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Night Ranger Chapter 441: Plane Will

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Chapter 441: Plane Will

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"You are dead if you dare touch me!" Hathaway fiercely warned.

But her young face didn't seem very threatening. In fact, it looked rather adorable.

Marvin simply didn't consider her a danger.

In his eyes, although the Hathaway in front of him had changed, she was still the woman who chose to seal herself on the Black Coral Islands in order to save him.

Most might not be able to notice it, but with his Perception as a Ruler of the Night, Marvin could clearly tell that Hathaway was currently growing at a very fast pace.

Perhaps she would look like an adult in a few days.

Marvin guessed that the speed of this growth would slow down until it became normal as Hathaway reached a certain age.

The Great Elven King's message said that Hathaway had broken the curse, but things might not be the same.

Marvin wanted to see what was different.

"It feels as if you don't know me?" Marvin asked curiously.

Hathaway frowned. "Ignorant mortal, why should I know you? I am the great Queen of Ashes. The Anzed Witches' ultimate leader. Stay away!"

"If you dare to do anything disrespectful…"

Her voice suddenly came to a stop.

Because right then, Marvin stooped down and softly kissed her forehead.

An icy feeling surged up and Marvin felt cold all over, almost getting frozen into a sculpture.

But the current Marvin was a lot different from the past. He had extremely high Resistance to magic.

After passing several checks, he recovered.

Hathaway was dumbstruck, as if she couldn't believe that Marvin would actually do something like that.

Marvin laughed. "Is that considered disrespectful?"

"I will crush you!" Hathaway angrily shouted with her eyes wide open, "You actually dare to defile me…"

Marvin rolled his eyes. "Can this even be considered defiling? Surely you didn't really forget who I am?"

Hathaway glared at Marvin. "You are a dead man."

Marvin felt speechless.

In the end, he had a headache.

It seemed like Hathaway was hit by something melodramatic like amnesia when she removed her curse.

'What kind of thing was the Anzed Curse in the end?'

'She just mentioned snatching her prey... then…'

"Dark Phoenix was seriously hurt by you?" Marvin suddenly asked as he sat cross-legged.

Hathaway looked at Marvin with derision. "Yes, and you cheaply took advantage of it. If not for me, how could she have ended up being so miserable?"

Marvin felt surprised because he could feel that Hathaway's power kept increasing as she was growing older. But she already had so much power at this moment?

Although Dark Phoenix had been an arrow at the end of its flight, she was still a powerful Half-God, yet in the end, she was almost killed by Hathaway.

It looked like they couldn't decide a clear victor, but it was still very frightening.

"I already killed her thirty-three times before you," Marvin explained, "and who killed her isn't the most important thing, is it? Our goal was to make sure she truly died."

"Not important?"

Hathaway was still resentful. "In your words, the favor of the [Plane Will] is something [Not important] in your mouth?!"

"I've never seen a man as shameless as you."

Marvin shook his head as he muttered, "Your words make it sound like you have seen many men."

Hathaway couldn't think of what to say as her face turned red with anger. But because she had overtaxed her Witchcraft, she was still unable to move.

"What happened to your body?" Marvin asked in concern.

"None of your business!" Hathaway bluntly snapped. "You should take the opportunity to run as far as you can!"

"Or you'll kill me?" Marvin helplessly massaged his temples as he guessed Hathaway's next words.

"Of course," she answered unhesitantly.

Marvin stood up with a grave expression.

He went closer and sat down while looking at Hathaway, gently stating, "I won't leave."

Hathaway frowned. "Why?"

Marvin answered very naturally, "Leaving you alone here is too dangerous."

"I'll protect you."

"Just like you protected me in the past. But it's different now."

"I am finally powerful," Marvin said with a sincere smile.

"It's my turn to protect you."

Hathaway looked at Marvin in a daze, her eyes flickering with a strange brilliance as she didn't know what to think.

Marvin didn't say any more.

Even though he didn't know what had happened to Hathaway's body, or why she would consider herself the Queen of Ashes, he definitely wouldn't leave.

He finally managed to find her. He would never leave her in danger.

He just sat there, looking at the sky while feeling a bit bored.

In the sky, he could see that the fighting in Steel City's southern suburbs was reaching its end.

After Dark Phoenix fell, all the Wizards lost control, and the Divine Servants directly died.

Chaos burst out as the Wizard Monsters, Corpse Servants, and the Evil Spirits fought a messy battle with the Legends.

