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History is Number 1 Founder Chapter 990: Unknown Developments

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Chapter 990: Unknown Developments
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Zhu Yi's Great Sun Avatar merged the sword will of Luo Qingwu's Great Nine Heavens Holy Sword Technique Yan Heaven Sword into his own fist will. Vaguely, it resonated with the internal world of the Crucible of the Divine Lands; where the fist will reaches, the raging Spiritual Energy turbulence calmed somewhat.

After a moment of thought, Zhu Yi said, "I shall start the Four Appearances Sky Formation. Fourth Junior, Sixth Junior, Little Junior, aid me. We will immobilize the turbulence in the surrounding space first and establish a footing in this world."

As he spoke, the island-sized Turtle, the mountain-like Kirin, the Great Dragon, enveloped by clouds, and the Phoenix, glowing with radiance, all appeared above the Great Sun Avatar. The Four Appearances congregated, the rolling spiritual energy forming a massive circle. This circle recurs eternally, harmonious and self-consistent, bearing and encapsulating the profound Way of the Heavens.

Within the circle, images of the Four Appearances surfaced one by one – none other than Zhu Yi's Four Appearances Sky Formation.

Although it was used by the Great Sun Avatar, and thus not as strong as Zhu Yi's true body, but it was still formidable.

Zhu Yi's Great Sun Avatar stood on the leading place – that of the Great Dragon. Meanwhile, Luo Qingwu landed on the place of the Kirin as she continued to control the sword will of the Yan Heaven Sword in the Great Nine Heavens Holy Sword Technique, merging into the Four Appearances Sky Formation.

Li Yuanfang stood on the place of the Turtle, and Yue Hongyan on the place of the Phoenix. Together, they aided Zhu Yi and Luo Qingwu as they powered up the Four Appearances Sky Formation.

The giant circle of light formed by the formation expanded outwards, finally immobilizing the chaotic spiritual energy within a certain radius, causing them to return to normal.

However, the circle of light was still constantly expanding and contracting in a back-and-forth with the spiritual energy outside the formation, unable to completely stabilize.

"Sixth Junior, Little Junior, summon your respective Soul-Imprinted Avatar. With your two Avatars as the lead, and together with Tiantai and the others, supplement the formation and completely stabilize it."

Li Yuanfang and Luo Qingwu nodded together. Their Soul-Imprinted Avatars, identical to themselves, revealed their forms and stood at the periphery. The places they occupied were the 'Heaven' and 'Earth' places of the Eight Trigrams.

Zhu Yi's Great Sun Avatar flicked his sleeve, and several figures landed within the formation.

Two teenagers, clad in the purple, standardized robe of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. The Taiji pattern was embroidered on the front, while there was a radiant flame symbol on the sleeve – the mark of the Inferno Precipice line of the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

The teenager with a steady expression and sharp gaze was Tang Jun. Now, he had already attained peak Advanced Aurous Core and was only a step away from forming the Nascent Soul.

The other teenager, his expression relaxed but also with some unruliness mixed in, was Liu Xiafeng, currently at peak Intermediate Aurous Core. He had encountered a significant bottleneck at this level and had stopped there for quite a while. However, he was only a stone's throw away from Advanced Aurous Core; once he broke through the bottleneck, he could immediately pass the Tribulations of the Yin Wind.

Although his cultivation level had been surpassed by Lin Tong and Tang Jun, who entered the Sect after him, but Liu Xiafeng's gaze was crystal clear, his cynical smile unchanged. There was no negative effect on his mental state.

Beside Tang Jun and Liu Xiafeng stood a teenager of average stature, his expression calm and peaceful. He first bowed towards Zhu Yi. "Master."

His robe was the same as Tang Jun and Liu Xiafeng, the only difference being the symbol at the sleeve. It was three horizontal black lines, same as the figure of the 'Qian' trigram.

