hands crossed in front of her. Her beautiful eyes were filled with hope, but she didn’t dare look at Lin Mu Yu. When Qin Jin finished speaking, her face was filled with a faint blush.

Lin Mu Yu was stunned, but he didn’t think about it and said with a smile, “Then let’s just accept it. With a little sister like her highness Yin, it is something that I have always dreamed of.”


Qin Jin couldn’t help smiling as he said, “Good. From this day forth, you will become my, Qin Jin’s adopted son and will become a member of the Qin Family. Are you willing to change your surname to Qin?”

“Can I…..not change it?” Lin Mu Yu asked.

Qin Jin laughed, “Of course!”

“Many thanks for your majesty’s understanding!”

Qin Jin was visibly happy as he placed his hand on Lin Mu Yu’s shoulder and he said, “Ah Yu, you are a talent. From this day forth, you will become a member of the family, one with a different surname, but a part of the Qin Family. It will bring you courage and glory, but…..you must vow yourself to the family and remain loyal. Come, Xiao Yin will take the family ceremony with you. Later, I will have someone add your name to the Qin Family’s genealogy”.

To the side, Qin Yin walked over with a smile and reached out for Lin Mu Yu’s hand. When their fingers interlocked, the heat coming from Qin Yin’s little hand couldn’t help making Lin Mu Yu flustered as his face turned as round as Qin Yin’s face. She then said, “Ah Yu, I’ll call you big brother from now on…..”


“Then big brother Ah Yu, come with me.”


In a corner of the rear palace, there was an altar dedicated to the ancestors of the family. In the most conspicuous part of the altar, there were the words “Altar of the founding emperor Qin Yi” written on it. Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help feeling surprised as he asked, “Xiao Yin, Qin Yi…..died how many years ago?”

Qin Yin was stunned, “Qin Yi was our ancestor and was the first person in the Qin Empire to step into the God Realm. He used his God Realm strength to unite the eleven countries of the continent through war and created a period of prosperity for the Qin Empire. It’s said that he went into isolate after forming the country and wandered outside the heavens for several thousand years, so he was consecrated in his spiritual altar here.”

“So it’s like this….” Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help thinking of when he transmigrated, seeing Qin Yi lead several hundred God Realm and Sacred Realm warriors to fight the Seven Luminary Demon King. Qin Yi had died at that time, having his energy swallowed by the Seventh Luminary, Stellar Transformation. He felt that it was appropriate for him to be consecrated with this spiritual altar.

“Alright, big brother Ah Yu, kneel down.”

Qin Yin knelt down in front of the Qin Empire’s ancestor altar with Lin Mu Yu. The smile on her face disappeared and she said in a serious manner, “The family has a thirty two word mantra that is the foundation of the Qin Family in ruling the continent. I’ll say it one sentence at a time and big brother Ah Yu can follow along with Xiao Yin, alright?”

[TL Note: It’s 32 chinese characters, but it won’t be the same in english.]

“Un.” Lin Mu Yu softly nodded.

Qin Yin pursed her red lips and threw her princess cape behind her. Her beautiful eyes looked at the altar as her eyes filled with longing and confusion. Then she began to say sentence by sentence.

“The waves do not stir”. No matter where or when, one should have no fear or shock.

“Grudges must be repaid”. The ruler was modest, but all grudges must be repaid.

“Death instead of surrender”. Life and death were up to the heavens and a proud man must never give in.

“Be open minded”. The waters flow and the cloud floats, one must look at the world with an empty mind.

“A promise is worth a thousand gold”. When one gives their word, it must always be kept.

“Leading the battle”. One must be brave in battle and charge forth to lead it.

“Being courteous to all”. Even with a high status, one must treat others with a modest attitude.

“Never losing loyalty”. One must be devoted to the country, giving their blood without any regrets.

These thirty two words were “The waves do not stir, grudges must be repaid, death instead of surrender, be open minded, a promise is worth a thousand gold, leading the battle, being courteous to all, never losing loyalty”. Lin Mu Yu looked over them and found that the Qin Family being able to remain for so long was not without reason. These thirty two words represented one’s spirit and in other words, these thirty two words represented civilization. Only, when these words were taken the wrong way, it lead to unreasonable practices like the camp women system.

After saying this, Qin Yin stood up and held Lin Mu Yu’s shoulder. With a smile she said, “Big brother Ah Yu, you are now a part of the Qin Family. You must always remember the family’s mantra.”

“Un, I will.”

Lin Mu Yu gave a nod. These thirty two words were worthy of being a code of conduct to him, so he would follow it without breaking it. That was his personality.

Qin Jin watched everything from behind and said with a smile, “Alright, since Ah Yu is now part of the family, then…..How about we eat breakfast together?”

“Yes, your majesty.”

Qin Jin was a bit displeased as he said, “Since this one has already accepted you as an adopted son, shouldn’t you change how you address this one?”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned and stuttered a bit as he said, “This….What should I say?”

Qin Yin gave a laugh, “Follow me…..Royal father!”

Lin Mu Yu: “……”

In the end, he still said “royal father” with Qin Yin which caused Qin Jin to reveal a happy smile, revealing wrinkles on his face. This emperor was already showing signs of old age at just fifty years old. One reason for this was because his cultivation was not high enough and the other was that he was busy with the affairs of the state.