Seeing this situation, the Necromancer Monarch withdrew first.

He had made a deal with Dark Phoenix, so if she was killed and her ascension failed, he had no reason to continue fighting.

And the Evil Spirits were hard to handle.

Tidomas' avatar came to the plane in order to take advantage of the crisis for personal gains, hoping to establish a stronghold here.

But although Marvin left, there were still too many powerhouses remaining.

Especially the two who had been at the point of trading blows.

Jessica's seven layers of Fate Power burst out at the same time and kept forcing Tidomas' avatar back.

Valkyrie Eve seemed to be extremely angry due to the shame caused by her subordinate, and she decided to focus that anger on Tidomas, showing her incredible strength.

The three holy swords with different unique properties and abilities were used in turn. Her swordsmanship reached the limit as the repeatedly stabbed avatar was close to crumbling.

The berserk Jessica along the furious Eve… surely even Gods wouldn't be able to resist this kind of brutal assault.

Tidomas' avatar was quickly destroyed by the two women.

And the Evil Spirits became cannon fodder, some of them even getting killed by Wizard Monsters. When Tidomas' avatar was killed, the portal he had opened naturally sealed, leaving the Evil Spirits to perish.

With all of this taken care of, the Legends had no other reason to stay.

After all, Steel City had already fallen to ruins, killing everyone off.

The Legends withdrew one by one.

Eve and Jessica had issues with each other and were eager to fight it out.

But with the Great Calamity underway, the two managed to hold it back and left too.

Seeing all this, Marvin felt at peace.

Even the few clouds in the sky cleared up.

This event was directly linked to a God's fall, and the impact on Feinan was far-reaching.

At the very least, it would be a wake-up call to the Gods who were fighting outside the Universe Magic Pool.

Feinan wasn't a place where they could come and freely slaughter.

Dark Phoenix's strength during the ascension ritual wasn't inferior to that of most Gods. They might have already died to Marvin in the four totems boundary.

This also gave many people hope.

Regardless of the disasters they were facing, there would still be people that would come forth to protect this land.

This was their land, their land of freedom.

No one could cover up the sky.


However, although Dark Phoenix died, chaos was still running rampant throughout Feinan.

Besides those that had a Source of Fire's Order, other places were abysses of suffering.

With this one disaster, Feinan's population was cut by more than half.

Most of the survivors escaped to the surroundings of a Sanctuary.

Marvin also sighed when seeing those scenes.

He glanced at Hathaway and suddenly thought of her words again. He couldn't help but ask, "You mentioned the Plane Will, what is that?"


"The so-called Plane Will is the consciousness of the Plane itself. Although this consciousness' spirituality is the embodiment of the Laws, and is controlled by the Laws, it has a very far-reaching influence on this land."

"That Fate Sorceress you fought alongside earlier, she has the favor of the Plane Will. This is one of the reasons Gods are jealous of Fate Sorceresses."

"The relationship between the Plane Will and Gods is very subtle. Gods control Plane Laws. Through Godhood and Domains they wield formidable strength. But their control had been limited to only the Plane Laws and Domains of the rest of the Universe. Due to the Universe Magic Pool, Feinan's Will hadn't been disturbed for a long time."

"Now they want to return to this land, and the Plane Will, which had been slumbering for so long, isn't happy about it."

"It holds enmity toward Gods, so if you could kill Dark Phoenix, you would become a true chosen, obtaining more favor from the Plane Will."

That servant kneeling in the snow explained the reason behind his previous mistake.

Eve glowered at him coldly. "You think I need that kind of thing?"

The servant remained silent.

"If Dark Phoenix hadn't died today, I would have been a sinner."

Eve calmly said, "Fortunately, that Marvin guy killed her."

"You, leave."

"Wait no, all of you leave."

The servants were frozen in shock as they stared at Eve rushing toward the North alone.

"From now on, I'll only believe in my sword."

Her voice drifted from the distance, echoing in the snow.


"Eh? So I really stole your Plane Will?" Marvin was also stunned after hearing about it.

He had heard some things about the Plane Will, but he hadn't expected it to have such a profound relation to the Gods.

So by killing Dark Phoenix he gained the favor of the Plane?

What would this thing specifically do?

But before he could ask, Hathaway shouted, "What did you say?"

"Drop dead!"

Witchcraft – Azuk Fists!

In a flash, a huge fist condensed and exploded against Marvin's stomach!
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