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The Human Emperor Chapter 1791: The Son of Heaven's Sword!

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Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr
The fifth Halo of Spacetime emerged from True Lord Yellow Dragon's body, the destructive spacetime energy within obliterating all the Stellar Energy in Su Zhengchen's body, blasting him through the air like a ragdoll and back to the ground in a great cloud of dust.
Su Zhengchen's body twitched as he attempted to stand, but True Lord Yellow Dragon waved a palm, sending the energy of the sixth Halo of Spacetime surging out. With a boom, the last shred of Su Zhengchen's Stellar Energy was scattered, sending him flying back even farther. The plume of dust from the impact soared high into the sky.
A mournful cry of grief and distress came from the direction of the palace gates.
Wang Chong's eyes turned red as he sensed what was happening deep within the palace, his face paling. He had been observing the battle in the Imperial Palace this entire time.
True Lord Yellow Dragon was simply too strong. His age alone exceeded that of several dynasties, and not even Wang Chong's master had a chance of winning against this old monster.
"Heh, brat, did you ever hear the saying, 'the one who makes the most calculations in the tent will defeat the one who makes fewer'? In this battle, did you ever calculate who would win between True Lord Yellow Dragon and Su Zhengchen?" Hou Junji suddenly asked, staring at Wang Chong. A sliver of energy locked onto Wang Chong, preventing him from taking even one step forward, let alone offering any help to the forces in the Imperial Palace.
"You've lost this game!"
Hou Junji's furrowed brows completely relaxed. In this 'chess game', he and Wang Chong had played all their pieces, and in the end, it seemed like he was the final victor.
Although True Lord Yellow Dragon had played a large part in this victory, for Hou Junji, this was also a component of one's strategy. As long as he could win, Hou Junji didn't care what sort of strategies he needed to use or whose strength he needed to borrow.
Wang Chong said nothing, his expression grim.
At this time, the battle between True Lord Yellow Dragon and Su Zhengchen was truly over.
After the second blow from True Lord Yellow Dragon's spacetime energy, Su Zhengchen could no longer stand.
The difference in level was not something that even Su Zhengchen could overcome.
"Hmph, in the end, mortals are still mortals! By daring to defy a god, you merely seek your own destruction!"
True Lord Yellow Dragon's voice was cold and majestic, that of a deity speaking to the world.
"Now, let this god grant you death!"
True Lord Yellow Dragon's face was cold, his eyes burning with murderous intent. He stepped forward, planning to kill this formidable expert from a human dynasty, but at this moment, plop! Something dripped down from True Lord Yellow Dragon's forehead.
True Lord Yellow Dragon's face froze, and he lowered his head and saw a drop of blood on the ground. It was just a tiny drop, no bigger than a grain of rice, but when it fell to the white jade steps, it revealed a golden luster.

True Lord Yellow Dragon froze as he stared in disbelief at the golden drop of blood.
It was a drop of the blood that flowed through his body. After he had mastered the Power of Spacetime, even the blood within his body had turned from the human crimson to the divine gold. This was also why True Lord Yellow Dragon regarded himself as a god. While this amount was truly insignificant, it was unquestionably a drop of his blood.
As a terrifying existence who had lived for more than one thousand years, True Lord Yellow Dragon had never imagined that he could be wounded by a human martial artist.
He couldn't even remember the last time he had been injured by a mortal.
Most importantly, he couldn't even remember when he had been injured!
He clearly recalled that the four Halos of Spacetime he had released had blocked Su Zhengchen's attack.
True Lord Yellow Dragon looked at Su Zhengchen and said, "Human, I underestimated you!" The seething killing intent in his eyes began to rapidly recede.
"You can be proud that you were able to wound me!"
After saying this, True Lord Yellow Dragon cast aside Su Zhengchen and began to stride toward Taiji Palace.
This time, no one was left to stop him.
The six remaining True Dragon Sentinels tried to get up off the ground to stop him, but True Lord Yellow Dragon, without even looking at them, unleashed a wave of spacetime energy that blew them away.
"Hmph! The time has finally come, blasphemer!"
