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The Alchemist God Chapter 127 – Bravely fighting the wolf pack

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Chapter 127: Bravely fighting the wolf pack

On the eleventh day of entering the Dragon Seeking Forest, the small team slowly entered the Random Stone Valley.

The snow continued falling as if it would never stop.

“Su, su…….”

Lin Mu Yu brushed the snow off his shoulders and pulled on the reins to make the battle horse go faster. Wei Chou followed by his side and said, “Sir, we should be careful at this point. The snow has covered everything on the mountain and the rock attributed spirit beast could be covered in snow, so we might accidentally bump into them.”

“I understand!”

Lin Mu Yu was not worried because he had the Spiritual Pulse Technique. With his spiritual sense, there was no energy fluctuations within three li that could escape from his sense. This ability was something that even Saint Realm experts could not compare to.

He suddenly looked to the north and said, “Careful, there is a powerful beast over there!”


Everyone was filled with awe. After going past a hill, they saw a giant figure at the bottom of the peak. It was around five meters tall with a giant body. It was not moving at all, but the surface of its skin was the same as a layer of stone.

“It’s a Stone Figure!”

Wei Chou said in a low voice, “It’s a 4800 year old Stone Figure. Sir, it seems to be hibernating, so should we kill it? It wouldn’t be hard to kill it right now. Our luck is very good, being able to meet a high level spirit beast while it is hibernating.”


Lin Mu Yu shook his head and said, “Spirit beasts are living beings as well, so we won’t kill it unless we have to. We will continue forth. We will only kill a 5000 year old or higher rock attributed spirit beast.”

“Yes, sir!”

The eyes of the Imperial Guards filled with respect as they looked at Lin Mu Yu. On the Broken Cauldron Continent, the strong were respected and the weak had no right to say anything. In their opinions, the fate of the weak was to be stepped over. Lin Mu Yu was the strongest among them, but he still had this kind of charitable disposition. They did not dare to laugh at Lin Mu Yu because he was much stronger than them.

All the way until noon, they had passed through half of the Random Stone Valley and had met over ten spirit beasts, but they did not meet any rock attributed beasts that over 5000 years old.

Lin Mu Yu was not worried at all as he practiced the Dragon Forged Bone Tome while sitting on his horse, not wasting any time at all.

At this moment, something appeared in his spiritual sense scan!

He suddenly looked up and smiled as he said, “The thing we’ve been looking for is here and is coming over by itself!”

“What?” Wei Chou and the others were shocked.

“Defensive formations, quickly!” Lin Mu Yu roared in a low voice.

Everyone dismounted and moved the horse into the center. The Imperial Guards formed a circle with their shields out and in less than two minutes, they heard a wolf cry coming from the distance. There were over twenty grey furred wolves rushing at them from the distance. Looking at them from this distance, they seemed very imposing.

Wei Chou narrowed his eyes and said, “It’s Spotted Stone Wolves……There are at least twenty of them! What kind of luck do we have, not only are the Spotted Stone Wolves very quick, their fur is also very strong, making them much harder to deal with compared to the Swift Wolves. We…..Meeting this many Spotted Stone Wolves, we will be in danger!”

Lin Mu Yu said, “Form a circle formation. I will go out and kill them, you guys will not move. Do you understand?”


He raised his sword while proudly walk of out the defensive formation. He gently summoned the gourd wall, the Black Tortoise Shell, and the Dragon Scale Wall one after another. As the wolf pack drew closer, they could see gold and silver lines on the foreheads of the Spotted Stone Wolves which represented their vitality and strength. The largest wolf in the pack had five gold lines and two silver lines meaning it was a 5200 year old Spotted Stone Wolf! This meant that the rock attributed spirit beast requirement had been met!

It was a pity that it was a wolf king and had brought several other Spotted Stone Wolves with it. If they were not careful, they would go from being the hunter to the hunted.

Wei Chou tightly gripped his sword and loudly shouted, “Sir, be careful! There is a 5200 year old wolf king, a 3900 year old wolf and all the others are around 3000 year old! Be careful!”


Lin Mu Yu shouted, “I will block them and you guys will use your bows to kill them. Aim for the younger Spotted Stone Wolves first. If they charge over, you have to block them, otherwise it will be very troublesome if we allowed the battle horses to be injured.”


While he was talking, the wolf king had already arrived. Lin Mu Yu rushed forward without any hesitation and released a thunderstorm rage at the wolf king!


The prairie sword stabbed right into the spiritual energy on the wolf king’s abdomen. The attack scattered the layer, but it did not cause any damage to the wolf king. Rather the wolf king slashed down onto the gourd wall and with a “peng” sound, the Black Tortoise Shell was covered in cracks. A 5000 year old spirit beast was just this strong, it could not compare with a beast less than 5000 years old.

“Sha, sha……”

With his boots stepping across the snow, Lin Mu Yu used the Butterfly Step to escape. With several footsteps appearing in the snow, he avoided the wolf king’s next biting attack. Throwing out a punch, his fist was covered in a blood red energy which heavily connected with the 3900 year old Spotted Stone Wolf!

First Luminary, Mortal Turmoil!