This teenager was none other than the First Disciple of the line of Zhu Yi's Heavenly Temple, Yang Tie.

Beside Yang Tie stood a pretty, purple-clad young woman, with a serene and refined air around her. The symbol at her sleeve was a half-black, half-white design.

Unlike the Taiji pattern, in which the Yin and Yang blend and black and white give rise to each other, in this half-black, half-white pattern, a straight line down the middle split the circle into two equal halves, like a black semicircle and a white semicircle that were pieced together.

Like Liu Xiafeng, this young woman was at peak Intermediate Aurous Core, a step away from Advanced Aurous Core. Wang Lin's Successive Disciple, Li Xingfei.

Beside Li Xingfei stood a teenager with coldness in his appearance. He was wearing purple, tight-fitting clothes; a Taiji design was embroidered on the front, and the symbol on the sleeve was a complete circle formed by two semicircle arcs, one gold and one green.

The only Successive Disciple of Yang Qing's Nirvana World, Zhou Yuncong.

The Nirvana World was the least in numbers among the various offshoots of the Celestial Sect of Wonders; until today, he was the only Successive Disciple of Yang Qing's line.

Right now, like Tang Jun, Zhou Yuncong was peak Advanced Aurous Core, just one step away from forming his Nascent Soul. However, he had been stagnant at this step for even longer than Tang Jun.

The special body type, Yang Incinerating Entity, allowed him to be outstanding in battle, in addition to numerous benefits during cultivation. However, it also caused him to face a great many more difficulties compared to others.

Unlike the solemn and cold Zhou Yuncong, the teenager beside him had a cheerful smile on his face as he observed the internal world of the Crucible of the Divine Lands outside, turbulent and chaotic with spiritual energy, with curiosity.

A sheathed sword hang from his waist; on the front of his purple robe was the Taiji pattern, just like the others, while the symbol at his sleeve was a solid black circle. That was the symbol of Luo Qingwu's Qingwu Pavilion.

This merry teenager was the First Disciple of Luo Qingwu, Han Yang. Now, he was already Advanced Aurous Core as well.

This time, the six of them was brought into the Ancient Desolate Galaxy by Lin Feng and his disciples partly to build experience, and partly because right now, they were all at a bottleneck period in their cultivation. If they were to take something away from this experience, they will benefit significantly from it, for a long time to come.

Especially Tang Jun, Zhou Yuncong, Liu Xiafeng and Li Xingfei. If they were to take something away, it was almost guaranteed that they could surge past their current level.

After the six bowed towards Zhu Yi, Yue Hongyan, Li Yuanfang, and Luo Qingwu respectively, they stood according to the directions of the Eight Trigrams according to Zhu Yi's instructions, forming an array together with Luo Qingwu and Li Yuanfang's Soul-Imprinted Avatars and guarding the periphery with Zhu Yi and the other three at the center.

The Four Appearances and the Eight Trigrams, one inside and one outside. The two formations, under the charge of Zhu Yi's Great Sun Avatar, stabilized the surrounding Void completely and sealed it off from the turbulent spiritual energy outside, temporarily setting up a safe space in the internal world of the Crucible of the Divine Lands.

After the Four Appearances Sky Formation stabilized completely, Zhu Yi nodded. "Although the spiritual energy turbulence is still extremely violent and chaotic, after this, it will become weaker and weaker until it settles down completely."

He looked at Yang Tie and the rest. "However, it would take a long time, so we will stay here to stabilize the formation. As for you all, you can stop your formation first, and go to explore the periphery of the formation, extending the stabilized area outwards and opening up a passage."

"A Destiny-realm magic treasure like the Crucible of the Divine Lands, it is vast as the Heavens, but will not materialize to others outside. First, you must find a way to interact with it, and only then can you discuss other things."

"Rest assured, Master. We will be careful." Yang Tie answered immediately.

"Walk towards different directions, to save time." Li Yuanfang said.

