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Night Ranger Chapter 558: Classmate Party

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Chapter 558: Classmate Party

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Everything seemed so familiar, but Marvin's brain was in a mess!

Was this… the Six Pearl Harbors!?

He took a deep breath and checked his interface:

[ID: Mr. M]

[Class: God of Shadow and Slaughter – Ruler of the Night – Phantom Assassin…]

[God Realm: Nothingness]

[Followers: 3478]


Below was a long swath of information!

Marvin rubbed his temples, but couldn't hold down the shock in his heart!

'My former memories…'

'Didn't I transmigrate? Why am I back?!'

'Hold on… When exactly did I transmigrate in the first place?'

Marvin closed his eyes, trying to recall.

But regarding the memory of that time, he drew a blank!

The people in his surroundings seemed real.

The game had many features that hadn't existed in the actual plane of Feinan.

Compared to the actual place where he had brought about so many changes, the game's version of Feinan had gone through all kinds of suffering, but still managed to regain some vitality thanks to the arrival of the Golden Children.

[System reminder: The Avondale Guild submitted a warrant…]

[System reminder: The Asura Guild submitted a warrant…]

[System reminder: The Kalmar Guild submitted a warrant…]

Marvin remained silent.

He faintly remembered that before transmigrating, he really did come into conflict with these three guilds.

It didn't seem to be a big deal!

All he did was steal a Secondary Plane from them. After all, he was the newly ascended God of Shadow and Slaughter, so he needed a territory to establish his God Realm!

Those NPC followers needed a place to go.

He came to the Six Pearl Harbors now because he had just obtained the Nothingness Core and was following the procedures to set up his God Realm. He had returned to Feinan to deal with the next step of his ascension quest.

After all, ascending to Godhood was only the beginning. Although he was ahead of the other players for the moment, he still couldn't slack off!

'So… what happened with the [Transmigration]?'

Marvin still felt that something was wrong, like everything seemed too familiar.

He suddenly opened the game interface and chose to log off from the game!


Outside the window, Marvin could see heavy traffic.

Even though Marvin was living on the 18th floor, there were floating cars sweeping past.

The huge and expensive game capsule occupied two-thirds of the room.

In this quickly-developing world, Marvin owned that game capsule because he was a professional gamer!

Just as he got out from the capsule, an automated voice echoed, "Reminder! Reminder! Mr. Marvin, you have a University class meeting at 4 pm today."

Marvin scratched his head slowly. He had yet to recover from his shock.

But regardless, he still remembered his electronic sprite's name. "Zebra… Check for me… What day is it?"

He urgently needed to know what had happened!

Everything in his surroundings seemed so real!

Could he have been taking a nap all along?

No way, right? How could a nap have lasted so long?

Marvin was doubtful.

The electronic sprite quickly gave him the correct time:

"Today is the 13th day of the 7th month of the year 2317. The latest trade has already been completed. Your two pieces of equipment in your game have been sold. 14000 credits have been sent to your account. Naturally, the tax has already been deducted."

Year 2317. That's right.

Marvin sat there in a daze, suddenly blanking out.

I've returned.

This is… Did I ever leave?

That dream… That transmigration… was so thrilling!

It was so real.

He just remained seated there as time passed, and soon, it was 3 pm.

Marvin came to a realization.

The afternoon Classmate Party! He couldn't give up on reality because of a strange dream, could he?

Thinking of this, Marvin couldn't help laughing at himself.

The Classmate Party… Wasn't that the place where people sought fame?


4pm, at the Wakeland Restaurant.

When Marvin entered the restaurant's lobby, a few classmates with sharp eyes recognized him!

"Hey! Marvin arrived!"

"That kid still came. I still thought he wouldn't show up again."

"Yo, it looks like he is wearing nice clothes, it seems that he is doing well after retiring from the military."

"Shush, don't talk about others like that, I was also in the field with him. What happened last time wasn't his fault."

"Yeah… I heard he became a professional gamer to support himself…"

These voices, loud or quiet, sneering or sympathizing, they all fell into Marvin's ears.

Maybe they thought Marvin couldn't hear.

An indescribable smile appeared at the corner of his mouth as he mused, 'I may have lost the ability to fight, but how could I lose all my ability in such a short time?'

But he wouldn't bother bickering with these people.

They were only people who had been average all their lives.

Upon seeing a proud, talented person lose his ability and fall from the sky, turning into a disabled person, any ordinary person would inwardly feel a bit of glee, wouldn't they?

Originally jealous, now sympathetic. Marvin noticed these things clearly.

Yes, the current Marvin was a complete waste.

If not for superior medical treatments and technologies, the paralyzed Marvin wouldn't be able to even sit down on the wheelchair and reach the restaurant on his own.

At the same time, because he had lost control of his body, he could only take solace in the game capsule.

He had lost everything else, but he still had his brain.

His mind's reactions were still A-level, and thus he became one of the very best in the virtual world.


"Take a seat!"

"Marvin, come over and share a table with us!"

At that time, a few classmates that Marvin still had pretty good relationships with welcomed him, and they went to a table in the corner.

Marvin greeted them back and approached. His mind was now in chaos, uncertain about what was going on with the previous "transmigration".

He decided that remaining silent on that subject was for the best.

His classmates at this table had gotten along with him relatively well at school.

At the same time, they weren't the most remarkable group at school.

The most outstanding group of people had yet to arrive.

"Those guys from Xu Qing, how come they have yet to arrive?" Marvin casually asked after taking a seat.

The others gave hollow laughs. A fat man at the side was full of envy as he muttered, "They… Their Heaven Shield Office can be very busy…"

"You didn't see the news from a few days ago, the Heaven Shield Office found another entrance to [That World]. Even though it's blocked, there is still a chance to enter."

"The Xu Qing guys must be busy with that thing. Superheroes like them, maybe they don't even have time to participate in Classmate Parties.

Marvin remained silent.

Xu Qing, Heaven Shield Office, That World.

Some events that he'd forgotten for some reason drifted back into his mind.

But at that time, some voices came from the entrance:

"Ehh, it's He Dongning."

"Haha, she and Marvin had always been hanging out, a model couple… But now…"

Marvin frowned!
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