His fist slammed down on the Spotted Stone Wolf’s spiritual energy layer, breaking its rib cage. Hearing the “ao, ao” sound it made, the 3900 year old Spotted Stone Wolf was heavily injured by the First Luminary. Lying on the snow, it tried to stand up, but it couldn’t do so. Lin Mu Yu’s plan was very simple, he used his abilities to distract the wolf king and then quickly aimed to take out the 3900 year old wolf. It was clear that he had accomplished his goal.

The wolf king let out an angry howl and once again tried to bite him. It summoned three more 2000+ year old Spotted Stone Wolves and worked together to attack him.

Lin Mu Yu tightly gripped the sword and the gourd wall spread out to protect him. Arrows flew past him with a “sou, sou, sou” sound, killing Spotted Stone Wolves one after the other. Of course there were also several Spotted Stone Wolves that made it to the shield wall and bit down on the imperial guards’ armours, a pitiful cries of pain rang out.


A long sword swept out and a 2100 year old Spotted Stone Wolf’s front legs had been sliced off, but at this moment, the Black Tortoise Shell had been destroyed leaving only the Dragon Scale Wall. The wolf king wildly scratched out with its claws and bit down with its bloody mouth, instantly destroying the Dragon Scale Wall.

Lin Mu Yu had taken care of the other three Spotted Stone Wolves at this moment. He suddenly turned around and a smell hit him. The wolf king’s claws hit him in his chest, knocking him onto the snowy ground.

“This is bad!”

He was secretly shocked in his heart as he quickly raised his left hand. The Stone Skin Pills were still in effect and he could only hope to block it.


Blood spilled out. He had overestimated the effects of the pills as the wolf fangs penetrated into his left hand. A heartrending pain filled his hand as he was injured.

A kind of anger also filled his heart. This beast dares to be this presumptuous?

His right hand instantly released a strong cold chill and in the next second, his fist was covered in the image of all living beings condensing together as it shot out at the wolf king’s neck.

Third Luminary, Disaster of All Living Beings!

With a “kacha” sound, the wolf king was sent flying while it let out a wail. The location where the Third Luminary had landed on was its head causing a fracture there, but its vitality was too strong. It stumbled to its feet, preparing to launch another biting attack.

Lin Mu Yu did not allow it to move forward. His bleeding left fist shot out and he punched at the wolf king once again!

First Luminary, Mortal Coil!


With a heavy hit, the wolf king finally retreated with a whine.

Lin Mu Yu did not want to keep this battle going on. He raised his palm and the gourd vines came out of the snow, trapping the wolf king. Dense flames appeared in his palm and he released a dragon flame spiral with the imperial sword technique!


With blood flying everywhere, around half of the wolf king’s body was shattered to pieces. Its vitality had finally run out and it died with a pitiful cry.

Looking behind him, he saw that the other Spotted Stone Wolves had all been killed by Wei Chou and the other Imperial Guards. There was around forty Spotted Stone Wolf corpses lying around the defensive circle. There had been more than expected, it was simply an entire wolf clan.

“Sir, have you been injured?” Wei Chou quickly asked.

Lin Mu Yu had already pulled some healing medicine and poured them onto his wounds. He ripped some white cloth from the edge of his battle dress and wrapped up his wounds. Then he sat down on a stone covered in snow as he let out a heavy breath and said, “I’m fine. What is the situation with everyone’s injuries?”

Wei Chou said, “One heavily injured and seven with minor injuries. Those Spotted Stone Wolves are truly hateful, they seized every opportunity.”


Lin Mu Yu walked over to look at them and noticed an imperial guard whose shoulder had been ripped to pieces by the Spotted Stone Wolves, his armour being completely destroyed. He took out two bottles of healing medicine to pour on the wound and personally bandaged it. The moved imperial guard quickly had tears falling down his face, “Sir, I……I……”

Lin Mu Yu raised his hand and said, “Don’t worry about it. If it was me, you would also do the same to save me!”

Everyone couldn’t help laughing. The nervous feeling from this life and death situation had disappeared from the words of this young officer.

Not long passed and Wei Chou came over holding a spirit stone covered in a thick aura. He smiled and said, “Sir, with this 5200 year old Spotted Stone Wolf spirit stone, we have finished most of our duty. We just need to find another 5000 year old Golden Scale Beast as well as killing some wild boars and we’ll have completed our mission. There is still twenty days left before the winter sacrifice ceremony, so we should have plenty of time.”

“No, we don’t actually have that much time.”

Lin Mu Yu took the spirit stone and placed it into the bag on the back of his horse. Then he said, “If we hunt the wild boars, it won’t be easy to bring back one thousand pounds of meat quickly. We cannot allow the bodies to decompose, so we have to move quickly……We’ll build a camp here right now and rest. We’ll set off to the north to find the Golden Scale Beast after eating out lunch.”

“Yes, sir!”

Wei Chou spoke with a face filled with joy. He had probably never had a mission go this smoothly before and he probably never had one that was this exciting. Killing the Bloodthirsty Tiger in the Dead Wood Stone Forest or fighting these wolves in the Random Stone Valley, either of these experiences would be enough to brag about for an entire lifetime in the capital’s pubs.

In the afternoon, after the finished their meal, Lin Mu Yu mounted his horse and pulled up the white temple cape to cover his short hair. His injured left hand was placed by his chest to warm up and his right hand held the reins. Continuing onwards, he was now going to hunt a spirit stone for the beautiful princess.
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