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Martial God Asura Chapter 3489 - Frontal Confrontation

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Before Chu Feng could attack, Linghu Hongfei unleashed his attack.

Linghu Hongfei extended his arm and aimed his palm at Chu Feng.


Linghu Hongfei flicked his finger, and a strand of martial power shot forth. Its speed was so fast that it reached Chu Feng in an instant. Furthermore, from the size of a fingernail, it expanded into a gigantic sword reaching a hundred meters long.

The sword covered the sky and shook the surroundings as it pierced toward Chu Feng.

that martial sword was not composed of ordinary martial power. Instead, it was a martial skill.

Although that martial skill was not an extremely powerful one, it was still not something that could be looked down upon.

However, although he was confronted with such an attack, Chu Feng did not move at all. Instead, he waved his arm, and the black gaseous flames began to move to form a shield.

The martial power sword that came piercing at Chu Feng was actually knocked flying by the black gaseous flames. Then, the martial power sword shattered in midair.

“Amazing! That power is at least that of a rank three Exalted.”

“That battle power is no small matter. Even a rank three Exalted’s battle power would not be able to neutralize Linghu Hongfei’s attack that easily. After all, that was not an ordinary attack using martial power. Instead, it was a martial skill.”

Chu Feng’s neutralization of Linghu Hongfei’s attack caused many people to suck in a mouthful of cold air. His performance caused them to have a whole new opinion of him.

“That’s your world spirit’s power?” Linghu Hongfei asked Chu Feng.

“You can experience it for yourself,” As Chu Feng spoke, he disappeared. When he reappeared, he had arrived before Linghu Hongfei.

The black gaseous flames had enveloped Chu Feng like armor. Even his face was covered by the armor of black gaseous flames. Only his sharp eyes filled with a surging desire for battle could be seen through the armor.


Chu Feng began his counterattack. A black spear appeared in his hand.

The black spear pierced straight down with enormous speed. It was aimed straight at Linghu Hongfei’s chest.

Chu Feng’s attack came too suddenly. It was so smooth that it could be said to be perfect. Such a surprise attack would definitely land should it be against others.

Unfortunately, Chu Feng’s opponent was Linghu Hongfei.

Linghu Hongfei seemed to have anticipated Chu Feng’s attack. Thus, at the moment when he appeared, he had turned to dodge. Effortlessly, he avoided Chu Feng’s attack that was aimed at his chest.

Following that, Linghu Hongfei leaped into the sky. He opened his hand, and a sword appeared in it.

That was an Immortal Armament.

Sword rays swept forth. Linghu Hongfei’s Immortal Armament hacked down on Chu Feng’s head.

However, Chu Feng had already anticipated Linghu Hongfei’s counterattack. He did not even attempt to dodge. Instead, he thrust the black spear upward.

The thrust was once again aimed at Linghu Hongfei’s chest. Furthermore, its speed was extremely fast.

The speed of the upward thrust surpassed Linghu Hongfei’s downward slash.

If Linghu Hongfei continued with his downward slash, his chest would likely be pierced by Chu Feng’s upward spear thrust before his sword could reach Chu Feng’s head.

Although he knew that he could not win in the frontal confrontation, Linghu Hongfei was still not flustered. He already had another plan in mind. Linghu Hongfei shifted the direction of his sword’s blade-edge and aimed it at Chu Feng’s incoming spear. He planned to use the power of his weapon to neutralize Chu Feng’s attack.


Sparks scattered. The two weapons collided. However, Chu Feng’s spear was actually completely unfazed. It was instead Linghu Hongfei’s Immortal Armament sword that was knocked away.

Although Linghu Hongfei was still holding onto the Immortal Armament and did not let it go flying, the hand that he held the Immortal Armament sword with was trembling nonstop.

This sight not only brought great alarm to the crowd, but it even brought great alarm to Linghu Hongfei himself.

Although the Immortal Armament sword he was holding was not a famous weapon, it was a weapon of excellent quality. Holding such an Immortal Armament in his hand, hid battle power had definitely increased. On top of that, Linghu Hongfei possessed a battle power that surpassed others of the same cultivation as his own to begin with. Thus, he was completely confident that he would be able to match and even win against Chu Feng.

Never would he have expected that not only was his speed slower than Chu Feng's. but Chu Feng would even be unfazed in a frontal collision. Instead, it was his weapon that started to tremble violently.

Fortunately, his grip was strong enough. He managed to forcibly hold down the trembling sword in his hand.

Had it been someone else, the Immortal Armament sword would’ve most definitely been knocked flying away. Should that be the case, it would truly be humiliating.

All of this had surpassed Linghu Hongfei’s expectations.

However, as matters stood, he could no longer consider it too much. The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s black spear had arrived at his chest.

Chu Feng’s black spear was no ordinary weapon. It was a weapon formed by the power of his world spirit. It was extremely strange. Not even Linghu Hongfei dared to lower his guard against it.


Blood splattered out. Chu Feng’s black spear pierced through Linghu Hongfei’s chest.


Witnessing that scene, Linghu Tiemian and many others of the younger generation cried out worriedly.

The confrontation between Chu Feng and Linghu Hongfei was simply too fast. The people of the younger generation were simply unable to catch the details. However, they were all able to clearly witness the scene of Linghu Hongfei being pierced by Chu Feng’s spear.

Thus, it was not only Linghu Tiemian and the others. Many of the bystanders were completely astonished too.

Linghu Hongfei’s frontal confrontation against Chu Feng actually ended so quickly?

Furthermore, it was Chu Feng who had won?

“Brother Chu Feng, you’re very skillful.”

Suddenly, a voice was heard.

It was only after that voice was heard that the crowd noticed that a figure had appeared on the other end of the fighting stage.

As for that person, he was none other than Linghu Hongfei.

“What’s going on here? Why would Linghu Hongfei be there?”

“Then, who is it that Chu Feng pierced?”

Thinking of that, the crowd looked back to the Linghu Hongfei whose chest was pierced by Chu Feng’s spear.

Upon doing so, they discovered that the pierced Linghu Hongfei turned into body of flames.

It was as if that was a man composed of magma.

That magma-man began to expand in size. Furthermore, it was expanding faster and faster.

“Chu Feng, quickly throw the spear in your hand away.”

A voice transmission entered Chu Feng’s ears, warning him.

Furthermore, the person who had warned him was actually Grandmaster Liangqiu, a person who possessed an extraordinary status.


However, it was already too late. Before Chu Feng could react, a loud explosion was heard. Magma poured down from the sky and engulfed Chu Feng!!!

“That’s the Immortal Taboo Martial Skill: Magma Double!!!”

Many such voices of astonishment sounded from the crowd.
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