Although Qin Jin was weak, he was not a dying ruler, so he could be considered taking an enemy as a friend, right? Lin Mu Yu secretly thought this.

The breakfast was not too extravagant, just a few small dishes.

But Lin Mu Yu had been running around all night and was very hungry. He took the piebald cow meat buns and stuffed it into his mouth, causing Qin Yin and Qin Jin to laugh from the side. Qin Jin pushed the beef meat buns over to Lin Mu Yu and said with a smile, “If you like to eat, then eat some more. When we return to Orchid Goose City, royal father will personally enter the kitchen and make some piebald cow meat buns for you. I promise it will be even tastier than those made by the White Cloud Restaurant’s head chef.”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned, “Royal father, you know how to cook?”

Qin Yin giggled, “Humph, don’t you know royal father is skilled in both fields? First is painting and second is cooking. Let me tell you, even the best dish in the Ze Tian Palace cannot compare to royal father’s cooking! Big brother Ah Yu, you have to come to the Ze Tian Palace regularly, otherwise you will not have the chance to try royal father’s craftsmanship.”

“Un, alright.” He was trembling, being both sincere and frightened. It’s said that the ruler is like a king, so the current Qin Jin, was he still that tiger like ruler, or was he his adopted father? Would a tiger’s poison harm its own children?

Lin Mu Yu did not understand, but he also did understand.

He would take it step by step. Whether it was lucky or unlucky, at least he had a family in this world now. He had Qin Jin, this father that could cook and paint, as well as Qin Yin, this sometimes unruly and considerate little sister. This did not seem that bad.

After taking a small rest in the morning, they returned to Orchid Goose City in the afternoon.

In the Ze Tian Palace, during the afternoon court, Qin Jin announced the news of him accepting Lin Mu Yu as an “adopted son”. It instantly created a large stir, causing all the ministers to be shocked. The Qin Family has not adopted a son with another name for many years now. Lin Mu Yu seemed like a favoured son “with all the love in the world” at this moment, it was unknown where this brat obtained this luck.”

“Congratulations to sir Lin Mu Yu!”

“Congratulations general!”

“Congratulations to sir for becoming a part of the family!”

Ministers came to congratulate him, making Lin Mu Yu feel uncomfortable, also making him see the person he wanted to see the least. Zeng Yi Fan also came over as high spirited as ever, saying with a smile, “Congratulations to general Lin Mu Yu in becoming his majesty’s adopted son, this is truly a happy moment!”

“The Divine Marquis is too polite!”

“General is now the adopted son of his majesty with a bright future. From now on, please take care of a small marquis like me…..” Zeng Yi Fan said with a bright smile.

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows before smiling and saying, “The Divine Marquis is too polite. You are the pillar of this empire, I am nothing more than a boorish fellow.”


Zeng Yi Fan left with a cold laugh, revealing an appearance of “you are correct”.

Feng Ji Xing’s sharp brows tightly knit as he watched Zeng Yi Fan’s back. He patted Lin Mu Yu’s shoulder and said, “Ah Yu, I really do envy you. I have served as a small officer by his majesty’s side for many years, but I have never received this kind of special treatment. His majesty’s adopted son, you are the first one. Moreover, the Qin Family has never accepted a son with a different surname, you can be considered a pioneer.”

“Is big brother Feng really congratulating me?” Lin Mu Yu asked in a small voice.

Feng Ji Xing came close and lowered his voice. With a smile, he said, “I don’t know why his majesty accepted you as an adopted son, but at least he holds your strength in high regard, so he can pull you in!”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned. Was this all for using him?

It doesn’t matter, it’s fine if he was being used and it’s fine if it’s sincere. Lin Mu Yu had his own judgement and he was at least sure that Qin Yin did like him, so that was enough. He could not care about protecting the empire, but he had to protect Qin Yin at least.

At this time, the voice of the palace messenger suddenly rang out, “Sir Qu Chu has come!”

Everyone was stunned and moved to both sides.

Qu Chu walked into the hall with a black package in his hand and a faint smile on his face. When he arrived in front of the throne he cupped his hands and said, “This old man Qu Chu has come late, I ask your majesty for forgiveness.”

Qin Jin was a virtuous ruler, so he said with a smile, “Old Qu does not need to act this way, it’s good that you can come back. That’s right, have you obtained the medicinal herbs you wanted?”

“I did.”

Qu Chu’s lips curled and he said with a smile, “I also obtained some unexpected rewards that I wanted to gift to your majesty!”

“Oh, what is it?” Qin Jin asked with a smile.

Qu Chu kneeled down on one knee and moved his package forward. He opened it layer by layer and when he removed the final layer, a bloody head appeared. It was a head with a white beard and hair which was covered in blood. Even the eyes were wide open, like it did not accept its death.

Qu Chu turned around and looked at Zeng Yi Fan with a provoking look. He then cupped his hands and said, “This old man met the old rebel Cang Bai He when descending the mountain, taking care of him on the way. I offer his dog head to your majesty!”

Qin Jin was filled with joy, “Good! Good! Old Qu has performed a great merit!”

Instantly, Zeng Yi Fan’s face turned incomparably white and looked incredibly ugly.
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