"Don't spread out too much either. After all, the terrain is unknown," Yue Hongyan said. "You and Little Junior's Avatars can explore one direction each; Tiancang, Tiantai and the rest, they shouldn't split up, but go in one direction together."

Li Yuanfang and Luo Qingwu nodded together. "What Fourth Senior said is right."

Zhu Yi said, "Although it's to save time, but do not be anxious. Just control the power of the formation to extend forward and progress steadily; after the spiritual energy in this world stabilize completely and we do not need to maintain the formation any longer, we will catch up with you all quickly."

"Mater, what if we run into those from the Great Void Sect?" After a moment of thought, Yang Tie asked.

"Although there's the shielding of the formation, but with the effects of the spiritual energy turbulence outside, this place is bad for voice projection communication, and our Awareness, having to contend with the spiritual energy turbulence, would not be able to lock onto you all either. Thus, everything will depend on you, acting with your own discretion." Zhu Yi said calmly.

"If the Great Void Sect's Way of the virtual entity level Supreme Elder Cai Fengzhou was to approach the formation, I will be able to sense him instantly. Then, I will take care of it; you do not need to worry."

"Normally, Cai Fengzhou will be protecting the disciples of his Great Void Sect. They will not separate," Zhu Yi raised his head and looked at the distant horizon outside the formation, where extremely violent tides of turbulence will rage from time to time. "However, if he encounters a similar tide previously, perhaps there will be unknown developments. You all just have to react according to changing circumstances."

Having said that, Zhu Yi's expression was calm as ever, without the slightest trace of worry.

Yang Tie and the other five remained composed and unflustered as well as they saluted Zhu Yi in acknowledgement as well. After bowing towards Zhu Yi, Yue Hongyan and the other two, they took their leave and turned, heading towards the distance.

Meanwhile, Luo Qingwu and Li Yuanfang's Soul-Imprinted Avatar flew towards a different direction respectively as well.

Zhu Yi's Great Sun Avatar, Yue Hongyan, as well as Li Yuanfang and Luo Qingwu's true bodies still remained where they were, stabilizing the Four Appearances Sky Formation.

Yang Tie and the other five advanced forward. Although as their cultivation level increased, they were alone even when venturing out on expeditions and trials and rarely adventured together like this, but the six were still very well coordinated.

Han Yang walked point. The sword on his belt had already been unsheathed; the Yan Heaven Sword, identical to Luo Qingwu's, led the area of the formation as it extended forward, gradually opening up a path.

Yang Tie and Tang Jun, one on either side, followed him closely, constantly surveying the surroundings.

As the area of the formation extended forwards, sometimes, the power of the formation will become unstable. Unavoidably, small amounts of spiritual energy turbulence will leak in, instantly forming terrifying storms.

There was no need for Han Yang to be distracted; Yang Tie and Tang Jun will settle it for him.

Liu Xiafeng and Li Xingfei followed behind closely, while Zhou Yuncong brought up the rear, his attention on the rear of the party as well.

"Hmm?" Han Yang suddenly stopped, bringing his sword back to his chest as he gazed to the distance, outside the formation. There, spiritual energy turbulence raged as it transformed into a land of wild storms.

The original world already became chaotic and fragmented. One could discern, faintly, that it used to be a valley, but it had already shattered, forming a mound of mismatched rocks. Mud and rocks were suspended in mid-air as they collided with each other constantly.

In the center of the storm, one could, indistinctly, spot some human figures.

Tang Jun and the rest gazed in that direction together, to see that the figures were clad in white, with white clouds embroidered on the front. None other than the typical garb of Great Void Sect disciples.

These few were trapped in the center of the storm as spiritual energy turbulence charged and pounded incessantly. They were all Nascent Soul or Aurous Core cultivators; in this sort of condition, they were struggling to survive and danger might befall them any second.

Seeing this, Tang Jun, Yang Tie, and the other disciples can't help but stare at each other.
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