True Lord Yellow Dragon's eyes flashed as he stared into the dark and vacant Taiji Palace. He sped up and swiftly vanished within.
At the same time, at the southeast corner of the palace, near the palace gates…
"The battle is finally over!"
Hou Junji's voice resounded in everyone's ears.
"I thought that you might have had a few more surprises, but just like your master, you disappointed me."
Hou Junji shook his head as he prepared to turn and leave. The undefeated reputation of the Army-Shattering War God would continue. In battle, he had never once tasted defeat. As for Wang Chong, Hou Junji wasn't prepared to do anything. He had already won.
Once Li Ying took the throne, Wang Chong and the Wang Clan would be hunted down for the rest of their lives. It didn't matter if he killed him here or not.
But to his surprise, he heard a chuckle in the darkness.
"What are you laughing about?"
Hou Junji stopped and stared at the laughing Wang Chong, his brows creasing.
"Senior, it is better to break the enemy's schemes than to break their soldiers. It doesn't matter how many decades you spent researching formations and recruiting soldiers, and it doesn't matter how many soldiers I summoned or whether I could break your formation or plant any spies. Senior, do you know what the most critical part of this battle is?"
Wang Chong squinted at Hou Junji, his expression relaxed, in stark contrast to his previous grimness.
"The critical part?"
Hou Junji's pupils constricted, but he quickly broke into a cold laugh and jeered.
"What is it? Your master, Su Zhengchen?"
"Heh, it's the Sage Emperor!"
Wang Chong glanced at Hou Junji and smiled.
Hou Junji's derisive face instantly paled, the name 'Sage Emperor' resounding through his mind. Countless thoughts began to rush through his mind, and at this moment, kaboom! The heavens and earth trembled, and a bolt of lightning seemed to flash across the sky.
At the same time, Hou Junji heard an explosion coming from the direction of Taiji Palace.
A bolt of lightning tore through the sky as if it wanted to rip open the heavens. At this moment, all of the Central Plains, from Youzhou in the east to the Cong Mountains in the west, began to sway. The clouds seethed in turmoil while thunder boomed.
At the same time, deep underground, where no one could see, the silent sea of golden Dragon Qi beneath the Central Plains suddenly began to flow, surging with inconceivable speed toward the capital.
From the still and pitch-black Taiji Palace, so quiet that it seemed to be part of another world, a majestic beam of golden energy soared into the clouds, stabbing into the void like an enormous sword.
As this golden beam of energy shot into the air, the Dragon Qi that had been converging on the capital with inconceivable speed sensed a summons. Traveling at speeds faster than light, the streams of Dragon Qi instantly converged on the dazzling golden pillar.
The ringing of a sword resonated through the world, resounded in the hearts of all living beings in the Central Plains, inspiring fear and awe that came from the very depths of their souls.
All the people in all parts of the realm turned in the direction of that ringing sword, their eyes wide open in shock. What they saw was something that they would never forget, something that could only be described as miraculous.
In the boundless void, the immense sea of golden Dragon Qi had coalesced into a sword of several hundred thousand– no, a million– no, ten million feet in length! It was a massive golden sword that spanned the universe!
The dark clouds were cleaved open by the sword, revealing the moon, the stars, and the endless cosmos!
This sword had exceeded the bounds of human imagination, of martial artists. Even the gods were but ants before this sword!
"This, this is… the Son of Heaven's Sword!"
Deep in the endless darkness, a pair of cold, golden eyes suddenly opened, sensing that energy. Upon seeing that golden sword, even these eyes couldn't help but be stunned.
The Son of Heaven's Sword!
The Sage Emperor's strongest attack!
This attack used the energy of the sovereign as the backbone and the Dragon Qi of the Central Plains as the edge. The awesome sword created by the gathered energy was monstrous, tantamount to being attacked by the Central Plains itself. The power in this blow was far beyond what any human could imagine.
The moment this sword took form, the world resounded with the roars of dragons. An immense energy suddenly manifested, a blazing sun, and in just a few seconds, it rapidly expanded until everyone could only kneel in submission. It was like the sun that shone above the celestial heavens had descended to the mortal world.
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